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How to upload videos to youtube faster (2012)

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*READ* Be warned that when doing this method the quality of the video will decrease to 240p Link: http://www.any-video-converter.com/products/for_video_free/
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Text Comments (36)
Av (5 years ago)
ok so you bleep out the i in the b word but you don't bleep out anything at all in the f word. cant you be a LITTLE bit nicer?
Hade saied (5 years ago)
Fucking faster i can't see anything b*tch
murtada nor (5 years ago)
very nice guide
allyssa (5 years ago)
Kreze202 (5 years ago)
Sorry i found it already, btw Thanks man!
Kreze202 (5 years ago)
I dont have FLV, Can you Help me?
Sahar Ibrahim (5 years ago)
thanx dude!
xXKVMMXx (5 years ago)
thx it helped
The Fist (5 years ago)
wats the song?
DragonCityExpert (6 years ago)
Tahah 1% OnLy! Haha .
Brianna Lee (6 years ago)
This worked for me, thanks :)
uga desu (6 years ago)
is it free?
Migz Roxas (6 years ago)
MrRetardedPanda (6 years ago)
711Blackout (6 years ago)
i can't upload 30 sec movie...
blastoise charmander (6 years ago)
blastoise charmander (6 years ago)
in otherwords convert the videos to flv to be able to upload it on youtubefatster.
khaled loackerd (6 years ago)
man u r the coooooooooooooooooooooooolest i love u pro :)(:
Gracie Ellis (6 years ago)
Sorry bout that comment I was just mad.
Black Lotus (6 years ago)
what a stupid question! only if u hack something in youtube then u can loose your YT chanel but not like this fail
unknownlolzable (6 years ago)
@963remus how many minutes did spend to upload this vid?
Jem Go (6 years ago)
Thx bro You help!
Jacob Tumbali (6 years ago)
im a fan of tobygames or tobuscus to :)
mrCan026 (6 years ago)
Neil Marcelino (6 years ago)
.sakit sa ulo
bunthoang oeun (6 years ago)
Thank you alot
AnimeDragon XKing (6 years ago)
hmm sorry but it dosent work for me, i waited 3 mins and only 1% came up. any ideas why?
regie darcy (6 years ago)
RawGamingHD (6 years ago)
GENIUS don't have to wait for my mine craft to upload in 105 mins more like about 5 mins !! THANKS
ratboy (6 years ago)
King giolo (6 years ago)
Chris Topher (6 years ago)
PERFECT!!!! Saved 40 years off my life
Bastingpoem49 (6 years ago)
this song is right for this video: bitch stop lying
Bastingpoem49 (6 years ago)
@LOTRwarhammer1517 I DO LETS PLAYS TOO!!!! SO IM TRYING TO FIND A WAY TO UPLOAD FASTER!!!! did it work for you?
TheOddball53 (6 years ago)
@minecraftvideoguy1 No thanks.. I don't wanna be fucked over stupid music
TheOddball53 (6 years ago)
Stupid music. Good vid ;)

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