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[CS:GO] CheyTac Intervention M-200

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Text Comments (34)
Salkion (1 year ago)
how to install?
Leo de Nonysaints (1 year ago)
Could you make a tutorial how to install it please ? a lot of people are bored of this ...
Voltra (2 years ago)
Hi Homefront's M200 ...
kostuamba (3 years ago)
кто российский лайк и будто ввести эту текстуру)
warface skin...
Дима Котеев (3 years ago)
Into CS:GO from Warface ;)
TheForgery (3 years ago)
Can never play online again with that high quality sh!t ~ Gaben/10 Dammit. We need have more custom skins like this. But, since CS:GO is so mod unfriendly, it may never happen.
TheForgery (3 years ago)
+Jabulon and some professional skinners don't receive that much recognition compared to the guys that simply plastered an image on a weapon skin and make some money off of that.
Something Else (3 years ago)
-_-) its nice that they help poor artists make money and all. but what about programmers? content isnt music/skins. its gamemodes and balance -_-)
TheForgery (3 years ago)
+Jabulon I agree! To me, the music kits crossed the line.
Something Else (3 years ago)
+TheNeXusCore9032  hm. seems like people only focus on stupid skins atm. maybe source2 will change some of that. I wonder if valve will make it more flexible for modding various stuff, not just adding skins and music kits
TheForgery (3 years ago)
+Jabulon The older versions of Counter-Strike always had a dedicated modding community back in the golden days. Today, it seems almost forgotten.
Terrorbait (3 years ago)
Can i use this skin also in multiplayer ? ( i know, the other won't see it, but i mean, if i get kicked because of edited files)
Zephyre (3 years ago)
Not on official servers
Duy Quang 1998 (3 years ago)
The model is from Warface
Dude how do you install this mod?
PedrozGamer (3 years ago)
If you get put here please =)
PedrozGamer (3 years ago)
how did you install it?Is impossible!!! =/ can not in any way =(
Nonhuman (3 years ago)
1v1 me dust m8
Adobevi molede (4 years ago)
i play game no sounds m200 ???????
Felipe Araujo (4 years ago)
I think I saw this animation in Warface, just think. xD
homeworldful (4 years ago)
Very nice preview! If it is not too much to ask, what is the name of the song used?
Carlos (4 years ago)
Ad shazam on your phone and put it against the volume.
Meme Daddy (4 years ago)
Why all the dislikes?
TheForgery (3 years ago)
I guess because if you have custom skins installed, you can't play online.
Carlos (4 years ago)
Jesus fuck make pony simulators already please!
FlyAwayN0w (4 years ago)
Point taken, I just went through recent ones made by other people and they're all shit. I guess it helps the market when Homer's not making them anymore.
Courier Six (4 years ago)
+FlyAwayN0w I like the mods. But what actually got me to sub was that one pony simulator. You should fucking do them man, they're getting old because nobodies making them.
FlyAwayN0w (4 years ago)
Here I was thinking those things were old. Well shit, fine, not like I make these videos for a purpose or what not.

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