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Valve's "Unannounced Title" - Valve Catch-Up #1

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Sponsored By DreamTeam - Ultimate Teambuilding Platform Join beta today https://goo.gl/zbmJsm Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at everything that has happened over the last four weeks in relation to anything not related to TF2, CS:GO and DOTA 2. A surprising amount of stuff happened, so we will go through it as fast as I possibly can. Sources In Order of Appearance : https://twitter.com/RafaLagoon/status/956108096727863296 http://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/1672394834683262658 https://twitter.com/SteamDB/status/964198269655056384 https://twitter.com/SteamDB/status/964152052116066304 https://twitter.com/SteamDB/status/962760990340403200 http://news.toyark.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2018/02/Toy-Fair-2018-NECA-Video-Game-010.jpg https://twitter.com/NECA_TOYS/status/963543090026991616 http://schedule.gdconf.com/speaker/mcdonald-john/35535 http://schedule.gdconf.com/speaker/mcdonald-john/35535 http://steamcommunity.com/games/250820/announcements/detail/1663387635432946811 https://twitter.com/VREALofficial https://twitter.com/VREALofficial/status/961289663355826176 https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-12-15-chet-faliszeks-ai-powered-tactical-shooter-thats-not-about-shooting https://twitter.com/chetfaliszek/status/909809648219258881?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pcgamer.com%2Fformer-valve-writer-chet-faliszek-joins-worlds-adrift-developer-bossa-studios%2F https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor/status/961690013611249667 https://imgur.com/a/VAIr0?grid https://twitter.com/Plagman2/status/961470023041626112 https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristina-ness-a544366a/ Music By HOME : https://soundcloud.com/home-2001 My Social Media : Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (1144)
Daenerys Targaryen (2 days ago)
I want Left 4 Dead 3 Or Portal 3 Or Left 4 Dead 3 and Portal 3 or Half life 3.
Fern Mackenzie (30 days ago)
:37 made me burst out laughing
Максим Г. (1 month ago)
1:24, 1:35 - wow, somebody in Valve really likes Toby and his game…
XAnihilator (1 month ago)
Song name? I went through HOME's entire soundcloud and couldn't find it.
XAnihilator (1 month ago)
Here it is: soundcloud .com/user-497576043/intervals-open-spectrum
TheMemeKiller (1 month ago)
TheMemeKiller (1 month ago)
300 employees.... that’s small
TD (1 month ago)
half life card game
Gausgovy (1 month ago)
I still have scars from the hype surrounding the last valve "unannounced title"... I'm sure they do too after all the boos from the crowd.
TheStealthVision (1 month ago)
Won’t be half life 3. Left For Dead 3 Maybe but if it is half life 3. Gold Bless Gabe Newell.
六花小鳥遊 (1 month ago)
Steam mobile UI update WOOOOOOOOOOOO
VariumDeath ™ (1 month ago)
At 2:55 can u guys tell me what music is this pls i need to know ;(
The 3 Fr33m4nn (1 month ago)
Customer happiness.... *buuuuuuuuuuuullshit!*
Ethan Webb (1 month ago)
I personally feel like this year is the year we finally get the most amazing thing from Valve in a damn long ass time.
2-Sided Polygon (1 month ago)
nano5696 (1 month ago)
half life 3 confirmed
Rogelio Aizpurúa (1 month ago)
Half life 4 confirm
JoshL117 (1 month ago)
0:37 I lost it at the "HA!"
Dunkinator (1 month ago)
It could be the 3 unanounced VR titles
Pedro Freeman (1 month ago)
Song at the end please?
Edwarnator (1 month ago)
Always funny how awkward he sounds in saying the add!
IT TASTIC (1 month ago)
Question, where have they announced the RED sniper release info on the figures? so far ive only read up from the links theyll be releasing the blue engie and spy, but no signs of the others.
pillsbery (1 month ago)
Yup, still don’t believe anything of value will happen.
vassdeniss (1 month ago)
half-life 3 is closer than you think...
Silver_Arrow (1 month ago)
That 'HA caught me off guard LMAOOOOOOOO'
Ariff (1 month ago)
knexfan100 (1 month ago)
broadcasting interfacing with OBS is actually huge news for me, steam broadcasting drops very little fps compared to outright streaming with OBS.... both with similar quality. It'd be even cooler if we can broadcast straight to twitch next or if its already a thing. (I might be behind, was hospitalized with no electronics since last Wednesday so kinda behind on everything)....
ADUPS (1 month ago)
half life 3 the half life bridge constructor card game
Alkimir (1 month ago)
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Radiant AI (1 month ago)
I'm almost certain that the unannounced title isn't a sequel, because they have a new hire doing concept art rather than someone already established at valve, and considering valve has done a portal comic before I wouldn't be surprised if she was hired for a comic. imho valve probably won't release a new game until VR ready PCs and VR headsets are more common, so that they can get a great VR experience to lots of existing customers and also use it to drive sales of VR even higher
Mageh-Pro (1 month ago)
0:23 thank me later
Ripley's Edits (1 month ago)
Half Life 3 is coming
FPSAnarchy (1 month ago)
i bet its going to be some dota update. look at her past work, looks like dota artstyle!!!
I can never tell in what fashion Valve "jokes" should be taken, I always get the impression it's a bit crude despite the autism of it all. It's like your channel is the only thing from stopping me from thinking of Valve as a bunch of utter trash asshole cunt fuckers. pls continue
Joe Wintergreen (1 month ago)
His name is not Aiden, my dude, it is Alden.
Chris Wright (1 month ago)
That's the best dramatic outro I've seen in a very long time. Vsauce-tier.
SolipsistWerewolf (1 month ago)
I won't believe their unannounced title until I see it, and even if I do see it I bet it's going to be a microtransaction filled fuck fest.
TweetPark (1 month ago)
I think it’ll be LFD3 and they’ll be more cries of disappointment. Not as large anger as artifact, but still anger.
David Hoffnung (1 month ago)
that "HA!"
MicroKORGI (1 month ago)
Yeah, whatever. It's just gonna be DOTA- or CS-related as another cash cow.
duckdee (1 month ago)
what’s the name of the song playing at the end? 🧐
Adolf Hitler (1 month ago)
Trent LeBlanc (1 month ago)
You content lately has been very quality. good work
Gideon Kupka (1 month ago)
Day of defeat 2
erxer1 (1 month ago)
Artifact 2 confirmed
vcrbetamax (1 month ago)
This would typically be where someone says "HL3 Confirmed" but um seems like there isn't much of that going around since that card game no one wanted.
vcrbetamax Half Life 3 confirmed 2020
legice (1 month ago)
0:34 best edit ever
Maui (1 month ago)
Reminder that VR will fail because it only appeals to the casual audience while requiring a non casual wallet to afford
Kenzo Debusschere (1 month ago)
Half-Life 3 is coming :)
Casey Leip (1 month ago)
1:41 Paid sprays....again
Zorro Svärdendahl (1 month ago)
VR title, don't be silly
Quartermaster (1 month ago)
That laugh at the beginning XD
William Le (1 month ago)
Customer Happines > Revenue Extracction Yeah, I call absolute bullshit on that. First being the departure of several important Valve story writers, then the announcement of a new game during the DOTA 2 international tournament, which ended up being a FUCKING CARD GAME. At that point, my heart immediately sank. This is why I stopped paying attention to anything Valve-related now. I just wish for something better than waiting for a game that will probably never come out or be announced at all.
Caleb Begly (1 month ago)
That patent is awesome.
GamerTechKid (1 month ago)
I'm surprised this channel still exists. Valve News is a bit of an oxymoron.
enorma29 (1 month ago)
there's tons of comments about how Valve sucks but none about how beautiful Kristina Ness is. I'm speechless
clockchaseh (1 month ago)
Artifact is something different now isn't it.
MrOverCritical1989 (1 month ago)
Ready for hollow hope?
Zorex (1 month ago)
the video starts at 0:23
Nick D (1 month ago)
Half life 3??”?????/
gu4t4f4c (1 month ago)
James Martin (1 month ago)
Decline To state. (1 month ago)
clonetrooper39013 (1 month ago)
EXPERT GAMER313 (1 month ago)
Wait so valve is still making games not just money?
Canderes509 (1 month ago)
It's gonna be a half life/counter strike/l4d moba card game.
43eyes (1 month ago)
yo christina ness single?
Cake64 (1 month ago)
Valve: *Includes art of a character from one of their games on the steam sale banner* Fans: Could Valve be trying to tell us that they haven't given up on Half-Life?? Valve's 1 remaining employee: *Banging dick on keyboard to generate steam sale prices while money falls out of CD drive*
Nighthawk (1 month ago)
"concept artist contractor on an unannounced title" as in, "the guy who will scribble and sketch the brainstorming of whatever the fuck we may end up coming up with." as in, "potentially sending that material to production line some day... maybe... "
Chegg (1 month ago)
*Before* OH SHIT HALF LIFE 3? *after* Unannounced? Eh. Ok.
Robert Dimarco (1 month ago)
Snakes and ladders VR
Lukey Padookey (1 month ago)
The unannounced game I bet is Half Life Checkers
NE0 SPACE (1 month ago)
New game: Bubsy and the Woolies 467
Zelousmarineinspace (1 month ago)
I think it might actually be Left 4 Dead 3, seeing as how they've been poking fun at it, and that recent facebook joke may be an indicator. But really IDK
먹구름 (1 month ago)
Nic Flix (1 month ago)
kampfer91 (1 month ago)
A team fortress 2 card game .
Sucklord 2448 (1 month ago)
It's gonna be a Half-Life card game, you know it
Jotando (1 month ago)
that means we will have a CS:GO Card Game right???
ooOooOOOOoO new valve game. Btw scout gaming on alt account
strikerromanov (1 month ago)
Tyler do you know how perfect is this video?
Monkey Boy (1 month ago)
We pay we say we want half life thray
DragonBallStrike (1 month ago)
I just want a game from valve
DOGE ZE MLG DOG (1 month ago)
Song at the end?
Nevermore (1 month ago)
And thus chaos ensues on the internet
Nietsneknarf - (1 month ago)
I’m still waiting for Minecraft : PE 2
dude guy (1 month ago)
IF they are making a game... It's probably going to be at E3, if I wake up one morning and see a trailer... for L4D3... Half Life? Couldn't really care about it anymore I'm afraid, I'd like to see what happens to the L4D2 Characters. Just imagine that valve intro come out of a pause and a pitch black E3 showcase, with the announcement of... ANYTHING... Portal 3, L4D3, HL3, TF3... I'd figuratively die of excitement. It would be epic beyond anything.
TryZoid (1 month ago)
Is this the new tf2 trading card game?
cakebrin3r (1 month ago)
video starts at 0:25
Arset HCG (1 month ago)
Ultra Nebulatrix (1 month ago)
Yay less people on tf2 😡😡😡
Bird Person (1 month ago)
Vive Pro launch with Half-life 3, Portal 3, L4D3, TF3
General Hat Gaming (1 month ago)
WHY YOU GOTTA (VALVE) BE SO RUDE. DONT YOU KNOW IM A GAMER TOO. (Edit This is a sign. A sign of change, or a sign of another damn artifact like game. Please Valve. Please)
Lelouch The Coffee Guy (1 month ago)
haha! hahaLF LIFE 3????
Crazy Redd (1 month ago)
Dude! Please stop hyping up your fan base. For all we know she just hasn't updated her LinkedIn profile properly. Now loads of people are all talking about the possiblilty of a new Valve game.
Donut (1 month ago)
bob8065 (1 month ago)
I can totally see Team Fortress 3 in an attempt to battle Overwatch which is dominating the gaming community.
Mauricio Forte (1 month ago)
im disliking every single video with publicity
DeSerT_PunK (1 month ago)
Day of Defeat
Lucios1995 (1 month ago)
I'm not getting excited, i'll believe it when i see it

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