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CS:GO - When PRO PLAYERS Make SNEAKY PLAYS!! (Ninja Plays!)

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When Pro Players Sneaky Plays in CS:GO! Stream Highlights, Ninja Plays, Funny Moments, Epic Clutches, Pro Plays! Leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed! cs go streams: twitch.tv/stewie2k twitch.tv/swag twitch.tv/shroud
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Text Comments (169)
SynTV CS:GO & More! (1 year ago)
Skadongler video coming up next! Thanks for watching! :))))))
Idk :d (3 days ago)
4:24 uh
Phoenix (12 days ago)
What would m0E react to that?
Sander Palu (15 days ago)
4:07 is that somekind of aimhack? looks very weird to be just luck.
Cashew (27 days ago)
sneeki breeki
Crazh _ CZ (1 month ago)
wasnt your vid without stewie's head or red arrow in tumbnail
Xie -Xu (1 month ago)
check my channel
Daniel (1 month ago)
wh aimbot
Stoned Fox (1 month ago)
that 5-stack in coop was sick XD
mam autyzm (1 month ago)
Shroud's viewmodel?
CSGO_POOL (2 months ago)
Kisiel (2 months ago)
Key-Drop.pl SOBOLEQ darmowe 2zł! sorki za reklamke :D
Amarildo Veliko (2 months ago)
Liked only cause of shroud
Joseph Indorato (2 months ago)
very funny but ninja doesn't play CS:GO
Bhupendra Pandey (2 months ago)
Fer. It's your turn. Go.
TheSmileyPlays (2 months ago)
0:54 graphics tho
Anime & Game (3 months ago)
I have not still understand why Hyp9x didnt knife the other guy at 9:10 . He could actually had
bamBi (1 month ago)
To give you a more polite answer, he didnt knife him because if he did, the second player wouldve rotated way faster to B. He did a smart move to sneak past him so HIS way to B would be fast enough to Plant before the rotate of the second player watching A comes in. Its not that hard to understand tbh.
fighter z kralup (2 months ago)
Mitsaras _GR you don't understand the game iam pretty sure that you are maximally mg1 cuz you are so dumb
CHILIPEÑO (4 months ago)
Also called trigger discipline
- omFg (4 months ago)
10:47 walls
I from Taiwan (4 days ago)
I from Taiwan (4 days ago)
Aizawa Shouta (6 months ago)
Nc closing
bored stranger (7 months ago)
What USP-S skin was that in the thumbnail?
another student (7 months ago)
Outro song?
Prins van Oranje (9 months ago)
Next video: When PRO players turn on their MONITOR.
XTCY playz (9 months ago)
Im watching this high👍
Spotty Videos (9 months ago)
4:40 Crosshair?
Yusuf Kelek (10 months ago)
https://youtu.be/aGoVQNBC-OY link sound name pls!!!!!!!!
Lucas 86 (10 months ago)
Moe, sucks not just skills but also temper
FoX _VD (10 months ago)
Sneaky beaky my friend
Elias Defendi (1 year ago)
"Fer your turn" o fer vai lá e leva 3 kjjkkk fer god demais
What's the skin in the thumbnail?
s0raax (1 year ago)
I such sneaky man
Reaction (1 year ago)
Wtf i just got a 52 minute ad... tf?
Tickle Manster (1 year ago)
New fnatic lineup retarded af
yokko ona (1 year ago)
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miika kosonen (1 year ago)
LOL AIMBOT 3:20 - 3:25
LordJJ (9 months ago)
Lmao you stupid? You can see that everytime he change his target, the crosshair is like jiggling to the sides. If that's aimbot then the crosshair wouldn't go to the sides
NinjaPlays (1 year ago)
he is so sneaky
nicolas figueredo (1 year ago)
5:21 no parece un argentino? jaja
GuilhermeSar (11 months ago)
nicolas figueredo me parece um boludo fedido
Negro de whatshap (11 months ago)
nicolas figueredo buscando un comentario q diga lo q pienso <3
alperen altuntaş (1 year ago)
http://csgoroll.com/promo/76561198090980390 FREE 1 $$$
lennard schafer (1 year ago)
Heya permit Anybody identify worse this videp ..2./
DécèS (1 year ago)
Ninety Cats (1 year ago)
dazed is so cringey it hurts
vikram kc (1 year ago)
Damn wallers
WoAh AuTiSm!!1!1!1!!!11!!
Levi (1 year ago)
2:17 you can see krimz mocking deadfox by copying his side steps 😂😂
Levi (1 year ago)
At 1:48 you can see that mixwell completely removed the head of the second guy 😂
Phantom (1 year ago)
5:33 tell me that does not look suspicious he shakes his aim aim right at the guy and then moves it quickly.. idk maybe im just imagining things Shroud scene btw
Legitimately nothing there dude, you're dreaming.
Zack Larsson (1 year ago)
rafi fahrudin (1 year ago)
6:15 "I can't take...." xD hilarious
slothsiege (1 year ago)
I tried the mostiou play and hid in the smoke but when I got out the smoke I got fucked by a p90 😂😂😂
LoudAndOne (1 year ago)
Stewie: *S U P B I T C H*
danielle anafuh (1 year ago)
What usp skin is in the thumbnail
Gokul K P (6 months ago)
its not an official skin its from the workshop
serenity898 (10 months ago)
imperial dragon????
Emoter (11 months ago)
danielle anafuh it's a community skin, dont remember the name tho
Arman Bajwa (1 year ago)
danielle anafuh neo noir
Lalafua (1 year ago)
minute 2:44 aimlock too see the other trough the wall.
Are you autistic?
junjie325 (1 year ago)
"How? How did he get away with this? What is going on? I don't understand this." WTF is wrong with these casters. STOP ASKING QUESTIONS. You're supposed to tell us what's happening. If you don't know what happening then why are you even a caster.
Jes 217k Tori 217k (8 months ago)
Fuck cs caster are definitely good at there jobs how often does the kill feed ever show a double of anything that they miss they watch the map very good and if the casters aren't the ones doing it then props to whoever picks the screen to watch.
LordJJ (9 months ago)
Wow. You're watching the match you know. They don't need to inform you anymore to help you understand what's happening. The casters might be trying to excite the fans
Rollins Gaurano (9 months ago)
To hype them They arent just casters They might also be fans
Vincent Ton (1 year ago)
junjie325 so you would rather watch them unenthusiasticly saying every little thing they do?
Plus you can see the screens, if you don't know what's going on from watching it why are you even playing cs then?
7eight (1 year ago)
Just to get t out there, at the beginning Stewie says "I wonder if I can knife him" not "I'm gonna fuckin knife him" :))
RitzierLime 05 (1 year ago)
3:20 when he jerks to the guy threw smoke
It didn't even lock onto anyone, just glitch in gotv or smth.
Ryan bentley (1 year ago)
Truly an amazing outro song
Stezzy (1 year ago)
In polish syn mean son lol
OfficerRain (1 year ago)
that headband in thumbnail is from club penguin LOL
Jake Rowan (1 year ago)
7:24 that's a girl talking right?
ZyReX ツ xd (1 year ago)
Jake Rowan yup
Crassus. (1 year ago)
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The Emerald Prince (1 year ago)
always c9 with sneaky plays k lol
Sasuke Uchiha (1 year ago)
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Rory Morgan (1 year ago)
nerve cotton view excellent reporter imagine exercise part reward.
PokemonNerdLand (1 year ago)
What's that USP skin in thumbnail? It looks pretty sick!
TroughStruggle (1 year ago)
altough german is my mother language, i CAN'T listen to german commentators.. just they way he pronounced "nuke"...
Bayer U (1 year ago)
how the balls did they not see stewie in the first clip...
Kai (1 year ago)
Hello? Hi, *victory music*
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Maui Ibabao (1 year ago)
I WON A vulcan THANKS BRO :d
Ritzeross (1 year ago)
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Maui Ibabao (1 year ago)
is that your referral code? if not howd you get it brote
Ritzeross (1 year ago)
your welcome! :)
wire (1 year ago)
When CSGO Youtubers make these videos to get skins easily.
xGeneric (1 year ago)
I shouldnt have watched this on the toilet. I clenched so hard I couldnt shit for hours
riko 1 (1 year ago)
3:32 who win round?
Evul Iksbede (1 year ago)
Faze :D
RAPID (1 year ago)
I will sub to any anyone who subbed to me and I will be checking ;)
Orange Pickle (1 year ago)
subbed because of the outro lol
NickLMAOXD xd (1 year ago)
SquidySaurus (1 year ago)
Filip Adamovic (1 year ago)
lol u gay
baconator3001 (1 year ago)
can i have a 10 hour version of your outro pls
bobo47PHENOMEN (1 year ago)
viewmodel from minute 4:55?
Dare Živković (1 year ago)
na fly is wh user
coolmccool25 (1 year ago)
Reposting old clips holy shit why
Max Newiss (10 months ago)
Because it's a compilation
Storm Alexander (1 year ago)
Levi well he just did
Cowculus (1 year ago)
Levi yea you can
Levi (1 year ago)
coolmccool25 because he feels like doing it. You can't question the decisions of a YouTuber.
ollie173 (1 year ago)
ollie173 (1 year ago)
This is just a compilation of pros not checking corners and pushing smokes
Rollins Gaurano (9 months ago)
Levi Wow
Levi (1 year ago)
ollie173 that's how ninja plays at csgo work what do you expect? You want them to blink everywhere & hide in the shadows? Idk what's in your mind but you're not normal I'll give you that
P3dr0 3 (1 year ago)
hahaah rir muito
oh! (1 year ago)
is it bad that i got the outro song stuck in my head?
Harry Lee (1 year ago)
Sity (1 year ago)
Harry Lee why is this content on a porn site? Lol
Harry Lee (1 year ago)
chisuks (1 year ago)
Harry Lee Nice Ace.
IMBE (1 year ago)
nice bro keep it up! ;)
JAPRON (1 year ago)
Nice profile pic
JAPRON (1 year ago)
Eryk019 SHOTYzLIVE stop assuing that i am from where ever the fuck you're from -_-
Eryk019 (1 year ago)
JAPRON *Subskrajbera dałbyś prosie z całego serduszka*
Vekrent (1 year ago)
Austin Smith (1 year ago)
Best outro on YouTube
La Vérité de Youtube (4 months ago)
Eryk019 https://youtu.be/TYgOlqinH7A
La Vérité de Youtube (4 months ago)
ItzNateyy (1 year ago)
i've been trying to find a clip of him when he actually claps
Eryk019 (1 year ago)
Austin Smith *Subskrajbera dałbyś prosie z całego serduszka*
RaEKT (1 year ago)
258th :D
Ryan Smock (1 year ago)
I can just imagine Moe beating his chest and screaming like an ape while he blames his teammate in that intro
Jasper B. (1 year ago)
Ryan Smock Where did JasonR come from?
Noah Animatazer (1 year ago)
Mustafa Temel no, moe and jasonR are just unpleasant and it's no even like they're really pro tbh
Mustafa Temel (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who finds Moe so unlikable?

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