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Text Comments (2730)
LICHTENSTEIN (3 months ago)
In the parallel universe...
DragonplayerTf (28 days ago)
... Half Life 3 is existing
saba1520 yt (2 months ago)
TheAdrianPlayer (2 months ago)
Nice April fool
Captain (3 months ago)
Nice ue4 hammuer shit u god here :)
Jachui (3 months ago)
LICHTENSTEIN this is literally someones else video from last year. But he made golden skins on Inferno
Mahesvara (18 hours ago)
The moment I heard Valve is Honest I knew this is a joke :v EDIT I loved how the FOV changed aswell as the karambit
Lentävä Appelsiini (5 days ago)
you missed the one on the truck
Turbo (6 days ago)
Imagine if this was real..
Amex 1337 (7 days ago)
Monkiky (9 days ago)
Don't forget to run around the fountain 2000 times in a row to unlock Luigi in Source 2.
Musick (10 days ago)
Didnt work for me
küniG (13 days ago)
This remember me the golden M4A1-S
Sandcrakes 123 (13 days ago)
What if valve make CSGO like that?
SALT (13 days ago)
Junctionaly MC (14 days ago)
Source 2 = Unreal Engine 4 in a nutshell
Youssef (14 days ago)
What an actor xD
OnlyBonzo (14 days ago)
Choppy不安定 (14 days ago)
only editors know what it rly this
齐天语 (14 days ago)
Is csgo really made of source?
Itz Patrick! (15 days ago)
Realise it is 1st april
Clyve (15 days ago)
If this was real Rip my pc
TVorEC (16 days ago)
1:46 barrel on right. Thats why u had been in S2 for so small time, try it again! xD
Holmen Studios (17 days ago)
I wish it whas real
kennro Sar (17 days ago)
damn it I thought it was real
You forgot to call Ali-a
Justin Patora (17 days ago)
I could tell the knife turn from red to grey
Michael Shenbrun (17 days ago)
U missed 1 barrel outside b main
Joy Chaudhary (17 days ago)
GrimPew (18 days ago)
OT DOESNET WORK WTFF >>>:((((( (Yes i am joking)
Heiko Jahnke (18 days ago)
Wow das wär mal ne geile map.
Techhh (18 days ago)
they changing the sounds again! =.(
The Bro Gamer 14082 (19 days ago)
when theyre done with source 2 theyre gon make HL3
SynC Kitty (19 days ago)
imagine some guy took hours doing this
ArcticFrost (19 days ago)
Sounds a lot like McSkillet’s video
Sand Wolfy (19 days ago)
I like how the karambit doesnt have a skin in source 2 xD
OH YEAH MR KRABS (19 days ago)
Looks in desc I hate life
Kondzio (19 days ago)
ma rozmach skurwysyn...
Ali Croft (20 days ago)
is that map or what?
Fuzeamuze (20 days ago)
Apr 1
Форли (21 days ago)
DonGol ParKour (21 days ago)
This is real
mikiyo ツ (21 days ago)
how to lose your skins 101
mikiyo ツ (21 days ago)
it didn't work for me?
It’s amazing 🔥
Sebastiano Gelmetti (25 days ago)
- WuttyFukly - (26 days ago)
You dont shoot barrel in the car platoon xdd
Tajmr (27 days ago)
On cache you missed on ct spawn ._.
when Source 2 released, "I miss my old source engine".
Ктшник :D (28 days ago)
Cache is being updated, so it may be real in next... six months mb
Azmie4444 Azmie (29 days ago)
Look like battelfield
Mastian Owen (1 month ago)
if Cache looks like Chernobyl than this...
Gaming Warriors (1 month ago)
"We now allow you to change engine mid-game if facing problems with source 1" Gabe Newell said "Half-Strike 3 will have battle royale"
Platinum (1 month ago)
**sees video desc** "1 April 2018" Seems legit
İsmail Umut (1 month ago)
Sanki buralar UE4 koktu gibi.
CosminINFINITE (1 month ago)
Im watching this video just for those good graphics
Çift Lavaş Tantuni (1 month ago)
Looks like the Half Life 2.
ALPHA (1 month ago)
this game is garrys mod?
Yellowblanka (1 month ago)
Let me guess.....UE4?
City is my England (1 month ago)
so scripted
SPELOW (1 month ago)
You stupid motherfucker
Matt D (1 month ago)
Micky Park (1 month ago)
Imagine if cs go ran on the frostbite system
Micky Park (1 month ago)
I already know that its fake as hell, but dang that map remake actually looks beautiful
SØDIØ (1 month ago)
Im the only one that prefers source 1 at least for csgo
Source (1 month ago)
Its actually funny that people can make better maps then the actuall game developers. people are putting more effort then those fucking fat lazy developers
Henna Tattoo (1 month ago)
Is he trolling? Lol
It worked but crashed after like 2 seconds.
Ytinfo (1 month ago)
I tried it now i got VAC Ban because it also unlock Wallhack in Competetive Match.
soviet tankist (1 month ago)
is this for real???
Worked for me but then crashed me game after 2 sec.
KillaCam 1323 (1 month ago)
It's a mod but still looks awesome 😎
KillaCam 1323 animation*
Happy Life WISH (1 month ago)
Already Taken (1 month ago)
Facebook 2 will have Battle Royale
pob677 (1 month ago)
UE 4
Ezzedine Gamer (1 month ago)
this would run at least 0.00000001 fps at my peice of crap laptop :)
Ezzedine Gamer (1 month ago)
and btw i know that its a joke :)
MrJubeiTheNoob (1 month ago)
Oxo Ken (1 month ago)
Good guy მაგარი ხარ
Saucebender (1 month ago)
_Игорь II_ (1 month ago)
Valve pls update
Gordon freeman (1 month ago)
We know FAKE
Fabiii (19 days ago)
ArE yoU tHe ReAl goRdoN FreEmAn ??
ploto (1 month ago)
Lol it's fake
xivo (1 month ago)
кто российский лайк
Darshan Mathukiya (1 month ago)
Can you make this map for custom matches or can you tell me where can I find this map??
Shoaib zaidi (1 month ago)
Shoaib zaidi (1 month ago)
Y the fuck was this published on the 1st of April? Well anyway there goes all my trust in you
Max392 (1 month ago)
fuck I got caught on the 29th of may :@
RomulusUGaming CZ (1 month ago)
I hate april 1...
Maks_JK Gamer (1 month ago)
warmfreeze (1 month ago)
instructions not clear... got dick caught in zipper..
myriam Schoentgen (1 month ago)
ateb3 (1 month ago)
valve has been "working" on the source 2 for fucking years i say just fucking use what Respawn did with Titanfall 2 thats basically source2
I AM YOUR GOD (1 month ago)
april 1st videos 100% lie or over exaduration
Last Dark Robot (1 month ago)
How did you get this graphics??
purvesh pawar (1 month ago)
Lol april full😂
™« кεnzøя »™ (1 month ago)
Is great ideea but never happening.
xDbro 400 (1 month ago)
Cool gemacht aber es klappt natürlich nicht und als beweis er hat die tonne im auto vergessen :D
Ioan Mihai Pinti (1 month ago)
It was cool if cs go looked like that
b0xe (1 month ago)
Battlefield V
Soldier Crafter (1 month ago)
You deserve a medal doc god bless april fools day
Soldier Crafter (1 month ago)
You deserve a medal doc god bless april fools day
Tyson Breaker (1 month ago)
Nice makeover on that karambit lmao
Extremew0210 (1 month ago)
Source 2 is too dark! Is it from DC?
ItsDiamondHERE (1 month ago)
his knife changed lol

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