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CS:BTE - Update 2.5.8 Final - Fan Made Update 5

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Versão Portuguesa: Apenas um video sobre uma pequena actualização lançada para o CS:BTE. Todos os Créditos da actualização para "Yusuf Borak". Esta actualização podemos encontrar: - M1887 Maverick - Galil Maverick - Janus 11 Endereço desta Versão (Versão 2.5.8 Final + Todas Actualizações Fan Made): Mega: http://adf.ly/phuuH Google Drive: http://adf.ly/piUAl Endereço desta Versão (Apenas Update): http://adf.ly/phuzM Visitem para mais informações: - http://mania.csobr.com.br/ English Version: Just a video about the Fan Update for CS:BTE. All Credits of the update for "Yusuf Borak". In This update can be found: - M1887 Maverick - Galil Maverick - Janus 11 Link of this Version (Version 2.5.8 Final + all Fan Made Updates): Mega: http://adf.ly/phuuH Google Drive: http://adf.ly/piUAl Link of This Version(Just Update): http://adf.ly/phuzM Visit for more information: - http://mania.csobr.com.br/
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Text Comments (70)
ThE GaMeRYT (7 months ago)
is there a english version of this?
nem vou baixar por que esse tanto de falas de erros nesse jogo -1 incrito ;-;
Life Hiếu (11 months ago)
Link broken pls fix
Gökhan Göktaş (3 years ago)
p_spgun.mdl not found ??
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Download the last update will fix it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwxkJqdNB0Q
FG Gaming (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 Keep not working! i dont see p_spgun.mdl in folder models
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
+Cuonter Strike 1.6 Mod Download the last fan made update - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4G8HAJ4-Brc
Soufiane Elhadami (3 years ago)
Pls CD key that awesome ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Soufiane Elhadami (3 years ago)
pls CD key ??
Mr.Duster _ (3 years ago)
Game not work!!!
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
+Mr.Duster _ remove all the weapons in "My_Weapons" and add just 100 weapons in your inventory
Mr.Duster _ (3 years ago)
+Mr.Duster _ w_awp.mdl not found..
Markel Fortunato (3 years ago)
w_awp not found , help please!
MrVinny ThePoo (3 years ago)
when i am in game,the menu has no weapons and i picked already,why is that?
Alex Dzz (3 years ago)
thank you for the link bro and good luck further
Alex Dzz (3 years ago)
dankon pro la ligilo bro kaj bona sorto plu
JabSainsMat SmkLikas (3 years ago)
Janus11 original is B mode and I like it,hope it will be fix next update(:D)
sStEE L (3 years ago)
is that multiplayer??
StanTas (4 years ago)
Andy Vaida (4 years ago)
It sayn mod/funame/v_spgun.mdl Why ?
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
@TAUFIK  IkZA - Try to Download again or try to rename the file please!
+69gunga69 help me when I start a game tells me :mod_numforname:models/bte_wpn/p_Pistol_1.mdl not found
Shilpa Phadke (4 years ago)
If I am not wrong this if cs1.6 isn't it. ...?
Oh Meself (4 years ago)
How to play third person mode ?
TAUFIK IkZA (4 years ago)
please help me my winrar problem !   C:\Users\User\Downloads\CSBTE END Final - Fan Made 5.rar: The file "???" header is corrupt.please help me
Mr陳 (4 years ago)
Which can I donwload this full version,I lost it yesterday.
Wind Star (4 years ago)
+69gunga69 can u help me with the cd key?
Wind Star (4 years ago)
what is the cd key?
Lata_ChocoLata Bitch (4 years ago)
Hey are you planning to counter strike source bte it would be awesome cause CSS better graphics :-) 
Achilles s (4 years ago)
please please some one give me the link for  the game please
Wizzro (4 years ago)
There's a way to disable suit weapon menu and enable the normal buy menu?
Rht Yak (4 years ago)
Rht Yak (4 years ago)
蕭丞堯 (4 years ago)
求解 板大!!  我上次下載CS:BTE - Update 2.5.8 Final - Fan Made Update 5然後再下載update6更新檔  地圖進不去ㄟ
dewangga stephanus (4 years ago)
Why I can't use dual skull-3?
Gabriel Leperes (4 years ago)
Sou novo aqui , queria uma ajuda como faço para baixar esse jogo e deixar ele nessa versão ? . Tem algum video seu explicando isso passo a passo ?
Marcus Baoayan (4 years ago)
thanks bro csbte is the best game ever
SONE s (4 years ago)
Mod_NumForName:models/w_awp.mdl.not found.. :(
CSOmaniaPRO (4 years ago)
how to fix fatal error
aizat nine (4 years ago)
why i cannot get all the machinegun weapon
budhe Yanti (4 years ago)
Waiting for zombie scenario man..I bored with Z scenario : nightmare... Waiting for another z scenario like dead end, behind, contact, culvert etc
Annissa Andian (4 years ago)
totally agreed with you
rakali augustus (4 years ago)
i thought Janus 11 really like janus 11 in CSO korea when i see it its look like balrog 11 hope next update realy same like CSO korea
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
rakali augustus (4 years ago)
owhh well good luck for updates
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
Sorry but we dont know how to make plugins for bte. we just fans! 
Ralph Marsonia (4 years ago)
Mod_NumForName:models/w_awp.mdl not found what i'm suppose to with this? and pls can you make a tutorial on how to add 100 less weapons? pls
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
Thanks sir! =D
Ralph Marsonia (4 years ago)
+69gunga69 it worked thanks very much ^_^ gonna share this games to my friends hehe
Ralph Marsonia (4 years ago)
+69gunga69 thanks.. ill try it ^_^. i really want to play this game hehe
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
Choose another mod please! Check this video and you see how to add weapons and change the mod! CS:BTE - How to Install A Update.
TheMaros (4 years ago)
my favourite game cs bte :D :D 
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
Thanks Sir! ^^
Tuyền Phạm (4 years ago)
qua la hay  tai game nhu nao vay
I do not know how to play CS-BTE  Can you tell me the location and downloading?
aizat nine (4 years ago)
help!! when i play a game it says need models p_spgun
aizat nine (4 years ago)
o ok
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
No! Next update will add Aerolis!
aizat nine (4 years ago)
Need aerolis or not
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
add 100 primary weapons less "Aerolis" (Add in myWeapons)
q (4 years ago)
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
Yep! :3
Thành Long (4 years ago)
Janus so weird.. I don't like it
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
Easy. Dont play with janus 11 or try to make a plugin for janus 11 ... We dont know how to make plugin so we make is simple version ... Sorry if you dont like it :/
Joshwist55 (4 years ago)
Just a question do hand skins work
Joshwist55 (4 years ago)
Do u still need the original 2.5.8
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
You can download the complete pack with 2.5.8 + all fan made updates! Download in the description! :)
aizat nine (4 years ago)
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
Thanks Sir! ^^

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