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New troop "Skeleton Barrel" in clash of clans takes on town hall 12 opponents! Follow me on Instagram: @General_Tony Twitter : @GeneralTony How to be a Youtuber : https://secrettomaking1million.com/ Music Dutty Moonshine - Check out there YT channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4pTPigj0Gk All Other music used is by NCS | NoCopyRightSounds https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds
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Text Comments (2390)
General Tony (23 days ago)
Jony Kipp (2 days ago)
Me im town hall 8
Mighter (23 days ago)
Me can I join ur clan plssss I am townhall 9 plss let me join
Clash with Sanket (23 days ago)
I like to join your clan ...I m th9 players with Max heroes
KANTA MEHAN (23 days ago)
I want to join i am th10
Firma Utihna (23 days ago)
Make your clan fast dude...waiting
Th 5 936 trophies
Jony Kipp (2 days ago)
I want to and im a town hall 8
Ethan Key (3 days ago)
Th11 kinda rushed though
Rashmi Gupta (6 days ago)
Yes , I am TH8
Tyler Terry (6 days ago)
I’m a TH 9 and still upgrading
Shashank Agrawal (6 days ago)
yes l one to join your clan my town hall is 11
Aman Vishal (8 days ago)
I am a th 10 best attacker and want a permanent clan, pls help someone!!
Preeti Bounthiyal (10 days ago)
I want to join
priti mohanty (10 days ago)
I am at town hall 7 can I please join your clan
Kabir Singh (11 days ago)
I want to join townhall 6
jovanny50 Awesome (11 days ago)
I'm town hall 5
ravi sharma (11 days ago)
I am gold league 3 can i join
Biju Joseph (13 days ago)
Invite me my player tag is #logvv2g9c
Anthony Ochoa-Antillo (13 days ago)
I want to join and I'm town hall 8
Charles George (13 days ago)
I have th 12, 2 th 10s
# team dog (14 days ago)
sub to me
Pramila Gurung (14 days ago)
I'm th9 and I wanna join this clan
SenpaiDik Gaming (14 days ago)
Jed Esteves (15 days ago)
I subscribe 🙂
Ghulam Nabi Tali (15 days ago)
Does anyone wanna buy my th10max account for 2300rs??#9uvugg2ql
general Elite (15 days ago)
I am th7 my clash of clans name is troy please take me
Simon vde (15 days ago)
How much does this guy say GUYS
FUN (15 days ago)
i an th 10 max except walls and queen is 36 and king is 20 please invite me in your clan my tag is 82Q92CLCG
G8_A23_B15_B_Y (16 days ago)
GT I’m down & I am a Th7 I’m down!
yash virus (16 days ago)
Hi plj don't demote to champion league plj
Joel Pepito (16 days ago)
Meeee i want to join i am semi max th9
Issac Zuniga (16 days ago)
I'm th7 and my name tag us ninja
husanmp kubanoor (16 days ago)
b Ai
justin Arntz (16 days ago)
I'm th9 non rushed. And only been playing a month
Baller Games (16 days ago)
I am level 10 I am rushed
Baller Games (16 days ago)
NEW Gamer (16 days ago)
I am th 8
husanmp kubanoor (17 days ago)
Please invite me my tag is Y9P808PGC. and my townhall is8 please invite me please please please please please please my name is sham
Experiment Channel (17 days ago)
Town hall 8
Bakhtiyar Saleem (17 days ago)
I wanna join your clan,Tony. I am th 9 max and bh7 max
Rahul kumar (17 days ago)
i want to join
md sojib (17 days ago)
My th 9 max without heros can i join
Mohammed Saad (17 days ago)
Got Th11 48queen 44king 2000+ war ✨ stars may i join your clan?
Chauncey Empio (17 days ago)
also me I want to join
Carl Jeremel Llanes (17 days ago)
very nice
king of king's (17 days ago)
I am th12,8,7,7,6 accounts and I want to join
edgar rivera (17 days ago)
Im a town hall 9 semi max
Kashwayne Barnes (17 days ago)
Michael Pascual Marcos (17 days ago)
I want to join your clan im in level 48 town hall 7
Sufiyan Ali (17 days ago)
My 9 level town hall but base is to weak because iwas exited to unlock all things but now my base is improving
Momin Qamar (17 days ago)
Ap kA clan closed Ha Mara town hall 7 pa ha
Giovanni Urbina (17 days ago)
th10 just walls and heros left Name, GIOGYALIST
Celine Pashan (17 days ago)
I want to join
Liqrit Rs (17 days ago)
I’m th9..
Dj Jonathan (17 days ago)
I am
Fahidul Islam Shishir (17 days ago)
I want to join
Domingo Reyes (17 days ago)
I'm th10 almost max. I'm north Carolina USA.
ivanos123456789 (17 days ago)
I finished that couple daya agp
Harshithkushal Kushal (17 days ago)
I want to join the legends th 6
clash with AK (17 days ago)
Th10.5 and I want to join active clan
Swarup Saha (17 days ago)
#98G8020UL Plss send me friend request and then invite me I'm ur biggest fan
Josh Boakye (17 days ago)
I would like to join i can join with my th7 or 5
let's craft gaming (17 days ago)
I want but you wont
Magdalena DeWet (17 days ago)
I want to join!!!
Magdalena DeWet (17 days ago)
want to join clan level 9
Milan Maharjan (17 days ago)
i want join your clan
Sifat Jahan Mahin (17 days ago)
I am th7 max can i join
Rohit Shah (18 days ago)
Sneha (18 days ago)
I want to join I am th 7
John Russel Lising (18 days ago)
I'm th13 all max turning to 14 tony. Plsss let me join to your clan even i'm in number 51. My heroes are alsa max. Queen and king lvl 100 grand warden lvl 150. I'm stobger than you bro. Plss let me join. My healer is the damae dealer bro. It is stronger than the liar boss. So plsss let me join because my mortas can shoot longer than the eagle artillery
Phượng hoàng Marco (18 days ago)
I was a huge pro in coc but i quitted when i was lv 139 and you make me want to play again so watch out tony i might destroy you in future ( im not sure cuz i deleted the old account but lets just try )
subba reddy manneti (18 days ago)
The 9 max not hero's
Emerson Gomez (18 days ago)
Troll bases
Matthew Crabtree (18 days ago)
I am th 11
Dean Hoppe (18 days ago)
Townhall 7 maxed
sir goat (18 days ago)
@Andres Chavez Armas what's that mean
Black's COC (18 days ago)
Can you give me an account pls
Ryan Tristian (18 days ago)
Th 8
jmvald01 (18 days ago)
Im actually going to try that attack in CWL lol. Always great content General Tony!
Rene Postma (18 days ago)
i want to join and i am a town hall level 10
Lairaba Tom (18 days ago)
Wow town hall 12base
Devonte Welcome (18 days ago)
I will like to join your clan I'm a town hall 11
#Kervie James Paras (18 days ago)
Im an th 7 but i have best attaker
dragon clashers (18 days ago)
Please say u r second clan name please
anoop singh (18 days ago)
Th 9
anoop singh (18 days ago)
Join my clan name sps 999
Trust Pulpy (18 days ago)
48 trophy 😱
Md microsoftme (19 days ago)
i want to join your clan th 9
satem satem (19 days ago)
wants to join ??? please
Ganapati Mehtre (19 days ago)
I want to joint th9
Yung -Devncii (19 days ago)
Surely theres one spot left
Yung -Devncii (19 days ago)
Can I join I'm th9 🙏
Parvez Alam (19 days ago)
I wanna join
Aldane for Life (19 days ago)
Im th 7 but still didn't got the barbarian king
ᅳBlackLight (19 days ago)
Dain Cameron (19 days ago)
I want to join im at th 7
jagannath dhara (19 days ago)
I am th 10 max i want to join
navjot singh (19 days ago)
I am a th6 base with good attack Strategies. I have a almost max base, and I don’t rush
Faisal Ahamed (19 days ago)
That was my base buddy 😒😒
Livin Rite (19 days ago)
Ready to join you my friend!
Gd boy Hasib (19 days ago)
th 10 troops maxed king queen 30
Angdup Lepcha (19 days ago)
I also wanted to join you and town hall is 7 is okey than please reply
GhAnSaR SiNgH (19 days ago)
I can join ur clan plzzzz im townhall 9 in crystal league 75 xp plzzz im suscriber of you plzzz........................?

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