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CS:GO - Astralis vs. FaZe [Train] Map 3 - GRAND FINAL - IEM Sydney 2018

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Intel® Extreme Masters is returning to Sydney, Australia! Across three action packed days from May 4th to 6th, a nation unites as the best fans join forces with the best teams to create one of the most memorable CS:GO tournaments. Join us at Qudos Bank Arena, in Sydney Olympic Park, for three days of fun, epicness and entertainment! Keep up with all the action here in Sydney: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDaLNkCsG9Wnk9jLE7BPdVyzpLuw4LUra Subscribe to eslcs and stay up to date with the best in CS:GO action: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPq2ETz4aAGo2Z-8JisDPIA?sub_confirmation=1 For all the latest IEM Sydney news and information: http://intelextrememasters.com/season-13/sydney/ Join in the discussion: http://www.twitter.com/eslcs http://www.facebook.com/eslcs
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Text Comments (254)
李沛翀 (9 days ago)
I love Faze!
LastProdigy (11 days ago)
Walk Grub1 (24 days ago)
Rain is a thicc boi
Gabriel Rostedt (1 month ago)
The audience screaming is annoying
Tay Xu Zhi (1 month ago)
Faze the best at being and killing chockers
Boyan Budakov (1 month ago)
Umesh Dhaked (1 month ago)
karrigan not lose to astralis in final .
Thomas Mapper (2 months ago)
Kururugi (2 months ago)
Australia is LIT!
Conrad Due (2 months ago)
Astralis why?
Cyben ken Casugbo (2 months ago)
That comeback
BOT Salman (2 months ago)
I'm not kidding , but Karrigan looks exactly like kennyS when talking.
ave baldwin (2 months ago)
just got into this game and jesus these people are good. i'm trying to learn but this is so foreign to me
Allie Boi (2 months ago)
*Astralis blew a 10-0 lead*
Angus Tan Guo Hao (2 months ago)
Other 0 WTH
Angus Tan Guo Hao (2 months ago)
Faze have 3 wow
Jake Davies (3 months ago)
Gla1ve is such a meme
tommy riner (3 months ago)
How was there 3 maps when faze won the first 2
O7O (2 months ago)
best of 5
Leon Nestestog (3 months ago)
Xizt is top 5 in the world rn👌👌 hes a senpai god jesus messias allah buddah combo
The Cake Glutton (3 months ago)
Who's the chick in the vip seats that they kept putting the camera on? Anyone famous?
The Cake Glutton (3 months ago)
The comments from critics are quite unfair on Xizt: he's a legendary champion, he's won so much with NiP and yet they keep talking about "stand-in" like if he was a rookie. What team wouldn't want a stand-in like him?
Michael Compton (3 months ago)
It was great fun, Astralis and FaZe. Take care, everyone! Smile!
Harry W. (3 months ago)
I really enjoy Xzist
Rizfaan Rasheed (3 months ago)
When they let Xizt lift the trophy: "You will never walk alone!" Even though he was a standing for olof!
redux (3 months ago)
rip olof
Joshua Taylor (3 months ago)
i like the fact that rain was so chill when he won
Damniel Ripperino (3 months ago)
Kevin Lindgren (3 months ago)
NIGHT2PWN (3 months ago)
its awesome too because they are all from different countries
たろうまるうう (3 months ago)
Two big brains awesome
0KaiKe (3 months ago)
Who is more close from the Grand Slam now? SK or FaZe???
0KaiKe (2 months ago)
No they are the same Faze won 2 and SK won 2 now Astralis is getting close but thanks for answer
Karz McFly (2 months ago)
0KaiKe FaZe
Abhilash `Nox` Baruah (3 months ago)
Xizt (playing as he wants, with no more nagging by GTR to hold him back) check GodiaN, check Scarrigan, Check OneTapper, check RRRRRAAAAAAIIIIIINNNNNN! Check-o-rino fAze domination, irrefutable.
Max Wang (3 months ago)
love Faze
Aaron swenson (3 months ago)
Good God rain is ugly as hell.
pawuc (3 months ago)
where are haters now?
shadow (3 months ago)
When you trash talk that you will win 3-0 faze
Josh Weir (3 months ago)
Anyone know the song at the start or the soundtrack
Tasya HipsTer (3 months ago)
Congrats FaZe 💯💯👍👍👍👍👍 form malaysia 😎
Sim Vui Seng (3 months ago)
how i gonna get this hud? send me the link pls thx
soldatheero (3 months ago)
That was an awesome series! FaZe really deserves it 100 percent. awesome how they let Xizt hold up the trophy like that. He really held his own, good shit
Anthony Castaneda (3 months ago)
I just love seeing FaZe destroy Astralis because Astralis always jokes and laughs like they're way better
steven van der Velde (2 days ago)
They're all down to earth except for Dupreeh. I don't like him, I don't find this win deserved honestly, this is the 3rd time I've seen the entire series from both teams. Also the entire FaZe team except for GuardiaN and Olof is cocky. Which makes me actually hate the team.
Dęjâ vü (3 months ago)
Anthony Castaneda dupreeh said that they will win 3-0 or 3-1 lol
Hallo Gt (3 months ago)
Anthony Castaneda agree
Deathgun한쿡싸람 (3 months ago)
good game and good victory for faze i think xizt didnt his best first but he had his job finally
Changyu Wu (3 months ago)
What an insane series! 6 rounds difference in total between the two but a sweep in a BO5. P.S. GuardiaN is a god, IMO he will be rated top 5 player of 2018, maybe even top 3, and currently the best AWPer!
erik heijink (3 months ago)
Lucius Yuanzhe Wong-Sia (3 months ago)
Guys can someone tell me where is olof?
bboykenex (3 months ago)
And the MVP award goes to the crowd. first Marseilles now this the crowd is just getting better and better, makes me wanna fly all the way out to Australia.
sandy orencia (3 months ago)
Very played will to Xizt in the entire Tournament. Good for him he left in NIP and Faze Clan accept him as new team mate. Hope Faze will always the same player and pickup another Crown
KrakenStinks (3 months ago)
the casters mics look like big black marshmallows
The Djentleman (3 months ago)
It’s nice to see that the team even forces Xizt to pick up the trophy first, wholesome stuff
underestimated kid (3 months ago)
TheShowstopper97 (3 months ago)
Its always funny seeing csgo pros packing up there equipment. Imagine football stars collecting cornerflags and waterbottles. The difference is still there. 😂😅
Vijay Bhosale (3 months ago)
Olof and xizt both are major winner ....so remaining members mentality in major finals....is bigger problem....so don't compare olof and xizt ....both are great in their role
Vijay Bhosale (3 months ago)
renzen1 no bro....but some people think. ...Olof was the problem. .?
renzen1 (3 months ago)
this is not even a major isnt it?
Chan Chan (3 months ago)
In some ways I’m glad they let pansy and moses cast this final.. nothing against henryG and Sadokist but it’s time to see a change in the casting duo
BOT Salman (2 months ago)
I don't know why everyone hates Pansy. I love her casting and want her to do more.
Mister Jimmy (2 months ago)
pansy ftw
Keelo Tranquilo (2 months ago)
Henry Greer hes back
Henry Greer (3 months ago)
I wouldn't expect to see Sadokist soon with all that controversy surrounding him as of now.
Chan Chan (3 months ago)
adib z he wasn’t
Oguzhan Turkoz (3 months ago)
M. Mvtthew (3 months ago)
Spoiler alert! Guardian wins a 1v5 for overtime! Faze Wins!
renzen1 (3 months ago)
stupid fuck does not even reach OT
Freak Mind (3 months ago)
now they dont need olofo xD
humnaset (3 months ago)
Magisk is rooting for you
Bryan Maverick (3 months ago)
Kody Hah (3 months ago)
All the Astralis Bandwagon jumpers are now fans of FaZe. Lmao Astralis has been feeble the whole time. Without Xyp9x theyd have never made it past semifinals
Joris de Jongh (3 months ago)
xypx reminds me of that german chef from ratatouile
جيمز- NSK (3 months ago)
Faze played very well and they deserve it cong gods clan
Chains Is in a Pickle (3 months ago)
Am I the only guy who thinks this trophy looks like food plate. (sry if my english is bad)
sandy orencia (3 months ago)
Faze clan stay together, play together and above all respect to one another
Joan Lalev (3 months ago)
ESports are growing really fast. And I'm happy about it.
Remo Lngk (3 months ago)
This time they was lucky in a final, not often seen
Graham Hucks (3 months ago)
Poor olof
Kai Brandt (3 months ago)
knew it from the start
Beats by Logic Levls (3 months ago)
i would like to se boostmeisters face now when they won with xizt xD
Finding Jeru (3 months ago)
Hey man, you should not say or even think about this. Everyone knows Olof is better than Xizt. Do not forget that when Olof and Guardian joined Faze last year, they won a total of 3 championships! just this 2018 has been so rough for the team. Part of Olof leaving is the team's learning from their mistakes and improving their gameplan. Just like what Karrigan says, they managed to be more calm this time. Meaning, regardless if Olof leaves or not most probably they will still win this. Still kudos to Xizt - being a team leader for so long with NIP, he must have input and shared strategies with the team. GGWP!! P.S. Karrigan has improved a lot! take not of those crucial frags and clutches! from being tagged as the weakest fragger of the team imagine the big changes he brought to the table! Of course, Niko and Rain's performance are superb as always (given) Not to mention Guardian's excellent awp! Even the analysts favored Astralis saying they will dominate Faze Clan (based on the numbers they have shown from the group stages - even with their performances with the other tournament qualifiers like ECS EU qualifier, Astralis is on top Faze is just on 3rd position. What happened? they just 3-0'd Astralis and showed the greatest comeback on de_train (the one map Faze is really challenged) from 10-0 man! Faze Clan fan here, regardless of the results!
Tinopinoh (3 months ago)
Pretty sure he is happy? why'd he be anything else?
Vale65ntin (3 months ago)
Surely he's happy. Yeah maybe on some level he might be bitter than he couldn't be there to win, but I'm sure he's truly joyful that his team could win.
Thrazer0184 (3 months ago)
Olofmeister is a good teammate, that includes knowing when he can and when he can't support his team in the way they need it. He made the right decision.
Eric Tuotuo (3 months ago)
GG. Kudos to both teams, really well played and faze well deserved.
Rohan Soni (3 months ago)
For the first time since this roster was formed, faze came into finals as an underdogs. Everyone knew Astralis is going to 3-0 faze. Perhaps being an underdog helped faze overcome their fear in losing finals.
Jimmy S (3 months ago)
ah just rewatched the pr game analysis. My mistake
Rohan Soni (3 months ago)
Jimmy S actually it was the other way round. They called 3-0 win for astralis
Jimmy S (3 months ago)
i thought the analysts called 3-0 faze and 3-1 faze
Sabra Shakil (3 months ago)
Faze up
AlexanderHL (3 months ago)
''We're losing to fucking Xzist?!'' xd Rip Astralis, but it must be NiP that is feeling the dumbest right now ^^
Gabriel Martins (3 months ago)
Mukesh Gala (3 months ago)
SoMeRaNdOmAsShOlE (3 months ago)
Rohan Soni (3 months ago)
FaZe Up well its at least better than xizt. Plus olof brings more firepower, has better peek timing, better position sense than xizt. He is not top fraging because of his passive gameplay as lurker. Check prematch analysis, they pointed it out many times
FaZe Up (3 months ago)
His aim sucks
Rohan Soni (3 months ago)
Mukesh Gala seriously?
Mukesh Gala (3 months ago)
Well played Faze
adib z (3 months ago)
-olof +xizt confirmed
BOT Salman (2 months ago)
xizt to fnatic
Renzo Bse (3 months ago)
I agree with you adib z
soldatheero (3 months ago)
Xizt pulled through and did what he had to do. if he didn't make the plays he did they would not have one. that being said Olof is still better
Astro (3 months ago)
tear drop (3 months ago)
Karrigan is a hype person
KayZ (3 months ago)
Milky Penguins (3 months ago)
Astralis - The choke team FaZe Clan - The Second PlaZe team
Milky Penguins (3 months ago)
Wasted “In sports, a choke is the failure of a sportsperson or team in a game in a situation where maintaining their performance is highly important. This can occur in a game or tournament that they are strongly favored to win, or in an instance where they have a large lead that they squander in the late stages of the event.” They had a huge lead and then they choked it by letting them comeback. You’re not wrong, you can be 100% right, but it’s still a choke. But hey it doesn’t matter, it was a close game still for all 3
Wasted (3 months ago)
When you use the term "choke" in a video game. It means you have malfunctioned your skill for a certain amount of time and Astralis were playing exactly the way they did, it's just FaZe found the entry way in Astralis's plans.
Milky Penguins (3 months ago)
Wasted Pretty sure losing a 10-0 lead is still a choke either way...
Wasted (3 months ago)
It wasn't because Astralis choked, it was because FaZe figured out there setup. And the other 2 games were really close.
Milky Penguins (3 months ago)
IronFire: Doesn't realize Astralis lost a 10-0 lead and got 3-0 by faze clan. "the actually really good performance team." hahahaha
Davi.FaZe_UP ___CsGo (3 months ago)
Brimstone (3 months ago)
What a sick crowd
Some Asian Dude (3 months ago)
was this a major?
Ron Ron (3 months ago)
No new stickers = no major, simple =)
Essa Abdullah (3 months ago)
Some Asian Dude no they won best porn players in the world, dude plz
RahimGamin (3 months ago)
Some Asian Dude no it was a premier
Bohhh_ (3 months ago)
Slagg Magoo (3 months ago)
I told you ALL! Muahahaha!
Devansh Gupta (3 months ago)
I love how they let xizt lift the trophy first felt really good even tho he was a standin didn't let him feel like one.
Vincentjet11 (3 months ago)
He had that clutch push through the smoke that won the round. I think he deserved it.
Håkon Kvarsnes (3 months ago)
Maikelele did the same for NIP when they won a major (or minor, cant remember) 2 years or something ago
sandy orencia (3 months ago)
rushbcykablyat Yes Awesome play
rushbcykablyat (3 months ago)
Nah nothing to do with who got the last kill. If you realize Xizt did pretty well during the entire tournament for faze, and he's only a stand-in
sandy orencia (3 months ago)
Ray Zhong Two of them. But they wanted to hold first the trophy to Xizt because of him they are Champiom
OiledBoy . (3 months ago)
Astralis players are too good, but faze players are gods
Mkl Angie (3 months ago)
Xist played his role perfectly and deserved to win a major. This major belongs to xist as much as it does to any other member of faze.
-AmoN- (23 hours ago)
Xizt already has won a Major
James Fraser (5 days ago)
paul mow Thanks for showing everyone how great the esports community can be. You're an asshole
p00ner1sm (16 days ago)
Speedlapse - Exactly.
Speedlapse (16 days ago)
p00ner1sm major=valve sponsored
p00ner1sm (16 days ago)
秦始皇Qin ShiHuang - A Major is a Major. There is no “general acception” that some event are also majors.
innerFire (3 months ago)
I am just glad to see this piece of shit, BM-ing trash Magisk to lose like the whore that he is. Before an year or 2 he BM-ed VP shot the corpse and they fucked him and North anally. Now he BM-ed almost everyone and it was returned to him. Little trash, learn to respect you pizza face
Melvin (3 months ago)
Why is Xizt so chill after winning xd
ツLin (3 months ago)
Melvin yeah, he barely smile :D
Denis Riečan (3 months ago)
I would say it his personality, he always looks like that. :D
ツLin (3 months ago)
Melvin and hes an IGL on NiP back then
ツLin (3 months ago)
Melvin because he has already a lot of championship tropies, since hes on NiP
Bob Brad (3 months ago)
ct is always stronger
Carlos Klemm (3 months ago)
Im really happy for Xizt. Glad he won that as a stand in after being benched on Nip
TryZoid (3 months ago)
Carlos Klemm im pretty sure he left nip and fully joined faze as maybe a back up, look at hos twitter background
Thorslund (3 months ago)
Jop3lius (3 months ago)
2 igl gonna be new meta?? you can clearly see that faze put most of their time countering astralis, thats why they struggled early on because all their preparation was to beat their boogieman so other teams pretty much caught them offguard
Jop3lius (3 months ago)
Eagle 88 Well that essentially is the pro scene, sk got figured out, nip got figured out, thats why it is so hard for teams to stay on the top because the focus is going to be on you then
Eagle 88 (3 months ago)
Jop3lius my only problem with that is that you can’t expect sk to not be good again, they have the best player in the world and they have a really good team just in general so if they fix some of their problems it is very likely they can win
Jop3lius (3 months ago)
Eagle 88 Right now gamewise yeah since sk is gone, navi might peak their head at some point and so does mousesports but right now the rivalry is between faze and astralis
Eagle 88 (3 months ago)
Are you saying Australia was faze’s only threat so they only prepared for them
Kittu 6697 (3 months ago)
isaac fernandes but he was igl of nip until dennis replaced him.
Swastid Joshi (3 months ago)
Money won ?
TryZoid (3 months ago)
rich birds the broken star won 40k+
rich birds (3 months ago)
Else win australias - 1kk+100k $$$$
RahimGamin (3 months ago)
TryZoid 250,000 prize pool
Swastid Joshi (3 months ago)
TryZoid thanks
TryZoid (3 months ago)
Swastid Joshi 100,000 for faze 300,000 prizepool
Ebubekir Özkan (3 months ago)
very very nice comeback
Flavio Becker (3 months ago)
IEM Sydney 2017 sk 3 a 0 faze 2018 faze 3 a 0 astralis
Stian Lindberg (3 months ago)
Get your facts right dude, this is embarasing for SK
Dingo the Duck (3 months ago)
Flavio Becker actually it was a 3-1 score for SK (FaZe won inferno)
Lucius R.T (3 months ago)
Flavio Becker *3-1
GammaKnight16 (3 months ago)
From 0-10 down to 16-14 just remember that this isnt just a normal team. This is FaZe Clan!
GammaKnight16 (3 months ago)
Nick Qiu i gotta agree with you on that 😂 but hey they won this time!
Nick Qiu (3 months ago)
also for choking crazy leads
GammaKnight16 FaZe is very known for making crazy comebacks
Dęjâ vü (3 months ago)
I had faith in them all the time
777 cone (3 months ago)
Yahir Cruz (3 months ago)

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