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how to fix solve windows cannot access the specified device path or file error-problem solve

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This video shows that how to fix or solve windows cannot access the specified device path or file..this type of problems are mainly occuring due to the shortcut files deleted..to fix this problems you can create the destination shortcut file and fix the problems..SUBSCRIBE ME
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Text Comments (21)
BD Videos (3 months ago)
Theta Box (3 months ago)
Thanks frd...
nuname (1 year ago)
not computer manager, its application (.exe)
benz tagle (11 months ago)
Toffefan Rose, I already fix up my problem, I used smadav scanner, and found a lot of virus on my laptop. You better try this out
IWeabGalaxy Plays (11 months ago)
Same I cant access any .exe file. it worked a week ago but now all .exe files says "Windows cannot access this specified path" I've tried everything Microsoft tells me too.
benz tagle (11 months ago)
any solution to your problem bro? I need your advice if you had fix this already
AbdullahFate Gamer (1 year ago)
türkler ses verin uloo
B_A_FPS (1 year ago)
Thanks for the quick and easy fix bro.
Theta Box (1 year ago)
welcome dude
Sai Ram (1 year ago)
not working. crashed my system. JUST JOKING
so did it worked for you?
Fatah Bouroufala (1 year ago)
Wlnter is Coming (1 year ago)
Wow, thanks bro it's actually works!
Pumatechop (1 year ago)
didnt work
Felicia Swart (1 year ago)
can't get into control panel.... same error
Jwan Haddadin (4 months ago)
Felicia Swart same pff
Joe - Gaming (1 year ago)
doesn't work, bye.
Redift LTU (1 year ago)
thx, it worked
Joe (2 years ago)
Wow it worked, not sure why 2 dislikes. Maybe because no sound. But awesome job mate thanks!! You gained a sub :)
James M (2 years ago)
Nothing, I already have it there
The Titan! (2 years ago)
It worked! Thanks mate. :)

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