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A segmented playthrough of trikz_kyoto_final by nev (flyer) and nexor. Music: 1. Ninja Tune + RizLab Present Bonobo - 'All In Forms' (Letherette Remix) 2. Psychic Chasms (Anoraak Remix) https://gamebanana.com/maps/198751
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Ynkzzz asd (8 months ago)
There's probably a lot of people that don't know what trikz is, I already did a summary on a previous video but it was more than 1 year ago so I'll try to explain it one more time. Trikz is a gamemode based on cooperation where 2 players work together to pass stages. There are ONLY 2 players (as I often see people saying "So many people!" because of the Tp's from the boat), the flyer (which flies in the air) and the booster (which boost the flyer). This video isn't done in a single segment, it is segmented but on the servers people are doing single segment runs. There are multiple boost involved. The runboost (which is the most known one) where the flyer runs on the head of the booster. (6:46) The RBLJ where after a Runboost, the flyer jumps making him go further. (2:48) The Skyboost where the flyer jumps on top of the booster and the booster simply jumps under him making him fly into the air. (5:52) The Skyrun which is the combination between the Skyboost and the Runboost. The flyer does a RB and then, keep his speed by doing a 360 and gets skyboosted by the booster. (0:06) The Flashground where the flyer is BELOW the booster but the booster throws a flashbang on the ground and the flyer "bhop" on it after it bounces making him go fly (not that high) in the air. (0:30) The "Megalong" flashbang also called x1 ML : It is the most common flashbang, where the booster runs + jump + throws a flashbang under the feet of the flyer making him go really far. (1:17) It can also be done from the ground. (4:30) The "Megahigh" flashbang also called x1 MH : It is kinda the same but this time the booster doesn't aim ~~45° like the megalong but straight up to make the flyer go really high with low speed. (2:02) [That's an x2 MH because he throws 2 megahigh flashbang and the flyer has to 360 in the air and hit the 2nd one] The "X*" flashbangs, it is when there is a big gap but no boats, the booster has to do multiple flashes but from the same place and the flyer has to do some turns in the air, keeping his speed but still coming back over his booster to get flashed. (1:43 = x4) and (7:46 = x6) Of course every stage is different and is a combination of all those tricks, for example in the pre last level (8:10) it starts with an x1 ml then x2 ml then x1 ml and it ends with an x1 but this time no jump (the booster cant jump for this last flash). Overall a pretty fun gamemode, but wasn't really liked by the players, way less maps than bhop/surf because it's kinda complicated making a map considering the fact you need to be 2 players to test the levels. Even tho there are more and more people playing it nowadays, it's hard to start if you don't have a partner. List of servers : a (public) trikz server by georges. EU || Timer. Trikz Marabunta. EU || No timer. Airtime. RU || Timer Expert Zone. RU || Timer Trikzbb. NA || Timer SPZTrikz. KR/JP || Timer SPZTrikz. AUS || Timer Trikz Beta. CN || Timer If you have any questions about the gamemode, the runs or anything feel free to ask. (Sorry for my english)
Chrome24 (2 days ago)
Was this recorded in segments or all from start to finish in one run? Either way it’s amazing!
a waffle (7 months ago)
Ynkzzz asd i
Blockard (8 months ago)
t'es mauvais
w (8 months ago)
Trikzbb top server
Ynkzzz asd (8 months ago)
The only flashbang you need to jump on is the Ground flash, the other ones it directly boost you when the flashbang hits ur feet, so it's mostly the boosters job to hit you with the flash (but also the work of the flyer to come in a good angle/height to make it easier for the booster) (Also the x2 Megahigh flash, the booster throws both flashes directly one after the other and it is the work of the flyer to catch the other one in the air)
ThinkinG .1 (5 days ago)
Good old trikz
The Diamond Rocket (6 days ago)
wooow team work that was awesome
Masyaplay (11 days ago)
who are they? and how do they do that? and how is it? What's it? is that possible?
The Lost Traveler (25 days ago)
Just chilling Jpg (25 days ago)
This is so cool!
Milan (2 months ago)
One HDR (2 months ago)
rrrr this pink, is it about dxlevel tony?
One HDR (15 days ago)
+David Bonte ty for reply, cant be missing texture its default texture of css, must be with cubemaps reflections
David Bonte (17 days ago)
Mostly happens after Alt-Tab-ing, textures some of those textures are not being reloaded in the memory pool, so it gets an empty answer, with those pinky-black missing texture texture =D
David Bonte (17 days ago)
It's about the problem with envcube mask, reflection mask, or missing texture.
Patrickgames (3 months ago)
SourceJump is God Bunner
Louis (3 months ago)
would like to see the guy who throws sometimes
[PVT]Š2- A Là Mưa (4 months ago)
Cauã Amaral (5 months ago)
quem veio pelo TOddynho?kkk
flirth (5 months ago)
if never seen something like this, its creative
DJ Exodus (5 months ago)
how in the fuck
- TheKaboomshroom - (7 months ago)
How to do this Step 1 get good at bohop/surf Step 2 get friends Step 3 “:MOuse:pad:<—“ Step 4 sensitivity 9
Dex666 (8 months ago)
that was insane
krisbhop (8 months ago)
nice one nev and nexor
Blockard (8 months ago)
Nev té nul, Escalope c'est le meilleur
johansenjorious (8 months ago)
6:10 nice cut couldnt even nofail lol
Pricer Grinder (1 month ago)
mate its a segmented speedrun, ever heard of one?
zentic (8 months ago)
These videos are always so satisfying to watch
KM (8 months ago)
hnn (8 months ago)
nice video :)
FEN 24 (8 months ago)
zhan. (8 months ago)
JustHappy (8 months ago)
gg trikz!
Shizangle (8 months ago)
I mean it's relaxing, but it's tas'd... so I would atleast expect it to be fast and optimized. The surfing was pretty bad for a tas!
Shizangle (8 months ago)
nev I haven't touched csgo in over a year and I have over 10k hours in css
nev (8 months ago)
he's a csgo bhopper... I guess that says it all
Syktx (8 months ago)
jacob hehe :^)
Shizangle (8 months ago)
Syktx u clearly don't know who I am in fact I could probably do half of these levels w only..
Syktx (8 months ago)
maps/197020 doesnt exist and no, you couldnt. Stop making an ass out of urself
StarLy (8 months ago)
At one point I hope to see good non-segmented trikz runs. GJ
Spweedz (8 months ago)
Instagram: _tag your a homie you would do this with_
Matheus Gafanhoto (8 months ago)
That was so nice and different!
TheButteur (8 months ago)
waw I love all skill on ur channel dude
Igitt! (8 months ago)
So much teamworking must've been going on, incredible!
wheel (8 months ago)
Fucking pogchump
Taco Wonder (8 months ago)
god damn do i love trikz, wish it were more popular but still satisfied it's even alive in 2k18
Dango (8 months ago)
when two video gamers work together :)
Bhop SaKuRq (8 months ago)
what a beautiful run good job :;)
Jopa Orla (8 months ago)
конечно это жестка
sungam95 (8 months ago)
Nexor still alive? DansGame
koksuwa (8 months ago)
trikz map in 2018 pogchamp
fl0ww (8 months ago)
MSN Blaz would do better.
kerpele (8 months ago)
map is ugly as fuck
Nully ッ (8 months ago)
Nexor still fat af
peabrain (8 months ago)
Aphex (8 months ago)
v e r y n i c e
MrReedTea (8 months ago)
hÿp 667 (8 months ago)
It's a new art?
Dominik N (8 months ago)
what did i witness
Nicole Erel (8 months ago)
you should have recorded with mat_specular toggled to fix the pink checkers on reflections
James Crick (8 months ago)
Shutainzu-Geeto (8 months ago)
i think it would be interesting to have the raw vid with their original communication instead of music for once...(even tho it's segmented)
Shutainzu-Geeto (8 months ago)
i'm french, gimme more omelette du fromage!
Ynkzzz asd (8 months ago)
If you wanna hear some french people trashing each other then sure
Shutainzu-Geeto (8 months ago)
that makes me want to hear even more ;)
natsu (8 months ago)
nev (8 months ago)
trust me u dont want to hear us
matter (8 months ago)
Syktx (8 months ago)
finally a good video on this channel
eskay (8 months ago)
sick dudes
Euria Babe (8 months ago)
SomeoneRacist (8 months ago)
veteran (8 months ago)
1 good server actually, hell is retarded, rainbow is shit, and the expert trikz are for russians so
unbiased george. (8 months ago)
not dead: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
veteran (8 months ago)
its dead
PaxPlay (8 months ago)
Aimerrrrrr (8 months ago)
fun map
terrycs (8 months ago)
OffaBest (8 months ago)
terry when is ur arcane run coming

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