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Greatest player; disgusting pizza.
24:40 lmfaooooo genius move. Makin him peek by moving ur attention to nowhere. Nice
Fυℓℓвяιηg (12 days ago)
Shroud is like level 99 and i'm level 50..lol but I play similar to him preaim and prediction is key always calculation..and prioritizes.
Bensar Nurfallah (19 days ago)
The best player
sahil nasre (19 days ago)
How do you play that good any tips...osom dude
Michael Anthony Debeau (21 days ago)
I get really excited when shroud runs into a whole team lol.
Hoody1147 (22 days ago)
So, i have one i want to debunk the whole "cheater thing" early on. 1:20, he frags into a house. The guy gets hit, and SHOOTS OUT THE WINDOW... (Ahhahahah) but how does he know that? As soon as the frag goes off, he turns and follows through the house, as if he can see through the house and where he is going to land. He was about to peak out that window, to get a good look at him landing, but he died? How did he know he was out there before the death popped up, and after the frag even went off? (Ive watched a lot of shrouds previous games, hes wicked fucking good. I just question how even someone this god damn good at the game, knows when something like this happens?)
Dede Kosim (26 days ago)
van's you
Dede Kosim (26 days ago)
shroudges follow plz
JoelJosea17 (28 days ago)
Highest kill in pubg
刘铭琪 (29 days ago)
Aravinth Kumar (29 days ago)
The soun where tf iam is jst fkng irritating
Cats TV (1 month ago)
shroud bester
F BI (1 month ago)
"tries one man squad" *dies instantly*
Zeke Da sneak (1 month ago)
Shroud is the best battle Royale player hands down.
You are strong man
Shifting Mind (1 month ago)
What is the gain of grabbing a used level 3 vest???
Utkarsh Rajguru (1 month ago)
He is just too fast for humans.
Ninja 007 (1 month ago)
good player
Shafran4uk (1 month ago)
MAN! This is some skill :D
manut sun (1 month ago)
He use M4 single or auto
tucker antonsen (2 months ago)
Passed on the AR suppressor? Didn’t see it? Sad face :(
Panda Q (2 months ago)
i only can say ...pro
unun septium (2 months ago)
I think that kill records should be recorded and only off-stream games to avoid stream snipers.
sean coulter (2 months ago)
Why do so many people crawl up his arse donating when he doesn't even acknowledge his subs or donations don't get me wrong he's hood but he seems so unapreciative
fahmi hamzah (2 months ago)
I Miss this pubg
mayank manchanda (2 months ago)
11:48 see shroud reaction when he saw the bomb in front of him where he was going to loot.
little blablabla (2 months ago)
That nade tho?wtf?
Lord Megatron (2 months ago)
He always say "where the fuck i am?" You in the hood brruuuhhhh, LOL 😂
GH4T tube (2 months ago)
لعب جميل جدآ 💜
joshua pascua (2 months ago)
that's so fucking isane bro !! why you so fucking good men
Amier Nazeem (2 months ago)
Shroud was epic 👌🏻👌🏻
Damon Joseph (2 months ago)
At 4:52 is why I fucks with this dude he a trained killah
rey yuy (2 months ago)
all i want to tell is shroud is gifted with this pubg. he rules the game. wp
Dog (3 months ago)
in my third game of pubg i got a 22 kill win it’s way too easy
Caren Jane (3 months ago)
I dont know why many of u guys says that this person is cheating. In case you forget this guy is a former CSGO professional player ffs
Dani TheBuilder (3 months ago)
Revan Pen Dragon (3 months ago)
Squad or not makes no difference if the people in that "squad" doesn't work together, are not in a chat with each other and are not good at the game, then it makes no difference what so ever - and the randoms in this video are really bad
tangihaere Kerapa (3 months ago)
ur insanly fucking good
Ibrohim Islamov (3 months ago)
Pochinki is my life
Lucifer's Revenge (3 months ago)
Shroud your my new favorite pizza party friend SUN DRYED TOMATOES, green peppers I could pass up but MMMMM yum
Akam (3 months ago)
Daniel O (3 months ago)
Jesus fuck that reaction at 2:20
Not win or win broooooooooooooooooooooo
Ghost of Ronin (3 months ago)
How many campers can you find in 1 game of PUBG fucking no balls lol
iinkredibal v2 (3 months ago)
Skrubs no love shrood
Christian Jordan (3 months ago)
Fukin hacker shroud is I swear to god sometimes he is
Ghost of Ronin (3 months ago)
Christian Jordan no you're just dumb
Eman Sabitero (3 months ago)
Where the fuck i am?
Nacho Man (3 months ago)
I usually become the sole survivor of the squad because everyone died or leave during the game XD
William Liu (3 months ago)
hacking, dun wanna get banned so let other player killed him.
Ghost of Ronin (3 months ago)
William Liu are you being funny or are you actually that stupid
Brandt Frydenlund (3 months ago)
u talking shit about mushrom pizza them are fighting words
primusfan6661 (3 months ago)
I feel the same about mushrooms on pizza dude. lol
Rivolf666 (3 months ago)
Impossible shooting skills..he's sick if he done this without a single cheat..
sphinxkonic cc (4 months ago)
Shroud how old are you?
boler (4 months ago)
Bálint Nóra (4 months ago)
lmao, I'm happy if I survive with 4-5 kills in Pochinki and Shroud is not satisfied with 13 kills
dado majsta (4 months ago)
What is interesting to you only to know it, every 2 seconds you go in and adjust the equipment, you are more in me than in the game itself and so most players run, search for games to kill within 10min each other, I do not understand what a game it is
mrKomeng KeTangGi (4 months ago)
11:53 Even shroud also hiding in the house when in the red zone.. lol!
Sharath Krishna (11 days ago)
He doesn't have anyone to revive him
Blue Bid (13 days ago)
mrKomeng KeTangGi shroud is just a pro not a cheater...
blockrunnaz gwapgettaz (4 months ago)
He jumped out second floor window as it went off
Cristopher Miranda (4 months ago)
Wauuu 👍👍👍👍👍👍
This games doo doo (4 months ago)
Who else got a fortnite ad
kagayaki bright (4 months ago)
BlueXbbx (4 months ago)
At 11:45 he like fuk this I'm out
Noob Bot (4 months ago)
4:50 stupid decision by the enemy, against shroud that is, if it's me I would die
Z4P7 (4 months ago)
So many close calls but the free kills from teammates rushing makes up for it all.
Light Seeker (4 months ago)
Sun Dry Tomatoes are the worst!!! Haha
Ones and Zeros (4 months ago)
Old m4 has literally no recoil u could spray with 8 x on it
Tokyo Ghoul (5 months ago)
Why you not try PUBG mobile ?
Blue Bid (13 days ago)
wtf... a pro PUBG pc player playing a mobile port ...Lmao that's gay
That Look On My Face (1 month ago)
Cuz it’s full of bots and hackers
Chops 234 (1 month ago)
Because it's trash.
smeht151 (6 months ago)
Ignored a guy that gave him $200.. no one should donate to this dude
David Farías (3 months ago)
carlos ki dólares jaja
carlos ki (5 months ago)
smeht151 they are 200$ mexican pesos...?¿
Bek Bek (6 months ago)
Shroud is so hacker player #noob
Cristobal Sotomayor (6 months ago)
Wooow full hd
Mel Ruth Bobijes (6 months ago)
I wish I got his flexes. Even his finger and eye coordination. God of pubg
Proxify (6 months ago)
lmao his face at 11:46
Reynald Mikhael (6 months ago)
Someone say shroud's doing aimbot and wallhacks. Even with wallhacks he still have better aim compared to all of you and for godsake his aim is too good for cheaters lmao even some cheater lost to shroud in a 1v1 lmao
arda kavalcı (6 months ago)
mithrain better than shroud
ANDREW PLAYS (4 months ago)
arda kavalcı FUCK OFF
arda kavalcı (6 months ago)
give to mehter
arda kavalcı (6 months ago)
turks are pro
arda kavalcı (6 months ago)
americans are noob
shaila lamorena (6 months ago)
Call me the carrier (6 months ago)
Rip 113 43 kill
SilVer (7 months ago)
*Where is fuck I am*
DarkstealthGaming (7 months ago)
How the fck is your game on all low and very low looking better then my ultra 🤔
Does he use rapid fire hack?
Surasak Jaroensiri (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/-UBBHCJvRtg good
DiahRhiaJones (7 months ago)
Get this garbage off my recommended.
Niyazi EMEK (7 months ago)
Türkler burdamı
ryan vo (7 months ago)
How does he know where the enemies are at all times.
Ghost of Ronin (3 months ago)
ryan vo really good headset
The Marshal (7 months ago)
Just9n is right tbh. Solo squads>>>>>>>>>>solos
Sirac Genç (7 months ago)
What is going on at 11.19 thats co.....
End Lacer (7 months ago)
why does he take the vertical grip on 7:17 instead of the angled one? i thoughed the angled was the better?
Alex hrndz (7 months ago)
It’s like a movie his gun action is crazy
Daniel LC 99 (7 months ago)
Heros dies too.
Brandon Lukaszewski (7 months ago)
Ghost of Ronin (3 months ago)
Brandon Lukaszewski if you're going to make an accusation please provide sufficient proof
叶子丹 (7 months ago)
i am 10000!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KING RAZER11 (7 months ago)
Wat was that audio in the background that kept goin "Where the fuck I am" 😂
pimentel joanarie (7 months ago)
How he run to fast?
Gray (7 months ago)
WTF was that nade
Michael Gowin (7 months ago)
All of you complaining about "how does he know where they are?"....get a good headset
MuG Channel Indo (7 months ago)
Shroud please play with KhoPetra n friend's
Andrew Jenkins (7 months ago)
Shroud u r to good u r prob making new players quit this game for the rest of there life!!!!!!
Andrew Jenkins (7 months ago)
Shroud u r to good u are p
Samapple (7 months ago)
Has he got a Razer Naga?
Athrun Dalida (7 months ago)
Principle of some gamers: If they are better than you, then they must be cheating. Pffft! Losers' motto.

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