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He challenged me for a free skin! - CS:GO

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My teammate gave me free csgo skins instead of me giving him skins? or did i... Dmarket: https://bit.ly/2LH7xQx  Subscribe to see more of my videos! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Outro song: Rich The Kid - Bring It Back https://youtu.be/v4YkNoAun2w Knife Giveaway https://twitter.com/MattSeesAss/status/1006216682132656129 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► My site: http://www.mattcs.com ► Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattseesass ► Discord: https://discord.gg/Er6e4ap ► Snapchat: MattSeesAss
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Text Comments (444)
M-Square Parkour (1 day ago)
Dylan Le (2 days ago)
You’re so sexyy
Jonathan H (2 days ago)
Learn how to switch weapons fast with your Q button so you reload faster
Pegboxim (2 days ago)
My team mates have microphones but no brain
WEIAN YU (3 days ago)
You met a really good teamm8!
Attila Mezei (4 days ago)
The feeling when zhe team is too agressive and u are unable to make kills :(
TABISH UKAYE (5 days ago)
Wheres the ak!
Peter Diril (5 days ago)
im gn 2 any1 wanna teamup and rankup togehter ?
filip fyhr (2 days ago)
山丹K工OP (5 days ago)
Others comment = begging for skins My comment = begging for CS:GO -.-
Manan shah (5 days ago)
Why dont i get such kind people , i got scamed for my glock and ump skin :/ , scammer said send glock ,and ump ill send u 15€ then send me ak,awp and m4 skin to be fair trading And i believed him :'(
Tomás Laranjeira (6 days ago)
CS:GO needs more people like you and that guy! ❤
Stein Karpus (6 days ago)
Radovan Víra (7 days ago)
crosshair ? :3
Bayram Alaya (7 days ago)
the surf sv IP plz
KingWIgz 1 (7 days ago)
why is matt such a big fan of gut knifes? 😂
Dark Blade (7 days ago)
Matt what is your trade link
DaNsoN (7 days ago)
he deserve knife i guess,,he is nice...
ahmad irfialdi (7 days ago)
give me 1 knife matt pls i've been play csgo for 5 years 5 account and never got a knife in trading site :'(
Yukina (7 days ago)
I can't even afford a freaking ak skin dude
Het Gamende Mannetje (8 days ago)
Pls kan je me 1v1en voor een fieldtested karambit blacklaminate
Zaptiac (8 days ago)
Are you going to Killy in Amsterdam?
Fraqz L (8 days ago)
u are my favorite youtuber, keep up the good work.
Sammy Boi (8 days ago)
Buys on the second round*
Would anyone like to donate me a skin Steam name: jzt_a_gamer
Death Bringer (8 days ago)
can i have a cheap skin matt?
Death Stroke (8 days ago)
be my friendo pls
Jon Cana (8 days ago)
why do people watch this fucking talentless brainlet
Star Mevid (8 days ago)
Marcus Isaac (8 days ago)
Really want knife(any knife), ill spread your vids, ill make you my cover photo at FB and twitter, ill subscribe to your channel everytime i borrow anyones phone, Just to get knife. Thank you MattCS
Marcus Isaac (8 days ago)
Done liking video, done subscribing (subscribed for a long time, all my gadgets.*even my brothers phone), done following at twitter, done retweeting the giveaway at twitter (Hope i get the skin) and loved MattCS.
Lalaine Lao (8 days ago)
Gg challenger
Si Kismin (8 days ago)
dpnate me skin plz
CS:GO Partners (8 days ago)
Can i ever maybe 1v1 you? (Not for skins)
Zueira Neverends (8 days ago)
I was hacked but I was able to recover my account, and I lost all my skins :(
Luc van Empel (8 days ago)
matt zieke video's eerste nederlandse youtuber die ik graag zie, ga zo door
Mubarak Ali (8 days ago)
Nice video
Aleksa Djurosev (8 days ago)
I would be happy to get teammates like that in the game lol Btw Matt why don't you make a collab with instant gaming? I mean everyone can find there some well known cheap games plus you got profit from it?
KnoXyCuzZ (9 days ago)
Hahahaaha when You faked the wall bang kill
PinnGü Pingulet (9 days ago)
Lool did you played on romanian servs? Bruh
fernando hevia (9 days ago)
I feel a fucking bad person but I want you in my team to get a knife XD Nice video btw
Khong La Khong (9 days ago)
Nice video bro.
Suleman (9 days ago)
Get a gaming chair god damit.... It will make yeh gud ;)
Bossing Pogi* (9 days ago)
Bang Fiiq (9 days ago)
what's name that jump jump server ? :'v
DeaViNG (9 days ago)
Hey mattcs i have a suggestion why don't you play 1vs1 the winnet gets a skin
SkulZi (9 days ago)
You're getting better. Just remember to check all your corners, if you weren't playing against gn's you would've died a lot more from behind XD
?BaN? ?? (9 days ago)
That server is a romanian server.I am a romanian guy
Sarnav Dutta (9 days ago)
Ez knife ez life
Christian Kim (9 days ago)
By the power of MattCS I will win the knife.
Teixeira (9 days ago)
Apfelmuse (9 days ago)
Me me here me i want the knife hello here (Steam p3nd_)
Glowing Queen (9 days ago)
That flick mid was very hot tbfh
Tech Clash (9 days ago)
Dmarket site ain't loading for me
Uzumaki Naruto (9 days ago)
that was a romanian server xdd arena 1 tap xd
SAG3 (9 days ago)
second round buys famas no kevlar ?
PG GAMING (9 days ago)
you always upload nice video dude, i like that
SMASH SWORD (9 days ago)
Give me such opportunity... Brother..
Ameer Alkabeer (9 days ago)
Matt, cab you please give me a csgo account with a few skins, i just got hacked and can't get my account back! 😣
Doctorgreenyou (9 days ago)
Which knife did you give him?
LiveHDgamer (9 days ago)
Jij bent nederlands of belgisch??
frenks wan (9 days ago)
Vinz Guiang (9 days ago)
matt lets 1v1 awp
Gk#gaming Gk#gaming (9 days ago)
Bro can you give me one knife plz
SqueeckonJin yt (9 days ago)
Are you really from nl?
FLix! (9 days ago)
U got baited :D
Valy Purple (9 days ago)
RO 1tap server ROMANIAAAAA
XxxBlUen Xxx (9 days ago)
i clicked the link like 43982748372 times
utsavsharma (9 days ago)
Can we play sometime
Maki (9 days ago)
matt can i trade my awp safari mesh for knife to you? xd
CoA BoSs (9 days ago)
try 4:3 streched
Fhendy (9 days ago)
Dino (9 days ago)
Yoo Matt always when i watch your videos first i watch video till the end and then i join the givaway thats how it is i love your vids and content 😀
MJ Frag (9 days ago)
Please make more mm clips with him <3
Nightcore Beast (9 days ago)
I added u Matt... On steam and can I trade with you?
Kn Frxgz (9 days ago)
Nice video bro keep it up my Twitter @ is iFrxgz
Gunter Wenker (9 days ago)
that server aws full of romanian people so... we are kinda sellfish just ignore them
GAMER BOY (9 days ago)
Hey im your biggest fan Whatsapp no : 8806494870 U make poor people happy by giving them skins U r awesom u r a good guy or man Thank for ur helps to make people happy 😇 Im also a poor guy can u give me some few doller skin i m begging u plz 😔
crvbaby (9 days ago)
Hey, Matt nice crosshair and nice video can i get crosshair settings ? :P
OtapOtep (9 days ago)
that guy is nice
Joaca cu Ano (9 days ago)
im from romaniaaaa
Silence (9 days ago)
Matt you are my #1 youtuber and i got a question. for you are you dutch?
Raja Farel (9 days ago)
My god that guy is so nice
SIeaZy Meme (9 days ago)
Romanian server i want to play with you!!!
Trap Family (10 days ago)
I would cry when I got a knife
CS:GO Partners (8 days ago)
Trap Family same
Penis Jouster (10 days ago)
Yea he plays a lot and u dont lmao, cuz ure a skin youtuber lmao
TheFreakyGamer (10 days ago)
Ben je Nederlands?
Hilikus (10 days ago)
Srivats Hari (10 days ago)
I wish I had such nice teammates
Bitwilly3000 Idk (10 days ago)
Matt kan ik asjeblieft een keer met je spelen
Raress Alecu (10 days ago)
Arena 1tap is a romanian server=))
Arlan Kusuma (10 days ago)
Lemme get a shot trough this please. Only 1 shot **got 3 on same enemy but no skull at bottom right corner**
TangGago Inc. (10 days ago)
He could have sold his chantico fire he could buy like 3 knives or something
LEYAD (10 days ago)
Wow if i had like those teammates
Richmond Lim (10 days ago)
How about an idea for a new youtube video? HAHAHAHA “Giving aways skins to comments from my youtube videos!!!” :) skins pls huhuhu so lucky
Sharp Finghter05 (10 days ago)
You enter the Romain server! I Love You💙
Sir Casm (10 days ago)
Omg bro,can i challeged you too...hope!
Raptorzs (10 days ago)
My name is matt and im out
Electro (10 days ago)
carrying a youtuber lol
Tech Aspiron (10 days ago)
Your Angry Accent Is 😍

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