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Join Spectators in CS:GO Matchmaking

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Pretty big problem that's already being used in matches. Be on the look out for teams where one of the players is in spectator mode. Thanks to SmurfDestroyer for telling me about this exploit. Check out his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSmurfDestroyer Thanks to VeXXSie and Baz for filming. Sorry to these guys, I wasted 5 minutes of your time :( http://i.imgur.com/VTbNdeZ.jpg MUSIC USED: Elevator music My song And lastly, ceich93's epic ominous sounds from here: https://freesound.org/people/ceich93/sounds/266412/#comments Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Intel 3770K, 16 GB RAM, Geforce 670 2 GB.
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Text Comments (3586)
Taffy Adam (12 days ago)
Downvoted for your communist accent Speak in freedom please, I can’t understand you
ButtChunksOfDoom :D (15 days ago)
boomboom 279 (24 days ago)
Hey bro. Just noticed where this was filmed, very close to me and found out today that your friend is my teacher at school (Joe PK) lol
Goliath Online (25 days ago)
This is what too much cs go would do to you.
mc bad robot voice (25 days ago)
His face does not fit his voice
Bywater (25 days ago)
You ok?
Булбаsaur (26 days ago)
the funniest part is that this is on the map Cache, which is in Chernobyl, so its like hes making a video showcasing some kind of scary mutant.
ZheDong (1 month ago)
Best video on YT by far (i know the vid is old im just rewatching a lot of ur vids and this one takes the crown!). Keep it up Philip, and keep being you xD
Lolaxo Jr (1 month ago)
Is this fixed?
Andrei Darius (1 month ago)
Chuck Norris is that you?
justin evers (1 month ago)
Yes just yes
Father Gascoigne (1 month ago)
''MUSIC USED: Elevator music My song And lastly, ceich93's epic ominous sounds'' OK PHILIP, BUT TELL ME THE NAME OF YOUR SONG
Dimiter Angelicheff (1 month ago)
dont use this keyboard.
Gabriel Eder (1 month ago)
i like when you run past some furrys
Tanay Singh (2 months ago)
Philips best video
Dimiter Angelicheff (2 months ago)
i love this video,man.
NorveeYT (3 months ago)
i thought the beeping sound was from the video... i hate my life
Jo Baumgartner (3 months ago)
Can I please acknowledge the furries, I thought they were a myth, never seen in real life
Brayden Thomas (3 months ago)
Music at 11 sec
Lightning's Crib (3 months ago)
Why are you so fucking mad https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/429675018058727425/429753492798963714/unknown.png
Seth Steele (3 months ago)
*Picks up keyboard with malicious intent*
Kaspar Malinin (3 months ago)
That handlebar thoe
Tom Cho (4 months ago)
scleuse (4 months ago)
He looks like Aphex Twin with that smile
noodle flakes901 (4 months ago)
i love how its 50fps and not 60fps its fine xD its just funny how its so CLOSEEEEEE my anXIETYYYQ
Shensen (4 months ago)
That sniff, it remembers me about another youtuber that is active for many years and nobody saw his face. =)
DolenLP0815 (4 months ago)
Step 4: Profit
TurtlePowderPow (4 months ago)
Fucking furfags 0:40
MemeMan (4 months ago)
Alpha Male
Mischievious Loki (5 months ago)
This is some serious shit.
Kanna ya bitch. (5 months ago)
Philip looks sexy.
Derikson CSGO (5 months ago)
Oh this phil is ugly af
Holytrash (5 months ago)
That furry tho
Cheese Man (5 months ago)
best vid
viewer (5 months ago)
You look like Aphex Twin
Garrison Comeau (5 months ago)
0:41 I see some furries.
Daedalus (5 months ago)
I know this was a year ago but you need to release the song that you made that you used while you were running through the street. It's great.
Shad0z (5 months ago)
2X speed!
Z. Lapu (5 months ago)
0:40 what the fuck are those aliens to the right in the backround?
nova (5 months ago)
andrew93752™ (5 months ago)
Sponsored by LogiTech Wireless Keyboard.
Ethan Dybdahl (5 months ago)
Why are there furries at 0:41
Rhys Hall (5 months ago)
Dude you live in Plymouth??????????? i live like 15 mins away
SlipshodOak76 (5 months ago)
So, can we rank up?
ArmagdoGaming (5 months ago)
Wolfgang Werner (5 months ago)
Smoke Weed Everyday Mate
- TheBananeitor - (5 months ago)
World record broken 😂
弗迪夫·丘平 (6 months ago)
every time he goes outside his neightbours think well there he goes again
K Mediaas (6 months ago)
Haha, you’re amazing. Jesus christ
DelluXeD (6 months ago)
My everyday life...
KyuN (6 months ago)
Philip, phistorm
Trash (6 months ago)
0:41 *furries spotted, put that deagle to use*
Green (6 months ago)
I thought he was doing the darude sand storm run at the start
Outcast Gaming (6 months ago)
Woah i recognise where you live thats mental that we walked on the same roads and grass lol
Dolphi Xx (6 months ago)
0:41 I Want that Umbreon...
'Anjaana' 'Mimi' (6 months ago)
Video lagging to me or my iphone just sucks ?
Dhruv Gaba (6 months ago)
Spence3364 (6 months ago)
0:42 is that a furry on the right?
BobNobod (6 months ago)
Spence3364 oh fuck
SB clone (6 months ago)
A subed because you are funy😂😂😂😄
X Trench (6 months ago)
so are we gonna just ignore the furries in the right at 0:41 ?
Darkitz (6 months ago)
i really like ALL your videos. But i think your rather ugly, but in my opinion it makes those videos even better
Elis Knight (6 months ago)
Philip, are you okay man? c'mon, I think it's time you had a little break. You don't seem healthy.
Joshua Fountain (6 months ago)
My match was ready the same time yours was lmao
percy. (6 months ago)
look at that very fast boy
HeXaDecimal (6 months ago)
Angry running man review: Spectator mode in CS:GO
TheCaptainBaker - TCS (6 months ago)
the people on the street seem pretty used to your antics
veopikke (6 months ago)
Hi boi (6 months ago)
Guilmon35249vr (6 months ago)
Cool umbreon fursuit at 0:40 when furries invade your cs:go video???
Mr. Combine (6 months ago)
valve pls fix
Enteal Haven (6 months ago)
Ugly af
Oh damn 3kliks lives in Plymouth? Dank
Musthegreat 94 (6 months ago)
Before video comments #2: AAHH I GET THE THUMBNAIL. you want valve to fix your face! Or not
Glitchy Glitch (6 months ago)
Fist me daddy.
Boyborg690_ (6 months ago)
Duude Smeaton's Tower!
thoams 22 (7 months ago)
0:39 furry convention?
Guys it's just 3kliks holding the camera it's a collaboration jeez
JJwizard24 (7 months ago)
I must say, very nice beard
LucazGamez (7 months ago)
HAHA, at 0:41 he runs passed furries
lili (7 months ago)
its so fucking dumb i love it
Jort Groot (7 months ago)
Still works?
سوري مفكر (7 months ago)
Those were more than 3 kliks ,Philip
Atomic Speed FT (7 months ago)
Oh that's who that crazy guy in the street was
Vablo 1 (7 months ago)
Maybe you shouldnt leave your house?
Fimau (7 months ago)
You can actually do it by joining your friend im warmup and it still works...
Vampter 323 (8 months ago)
Lithag 100 (8 months ago)
Name or music at 00:10?
TheOneDan (8 months ago)
Eel 52 (8 months ago)
Logitech K800. A good keyboard, but could be better with Cherry MX Blue switches.
MACception (8 months ago)
You're fucking adorable, bro
Kalyl Santos (8 months ago)
Your videos are stupid and silly. Pls keep them coming, this is what I pay internet for
nhan cao (9 months ago)
Turn on the video's English subtitle for a better version.
Dark Souls (9 months ago)
You clown XD , that shit was funny running down the streets XD
Acar Erker (9 months ago)
Ur crazy
chiporello (9 months ago)
is it legal to walk on the grass?
Corb (9 months ago)
The subtitles made the running bit a million times better.
Joseph Martin Tan (9 months ago)
Wow that is one sweet wireless keyboard
ArgrusGaming (9 months ago)
too good
colored_lonely (9 months ago)
Did they fixed this?
Dragos Catalan (6 months ago)
colored_lonely yes
Péter Kalabér (9 months ago)
2 Min demostration of a bug in CS:GO. EPIK!(?)

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