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CS:S - bhop_fur in 2:47 by Dream

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Counter-Strike: Source Bunnyhopping - Watch in 720p! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Player: Dream Settings: Autobhop - 1338 airaccelerate, 100 tickrate Map: bhop_fur Time: 02:47.418 Runner's notes: \o/ Server: Ultima Bhop - Music: Bonobo - Ten tigers ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Submit a run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5_eomBuKjU ► Steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SourceJumpOfficial Any run uploaded onto this channel isn't necessarily the fastest for that map/category.
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Text Comments (452)
Caserin (2 days ago)
phoon? is that u?
Sanic - Roblox (2 days ago)
i dont know how to bhop :( now, it's my dream to dream
Elmo (3 days ago)
i cant belive you done this
Ik Cars (4 days ago)
Phoon is that you??
Ruben (4 days ago)
Where is his gun and the enemies? This isn't counterstrike
SALT (4 days ago)
i fast as fuck boi
Aviator Pear (9 days ago)
How long did it take you to master that?
Jordan Davenport (14 days ago)
Stupid motion blur kills my eyes
Mister alach (14 days ago)
Асхуяли он скорость при серфах не теряет?
iWolf (14 days ago)
I need a playlist of all of these nice and calming songs
original gamer (15 days ago)
anyone who says they can do this faster, i feel bad for them.
Daiana Ortiz (17 days ago)
Es un BOT
Wooden Crap (25 days ago)
That intro tho
Boti Channel (29 days ago)
BeanMarioCow (29 days ago)
No scripts were -used- needed in the making of this video :)
Double Q (1 month ago)
wow you are too good O_O
DMGamer99 MacAdams (1 month ago)
If anyone says this looks easy without ever bhopping before, this takes months of practice to pull off, good job.
RiZe (1 month ago)
My record on bhop_fur was 3:00
AnassRedDead (1 month ago)
robotic movement...hmmmm
R.I.P "A,D&Space"
Maximus (1 month ago)
One of the easiest maps out there Anyway gg
original gamer (15 days ago)
this is the easiest map ever: https://gamebanana.com/maps/97570
pob677 (1 month ago)
Damn, that’s CS : S
Wosiak (1 month ago)
"i would've done it better" Said no one never
lxlMlgGamerlxl (1 month ago)
I hate you
Pauls Burans (1 month ago)
This guy really disagrees with something
SomeKid Games (1 month ago)
ADD A COUPLE zeroes to your time and mines right there!
Juan Nikolas (1 month ago)
too smooth man, i wanna sleep while watching this video
BR0TH3R TUB3 (1 month ago)
do u listen to music when u bhop i just want to know out of curiosity
Su Go (1 month ago)
В чем прикол этого прыгания?
Downie Chicken (1 month ago)
Then there's me bragging about how i managed to pull off 3 consecutive bhops once
EthxnOG (1 month ago)
tatu_m.70 (1 month ago)
2:52 thank me later
Chris -0 (1 month ago)
annoying weird music
Harry Drew (1 month ago)
nice bhop scripts noob
SlayerLime (1 month ago)
Harry Drew are u brainded?
Khigh (1 month ago)
Nice mouse pad.
keith anthony (1 month ago)
i bet clickycrisp can do it in a minute
Shenob (1 month ago)
even if its autohop its still impressive.
主人公Mkettom (1 month ago)
Жесткий мальчуган
Louis GAMING (1 month ago)
Did you drink Razer potion and turned on eagle eye? There is kind of ad like that at Razer check it out 😂
Sušenka (1 month ago)
Is he playing on xbox controller or what
Греча (1 month ago)
complect this map for 25 mins
CubstersWorld (1 month ago)
lol i would hardly get past first part I'm that bad
Puffi Puffi (1 month ago)
r0cKly_Xv (1 month ago)
카창인생코디왕 (1 month ago)
Auto bhop
Vincent (1 month ago)
guys i think hes b hopping
Hacker Mason (2 months ago)
its clearly a TAR.
Robin Wullum (2 months ago)
nice no clip u fucking gay
TorroDash (2 months ago)
do you use right,left,up and down key to look around? so smooth
Job Macht (2 months ago)
I won't believe these bhop videos until I see the HUD.
Varun Kumar (2 months ago)
This is free-look , clickbait reported :)
Gav Art (2 months ago)
Save some pussy for the rest of us
Hop E (2 months ago)
This is so relaxing
Critical Zero (3 months ago)
This is somehow very satisfying
better than porn
ParueinFay (3 months ago)
motion sickness lmfao
The Gaming Panda (3 months ago)
if i did this id be sweatin my balls off
Izak du Preez (4 months ago)
they use scroll for jump? or some broken boost button like old tv games?
tryhardtowin (4 months ago)
Wow dude. How much time did it take to completely record dat awesome run?
Lore Cheeto (4 months ago)
bhop is a form of art
Tet_God_Of_Play (4 months ago)
Dream is like the smoothest bhoper ever
Swords Gaming (4 months ago)
What a god
RazerXnitro (4 months ago)
this isn't human anymore
RioT_CS (4 months ago)
Admin, I think he's cheating
Jaime Enriquez (4 months ago)
This dudes mouse pad is bigger than his whole desk 😂😂😂
SALM3N (4 months ago)
I hâte this view
Ethan Bresette (4 months ago)
I've been following you for a while and I gotta say, that was fucking impressive!
Ethan Engelbrecht (4 months ago)
what song did you use
Volkov Pavel (4 months ago)
Alexandru Nicolae (4 months ago)
"yes now do it without autobhop" most of you faggots who complain that he autobhops would, most probably, miss 95% of the jumps he makes in the video with that speed, i bet you can't even keep 900 in a straight line, if it's so easy why isn't yt filled with times close to WR for every bhop map?
Thx for bonobo
Baku S (4 months ago)
On shift all ??
Roan Oneill (5 months ago)
How to get banned for scripting 101
ramnstine1 (5 months ago)
you're amazing dude, big fan! :-)
Aurora Lushi (5 months ago)
the way he behops is the way my mouth goes when i beatbox
Dusan Stefanco (5 months ago)
i can hold space and strafe too -_-
I'm Leymann (5 months ago)
Someone teach me how to bhop like this guy
Tristamii (5 months ago)
Why is the camera man shaking so much?
Krakenway (5 months ago)
Why does the mouse movement look edited af
Ryan M. (5 months ago)
def got a shit bucket
Kr33dzZ Games (5 months ago)
Very good, good timing and ctrl release
Harry Whitton (5 months ago)
Literally most favourite vid on yt so clean
Sir ToastMuncher (5 months ago)
This made bhoping look like its own game
jdog340 (5 months ago)
when you have too much free time on your hands
Lynnlo gaming (5 months ago)
I almost got a heart attack.
Matthias de Vreede (5 months ago)
What a noob amirite?
ZuarBeatbox (5 months ago)
You suck
TheRealSuper (5 months ago)
Bocuma is a bhop_fur fag
BeckhamJW (5 months ago)
Miko Sereno (5 months ago)
Somebody beat that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
What do you use to record you screen? I love how it just doesn’t pixelate on me
Philip Grahn (5 months ago)
Zac Gan (5 months ago)
strafe god
xGoldenGunsx (5 months ago)
theres auto bhop.. way too smooth
somepunk (5 months ago)
i don't even bhop i just watch these videos to relax
msi T (5 months ago)
Oh my head
Mograine (5 months ago)
Nice Script.
Zireael (5 months ago)
Nice autobhop and 1338 airaccelerate
Dr. Karma (5 months ago)
head nodding simulator
Hexx (5 months ago)
This be very impressive if these weren't auto bhop servers so holding one key kinder ruins it all for me

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