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I'm done, time to take things in my own hands. Follow the progress here: https://twitter.com/ECL_europe How to check your stats/vacbanned players: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJyemS9hl50 The panorama video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0B-v5y_pgE EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS DOWN BELOW ▼ Outro Music: Elephanz : Time For a change FUCK MATCHMAKING.
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HOUNGOUNGAGNE (3 months ago)
Hey! If you'd like to follow the progress of the project, follow me right here: https://twitter.com/ECL_europe
jacky chong (2 months ago)
Jose Avalos (3 months ago)
cruxx (3 months ago)
no NA :(
ff w (3 months ago)
How do you plan to compete against faceit and esea? :O
Stuart Wallace (3 months ago)
I do not play but wish you luck to get the membership basis that valve seemingly doesn't give two fucks about, that is those who want to play for real. good luck and please do more inside the mind of global elites.
IceWolves - Xollion (1 day ago)
Csgo got fucked
Leandro Martinez (1 day ago)
How did you collect the data at 3:29? I would love to see those for my games as well.
David Kunoy (4 days ago)
Valve is focusing on dota 2
Poll (27 days ago)
Now you know how I feel buddy
Maskedfigure (28 days ago)
xD I have had literally had the same thing. I didn't have the best TF but it was still really good ( at least from what I can tell anyway), Iam really disappointed with this new system. xD maybe this is just a system to make players play/win a game once a mouth or something. XD
Ukkometso (1 month ago)
Same here, took 9 month break and now I get toxic players every game.
Greatest Mother F*cker (1 month ago)
Now he got to expierence what csgo is like to all the silver/nova players and mgs as well..
only click bait (1 month ago)
I got a vac but I dident cheat I clickt a link and lost my acc then got it back whit a vac
michael Abdulnour (1 month ago)
Now u know how i feel
iPeak (1 month ago)
i have 6000 comp wins and my trust factor is really low i get spinbotters on prime :/ https://csgo-stats.com/top for my stats
GetR3KTnub (1 month ago)
And this is why I only play ESEA and Faceit
Asyraf Toothbrush (1 month ago)
Syrups (1 month ago)
Out of 6000 games, you had 3000 people vac banned. out of my 1000 I have had 15-30 Difference between NA and EU is right there
Lechuguita Squad (1 month ago)
Where did he get the stadistics from?
Libegonalons (2 months ago)
I stopped because of school and cheaters.
Alex Lehti (2 months ago)
Im watching this as im playing MM holding back bitter tears
Georgi Geogiev (2 months ago)
cry me a baguette !
nadun lochana (2 months ago)
so thats why i cant find competitive matches under 2mins.. i started about 3 days ago
MrSynceed (2 months ago)
welcome to the casual matchmaking, stay with us in salt and deception !
blacjac xx44 (2 months ago)
toi t francais XD
galactic TEDDY (2 months ago)
i only get griefers and toxic teammates and i keep getting banned
Pepe (2 months ago)
The Trust Factor Level of my Smurf with 400hrs is higher than my Main Account with 2700hrs. I mean, I am the same person and I do not behave any differently so how is that possible?
prudiceflc (2 months ago)
ye gg i have 2,5k hours and now i play with tards only bb main acc.. ((
Bruhh :D (2 months ago)
Don't quit bro 😭😭😭 i love the mm videos...😣
LeGendary FPS (2 months ago)
the Matchmaking is FUCK't coz im Nova 3 and play Mg's ... please explain that one
pg ruski (2 months ago)
yeah me too
chaine anis gamer 1 (2 months ago)
fuck ur family i hope they die by cancer
Lukasius (2 months ago)
Covex (2 months ago)
I got stuck also
Zoldyc (2 months ago)
welcome to the nonprime my friend
SirLettuce (2 months ago)
Same, low trust factor games are infested by cheaters. Last 100 games got 216 banned players. Unplayable
someb0dy (2 months ago)
Its a lie i played vs you mm yesterday on Mirage :D
You guys dont know how to play competitive games?, I played wow for 6 years without being a non life stupid. If I play too much, I will get better soon, but I really hope that doesnt happen really fast.While that happen, I wanna enjoy the game as much as I can, the only thing I want is that make me think a lot as much as you do houngiahsjdjiajs. Sorry for bad english, I'm from peru.
I would like to add, that if I play too much I will find toxic ppl, so better not take so many risk getting mad all day becouse of it, no rage no problem!!
tiihpii män (2 months ago)
Pls dont stop making smurf vids
tiihpii män (2 months ago)
I feel u m8
Alex Broughton (2 months ago)
its natural for the French to retreat
Anthony Manna (2 months ago)
competitive matchmaking has become a fucking joke
YaBaDji (2 months ago)
I subscribed for this video... but none of what you said was news to me.
my trust factor is absolute shit due to me being a silver with really good aim who only trolls in 5 mans, I've been reported so many times that I have to wait 5 mins for a q with all maps have terrible servers to the point my computer almost broke, not to mention I seem to vs scream or kennys every other game who seem to have an acquired a skill to sniff out the enemy. Valve plz fix
adjist (2 months ago)
eh, just start hvhing
Vasco Santos (2 months ago)
Your trust factor is yellow... mine is red (cheaters all matches) and I’m dmg
Electro Squid (2 months ago)
6mins is the minimum of time for matchmaking
Daniel Luks (2 months ago)
Oh great i just watched a video that was 6 min and 11 seconds long and it was all about some low elo bitch complaining. "cloo" NICE
RfdMusicOfficial (2 months ago)
Fucking crazy. And those 3000+ are only the cheaters that were caught, so probably there was a cheater in every game. Fucking valve sucks, its not hard to ban the cheaters they just don't want to. They probably own the cheatwebsites.
The Lemon (2 months ago)
brother, please add servers in india/bangladesh region. we are in real problems here
thulin740 (2 months ago)
I just dont understand how u have an AK47 when its 11-4??? Isnt it supposed to be pistol round or am i trippin balls?
WILLS (2 months ago)
Same for me .....fuk
whtevr (2 months ago)
"I want to make a better MM experience for myself" - Pay2Play btw, fucking lmao.
razorgarf (2 months ago)
You're a good player!
Dankangelo (2 months ago)
C'est excellent trouver quelqu'un qui parle Français
Rusty Lemon (2 months ago)
I stopped playing because i have been playing with the same guy for years and never knew he was cheating and he got banned and i got more than half of my wins taken away...
sonicblitz81 (2 months ago)
i tried this but the load all matches button is not there anymore. can you make an updated version of the other video? I am very confused
zDennii (2 months ago)
SAME Story to me , the Trustfactor fucked me so hard , all games sucks after this Update ... Thats the Reason why i be inactive.. i hope Csgo dies.. and we get a new one with much more improve.
Django CS GO (2 months ago)
I haven't played CS for 2 years. Imagine my surprise when I returned last week..... Oh my 😳
1 957 896 vues (2 months ago)
hypocrite, u troll in MM
Magne Herman Bossen (2 months ago)
and cuz there is too many fucking HAKCERS!
Omar (2 months ago)
only reason i play mm is for the xp ( bcuz its by far the fastest )
Sorky (2 months ago)
0:08 "the number is astenishing" xD
R00KIET (2 months ago)
pretty sure its not 174days since i got 2000matchs and it says for me: Total match time: 56d 15:51:47 so you would have like 75days max
Abdurahim Aiboud (2 months ago)
what a bullshit, i thought it's for free, but no! i have to pay 5€/Month to be able to play in this "LEAGUE" which is meant to be an alternative to MM. what a shame, i thought you made something better than MM, but what you did is sad, taking money from 14yo Kids and being of proud of it, good job, well done. everyone should think about it twice, you already bought the game, why should you pay for a subscription to be able to enjoy the game? come on, you know it better, i am a little student, i cannot afford the amount of time and money to play a video game, i just want to enjoy playing without any cheaters and trolls a few hours a week. what happend to your brains guys? start thinking!
Oğuzhan Yılmazer (2 months ago)
Elvaci Junior (2 months ago)
How to get that font that you're using ingame??
Tawan Nansin (2 months ago)
But for real if you dont plan to go pro then this game is generally a waste of time
Red Hood (2 months ago)
The problem is not the trust factor. Its simply the new 2018 CS: GO community...
Esdynu (2 months ago)
what happens if you select prime mm instead? does it still use the same trustfactor system
vuk markovic (3 months ago)
i stopped cuz of a wave ban xd
ZapZesty YT (3 months ago)
Yeah wanna hear what just happend to me? I joined a matchmaking game as i always do and i was met with a team of 4 russian premates. It was first round i asked my team to go to B (In a very friendly way) and they didn't come to B i asked them why and he said "STFU CYKA" I asked them to follow me again please (i was topscoring for the majority of the game) and they decided to teamkill me and kick me! Like seriously when will this game get langauge oriented matchmaking.
Caio Mauro (3 months ago)
I don’t get motivated to play mm because you can’t go pro from it. ESEA - Ranks G+S Faceit - FPL AND FPL-C MM just had global which with a low trust factor is pointless to play
Mr.CandySkull ! (3 months ago)
You have spend 1 year cleaning your first baguette
BrynnGFX (3 months ago)
My trust factor is low because i started playing faceit when i was nova 1 and i became good ovet the course of about 6 months and coming back to matchmaking to play with my silver friends, everyone just reports me for killing them fairly, so i get cheaters every game when i wanted to start mm again. It's annoying as shit.
saltysiberian (3 months ago)
same here
David a.k.a. Mantis (3 months ago)
Wow, I just checked MY data, and of 1761 MM´s there were 1409 banned after!!! Time to switch to ECL ASAP!!!
Nano (3 months ago)
CSGO is definitely dying
kuubs (3 months ago)
i literally only have russians in my games
Meel (3 months ago)
oh yeah... the same happened to me... kinda... everytime i go solo. the teammates are toxic as fuck... they team hit everybody... fuck
Meel (3 months ago)
i remember "the best year" xd... shit was good xddd
kuubs (3 months ago)
i literally only have russians in my games
Brisket (3 months ago)
IDonateSometimes (3 months ago)
New player here and yes in these nearly 200 hours this past month I have contracted aids and lost a chromosome by playing mm.
#JozBananas (3 months ago)
Paesant numbers for a World of warcraft player. You need to pump those numbers up.
Dox i Miki Games (3 months ago)
I stoped mm becouse of it too and now i play just Faceit(much better)
Crypticexpert (3 months ago)
LOL boohoo go eat your baguette passe-partout
fr0nt 173 (3 months ago)
So you have been playing match making for 4,193 hrs / 1 Year
Lucker (3 months ago)
go play faceit then! who the fuck is playing mm XD. only kids and cheaters.
Brido3 (3 months ago)
I have the same problem its unplayable
AZAMAT T (3 months ago)
Matchmaking it’s only reason I play this game
DerpyPickles (3 months ago)
MM is so fucked. I'm MG1 in MM and im going against MGE, DMG , and LE
Jaba B (3 months ago)
Good choice. FaceIT is more fun :)
Daniel Savescu (3 months ago)
I just uninstalled and moved on.
MysteryDoorStudio (3 months ago)
Go face it :D
ImHacks YT (3 months ago)
yeah fckin low trust factor shit and fckin toxic russians and chinese also when you queue then u got a teammates with a 4 party member they will kick you wtf even when you are not the prob
pineapplepen (3 months ago)
I know this is a bit late but I'm stuck in silver 4 because of the matchmaking system, in silver nobody knows what the hell to do so I boss them around and tell them what to do, Keep in mind most of the time I'm in a chill monotone voice about it but some people don't like it. In one of my previous games I was acting like an IGL and one of my teamates said I was shit at it and said run down mid 4 times (which I did because all were ecos and I said make this an eco round but my team kept buying and went long or cat) Silver also gets pretty toxic when half your teamates don't know how to listen to sound but mute you or get mad when you tell them to do something. I have positive kda in most of my games but the only times I don't get positive kda is when the other team is full of awpers. It sucks being in silver with a decent amount of game knowledge and you can't even use it because your team will flame you. I wish I was a higher elo I don't know if I totally deserve it but it definitely seems like it. (and it sucks when some of your team is going something like 3 and 15 I had a game with a guy that was -1 and 15 when we finally kicked him, he killed me with a nade when rushing b I also had a guy who was 2 and 18 and started killing me. It's annoying how low I am in the trust factor too because I get reported for being "toxic". I know this sounds one sided but trust me it really isn't.
pineapplepen (3 months ago)
I'm still playing though as it's the only game I really enjoy. I think league is too boring same with overwatch.
unicockboy (3 months ago)
So... I can reset my horrible trust factor by not playing?
ReadyAimFire (3 months ago)
So it was just a long advertisement in the end.
Mello (3 months ago)
same shit ... 2 bad we have to pay money for places like faceit or esea to get a good gaming exp but even there , there are alot of trolls and leavers
Ivey Onine (3 months ago)
true words!!
haypbisz (3 months ago)
wait, did he say he got banned? or am i wrong?
samgk (3 months ago)
I have recently started playing mm more (normally i play faceit) and whenever i q with friends it warns them of my low trust factor, yet when i used to play mm i pretty much never team killed, kicked people, not once did i ever leave a game etc. Is it something to do with the fact i hadn't played mm and only faceit for a while? Even in that time i played alot of wingman though. I don't get it? I have 1.7k hours and my account is 3 years old too
No Name (3 months ago)
Could it be that the trust Faktor gets lower by every report you get ? I am good to my teammates. Not even a bit toxic. And I only get Russians. No joke I am German and I get to Spain servers with a 150 ping and raging Russians

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