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10 Tips For New Oculus GO Owners | Play Steam VR Games, Download Your Videos, Increase Storage...

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Today we have 10 tips for New Oculus Go Owners, now some of these are more obvious, but some like playing Steam VR games, downloading your videos, & increasing your storage might be useful to even the most seasoned VR vet! Enjoy! How To Sideload Steam: https://www.youtube.com/user/Tyrielwood If you enjoy this video: http://www.youtube.com/pcvrfrank
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alex f (5 days ago)
FYI, dropbox is slower than local streaming. If you're playing high res movies (like me 4k and 1080 over 40gb files), then you better off download the free Kodi, turned on UPnp/DLNA in services and you can stream whatever you chose to share in Kodi. Just make sure the GO is connected to the same Wifi as your computer. Another way is to use usb otg which Oculus Go now supports. I have 30 blu ray ROM discs (50gb) of videos so definitely usb otg will be the way to go
Donnie Dangerous (26 days ago)
Coach Steve
Mountain Rat (28 days ago)
wait... where was the whole "play Steam VR Games," part...?
Tigersight (1 month ago)
16 seconds in, can't take your voice. Downvote.
neo250580 (1 month ago)
Anyone know how to check the status of downloads?
neo250580 (1 month ago)
PCVR frank. Cool cheers
PCVR frank. (1 month ago)
They should be listed in your library with a little load bar!
DJ EARTH'S TAXI (1 month ago)
Can folks just talk bloody normaly
user 1313 (2 months ago)
Napkin on the toilet floor. :-)
gik89t54 (2 months ago)
Hey please help asap I would be so happy. I want to buy this but do the controllers work with an iphone 6s? And is iphone 6s fully compatible with the go?
PSVR frank (2 months ago)
gik89t54 should work just fine, all you need is the app once!
logmannn (3 months ago)
This video was created for kids that are the same age as the one in the thumbnail
Jacob Lucas (3 months ago)
thanks for the tips
Milky Physics (4 months ago)
Wayne Quigley (4 months ago)
The blurb says "Play Steam VR Games" but it wasn't even mentioned in the video, much less explained how to do it. That was the ONLY reason I wanted to watch this video. Fail!
cybershrapnel (27 days ago)
get ALVR for steam and then sideload moonlight for go to stream your desktop for gaming in a giant theater with no lag... Moonlight for go is the way to go... but you have to sideload moonlight for go.... not terribly difficult though.... Worth it! Everything else has major lag, except ALVR, is good... Don't even bother with RiftCat Vridge.... So laggy it is unusable on the Go, but works on Gear...
DjJoseBeatBeast2012 (4 months ago)
hate this voice
Clinezival VRG (4 months ago)
DjJoseBeatBeast2012 then don't watch
skat gamer BLT (4 months ago)
I'm loving it
saya saya (4 months ago)
I read the title and I felt wow this gonna be useful tips. and I heard your voice, fuck your voice and I got out. YOU'RE AN IDIOT
PSVR frank (4 months ago)
saya saya and you’re just super, thanks for double interaction :)
Meth Methanoid (5 months ago)
Where did you get the mannikin head ???
Xo DISTANCE oX (4 months ago)
Meth Methanoid it’s all over the Internet. Just search “mannequin” head
RUSKiE (5 months ago)
Next week, how to drink a glass of water :)
Fox McCloud (5 months ago)
Why do u have a thumbnail of a little boy?
carlos janeco (5 months ago)
Does anyone knows if Oculus Go is possible to visit the site of Twinlinker to see 3d architectural 360º panoramas?
Mario674 (5 months ago)
Gear vr ....lol
Daniel Batten (5 months ago)
Your voice would be great for a sex education lesson.
exhaustedbean #33 (28 days ago)
You motherfucker
Abel Ooi (5 months ago)
Hi, if I want to stream VR games to the Oculus Go using Vridge, do I need a VR-capable graphics card on my PC (i.e. GTX 1070)?
PSVR frank (5 months ago)
Abel Ooi doesn’t have to be a 1070, I’m pretty sure a 980 would work just fine, but yeah that’s the issue with all those apps, you still need a good computer for them to work!
alt ctrlesc (5 months ago)
Is there a way to make folders for the bookmarks in the oculus browser?? Right now its just a list of clutter, cannot rearrange, and its a mess. There has to be a way to make folders, right?
Xo DISTANCE oX (4 months ago)
alt ctrlesc Pron?
themagus363 (5 months ago)
Great tips, thanks. Especially the dropbox one, will have to try it out.
Kouya Sakurada (6 months ago)
The Werewolf (6 months ago)
Ok. The "official" reason Oculus says not to keep power on the headset while using it is "It diminishes the experience". Thing is, the Go doesn't have 6DOF, so you can't really walk around with it... so as long as it's a LONG USB cable, it's not really a problem. I have a 10' cord and I leave it plugged in while using it most of the time and it seems to be fine. Keep in mind though, LiON batteries don't like being fully charged all the time, so mix periods of cable free use with cabled use to give the batteries a rest.
César Leiva (4 months ago)
And it can suddenly explode on your face someday maybe...
Omar Garcia (6 months ago)
A channel about VR electronics and no knowledge of electric devices. Look, you can absolutely use your Go as a passthrough, that's fine.. that's why power banks exist for phones and in Oculus case, support for dedicated power banks and 3rd party accessories (in the future, there is even possibility of wireless charging), now!.. Oculus doesn't recommend it, in order to rule out the IDIOCY component of humanity. People using not up to specs chargers or power banks with incorrect voltage or mAh, which then in turn would be a hassle for the RMA process increasing support labor hours... it's more of a business practice than a limitation of the device. The battery for the Go is an IMR 2600 mAh 3.7 volts.. the same batteries in electronic cigarettes today and in old Tesla Motors vehicles (they now use a 2170 battery, which is just the same at a bigger scale). These batteries is my field of experience for over 8 years now. Using your charger directly is ok, as long as you use the included charger or match the specs and TO NEVER! do it on a BELOW A 70-50% battery level, always do it while close to a full charge.
roguetr (4 months ago)
I never said you don't know what you are talking about, just that nobody cares. The extent to which you vomit your knowledge on a subject that doesn't need it is bewildering, hence I deem it rambling. Nobody asked, nobody cares, you're merely trying to impress yourself. I don't doubt you're fully barred up over how smart you think you are. It was bad enough that you seemed to think you even had a clue as to who I was but now you lower yourself further and interject your own insecurities by implying other factors other than your own self righteous ignorance have progressed the conversation to this point. You need to learn some self awareness and restraint. By calling other people names and labelling their opinions invalid not only contradicts your so-called intelligence but also your value and contribution as a human being. All I did was what you did to other people and you're finding it very difficult not to respond and take offence. How's the other shoe feeling there? Feel free to continue rambling ... or prove me wrong.
Omar Garcia (4 months ago)
Those batteries are not on mobile devices, again.. facts!.. if you weren't so impulsively nosy about topics you know jack shit about, you could actually pass off as just ignorant, but making such an idiotic comparison.. just validates my point with you. Don't you have some mindless topics to look for around here?... tons of videos about sports among other menial things that requires no reading or learning, give it a try. You're like those people who go to Astrophysics videos to comment about moon landing hoaxes, without knowing the fundamentals of physics. Minority?... ethnic supremacy never gets old.. I feel you don't like people from my ethnicity being more educated than you, that bugs you?... we have names for people that think like that, you want one?... I can address you as something else, but sure you won't like it. You feel brave?... I don't entertain, I teach.. and you're my "special" student. You say ramblings like I am not using terminologies and ohm's law.. since when giving out information about what can be achieved on these batteries, how they operate and why the warnings, become ramblings?. .(please elaborate). I've been dealing with these batteries for 8 years... You know nothing Jon Snow.
Omar Garcia (4 months ago)
Your argument from ignorance doesn't equal my academia/knowledge.. choose your battles and you might avoid assholes that know their shit
Omar Garcia (4 months ago)
Jesus you really are a contender for the darwin awards... First, passthrough is the actual term. 2nd. That's not how these batteries work you monkey. There is a range you can use from 1.5 up to 2.4 wall charger and it will charge them, but an AC to DC converter at low output will cut your battery life charge cycles in half, that's why I said: "careful with power banks with incorrect voltage or mAh (if you're NOT using the included charger), because all of the chargers will work" Meaning; that not all power delivery devices measure the same output as described.. because these batteries go from a full charge at 4.2/3.7 volts to a low charge of 2.2. and still work but will damage the battery the more time is spent on lower voltage delivery. it's a trade off, some batteries like Samsung IMR 18650 3000mAh 3.7v HB2 does manage constant 3.7 volts beautifully (those are my faves). But no one knows what Bin (A, B or C) or brand the Oculus batteries are. There are only 3 manufacturers of Bin A bats, B and C are sold to other companies that rebranded them at a discount. B and C bins are not up to the manufacturers quality specs (there is no control over this, it just happens.. this is why they make small batches). Now!, on cable entanglement, that's impossible on this product, what are they going to tangle to?. .to their finger?.. it's a 3 feet cable WTF!.. cable snag is also not an issue. Oculus don't recommend passthrough, as a business decision.. all batteries makers have the same clause. Also, Not everyone reads manuals nor go as to buy a new one once they lose the original.. they see a mini USB cable laying around and grab the first phone wall charger they see, hence why I included that on my post. These batteries are high drain, meaning they are capable of using them as passthrough.
Samu Romu (6 months ago)
I hope that you'll make more oculus go content 😁
Kristian Romu (6 months ago)
PSVR frank cool
PSVR frank (6 months ago)
something hmm working on 2 new videos right now!
protolexis (6 months ago)
Why do you sound like you're from Long Island?
Smash Lash (5 months ago)
protolexis i feel like its more brooklyn accent but idk
Artri00 (6 months ago)
Go subscribe
Sayo Manzini (6 months ago)
I don't like the voice but I'm gonna sub anyway
alex f (5 days ago)
I do find his voice funny and entertaining
MobileDecay (6 months ago)
Will this headset get me pussy?
Frenchpet (6 months ago)
IF I known about the dropbox feature I would have got the cheaper model !
Good Guy (28 days ago)
not going to upload 100tb of video files to dropbox lol
PCVR frank. (6 months ago)
FCPPOKE (6 months ago)
is this your real accent? Either way I love it
Brent Fontenot (6 months ago)
Is it 6dof?
Fake Name (6 months ago)
Brent Fontenot 3dof
7531monkey (6 months ago)
Where can you see how much of your storage you have used without plugging it into a PC?
alt ctrlesc (5 months ago)
i would like to know as well
Sox GoPro (6 months ago)
Eh Frank, off topic but will a tpcast from an old Vive work on a Vive Pro ?
Good Channel (6 months ago)
Can you now compare OC Go and PSVR?????
Dylan Gladstone (4 months ago)
I own both. I was a 6DOF snob who thought 3DOF was pseudo-VR. I had no interest in it. But I saw positive reviews of the Go from hard core VR enthusiasts who used rigs like PSVR, Rift, and Vive so I figured for $200 I'll take a chance, but just in case I got hooked I dropped an extra $50 for the 64G version. (I'm glad I spent the extra cash for the storage. In the few weeks I've owned it I've bought over 30 games.) I have absolutely no regrets. The 3DOF is most noticable in games where you're tempted to change your position, like when you want to peek around the corner in a haunted house, or if you're in a shooting gallery and you try to duck under a bullet. On the upside, in games with full locomotion, you don't need to rotate with a controller, you can just turn your whole body, which feels way more natural. There are no cords to tangle and you can't lose controller tracking by blocking the camera with your body. WARNING: You may inadvertantly migrate around the room when you think you're just turning in place, so I wouldn't recommend playing near any open stairwells or balconies. :D The games are a mixed bag. Games like Virtual Virtual Reality, Daedalus, Dead Secret Circle, and Drop Dead are excellent, and in the few weeks I've owned it I've found several more games that would be above average games on PSVR, however there are a ton of very amateurish games in the store. But since most games are well under $10 I enjoy seeing what indie developers are working on. My biggest issue at first with the Go surprisingly wasn't the 3DOF, it was the scuba mask style of the headset. I played the Rift and the Vive before deciding on the PSVR and one of the reasons I went with PSVR is because of the counter weighted headstrap. It takes the weight off of your face and makes it easy to pass around the headset. Hand your Go to someone else and they have to fiddle with the Velcro, then when you get it back you have to struggle with the strap adjustments to get it back to a tolerable position on your face. I said "tolerable" because it's never as comfortable as PSVR. My next biggest issue with the Go are the lenses. PSVR users have been spoiled by the heavy solid lenses Sony's able to use since their headset doesn't hang off of your face. The rest of the VR world is stuck with thin, lightweight fresnel lenses. They use concentric grooves instead of thick lenses to bend the light. Unfortunately the grooves also reflect some of the light they bend so you get washes of light on the image which are pretty noticable when bright objects are in darker areas. These are the infamous "God Rays" people have been taking about. On the bright side the resolution on Go is higher than the PSVR, Rift, and the original HTC Vive so the "screen door effect" is a little less noticable. One more positive for Go. You can hop into VR in a matter of seconds if you leave it in standby. I find myself using it more often than PSVR for that reason. If you can't get enough VR, and you can deal with 3DOF, and you don't mind digging through piles of indie VR titles hunting for the gems, I can wholeheartedly recommend Oculus Go to a PSVR owner looking for more content in a quick and easy format.
roguetr (4 months ago)
People keep saying this ... and I've always agreed but ... I just realised today playing rec room that I can turn my head all the way around. I just can't turn the controllers all the way around ... for obvious reasons. I've turned of the "screen darkening when turning around" option and I easily forget which way I am facing until the controllers stop tracking properly.
InfamousP34 (5 months ago)
PSVR Is significantly better as it has two 6Dof controllers and a 6Dof headset. The only downsides for the PSVR is that it isn't portable and you can't turn your head *all the way* around.
PCVR frank. (6 months ago)
it's no real comparison, apples and oranges, but I just may do a video!
Oussama El Zein (6 months ago)
Play Steam VR games? I don’t remember hearing anything about that in this video
alex f (5 days ago)
+cybershrapnel if laggy, you'll get extra motion sickness.
cybershrapnel (27 days ago)
You can, get ALVR for steam and then sideload monnlight for go to stream your desktop for gaming in a giant theater with no lag... Moonlight for go is the way to go... but you have to sideload moonlight for go.... not terribly difficult though.... Worth it! Everything else has major lag, except ALVR, is good... Don't even bother with RiftCat Vridge.... So laggy it is unusable on the Go, but works on Gear...
Uncle Steve O (3 months ago)
it streams the game to the headset so the pc is doing all the work the headset is just a screen and hid for movement, can play aaa games with a s6 on an old gear vr, if you have 5g wifi
roguetr (4 months ago)
@Dennis Hendrix he said exactly what is possible and said his mate's channel has the details. Yes you have to sideload some apps but it 100% allows you to play SteamVR games. I'm surprised people even bother pointing the "clickbait" finger when this channel is barely a blip compared to his main PSVR Frank channel.
roguetr (4 months ago)
@glen reed ... Sorry dude but your are completely wrong. As someone said above you can use vridge/riftcat or alvr (https://github.com/polygraphene/ALVR) and play SteamVR. You just won't have positional tracking or controllers. There's a whole custom VR scene with people using the "PS Move Service" or Driver4VR, tracking with PS Move controllers, Xbox Kinect cameras, Nolo and displaying on GearVR, Cardboard or Oculus Go. Check out the Daley Tech youtube channel if you are interested in this stuff. Smart/dedicated people can do it right and get a good experience. Anyone else trying to do this stuff will usually fail. I have heard good reports about ALVR though and one Elite Dangerous player even said he regretted buying his Rift when he only wanted it for ED and ALVR was working perfectly with the Oculus Go.
Ash VR (6 months ago)
It's cool that you mentioned Nolo. I was considering buying one since I met the developers at VRLA.
PCVR frank. (6 months ago)
I still haven't been able to figure mine out, but it's more that I don't have the time, it's a pretty cool piece of tech, and the quality is very nice!
Threecreation (6 months ago)
Tip #1: reconcile with the guilt slowly filling your heart because you bought an Oculus Go ty for preaching the good word Frankie boy. Teaching these kids to swim.
roguetr (4 months ago)
Relaxing Ambiance a lot of people are reporting a good experience with ALVR (https://github.com/polygraphene/ALVR) for a seated SteamVR experience using the Oculus Go. One user even stated he regretted buying his Rift purely for Elite Dangerous when the Go works so well. If your into the custom VR scene all devices have a place and most devices have a use outside of the manufacturers intended audience, especially if you own a Nolo for positional tracking, like me. I'd agree that they are all toys and to play with them how you will :D ... regret nothing!
roguetr (4 months ago)
Omar Garcia I wouldn't even pretend to know where you're from or what your ethnicity is. What I didn't take into account is the possibility of a mental illness or some form of emotional condition. I shouldn't have baited you and I apologise.
Ambiance (4 months ago)
Threecreation all VR goggles are toys. This one is just a lot cheaper and more portable. I see this as a replacement for the handhelds we had back in the day (gameboy, psp). It is a different genre. A occulus rift is like a Xbox while the occulus go is like a Gameboy. There isn't 1 better then the other. Just different audiences
Omar Garcia (4 months ago)
Coward!.. as usual, they never own up to it. You lack a spine.
roguetr (4 months ago)
Omar Garcia wrong. And sad. Good day.
Eddie Garou (6 months ago)
Apparently, the Bluetooth enabled Playstation controller doesn’t have properly mapped buttons for the Go.
PCVR frank. (6 months ago)
Yeah, I was hearing that, and you can use any xbox controller, but only the one with the fat face plate can be used wirelessly, I'm hoping the fix the PS controller though!
Eddie Garou (6 months ago)
Great video! By the way, for games that need a game pad, the Xbox One S controller (or any BLUETOOTH enabled Xbox One controller) works the best!
Eddie Garou (6 months ago)
Maybe I'll end up spotting you online in the Go :)
PCVR frank. (6 months ago)
can't believe I forgot that tip!

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