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Counter-Strike - DE dust2 HD

746856 ratings | 90786898 views
Based on the game, Counter-Strike: Source, this fifth episode in the series brings our stick characters to the map, de_dust2. Facebook! http://fb.com/flashdeck Twitter! http://twitter.com/flashdeckanim Credits: Done by Wei Xing Yong http://flash-deck.com This flash was first released in October 2008. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (76685)
Andrew Birds (1 hour ago)
Who watch in 2018?))
kust osz (1 hour ago)
I thik fd god have hacks XD
J M (2 hours ago)
2018 april
J M (2 hours ago)
I can't believe I watched this when I was 4 or 5 years old
Aris Deguzman (2 hours ago)
time to play csgo now lol
PavlOFF (3 hours ago)
Rubiсon Game (3 hours ago)
Ностальгия нахуй
simon hernandez (4 hours ago)
Que nostalgia :v
Cyruks (5 hours ago)
2018 xD
Amway 277 (6 hours ago)
Amway 277 (6 hours ago)
Watched this when i was in 3rd grade, now in 9th, time flies
Cenker LittleGamer (7 hours ago)
_PentaMasteR_ Reloaded (7 hours ago)
I'm waiting Fortnite to update.....
Канал Медка (8 hours ago)
90 M CYKA BLAYAT DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fred Bagz (9 hours ago)
haha ive seen this clip even before it was on youtube, good ole days.
GamE&Stuff GOP3 (10 hours ago)
8 fuc.ingg years
Criminalu GT (11 hours ago)
Who 2019 from 2008 ??
2018.04.21 кто-то кушать???
alive ?
tao soenens (13 hours ago)
it was a good time aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !
Казактар бар ма?
Hrhehee Yeyeyee (14 hours ago)
Truy kích đây rồi
AeonFLux (15 hours ago)
R.i.p legend never uploads again
Jack TV (16 hours ago)
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AgREsSs0R SH00TER (20 hours ago)
Scar (20 hours ago)
That's a lot a views!!!
Lewin Jaisy (20 hours ago)
Bizarre (20 hours ago)
I am FD God ) Я FD God )
WASP 1234 (22 hours ago)
When I first watched this I thought it was a mobile game I’m retareded
the best movie ever made!)
VortiZen (1 day ago)
A classic
W. Werion (1 day ago)
All time classic
Munkhbat MB (1 day ago)
9 yrs ago damn
Levi Powell (1 day ago)
eh, good animation, not that funny
Fikri Fathoni (1 day ago)
2018 here
David böke (1 day ago)
500 k subs 90 m
Tunahan Akkoyun (1 day ago)
Nostalji. ..
Ayrton Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Golden Boy Channel (1 day ago)
Офигеть, если были бы эти мометы в GS:GO было бы вообщем 👌👌👌👍👍👍
Dude Guy (1 day ago)
Rush b?
TheEpicFighter TEF (1 day ago)
syka blyat
Just Zack (1 day ago)
Anybody else getting a dose of nostalgia while watching this?
Neeraj Jagraon (1 day ago)
nic work
nicogesell barrios (1 day ago)
nothing has changed in csgo since then.
Epischer Zuschauer (1 day ago)
Who doesn't know this situation?
Kamil Skruch (1 day ago)
FallenSharingan (1 day ago)
2011 or 2012 I watched this . Now 2018 recommended
SparkyplugYT (1 day ago)
2018-04? XD If u here hit sub to my channel too!
mine kik228 (1 day ago)
мне было 3 годика когда оно вышло! КАПЕЕЕЕЕЦ
Nexsyzium (1 day ago)
O shit... i miss this
Pavel Gaming (1 day ago)
*2 0 0 9*
TECHNO CHANNEL (1 day ago)
20 april 2018
RiZe iOS (1 day ago)
Anyone here from 2018?
RiZe iOS nah bro I'm here from 2009
THS _ Coal (2 days ago)
Damn 90 million views
Surgeon Doob (2 days ago)
Is this channel alive?
Pecman[] (1 day ago)
Pecman[] nostalgia*
anonymous Sadboy (2 days ago)
Conheço esse mapa mais do q minha casa hauhajshaushs
Adarsh Pagare (2 days ago)
Loved it🤘🤘
Yunus- Emre Özcan (2 days ago)
MG12 Produções (2 days ago)
1:09 song name?
MG12 Produções (2 days ago)
1:09 song name?
kasim khan kk (2 days ago)
You sum up my 6 years of playing cs in just 6 mins :D
Nowalls 1.0 (2 days ago)
I was i little kid when this was uploaded, the time....
rameses vinson (2 days ago)
Make a CS:GO one with a new slav character.
Autistic Asian Kid (2 days ago)
Remember when this was top tier animations?
Im Luke (3 days ago)
I watched this video the year it came out, and I always repeated the video over and over like 50 times, now I come back to it 8 years later... and it has 90M views... wow... I don’t know what made me want to watch this again because I completely forgot about this. Such a good video...
MacieQ (3 days ago)
Łysy to menel kurwa grzmoci matke pod mostem
MacieQ (3 days ago)
Kurwa Lisin Skurwisin to ruchacz matek pozdrawiam!
Кулич Alex (3 days ago)
Я ниче не сообразил, однако мне понравилось
devuer (3 days ago)
2018 boys!!!! dis is insane!
EGOR (3 days ago)
Это про CS:S
Baran Erceylan (3 days ago)
Əli Qasımov (3 days ago)
2018? 😃😃😃
HyperTech (3 days ago)
when I watching this video for the first time, I like the striker tho but too bad he died early XD
Josh Arcos (3 days ago)
Killer X Max payne
DemonPLays (3 days ago)
pendulum-slam renember the mako reactor
mkScreaM (4 days ago)
2018 still watching =)
Kevin Andreas (4 days ago)
watched this back in 2009 playing cs 1.6, watched this again playing cso, watched it again playing cs source, watched it again the first week csgo launched. then I watched it again today. then I realized my childhood is gone and how I wish I'm a kid again playing Counter Strike with school next morning while neglecting homeworks
Strider Entertainment (4 days ago)
90. Million. Views. On a Counter-Strike animation. Let that sink in, everyone. -Ragnarok
Koray Ucar (4 days ago)
Çok güzel
Ryen (4 days ago)
I MENT 2011
DarkVanilla PW (4 days ago)
Im from 2010
Олег В Кашу (4 days ago)
Привет из 2018
KarakuD (4 days ago)
Christian Gamer (4 days ago)
Blade Willow_15 (4 days ago)
Good old time eh , the first time i watch this video still got 300k views ,
That's funny because newbie kill him self with grenade
Morgan Nightmare (5 days ago)
Кто из 2018?:)
H.ygamer (5 days ago)
I have never seen such views o-0
Они ютуберов дизморалят. Дауны тупые.
Cinema Movie (5 days ago)
witch program you using????? any help
Joh R Rahmatullah (5 days ago)
Im from 2018
WeeDн Р (5 days ago)
Че пацаны онимэ?
ПЛОХОЙ ЧЕЛ ! (5 days ago)
OMG! When I watched this in 2012 it was 10m views...
solitario gamer (5 days ago)
E triste desistiu do canal

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