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Cs 1.6 Server Zombie Plague Free Vip

66 ratings | 6322 views
ip: [ DreamiNG ] - Zombie 4.3 | FDL + Free Vip + JB-Bazooka ] ×1 boost = Vip + 50000 ammo + Hammer Knife
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Text Comments (30)
Amir Brk (13 days ago)
how to get 1 boost
jhonatan roja altuve (1 month ago)
callate mamaguevo
claudi clau (4 months ago)
mai este valabiil?
TroXPoXBoX (4 months ago)
Music plz
TR0LL3R ;]] (7 months ago)
SKull you Cs?
SKUmpower CapTain (1 year ago)
"[P]a[L]e[S]t[I]n[E]~[SV]~[ZM]4.3FreeV.I.P+NewWeopn" Free VIP ip:
marija nikolic (1 year ago)
JoKeR GaMeR (1 year ago)
SKull can i get ffree admin or give me Owner fb
CrackingUniverse (1 year ago)
Hello nice server , thank you lots , ive been looking for a server like this and i finally found it :D
Slendrina (1 year ago)
THX dude.
MALI DRMA (1 year ago)
kako se server zove
VIPER king (1 year ago)
skull day i play with you
rowaid alshafe (1 year ago)
fuck this server i allways ned play and computer is out allways fuck fuck
HM Gaming (1 year ago)
its not working why?
skakif ismail (1 year ago)
plz skul give me admin or vip and i give you like and abonner my name skakif ismail
Captain Bonnie (1 year ago)
boost and Recording
Nice Video
SKull Cs (1 year ago)
fire wolf (1 year ago)
fire wolf (1 year ago)
fire wolf (1 year ago)
fire wolf (1 year ago)
hi hi
SKull Cs (1 year ago)
PROVideo Creator G/T (1 year ago)
You noob :) :V good job/nice/super/good :)
Trilogy (1 year ago)
i cant buy anything in the extra vip menu
SKull Cs (1 year ago)
free vip from 00:00 to 12:00
Trilogy (1 year ago)
skull its not free vip you lied
SKull Cs (1 year ago)
free vip from 00:00 to 12:00
is cod and cool :D
SKull Cs (1 year ago)

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