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Going Live here: https://www.twitch.tv/houngoungagne Visit us: http://ecl.gg Play here: https://bit.ly/2m8Z1PL Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ECL_europe Updates & blog post: https://www.reddit.com/r/ECL_CS/ Our Discord: https://discord.gg/Rce3Fuu Months and countless hours went in ECL. Today we launch our Warmup Season. Let's make something big together. See you there!
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Ukkometso (8 days ago)
So your "biggest project ever" is just faceit? LOL What a waste of time.
Cristian Chretien (22 days ago)
First game after sing in, got insulted hard since round 3, because of bad plays, with a level of toxicity i never experienced before and through all the rounds, response in chat after the game: well is normal is your first game, ok keep up the bullying!
pheonix1636 (22 days ago)
Hi bro.. I am a big fan of you.. is ECL available for players in India?
hey man, if you ever get to having a south american server, then PLEASE put one in chile/peru/arg, because we cant play 128 tick at all since brazilian servers suck for us
zerochii (1 month ago)
so faceit? xdd
xLoMoz (1 month ago)
Please make it available for South Africa
Kaskalli (1 month ago)
what do you think of belgian players? :D
Ichiro Katsu Isamu (1 month ago)
Pls master atleast say something before leaving
Ichiro Katsu Isamu (1 month ago)
Or if you can add me master search Lonewolf0 same profile also that i have
Ichiro Katsu Isamu (1 month ago)
Ichiro Katsu Isamu (1 month ago)
Ichiro Katsu Isamu (1 month ago)
Pls come
Ichiro Katsu Isamu (1 month ago)
I am missing the master
Ichiro Katsu Isamu (1 month ago)
Pls come to me or us pls i am mossing your plays plsss
Vincent HD (1 month ago)
Ok so after a try, this is a place full of toxic player. In a full day of try, 8 pug, 8 times with atleast one toxic people. 3 times with one leaver. Don't even worth a try
Mew (1 month ago)
Giulio Ghezzi (1 month ago)
you are dead... you made good content and now with your project... look at your followers. cya
Frigidmoon (1 month ago)
Why is that CT in 3:55 smiling when he failed the mission? I bet he's a sellout.
MonkeyBuisnezs (1 month ago)
S10 (1 month ago)
Hey Houngoungagne! Can you do a tutorial on how to kill a moving target in CS:GO? It's a big problem for me and I would apprecciate if you could do the tutorial!
Jam - CSGO and GD (1 month ago)
I really don't understand why people hate this so much. This is just a hub like any other UK pro league or regional pro league hub. If you think this is a rip off you clearly haven't searched Faceit enough or cared to use the hubs. I've seen 1v1 hubs with shit prizes cost more than this
Reck3rX (1 month ago)
SAMURAI (1 month ago)
the interface is the biggest shit. "we need a simple and easy interface" fuck off, i have no idea if i have played normal faceit or ecl. u say it costs to play it, i played a round for free where i had to choose a strange subscription which is, to my luck, free. i had no idea if the subscription is free or not, i didnt even know that it is a subscription before i chose it. and i still dont know what this subscription does. what the difference between the subscription i chose and the others is.... it is just a more complex and complicated interface of faceit. with other words: ive got no idea how to play it.
Po prostu White (1 month ago)
WittyC ArtTV (1 month ago)
2 weeks and I only get this video now on my feed. Time to catch up quickly!!
Is Life Even Real (1 month ago)
you fucking baguette
Harky (1 month ago)
This isn't a matchmaking service mate...it's just a faceithub...
Rohit Rathod (1 month ago)
Houngoungagne.. My name is rohit im from india.. I cant understand what i will practice first means i do not know the places in the map means.. Like inferno in inferno i just know where is mid and A bomb site and B site.. I cant conversation to my team and they kick me 😖😥 now i got cooldown 23hrs means what i will practice first.. Im so confused.. Plz and so sorry for bad english..
David Cannon (1 month ago)
can u do a video on how to bunny hop?
Proomic Blyat (1 month ago)
is ecl active?
Nicolai (1 month ago)
Makes Video about his biggest Project ever and doesn't say anything for 2 Weeks. Nice!
Nini Pins (1 month ago)
I just noticed how big of a hypocrite u are. You said you wont have any tolerance for toxic players yet later u give us advice to just mute the toxic guy and at the same time ur inviting vailant into the ecl ( I dobt have problem with him he is an awesome person very funny and all ) But can you see how big of a double standart ur executing
Kitty Jaws Gaming (1 month ago)
Is the Ecl racist
Maor Marziano (1 month ago)
Where is the houngnaganagaba intro :(
Trivia Quiz (1 month ago)
why you keep playin csgo dude? i quit csgo and my cancer heal itself
Dairis (1 month ago)
Is there any possibility to make it free via ID verification? It is EU, so i don't think there could be a big problem. Just don't collect our data, we show photo of us with opening pasport, you see and verify it, then just delete the photo. If the guy cheats, has bad behavior, ban him permanetly. He won't be able to take other identity.
Yo Jeff why not model what esea does for cheaters. You can have the players set as "leaders" (leaders chosen by hours,ecl commends, and scores) who can kick people out for cheating/greifing and the leader's eport sends a notification to the system for the admins to review. Making the job of the admins/workers easier. I realize it's not perfect but a lot easier than overwatch replaced with admins. You should have your own report system as well because valve's report system fucking sucks. You should know specifically which team member or enemy you played with was banned for cheating, spreading awareness that if you cheat you will get caught. The anti cheat you have to have before queuing up may be a big exploit due to it being an outside program.
S3mpx YT (2 months ago)
Your so good at CS , lol can you be my teacher? 🤣
David Morris (2 months ago)
Everyone. Lets just be honest here. This is for money.
6meter kuk (2 months ago)
I think it's stupid to pay even more for a game that you already bought. So sadly this is nothing for me :(
Naezy (2 months ago)
We can level up the ecl ?
Erik ! (2 months ago)
Does this count to rank as if it does I want to play as mm is full of cheaters like I want to uninstall, they are shit for first half and after they get rekt they start predire and preaiming hs
Rafał Krasowski (2 months ago)
Baguette league! Dude i wonder what valve would said about it.
Noxeramas (2 months ago)
when houngoungagne forgets he has tons of US viewers who want this service more than anything :(
Niklas Hugo (2 months ago)
I got a problem, I got a nice acc with 2,5k hours and 400€ Inv. So I used to play faceit ages ago but I forgot the email and i‘m sure I can’t access it anymore :/ now as you know you can link your steam acc too only one faceit acc. Does that mean for me now that I can’t play ecl with my acc or what can I do? Help pls!!!! I‘ve waited so long for smthng like this :(((
FocuS (2 months ago)
What is your font?
JustToxic (2 months ago)
I can't wait till they launch NA servers
FFS *E* for *European* you dummy's.
Charlie Runkle (2 months ago)
Bro go outside! Find a real job! Travel the world ! Create content for depress kid is the biggest project of your life?
Malthus Brother (2 months ago)
HI can u add subbttitle? xD
Master_Savage99 (2 months ago)
Why don’t you make ACL Asian Community league
Soviet Pepe (2 months ago)
What is better tobise m4a4 or m4a1-s
Karma (2 months ago)
What about asia? you know, where the other 60% of the earths' population lives..........when's it available there?
Shr00b (2 months ago)
I wish there was an NACL :(
Stark TM (2 months ago)
we need brazilian servers too #SouthAmericaServers
Devos (2 months ago)
where is the unranked que
James Ithink (2 months ago)
Add me
Nautical Narwhal (2 months ago)
Literally faceit.
Garbage Trash (2 months ago)
its just that,... well i want to believe in this project but ill never pay for it (although i do understand why it is a must for it to cost) and so will the majority of viewers on all the channels participating in ecl. I hope for you alm this will work, but making it cost will reduce the playerbase by A LOT. Not to mention that only EU players can play at the moment. GL anyway i hope you make it work
Declan Burke (2 months ago)
Wow...You really did it man congratz
Atakan Alevli (2 months ago)
Well, let me have a honest review with your ECL. I've subscribed this morning paying 7 dollars (which is a money that you have to work a day to earn here in Turkey), I was excited, to be honest, you hyped it so hard, I thought I was finally going to have a great platform to play. First it turned out to be just a hub in FaceIt and then, it turned out that it had Divisions inside it. I've registered into Division 3, I thought you treat them equally which I was very wrong. To be honest, your system is much worse than the FaceIt Premium matchmaking. No offense but I really felt like this is TmarTn 2.0 after couple of games. I don't know about how people feels, but I couldn't had a proper match in your Division 3. I paid money and demanded service. In the end, I had to wait 5 minutes in the queue to get a match and played with the same 9 guys in 3 different matches. This message will probably stay unresponded and will fade in the comment section. But I'm very disappointed, I pretty much think that it's just another hub to gain money and you did it very well. Let me finish with a word you've told me on your very first stream; If you do it for money, then don't do it at all. Have a nice day.
bla bla bro (2 months ago)
i hope it will be available in asia
Frej Sørensen (2 months ago)
Hello HOUNGOUNGAGNE i have 655 hours in all and 94 hours the last 2 weeks and i can't get our of Silver Elite Master and it is because my mates are bad they are just looking at me get shoot and then they just go over to the other bombsite. If you have some tips so i can get out i will be happy.
Cartel _vB2 (2 months ago)
Who care ? lol
Wiloko Gaming (2 months ago)
This sounds really cool. I play standard matchmaking and the higher up the ranks I go, the more toxic people seem to be. Ive been looking into faceit and ESEA so far but this sounds cool too. How much will it cost to use this?Any idea what the skill range will be? ive heard ESEAs lowest skilled players are about DMG in normal matchmaking?Also, I have no faceit rank, so I assume I will be put in the lowest skill bracket if I play ECL, then I can rank up by playing ECL?Ive been playing about a year and Im back at GN3 now but was GN4 for a while, despite topping the leaderboards in a lot of games I found a lot of people throwing games, leaving, arguing, not speaking English, and clearly boosted players in GN4. Looking for somewhere I can just play and improve without having to deal with all that ideally. Hope you keep us updated on ECL, it could be really good for me being in the UK and since I don't always have people to que with. I hear good things about 128 tick too.
NoobForSoup (2 months ago)
Couldn't you use a service that wasn't more broken than MM? Faceit is literally worse than MM. More hack%, and you can't even play full team if you pay 30€ per year...
Naseef siddibapa (2 months ago)
So vaillant has a special account or is he banned?
darjan (2 months ago)
Hey FRANCE won the world football cup.
Horse Burgers (2 months ago)
i bought it, but all i get is when i do a bad play, 4 people flaming me and then reporting me when i defend myself afterwards, because thats the only bit they record, really upsetting jeff, if i could i would ask for my money back
Bob Smith (2 months ago)
Can i play it in Australia People always forget us
TheJoeyPlays CZ (2 months ago)
Good luck with this project <3
xTn (2 months ago)
Winning or losing in ECL will affect my ELO in normal faceit aswell? Or do i have to rank up in normal face it to be able to play in higher ECL divisions?
Dispencer (2 months ago)
Please consider Asia, thank you.
ShyGuy (2 months ago)
Is ELO enabled???
Alex Denford (2 months ago)
Australasia servers! Good work :)
Hugh Willcox (2 months ago)
Can you make it accessible for Mac users
PR1M3 (2 months ago)
the high prices will attract cheaters and smurfs, thats why im not getting it.
HeyItzScotch (2 months ago)
Is this open for us players too?
Iliyan Yotov (2 months ago)
Hardest project ever; it's a event on FACEIT called ECL lol
Goatking16 ! (2 months ago)
Subscribed (too ECL)
SonixRush (2 months ago)
This is litteraly FACEIT in a NUTSHELL omegalul
Francis Goudreault (2 months ago)
Hougnougagne est ce que les gents damerique peuve et as de bon serveur? Car je suis du canada et je ne sais pas si je vais recommencer sur esea ou esseyer votre communauté car jadore tes video et comment tu jou
Wheeled salmon (2 months ago)
insidiousss (2 months ago)
Oof will we ever get a NACL???
Snoot (2 months ago)
I'm moving to Europe now!
Rikson (2 months ago)
So if i dont have faceit account, i cant play on esl?
chris efremidis (2 months ago)
ok so what's the diffeence between faceit and ecl?
ECL is good a idea but the divisions are messy skill levels between level 10's are high. there are also trollers toxicity. -1
Connagh Duffield (2 months ago)
So will this become its own thing or will it remain a Faceit hub?
cringe af (2 months ago)
ECL is just another hub on faceit, dont try to make it something more than it is
OSXYosemite (2 months ago)
cant play with my friend cuz he´s not faceit level 6-7 gg
Gurpreet Thawany (2 months ago)
asian server please!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam Laflamme (2 months ago)
So, will we have ranks like DMG - LEM - supreme - global ... ? Or is it just the divison thing ?
iTrops (2 months ago)
NaCl = North America Community League = Salt Chimical Formula
LupusUmbra995 (2 months ago)
You have to be subscribed to faceit to play...
I need something like this for asia, philippine cs is cancer when they have mics (i am a filipino)
niki nike (2 months ago)
You're trying hard to make it sound like it's special, but it's just the same as esea and faceit with less players.
Etienne (2 months ago)
Très bon matchmaking +rep good guy
uTpbkr (2 months ago)
Tout ce teasing pour un simple HUB faceit qui plus est payant, M D R.
Armel (2 months ago)
Does it work as a PUG where each captain select the palyers or will it balanced automatically ?

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