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Counter-Strike - DE dust2 HD

790201 ratings | 93517437 views
Based on the game, Counter-Strike: Source, this fifth episode in the series brings our stick characters to the map, de_dust2. Facebook! http://fb.com/flashdeck Twitter! http://twitter.com/flashdeckanim Credits: Done by Wei Xing Yong http://flash-deck.com This flash was first released in October 2008. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (79682)
Fortnite Squad (1 hour ago)
The music is getting intensifying!
Spring Trap (2 hours ago)
Anyone knows the name of the song 0:03-0:55
Artistic Beaver (2 hours ago)
Why has this got 93 million views
Bliitz (2 hours ago)
2018 anyone also this is sick
Barnaby Sk (6 hours ago)
If I find 2009 comment I'll shit myself
Jeff Hardy (6 hours ago)
👑❤2018 ❤👑
face (9 hours ago)
But.. Counter stick from stick page..
Lightning_ StrikeX (10 hours ago)
I remember the time I watch this video in my brother phone damn old time
Ryan Stewart (12 hours ago)
T h i s i s s o b a d
Willy Anims (12 hours ago)
Is it wierd that i used to watch this when i was a kid? Lol
2plus2 is4 (22 hours ago)
93 million views ???? Wtf
meep578 awesome (22 hours ago)
It's old but I love it still
агентбос x2 (23 hours ago)
Слыш домбаза не трогай!!!!!
idol kita (1 day ago)
Who's still watching 2018?
Vladi 707 (1 day ago)
Оу крыса крыса
Golden Hunter (1 day ago)
Very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rona abejo (1 day ago)
lol hacker vs admin hacker become a chicken hahahaha
rona abejo (1 day ago)
omg hacker
rona abejo (1 day ago)
dumbass is the real dumb look
Chief Ray (1 day ago)
SWAT was best
-Jorem Gameplays- (1 day ago)
skin z Fortnite (1 day ago)
-Jorem Gameplays- X 2
Hazel De Vera (1 day ago)
I like the camper
Super duper Turtle (1 day ago)
8/18/2018 wow
DankLemurz (1 day ago)
Mouse scrolling through your weapons quickly makes you a hacker
Nasku (1 day ago)
watched this first back in 2012... still awesome
salih eristi (1 day ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1cHzEUfxBQ Sayfam yeni lütfen takip Dostlar Canlı yayınlarım olucak bir cok oyunda sureklı.
Carry minati (1 day ago)
Can forget this old days..Today everyone plays Fortnite
Guilherme (2 days ago)
Só os gringo msm pra achar graça nessa porra
Anar Tnts (2 days ago)
Tihs video iits noob man you are suks
cifij (2 days ago)
omg i remember watching this as a kid...
Domo Dreamer (2 days ago)
ID K (2 days ago)
i keep coming back
Y.B.S Official (2 days ago)
Aga be eski zamanlarim aklima geldi 😢😏
Hacker Gamer (2 days ago)
92 Миллиона? Ахренеть
Аська STAR (2 days ago)
its counter strike source
Iskander Serikov (2 days ago)
4:39 Должен быть Хедшот!
Iskander Serikov (2 days ago)
3:37 У меня тоже такое бывает, прям БЕСИТ!! И я думаю что мне попалось искривленное Авп))
Fabiola Doku (2 days ago)
😍Counter strike 1.6😍
saikinho gaichinha (2 days ago)
L7ckyDuck •-• (2 days ago)
Flashbang out....
Genç KUŞÇU (2 days ago)
YIL 2018
KHALDOUN (2 days ago)
_ AstoN _ (2 days ago)
Sport Pro❶ TV (3 days ago)
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MvK' Streek (3 days ago)
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yandere Chan (3 days ago)
Oh camper ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿╤── 💀
90,000,000 (million views)!!!
ELSI_NANO (3 days ago)
Good Job Nice Video
Mustafa Çelik (3 days ago)
orusbu cocu dumbass
Taha Şahin (3 days ago)
What is the program?
Prada (3 days ago)
It was a time when Counter-Strike did not have kids
*Don't KILL Me*
jej Jego (3 days ago)
Hawk (3 days ago)
Omg I love Deftones!
Reaper 724 (3 days ago)
2018 everybody
*Кто за то, что CSS топ "+" в комменты!*
Алла ТЕ (3 days ago)
Dammbass weat
smithale Avilacañedo (3 days ago)
bun vide
If this was PUBG i would be killer
Swedoge Mlg (3 days ago)
Im the dumbass
Homi Variaduh (3 days ago)
Rockey Ro (3 days ago)
Masterpiece Classic Nostalgic = The perfect CS video
meep578 awesome (22 hours ago)
Audio changed at 5:05
meep578 awesome (22 hours ago)
Just to say, the audio changed from :https://youtu.be/T0EMksOz5eI
meep578 awesome (22 hours ago)
150,000 subs challange!!! ! I know right
LP1 (3 days ago)
Rush B Cyka Blyat
Hog Rider (1 day ago)
LP1 huh this is fanyasir Suka blyat
Samet Özelma (4 days ago)
92 millions views?!! its just a fucking animation.
Некиш Раут (4 days ago)
У меня 2009 днюха
napstablook (4 days ago)
4:18 my favorite
Why is the Rum gone? (4 days ago)
Golden Age of YouTube ^.^ Nostalgia is *OVER 9000*
Mathewpoke (4 days ago)
Can't believe it's already been 8 years, I feel old now lol
StuH III (20 hours ago)
The nostalgia
hang-S (4 days ago)
kankuro Stewart (4 days ago)
93million views
Cartoon World (4 days ago)
2018 ??
ᴢᴇᴘᴇx. (4 days ago)
1:53 yeah fwardnight dances in 2009
Alvix gaming (5 days ago)
This is so shit
profragz (5 days ago)
cat kedi (5 days ago)
Jass Harley (5 days ago)
2018 : this legendary ist still alive :D
Skippy VsTheJIF (5 days ago)
93M views Bruh
Frame (5 days ago)
Еба.... И, это старенькое видео, у меня в советы???
Fueege bs (5 days ago)
Ля скоко ту олдфагов стеречь попросту. (Нет)По мне та3 наилучшие времена по ходились на середину и крышка 90-х сами понимаете отчего.
Zelda Memes Br (5 days ago)
Adam Galano (5 days ago)
Saw this originally on newgrounds
Adam Galano (5 days ago)
Oh camper camper
utyfff (5 days ago)
А ведь все персонажи реальные.. Мало кто это помнит :) Кто помнит - ставь лайк!
Bhagirath Pramanik (6 days ago)
I like swat
rush b
the gangster boys (6 days ago)
What the heck is this crap
Royale BreakzZ (5 days ago)
This is quality
Colyte (6 days ago)
kasing fan (6 days ago)
CS 1.6 miss old cs
Milton pro el gamer (6 days ago)
Yoel Rumahorbo (6 days ago)
He never Upload.I think the owner of this Channel is R.I.P
mine chick (6 days ago)
AH Z (6 days ago)
the pro is the best!
Arcadian (6 days ago)
This is older then 2009, right?
Dao Duc Hanh (6 days ago)
counter strike 2004
Sparks (6 days ago)
does anyone know what the first song is?
Depression though me (6 days ago)

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