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CS:GO - Astralis vs. FaZe [Cache] Map 1 - GRAND FINAL - IEM Sydney 2018

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Intel® Extreme Masters is returning to Sydney, Australia! Across three action packed days from May 4th to 6th, a nation unites as the best fans join forces with the best teams to create one of the most memorable CS:GO tournaments. Join us at Qudos Bank Arena, in Sydney Olympic Park, for three days of fun, epicness and entertainment! Keep up with all the action here in Sydney: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDaLNkCsG9Wnk9jLE7BPdVyzpLuw4LUra Subscribe to eslcs and stay up to date with the best in CS:GO action: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPq2ETz4aAGo2Z-8JisDPIA?sub_confirmation=1 For all the latest IEM Sydney news and information: http://intelextrememasters.com/season-13/sydney/ Join in the discussion: http://www.twitter.com/eslcs http://www.facebook.com/eslcs
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Text Comments (116)
AS T (1 day ago)
can someone tell me the music used in the break after the first half?
X_RAYED ! (1 day ago)
Grand finals will be a breeze for faze
x-inegra edits (2 days ago)
if we want to use these clips where going credits?
Leon Nestestog (2 days ago)
FaZe is so great when they dont do stupid pushes and stuff.. sooo half of the match xD
ananymous j (3 days ago)
Im a fan of FaZe but the commentator (girl) sounds like rude to Astralis
Shazzik (6 days ago)
I really love Pansy's voice and commentary
fl00d (7 days ago)
Aussie crowd = Best crowd
korvgubben (10 days ago)
puck10114 (11 days ago)
i think kerry jizzed in his pants at the end :)
Atomix Gaming (11 days ago)
whos Zipnix ?
Yooloo G (12 days ago)
''Niko is a god in this situacions '' <3
Yooloo G (12 days ago)
amazing faze <3
Abhilash `Nox` Baruah (12 days ago)
GodiaN <3
YOUB (12 days ago)
Kennechi Sy (13 days ago)
The panel'z mic booms are massive!
Pravesh Kumar Meena (13 days ago)
Check 51.12
Mauglis (13 days ago)
Olof should change karrigan
ananymous j (6 days ago)
Mauglis well fuck you!karrigan's role in faze is very important
BrokeN (13 days ago)
Pansy has the most annoying voice and she laughs at everything....
neo modd (13 days ago)
That was a really strong play from karrigan -gg
Sandeep Hande (13 days ago)
Niko is useless in any FINALS..
Sandeep Hande (13 days ago)
Where is Olof??
Vitor Monteiro (13 days ago)
on the 15 round astralis won.. niko could have defused the bomb on that smoke . he knows magisk spot // i'm right?
Halal Pork (13 days ago)
the commentator predicted so badly LOL
Best New Videos Tv (13 days ago)
Karrigan old school
Stian Lindberg (13 days ago)
Bot Xyp
Criss noviach (14 days ago)
that was nasty
Drill2g (14 days ago)
Damn whole faze team is unique in itself every player is so sick
Pavel 0 (14 days ago)
astralis throws
Pavel 0 (14 days ago)
guardian has the fastest reaction ever.lightning speed
Mic Geneva (14 days ago)
Guardian was playing too well since first game against Tyloo. It’s his fortune, so gg.
infy90 (14 days ago)
nice how the female commentator just points out the obvious all the time... like what exactly is she there for?
magzire (13 days ago)
infy90 some people are blind dickhead :)
Nick (14 days ago)
King Crab (14 days ago)
infy90 I T ' S H E R J O B C O C K H E A D
mindo61600 (14 days ago)
So FaZe will lose to shitters like C9 and Fnatic but will beat Astralis who is arguably at the best they've ever been.Fucking sound!
Survival (14 days ago)
Aye what is that crosshairs they use I want it
Toby (9 days ago)
Survival I want it as well
CPO (14 days ago)
You know they're on a shit buy. You have plenty of nades, and you decide to run through smokes. I want to root for Astralis but they're just massive chokers. Fuck this team.
PzK (14 days ago)
Karrigan = Carry gun
Liam Wiles (13 days ago)
He's an IGL, his aim isnt to be top fragging its to be leading a team.
amine amara (14 days ago)
PzK he is bot
Cross Tran (14 days ago)
fucking hell nice shoes y all
Davi.FaZe_UP ___CsGo (14 days ago)
J. K (14 days ago)
Ezz for faze fuck astralis
Sümüklü Kedi (14 days ago)
this women has annoying reactions, she doest know something about real cs
The Djentleman (11 days ago)
Some Body she was a former pro COD player
Some Body (13 days ago)
rNG 09 She is not a former pro. I don't know where the hell you got that from
rNG 09 (14 days ago)
Wtf? She's a former proplayer and i bet she would bash u ez in a 1v1 :D
memememe (14 days ago)
f exp. :?
King Crab (14 days ago)
Lol get fucked. Are you even listening. She's insanely knowledgeable
Justin Williams (15 days ago)
so whats the story on olof?
Thomas DubU (14 days ago)
Justin Williams all anyone will say is that he’s on a personal break. It’s probably something with his family. Xizt is just a stand in not an actual member, but if he keeps playin like this ya never know.
Green Leader (15 days ago)
Karrigan is underrated
s1mple (12 days ago)
yeah he can frag as well as being a sick igl
memememe (14 days ago)
Drill2g wtf? Rain isnt underrated; everybody knows that he id one of the best riflers out there
Drill2g (14 days ago)
Green Leader same with rain and xizt
memememe (14 days ago)
his mechanical skill isnt really good; but his game sense is insane sometimes
Serquest (14 days ago)
well he isnt as mechanically sound as niko ollof rain or guardian , but he does have a great mind thus he is good in clutches
Andrey Andreev (15 days ago)
Astralis stupid bitches faze are a lot better you are fucking danish idiots mouses
chimpenguin (15 days ago)
I thought faze lost to renegades and didnt make it?
memememe (14 days ago)
of they wouldve won they wouldve played semi final; they lost so they had to play quarter final
Kittu 6697 (14 days ago)
chimpenguin faze won finals.
travis hatch (14 days ago)
Losers bracket,
juanMoreCombor (15 days ago)
chimpenguin double elimniation
LegendaryVegeta (15 days ago)
epic g fuking g GOOD GAME
Unknown (15 days ago)
Lesson learn for that astralis coach... never celebrate too early
Ray Zhong (11 days ago)
That's zonic, a legendary player from the Danish team MTW in 1.6 era.
Daniel Nery (13 days ago)
so you are saying a football player can't celebrate a goal scored, just cause the match isn't over yet? I don't see any problem.
Lukas Hruby (14 days ago)
Unknown he celebrated because they won 15th round and that means win or overtime :D
RaquAzaza (14 days ago)
Unknown when did this happened?
qwerty (15 days ago)
Faze can
LegendaryVegeta (15 days ago)
THIS IS SO MUCH FUKING BETTER THAN FOSEBALL i dont get why people are bashing esports its much more exciting lol
Kennechi Sy (13 days ago)
Coz they refuse to acknowledge that it's slowly creeping into mainstream status. And they like bashing on nerds to make themselves feel that they're better.
LegendaryVegeta (13 days ago)
yes i said it in a mocking way lol
XXCURACIÓN争 (13 days ago)
he meant football*
Martin (14 days ago)
what is foseball
XXCURACIÓN争 (14 days ago)
rick li (15 days ago)
LONGEV1per (15 days ago)
Rahul Gusain (15 days ago)
Wheres my boiiii Olof?
Toby (9 days ago)
Big Nigga no don’t think so
Big Nigga (13 days ago)
Didn't he get done for some hacks?
arcdelta4 (15 days ago)
Rahul Gusain he has personal issues and will stay away from the game for some time
steven van der Velde (15 days ago)
Xizt > Olof
Scatterus (14 days ago)
Wootcha Wootcha /woosh
Wootcha Wootcha (14 days ago)
Kevienho1994 xizt was a nip player, he was their igl, he play with f0rest and get_right since 2009 he is swedish
Rohan Soni (14 days ago)
ananymous j actually they have been struggling a lot.
Noah Southurst (15 days ago)
ananymous j (15 days ago)
Right ever since xizt came to faze they are doing very good
Vikram Singh (15 days ago)
the crowd's reaction to the dabbing was quality
Unique B (14 days ago)
1 hour 26 mins
Tommy LmaroaL (15 days ago)
Astralis major champs again. They are just too good
magzire (13 days ago)
Admiral General Aladeen u donkey
Kittu 6697 (14 days ago)
Admiral General Aladeen laughs on u.
Unknown (15 days ago)
Lol they got 3-0'd...
just1goon (15 days ago)
and astralis didnt even win
Ondřej Konečný (15 days ago)
Is it grand final?
Fabian (11 days ago)
Look at the title
Anti_Alpha (15 days ago)
Connorfied WHUT (15 days ago)
360p skwaaaaaad
xid (15 days ago)
*grand final* omegalul
whatevs (15 days ago)
Grand final*
Cross -Gamer (15 days ago)
K4_BooM (15 days ago)
xid (15 days ago)

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