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CS:GO's Panorama UI VS Older Versions

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CS:GO's Panorama update is finally here, after years of waiting: http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2018/06/20482/ This video shows a lot of it, but is more focused around comparing it with older versions, including 2018, 2013 and 2011 versions of the game. WARNING: My 2011 version was a bit buggy, the loading screens looked different. You can check out the PROPER 2011 version here: https://youtu.be/OXgdSktJ6hI 0:42 - Loading screen (to main menu) - 2011 did have intros, which were disabled in the version I used. Here's how it should have looked: https://youtu.be/OXgdSktJ6hI 1:08 - Main menu 1:54 - Main menu MUSIC! :D 2:44 - Friends 3:25 - Inventory 4:02 - Inspecting weapons 4:57 - Inspecting other items 5:56 - Watch matches pages 6:58 - Options menus 7:49 - Hosting / setting up matches 8:57 - Loading screen to game - My 2011 version borrowed bits from 2013 that it shouldn't have. This is what it should have looked like: https://youtu.be/OXgdSktJ6hI?t=1m25s 9:38 - Team select 10:13 - Scoreboard 10:37 - Defuse 11:05 - Buy screen 11:59 - In-game options / Esc button 12:43 - Game's icon in Windows 13:00 - Demo viewer 13:10 - Overwatch review 13:24 - Conclusion Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (1575)
0:52 *Crisis Averted*
Jeffrey Overgaard (14 days ago)
Fat Black Auto San Andreas aqwaaqqqq
Jokurino Tripaloski (21 days ago)
This scared me so much
TheBradMeister (24 days ago)
Fat Black Auto San Andreas oof I kept replaying that XD
Big Smoke (24 days ago)
Fuck outta
ramonce09's stash (24 days ago)
Now you are registered in Club Penguin
big boi (16 hours ago)
I like the 2017 screen better than anything
Eriktor (1 day ago)
UI seems inspired by bf1's UI, i think.
Elite Grodan 1337 (2 days ago)
i get why people would like this even if i like the tactical look more.
xSqvge (3 days ago)
that 3k phillips guy has a really shaky gun model LOLOLOLOLOOL
Lopertoner 123 (4 days ago)
Congrats steel
Alif Imanian (4 days ago)
Does panorama use more and much gpu work in menu?
Cloudy (4 days ago)
I dont like panorama
Slappo Jacko (4 days ago)
will we be able to keep our games in 2018 scaleform?
grafimir Gmr (5 days ago)
The 2011 beta reminds me of the original CS Beta from 1999. It had more Half-Life looking maps and lesser weapons.
Guilherme Ferreira (5 days ago)
If you play a game like fifa it doesn't matter if it's 2008 or 2018 you know it's fifa With this game nop. Playing cs go in 2012 and playing now it's a whole different thing... Its bad. No unity I guess
Ranger Fade (6 days ago)
I think the new buy circle menu of the Panorama looks like Beta CSGO, and I prefer Scaleform 2018 ones
SYER (7 days ago)
Nathan Playz (7 days ago)
When will it come? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
thebossofthecoconuts (7 days ago)
Madbros Gaming (7 days ago)
2018 Scaleform masterrace
Madbros Gaming (7 days ago)
What the hell happened to cs:go??? Valve has some explaining to do
NotAScam (8 days ago)
What is the song you used in the conclusion? Also. I think the scaleform 2018 scoreboard was a bit nicer. Ye, it wa sa bit blocky, but as a player who uses mostally communtiy servers, not having a player count displayed or a map timer is a missed feature
Tab Lite (9 days ago)
Great DSP!!
Tab Lite (9 days ago)
Now u can play with just -panorama as startoption
Jimmi Vjacka (10 days ago)
Did evere know where i install 2013 version,because i so wanted a lot. Sry for my bad english :)
SrDaviomito (10 days ago)
2018 scalrform "The best" no cry...
DerpyRell 06 (10 days ago)
Is CSGO is secretly the *new* windows
Captain Robloxxer (11 days ago)
Looks like that update might have a chance that csgo battleground will be released
Okami (11 days ago)
Looks like a mobile game
Reggy (12 days ago)
Panorama has made my computer blow up :'(
marcwel_ (12 days ago)
2013 was the best in my opinggfnn
Penguinsilver (12 days ago)
I've found a few bugs: Reconnecting to games doesnt work a lot of times. Sometimes the soreboard doesnt show your and your teammates money.
That Guy (12 days ago)
Windows Neon*
Don tho (13 days ago)
10:30 I can't stop laughing
El Tío Rata (13 days ago)
There it was another Scaleform UI in 2015 (when they introduced the skins), there isn't too much different between 2018 Scaleform but, it worth mention it!
Informkilioo (13 days ago)
pRoUD tO BE fiELdEn (13 days ago)
Does the hazardous environment sound still play on the loading screen?
Media Kush (13 days ago)
Which is more better
Declan Wright (13 days ago)
sometimes i noticed that i muted people, but they would still be able to talk. weird.
divitox (13 days ago)
I like the look of the UI but I don't understand how someone thought some of these changes are ok. For example why tf would anyone want chat messages to fade in instead of showing instantly and why is the text smaller? Also why is the scoreboard some much larger than the info it displays and not only that but why is the info font itself smaller? WHHHHHHHHHHY? The are other things I don't like but with mostly it's because I'm not used to them but some are just change for the sake of change and a bit stupid.
Ismet Inonu (13 days ago)
14:10 is the best part of this video for A V I A T I O N bois.
Baran Topal (13 days ago)
clearly copied pasted from battlefield
BaseFocus (13 days ago)
4:24 That position lol
seyahdoo (13 days ago)
Game Developer here! 12:19 It freezes because it wont hold menu images and assets on memory, so you can still play the latest cs go version with your oldest potato pc. It freezes because it loads the menu from Disk. It would be nice have the option to preload menu. But, whatever, we dont use it that often anyways.
DreamsOfCyanide (14 days ago)
I still prefer the 2013 ui...
Eel 52 (14 days ago)
The "Vote Scramble" option is also missing in the Panorama update.
Grem (14 days ago)
Pretty much this is just going to make my game lag with these fancy model in the main screens and the team choosing, especially with a shit laptop. Haven't finished the update yet, but I'm sure to be excited.
mr bacon man (14 days ago)
Also does anyone else's screen freeze for 40 sec when tab out then tab back in
mr bacon man (14 days ago)
My menu is still the same?
I I (14 days ago)
You should be able to click or hold on the guy in the loading screen with any gun to show how fast the guns shoot
D Brown (14 days ago)
anything on awards in panorama? cant find my stats
Febrian Cardozo (14 days ago)
How to get into this panorama ui? Where i can download it
jalolej roffäel (15 days ago)
How does it perform with low Ram. One of my Moduls is borken and i have only 4gb left atm. I wonder if performance will enhance or decrease
Clark Agario (15 days ago)
csgo will be in a state like cs1.6 or source in1-2 years. a lot will leave the game and the others who is addicted will play it more than 15 years .
H owl (15 days ago)
looks like battlefield4 :)
sk.peter (15 days ago)
Cs go panorama looks like a mobile game
SUNSPYtm (15 days ago)
Haha another great video thanks mate :) holiday looks awesome best DSP ever
Chaschuky999 (15 days ago)
Who doesn’t love that good old csgo ear rape
NerdyMxdz (15 days ago)
2018 scale form doesn't freeze for me?
iBaxtter (15 days ago)
I don't care about the UI, just make separate servers ONLY for turks and russians, Valve! O.O
Pompa Team (16 days ago)
I miss 2011 CS:GO
ReckLess1337 (16 days ago)
nah, cs is still broken
Rub. Hagrid (16 days ago)
if people still subscribed to a person with http link in description, then they must be BOTS...
Josh (16 days ago)
I liked the 2011 team select screen the best.
ButtChunksOfDoom :D (16 days ago)
that bald leet model looks feminine when standing
Sir Harajio (17 days ago)
I haven't downloaded it yet for some reason :/ Haven't really the option yet
MJaoune (17 days ago)
Any engine changes? Vulkan? Source 2.0? Native OpenGL?
Fil (17 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that the new UI looks like a shitty free to play shooter?
AntigonMKD (17 days ago)
Is it out or in beta?
Vladut (17 days ago)
I hate panorama ui
KennyS (17 days ago)
Lol I have steel as a friend on steam
Nautilus (18 days ago)
mmmmmh... skin for character...... ? Porbabily....
J4CK_ (18 days ago)
can you try find the update that made the pause menu freeze?
norXmal (18 days ago)
What are the odds that when I go out camping in the Fjords of Norway, you go camping in some other mountain.
Abhi Patil (18 days ago)
Hit like of u think scaleform 2018 is way better than panorama ❤
NOPE (18 days ago)
*I have an idea!* *Player*-Volvo pls add hud skins and m3nu skins pl0x *Volvo*-k ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *69 days later* *L0l0l0l00l0ll0l0 we'v added hud skins c4 skins,menu skins,settings skins defuse tool skins player image skins,logo skins,case skins keys skins crosshair skins,basically everything has a skin lololoolol, also player models with skins* -pls dont report me-
DonutW (18 days ago)
Panorama reminds me of Overwatch
Avi Schiffmann (18 days ago)
Now I want to play Csgo again
MrWayneGame (19 days ago)
3d models in menus is as useful as rgb in computers...
Konstantin Brezovski (19 days ago)
whats the music called at the end of the video?
EliteSniperTV (19 days ago)
What's wrong with the current one? I love the 2018 style... It's so simple, everything is right in front of you, and it works. It doesn't get in my way, and feels nice. Oooh 3d ughhhhh
Steve O (19 days ago)
It is like Dota, but CSGO. lol
HoNoRaTiOn (19 days ago)
All my CS:GO Problems: -MP7 low dmg -7 day trade hold
HoNoRaTiOn (17 days ago)
I just think that the MP7 needs a bit of a buff.
HoNoRaTiOn (17 days ago)
What ?
Byron Filer (17 days ago)
You literally just agreed with yourself then failed to explain why people correcting you were wrong, solid reasoning
HoNoRaTiOn (17 days ago)
Byron Filer (17 days ago)
It's a smg...
Failed Vote (19 days ago)
i think it freezes because the hud hides instantly
ferna2294 (19 days ago)
I haven´t played CS GO since I bought R6 Siege. This UI looks 2018! Since I bought the game in 2015, I´ve always thought the UI was shit. I really like the idea of updating the game to keep it fresh. Looking forward for a whole illumination and textures rehaul.
Colin P. (19 days ago)
_"CS:GO is dead nowadays, what with its 400,000 daily active players."_ -The Comments -I don't even play GO I play Source-
Pássaro Azul (19 days ago)
0:52 *THANK YOU FOR CUTTING THAT OUT* (even though i love that song)
LastNickLeft (19 days ago)
It's 4AM and I don't even like CS GO! Why am I having an unplanned marathon of your content?
Andie (19 days ago)
Damn, I really hope they don't get rid of the valve start up music, i love that shit so much, everytime its like a throwback to all the previous valve games
E3.14C (19 days ago)
I'll be honest, from 2013 to 2017 it felt cs:go was degrading, and now I can't stop pulling my hair out over the unnecessary garbage, and removing all of the more interesting garbage.
E3.14C (19 days ago)
oh crap I thought panorama loading screen into the map was 2011 version.
E3.14C (19 days ago)
Depending on your resolution panorama shows a different amount, mine shows 24 with 4 rows of 6, also the muffled audio with the left ear muted on the main menu is infuriating to listen to.
TT_Striking (20 days ago)
I cant get panorama on
;O:P;D (20 days ago)
But what about ALT Tabbing out of the game, does Panorama finally fix it? It has been getting a lot worse in recent memory and can take almost up to a minute to alt out and back of the game. Please fix Valve
Korsmix (20 days ago)
The fact they didnt get rid of the earrape startup sound ;(
NavyKnights (20 days ago)
wut why dont i have this????????????
Samuel Kaze (20 days ago)
How about cs history for next vid?
EXTREME (20 days ago)
Hello dear Philip, My only question is that how did you get access to the 2011 beta? I tried to download it many times but none of them seemed to work.
Repz (20 days ago)
of topic, non related to this video. CSGO is actually one of the greatest reason why communism doesn't work. Communism doesn't listen to the community's voice, because they believe they can run it better without advice from the community. When you listen to the community, the game will improve as long as the judge are good at begin critical and reasonable.
duscodick (20 days ago)
Can you finally go into the options menu while in a lobby?
Avve N (20 days ago)
Damn, haven't played csgo since 2016.. what have I missed?
Florabel Granada (20 days ago)
Pls make smurfing in silver or gold cause all ur vids are short and if long ill love
LOLIPHY (20 days ago)
Dinoswarleaf is the american 3kliksphilip
Kalle Kröger (20 days ago)
Panorama hides the friends tab because there is nothing To show :(

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