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CS:GO How To Join Zombie Escape Servers! 2017 Tutorial!

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Hi guys, Tech James here, This video will show you how to join and play a Zombie Escape sever on Counter Strike Global Offensive! You will need to let the custom map download if you’re new to the server! Music: Jensation - Joystick (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTOqLZZKRdQ&t=110s) Please Like + Subscribe
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Text Comments (55)
Muhammad Hasby Hasby (3 hours ago)
How to create a zombie escape server??
mohmed zx (1 day ago)
Thank you
FOGG GAMING (8 days ago)
man i am from non-steam cs go i cant connect GFL server ? why
FOGG GAMING because ur using crack
How to download in android same how in computer?
gibran latif (25 days ago)
master soraka (1 month ago)
thx man
Jimmy Martin (1 month ago)
how big is the map file?
Itz Tomboy Here Do (2 months ago)
Thanks so much! love ur vid and subscribe ;D
Hay_Itz _FlareMC (3 months ago)
Thx man...now I can play with my friend lel
Ali Ashraf (3 months ago)
It took 111111111111111111111111 years to download
Fonix ̈Pro (4 months ago)
Need how to make server Zombie Escape in Open Game Panel Please More Videos For This ..... And thanks .
Sky Cat (4 months ago)
cant find any server
Fairytail Fairytail (4 months ago)
that girl voice is so horny...ahh ahh i like u babe
MrSong GAMING (4 months ago)
It take hour wtf xD
FarisTheMMP (4 months ago)
1 hour?
MrSong GAMING (4 months ago)
Thx man btw my name is James to :P
NcsStorm Gaming (5 months ago)
i cant connect i already try another server, it just won installing the world ,like stucked in downloading materials,models, but the downloading bars didnt move at all how to fix this?
Ijan High (3 months ago)
yeah that's right i hae the same problem i think we all nee to buy the game at steam shit
booj inoncillo (4 months ago)
100 hours
FarisTheMMP (4 months ago)
do it regularly do that? how many hours to wait... help
does it work with crack version?
Eugene Clark De Leon (9 days ago)
Thegreatwhiteround Studio you have cracked?! Oh you little poor thing...
Aditya Yuda (5 months ago)
thanksss!!!forteaching me you are the besttt!!! i was trying to find for this !!
Games downloader (5 months ago)
Thank you
Raul GT (6 months ago)
Thanks man,without you either now I wouldn't know how to do this,thanks a lot!
ThEBaDmAn JGT (6 months ago)
thank man
Rubint Zsombor (6 months ago)
Thanks Bro : )
Thắng Lê (8 months ago)
Omg thanks man now I can playing
Mason Stevens (8 months ago)
Ok know I know that my csgo is not lagging really bad
Jester gas (9 months ago)
does it permanently download?
Tech James (8 months ago)
Thanh Khôi (9 months ago)
it take so long
Thanh Khôi (7 months ago)
P.P.H Review phải đợi 30p mới tải xong 1 map
P.P.H Review (7 months ago)
gang star bác í nói nó mất quá nhiều thời gian
new gaming (7 months ago)
Thanh Khôi chú ý kiến j vậu
Tech James (9 months ago)
You need fast internet connection to download the maps!
Sam K (10 months ago)
thanks Tech James!!! be cause u i can play zombie escape.
Declan Lachacne (8 months ago)
im having a problem.I used to play on a zombie escape server but then after i got the update just today the server wont work and is gone from my history and i cannot find it anywhere,can you help me?
Tech James (10 months ago)
Messhin (10 months ago)
oh thanks!! u r the best!! I was trying to find for this!! I'm not sure it's gonna work or not :)
Messhin (10 months ago)
How long did u take to download it? My one is taking soooo long....
Tech James (10 months ago)
Haha thanks :D
Mr holk (11 months ago)
it takes forever to download
ChrisTheGamer (11 months ago)
Mine isn't downloading
ChrisTheGamer (11 months ago)
+Tech James ty working
Tech James (11 months ago)
Try another server!
Jakub Kozubek (1 year ago)
thx man :DDDDD
CrY (1 year ago)
wtf man you were just walking you didn't shoot any zombies not even give tips for zombie escape
FarisTheMMP (4 months ago)
wtf is this guy a joke or just dumb?
CrY (11 months ago)
hello typical minecraft kid
St3rren Is Kawaii (11 months ago)
CryStalSnaP stop whining
CrY (1 year ago)
then name the video how to join a zombie escape server
Tech James (1 year ago)
This is how to join the severs, playing the game is common sense! Move + Shoot

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