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How to upload videos to youtube faster (2011)

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Please watch my new video on this Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kMC3S5gRu8
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Text Comments (95)
mhmood abo helal (6 years ago)
it workd are u sure ?
RNA Gitup (6 years ago)
I like the song
ĂĦméd MiDö (6 years ago)
System Networks (6 years ago)
@963remus video bitrate must be 1500 or 1000
The3DMachine (6 years ago)
125 ppl are racist
omgitsgrim2 (6 years ago)
@963remus ok thanks
omgitsgrim2 (6 years ago)
i use Gameclaw since my my other one wont work but right now im trying to upload it but it is taking FOREVER! how can i make it faster? XD
Denizz El pacho (6 years ago)
thanks man:)
warcraftmine (6 years ago)
This sonmg sucks ass like u :p
Antonio Ćilić (6 years ago)
Tushar Hasan (6 years ago)
I really....like...thissss
Rexsnoct Nguyễn (6 years ago)
anyway to do that but your video's quality is HD?
skully3100 (6 years ago)
hey at least he /she tried
Anish Singh (6 years ago)
Thumbs up For Proogle !!
pugNdrum (6 years ago)
LOLOLOLOL The troll coments xD The song is a bit what white people would call err " complete shit" but yeah I have not watched your video I have just laughed at the song xD
Fritz G (6 years ago)
I hate the song
Son Goku (6 years ago)
Gone Gamer (6 years ago)
@IISilverSoul24II Glad its a jk lol
Gokee (6 years ago)
@machinam9gamer Fuck you lol jk
artemio contreras (6 years ago)
Tien (6 years ago)
won't converting the video decrease the quality of the video?
Tien (6 years ago)
won't converting the video decrease the quality of the video?
Gone Gamer (6 years ago)
this songs has lot of bad words
criostai (7 years ago)
thats a dirty song
longlaakdal (7 years ago)
xTiko Dizz (7 years ago)
oh thats why i didnt work i didnt click convert :D
D Jay (7 years ago)
no thks
RawBeefGaming (7 years ago)
thumbs up if you muted the sound
Rinny Rin (7 years ago)
Thanks Bro !
Manny Calavera (7 years ago)
LOL at this music, not my type of music but the lyrics are funny as hell :)
MegaWolf312 (7 years ago)
SpiinZ (7 years ago)
tnx man but will it decrease the video quality ??/
Blood Urchin (7 years ago)
wit yo funnyins motha fucka
Euphoria (7 years ago)
thanks man
finredbull (7 years ago)
thumbs up for prototype
Faisaloo Gharib (7 years ago)
@963remus You Are Huge
Faisaloo Gharib (7 years ago)
Wow thanks ~!!!
Calvin Long (7 years ago)
thumbs up for the hell of it
Calvin Long (7 years ago)
thank you man it really helped
TheHaloplayer52 (7 years ago)
thanks man !!!!!!!
Nerd6078 (7 years ago)
Bad thing is that it uploads 240p Videos.
YemenHistoryBC (7 years ago)
hahahahahaha it is old way
Matthew Moore (7 years ago)
Lawl "Like fuckin bitches with cactuses"
MICHIGURL CHOI (7 years ago)
help! when i convert it! it says the file will not contain any sound
Nerd6078 (7 years ago)
Nice song dude, whats it called?
bulbajackel (7 years ago)
i forgot the name of the guy in the song but isnt he off of 30 rock?
Richii Jimenez (7 years ago)
i dont like the music it almost got me in trouble lol ;[
shane lisle (7 years ago)
thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much I LOVE YOU jk (no homo)
Xspiffyyyy (7 years ago)
@MrMultinicholas myn is a mess its filled up lol
// TheToxicDream (7 years ago)
but fail ;P
IzmirMr (7 years ago)
play claw should do it record game's trust me
3wNevermore (7 years ago)
wow you rock man!! tnx!!
Mikeymaybe (7 years ago)
Flawless Nick (7 years ago)
lol can you dun put tht song my mother at home shhh....
Flawless Nick (7 years ago)
sort up your desktop its kind of mess
SKABS ten (7 years ago)
you are the best!!!!
sam fisher (7 years ago)
I have already converted my video but my problem is after I uploaded on the youtube I try to watch and suddenly the video become slower and the screen become small,need help!
0:1 Random scene and random music :/
Demon ruler (7 years ago)
it works, but the quality is way to low for me !!! :/
Abhishek Gupta (7 years ago)
thanks! it is working but the video quality downs to low!!!
Twizzy (7 years ago)
ty :)
RoksonsSC2 (7 years ago)
@963remus will it bee 480p or 720p??
Kareem Robin (7 years ago)
will the quality be like your playing video please reply its quality is very bad please i want better quality please reply
Kareem Robin (7 years ago)
will the quality be like your playing video please reply
Ghewst (7 years ago)
THX for a new video convertor i had a old convertor and it expired today
Raj o (7 years ago)
thx dude its relay a good tutorial i just no this today but if i no this sometime ago then its mutch help me ok for next time i use this relay a good soft and ur tuotorial i upload a video which one 550 mb but when i no about this video i convert this and i see its only take 6 mb woow soo good software again thx dude
Jade Florita (7 years ago)
thank you so much dude..... you the best....... thanks
iTzKINGToXIC (7 years ago)
ZombieGameAreMe (7 years ago)
please respond) how long do you suppose a 10minute video would take to convert and dowload to youtube?
Rowan Holford (7 years ago)
It just say 'Failed' HELP
ii Barbiexo (7 years ago)
Thanks i subscribed :)
basicxml (7 years ago)
scythe832 (7 years ago)
Get a mic~
winsevenholic (7 years ago)
may i ask..? i use any vid convert like u.. but my file increase but lenght decrease to 50% why..?? and like double speed vid :(
MICHIGURL CHOI (7 years ago)
when i click Upload Video Nothing Happens.. D:
CenaAttitude401 (7 years ago)
badass song
Austin Bachman (7 years ago)
Was this video uploaded using this method? It is still in HD.
Free Downloads (7 years ago)
lol fucking to late watching the video i wasted 1hour on uploading also it takes about the same time in toatl when coverting and uploading .. :P
jakie kung (7 years ago)
thankz thankz thankz
jakie kung (7 years ago)
@963remus where is FLV folder is???
jakie kung (7 years ago)
man plz tell me that i will work na???????
Prophet of Truth (7 years ago)
can you put this in fraps 2?
CenaAttitude401 (7 years ago)
thank you so much!
darylmc882 (7 years ago)
never mind that last comment found it thanks
darylmc882 (7 years ago)
when i click upload i cant find FLV any help ?
Maryse (8 years ago)
@963remus I hate Any Video Converter because when i record a game , it lag!
eybreh (8 years ago)
What's the song? :D
Prajna Ta (8 years ago)
thanks i will subscribe
popgirl00598 (8 years ago)
horrable video quality ):
xKatie0111 (8 years ago)
how do u put ur vid in the files :O i cant put mine in TT.TT
StuntJunky (8 years ago)
the vid is 1minute and 28sec
YouNoobHD (8 years ago)
hmm.. that vid was only 1.9MB... how long is it? 10 seconds..
Anwar H (8 years ago)

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