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Yep, that's a thing and turns out it's bigger than I imagined! Thanks to Guns of boom for sending me in Katowice at the EU finals, i've learned my lessons, won't be narrow minded anymore! Wanna try Guns Of Boom? It's right there: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameinsight.gobandroid&hl=fr or.. if you're one of those apple dudes... :P https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/guns-of-boom/id1179715015?mt=8
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svw1999 (4 hours ago)
The reason is that cs players think that thier platform and thier game are superior(which they are). Nobody would play football with high heels and nobody would play hockey with a baseball bat. The customizability of a PC with a 144hz(or more) display with a mouse and a keyboard are proven to be better FOR SHOOTERS then touchscreens. For example: I tried Roblox just for fun and found out that the game is always locked at 60fps. And I just uninstalled it right after for that reason. The same is true for most mobile games(i think 30 fps for PUBGmobile and 60 for Fortnite, even thought there are 120hz razer phones out there). The developers might say they don't want to give some people advantages, but some players are just more reliant on 144hz screens because they used to it and I am one of them. The game might be good but if it doesn't allow me to play it with my prefered input devices and hardware, why should I care about it. I think a lot of cs players think this way and are not "haters", but they just don't care, because the game developers don't care about them
Jake Webb (6 hours ago)
Why bother with a game on PC? Sure someone said that a couple decades ago too😂
SAQZ (9 hours ago)
Mobile and esport cant be in the same phrase bro
João Rocha (1 day ago)
SnakE (13 days ago)
I'm still waiting for the moment when cracking nuts with your asshole will be considered sport.
Plus Double (13 days ago)
What mouse sensitivity do you use for your cs? I love you
skepe (13 days ago)
Hey there Jeff, i really love your videos and i used to be called a silver noob, after watching your instructions i started trying and learnings those diffrent techniques, and now i'm gold nova 1, may not be that good, but i just want to thank you for helping me get out of silver :D (also: i was wondering if your gonna make a discord server, if not it's fine, i won't judge you, but if you don't know how to, i can help :D if intrested add me xoxo Skepe#6969)
Me Troll (15 days ago)
houganegahou JEFF!
Try Forward Assault
Lucifer MS (17 days ago)
You should try Critcal ops on the phone, other than the large amount of hackers it's really good
Kanu Akinya (18 days ago)
I tried to take this seriously. I really tried. Maybe I'm old and ignorant because I just don't get it. (Even though I'm younger than these players) I will respect them for what they are but I will probably never understand them.
MRPAK2000 (18 days ago)
I like you a lot, but those games doesnt really deserve that way e-sports-games are hyped. This is one of many games trying to get a piece of the big cake, okay, but they do it out of nowhere. This "european finals" dont even have live viewers, as you can see in minute 1:25. This is just a game with massive investors, trying to push that game to the top. But I am sure it won´t work. Cause mobile games usually don´t have a real playerbase, cause you don´t really play together but more alone, maybe against some strangers, but almost never together. I hope this will cost them a huge amount of money and they will learn from it. Games shouldnt get carried to a hype, they should create the hype by themselves.
ASH TaG (18 days ago)
was that a CSGO commentator in guns of boom? wTF? WTF?
Vasyl Kaminskyy (18 days ago)
רונן גף (20 days ago)
How r u doing in cs that if u r not switching weapons couple of seconds it's hiding (the hud)?
Smax (20 days ago)
That moment when people think that people who are playing on a phone are gamers...
Whale FX (24 days ago)
I thought it was gping to be c-ops shit
Rawskill (26 days ago)
i hope c-ops (mobile cs ripoff kinda) becomes an esports
Stargaze (26 days ago)
I thought guns of boom had like auto aim. What’s the strategies used in GoB?
WHY (27 days ago)
Esports on mobile will not draw a passionate crowd.
FelixMOFO (27 days ago)
Why did u spoil the tournament... i was definetly gunna watch that
xH0st (27 days ago)
Oscar Armstrong (27 days ago)
Yes this game looks fun, yes the game is quite high quality for a mobile game but jesus christ it will never bring in audiences as big as pc games and its kinda just a joke.
DremeHak (27 days ago)
who would watch this
I don't understand why people compare Mobile and PC Games and why Mobile Game can't be in eSport. I've played lots of FPS Games on PC, was playing 1.6 for years in LAN/Online, to compare, of course PC Games always will be bigger than mobile one, but Mobile Gaming has its platform, so why not? Most of you, never played Guns of Boom and even more - did not played it professionally, this game is very fast going, you need a lot of practice, good IQ and skills. Playing without aim = more training, you don't have keyboard or mouse, you just playing and aiming with your hands. Just download and try it, or just go and watch some live gameplays or cups which is hed by Game and ESL, you'll have fun.
Meemzeh (28 days ago)
Is this a meme/smart marketing move?
BimSekai (28 days ago)
There is a clear lack of constructive criticism in these comments :o Personally one reason for which I can't consider eSport on anything else than PC is that on every other platform you're limited by your hardware. Any "competitive FPS/TPS game" that you play on console or mobile, you can play better with a mouse and keyboard, if it wasn't for the aim assist. And that aim assist is a way of lowering the skill ceiling which is plain stupid if you claim to be a competitive title. But they have no choice since aiming with a controller or touchscreen is just less efficient than a mouse. If you need a proof of that, play a game with cross platform and no aim assist. Also, mobile gaming has a history of being cheap, and accessible, which is exactly the opposite of what you'd expect from a competitive FPS. In comparison to chess, you could have said that Hearthstone is actually a successful "mobile" eSport game, with many tournaments of different sizes. The issue being that the winner or loser COULD be decided with pure luck, which would never happen in chess, but would be possible in world class card games such as poker.
Jackson Liu (28 days ago)
Time to unsubscribe
Marcos Toledo (28 days ago)
how do the tournaments deal with thermal throttling? I'ts a really big downside to mobile game and can definitely have an effect on long matches.
Jonathan N (28 days ago)
I just had to see the comments
EZ Studios (28 days ago)
That hand shake at 2:53 tho...
VRNCSGO (28 days ago)
Hell nop
ItsAlex (28 days ago)
Clash royale is an e-sport. I don't see why mobile esports is a problem.
k k (29 days ago)
SexDrugsNpostprod (29 days ago)
Bahahahahahahahahaha sorry but the set up looks so cute
Biswanath Saha (29 days ago)
PUBG mobile
Seno Aji Nugroho (29 days ago)
But actually that game is not bad ive already played it for 2 month and its good not bad at least but its pay to win
José Pedro Marques (29 days ago)
I think every game can be consider a sport because it is competitive. However gaming in a Mobile phone is ridiculous if you are in LAN tournament. Since the meaning of a competitive sport is to always try to be better, playing in phones, which are small and less powerful computers is the same as if Cristiano Ronaldo decided to cut off his legs before the champions league final. It just doesn't make any sense and making a tournament of MOBILE games when the players are all in the same room, connected to wires just goes against the meaning of MOBILE phones. Just play in pc's or make a Mobile tournament were players are spread throughout famous landmarks connected to wi fi
Clarenzio10 (29 days ago)
Bro tf, you can't comprare the effort you put on a pc game with the effort you put on a mobile game, it's like 100vs1 so stupid
Paulex 57 (29 days ago)
Vainglory is the only game on mobile that deserves to be in e sports
Coachs (29 days ago)
Mobile entot, i mean mobile legends has and esport tournament in Indonesia
Cactus ROOT (29 days ago)
Merci mon dieux enfin il upload plus souvent.
Daillo Cruz (29 days ago)
Imagine t’es en major, et là la mère de ton meilleur pote t’appelle 😏
rohit pal (29 days ago)
Yes esports of mobile games is a thing
ROOGHZ (29 days ago)
You should try out Critical Ops 😉
Furyz (29 days ago)
ROOGHZ ooooo u here
Thamno Sebleed (29 days ago)
Isn't this game P2W? I tried once and it really felt P2W sadly.
TheDarkMonster62 (29 days ago)
Guns of boom is sadly pay2win
lennys broder (29 days ago)
To be real if i go outside i dont want games in my phone
coolertrooper (29 days ago)
For me its easy: You cant pay in a game and its competetive with many taktiks. Its e sport worthy
Rapace (29 days ago)
This game only have player because the creator of the game pay ESL to make a 200k tournament ! This is just shitty. This has no future. But i like you jeff.
Hasanur Rahman (29 days ago)
BG (29 days ago)
Not gonna lie, it looks hilariously amateur. But meh if people like it who am I to judge?
Marceli Hryniewicki (29 days ago)
Well, i would even try to play it, i see the potential, but look at the lag with the last kill of the round for example. If the creators of the game want it to be real e sport they should care about things like this. Maybe mobiles aren't good enough yet. :D
Da Boss (29 days ago)
I wouldnt watch that tbh
FoNkY (29 days ago)
144hz phone screen incomiiiing xD Next Jeff video: "zowiephone or razerphone to become pro phoneplayer?"
illixir (29 days ago)
I've noticed a lot of people letting mobile esports just go over their head as "a joke" but it can take just as much practice as most pc/console games, and im glad you went to check it out! There are a few more games you could possibly check out including: Critical Ops, Vainglory, Arena of Valor, Fortnite Mobile, PUBG Mobile, ect. they show great potential but are overall seen as jokes. This is one more reason why I love your channel!
illixir (29 days ago)
But why ignore another platform for esports? All it's going to do is make esports EVEN BIGGER. There's alot people don't understand about mobile esports, but pretend to. I'd love to have a constuctive debate about it rather than nonsense. 😘
Brabus 1Up (29 days ago)
Bullshit 3:47 that's just arrogance ahahaha or the neckbeard is outright lying
Gandek (29 days ago)
Can’t take any mobile games seriously because they are mostly all micro transactions crap and rip offs of other games. The only thing I’ll play on mobile is puzzle games or on occasions GTA SA which is a great port.
PR0T0_G4M1NG (29 days ago)
Looks legit because the player is holding the 🎤
Nasho Ba (29 days ago)
Critical Ops, anyone?
Brandonaerys (29 days ago)
But... does clash royale count as esport?
KingOfBlades27 (29 days ago)
This really depends, because there isn't a definition for esports. For me personally esports requires a game that is competitive and the outcome is decided by skill. Because of this for example Hearthstone for me is hardly an esport, even though the game takes some skill. After all what really creates an esports is the following and fans. If those two things are there then the game probably is esports ready.
Ano (29 days ago)
I think that the best possible Esport on mobile is Vainglory (it's a moba game that is so well done).
Nicolas LP (29 days ago)
Première fois que je met un commentaire ici, je trouve ça très intéressant de s’intéresser à l’esport en général, même si j’étais ici à l’origine pour les vidéos CS! Tu me sembles très légitime pour tenir ce rôle en France. Même si ce jeu en particulier... bref, l’idée est bonne!
Karim Ac (29 days ago)
Tom Smith (29 days ago)
Djem Pashov (29 days ago)
I was like 1000
your face (29 days ago)
I Played guns of boom and I'm not a fan but to each their own
Iyerikhon Lauron (29 days ago)
*reads title wat
FuryCZ (29 days ago)
And soon theres Esport Olympic Games...
Leb0las (29 days ago)
Roni Tal (29 days ago)
Sh0ck3d (29 days ago)
Abbas Bhaijibhai (29 days ago)
Yes but this has hitboxes the size of 40ft containers try PUBG mobile trying to aim spikes of grass with lead and bullet dropoff
DJvileman (29 days ago)
*degeneration intensifies*
3:10 awkward handshake.exe
You deserve some cred my man. A very good take on a matter which probably deserves more attention! You are probably one of the more honest people in the esports scene. First refusing to accept all_de_money for advertising gambling and now all the recent developments. You rock!
StickguyPaul Gibert (1 month ago)
My definition of esport: a competitive game with little to no RNG influence whose rules are enforced during the match by a computer, thus not needing a human referee (the computer detects who scores and when, and the programming defines what can and can't be done.)
StickguyPaul Gibert (29 days ago)
+Apokalypse456 those would be to complement the computer and prevent it's errors from being exploited, the game's general rules are dictated and enforced by the programming.
Apokalypse456 (29 days ago)
yet all e-sports have human referees in the background. mostly to react to bugs or forbidden behaviour (getting stuck in a wall, olofboost).
LegendaryVegeta (1 month ago)
Otto Knabe (1 month ago)
So many things that are "cool" in established e-sport tournaments were just pasted into a "tournament"... I have too many questions, why this is even a thing and how it is still being maintained, like who prevents a player from using a Razer Phone with a 120Hz screen, a chromebook with a mouse attatched or a tablet? Like why restricting it? Because of the game? Oh wait that cant be the reason lol
DanBeatseye (1 month ago)
They should've remove the aim assist...I mean like so they can actually teach people how to aim in Mobile...I don't say they we're using it,I just suggesting it
Satan (29 days ago)
Console and PC players agree on one point. That playing on phones isn't gaming.
Danyeet (29 days ago)
I don't think you should be able to earn hundreds of thousands from sitting on your phone playing games......
Daniel Turnet (1 month ago)
*Let's do a Minecraft tournament*
pasha p (1 month ago)
Going pro player of farm ville !!!!!!
Jay M (1 month ago)
I stopped playing that game Bcz as yu level up You shld spend money on guns to upgrade which is #bullshit👌
Bruno Vanpée (1 month ago)
why play on such small screens with such crappy controls ?
Thuulgar (1 month ago)
Jeff this was actual super interesting. ty ty
shubhranshu subudhi (1 month ago)
Congrats Mobile gaymer
Johannes (1 month ago)
eSports mobile is not a thing for the same reason that tin can football isn't considered a sport. Why play on a limited platform, with a worse version of the game that's boring to watch? There's no point in this. Mobile games are just that, mobile. They're made for a 15min passtime in the train or something, not a competitive esport. I mean just look at the map.
Lucifer MS (17 days ago)
It's called Mobile e sports
sum tim wong (29 days ago)
What is E stands for?
Amol verma (1 month ago)
Mobile games are gay,sorry mobile gamers but there I said it ,I used to play coc,but now I realise I was gay.Ok ima kms
Amol verma (1 month ago)
Btw such mobile league happened in india too,so these are really popular.
Alexendre Wang (1 month ago)
Phantom Thief (1 month ago)
¶Fucking Sellouuuuuttt¶
DIVINE KING (1 month ago)
cheesy crust (1 month ago)
for me a game can be an esport when it fullfils a few criteria 1. when talking about esports ofcourse it needs to be a digital game 2. it needs to have a wide enough skill branch to distinguish new players from pros 3. it needs to be out for a long enough time to create this gap 4. it needs to have spectate potential. i think a big reason why battle royale games arent big in esports yet is because its hard to spectate. there is always so much going on. this can kill the esports scene of a game.
u wish u knew (1 month ago)
I cant take this seriously
AdkoooLoL LoLAdkooo (1 month ago)
Critical ops have e-sport too
Scurrring (1 month ago)
Wtf ... I dont know what to think. Im just not interested
nicolas muller (1 month ago)
Clic droit : signaler
SoulHuN7eR (1 month ago)
V for Clash Royale! :D
Levin (1 month ago)
Typical game where devs pumping a shit tons of money into an empty competition, as soon they will stop doing it (partially or totally) it will collapse.

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