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CS GO - Valve PATCHES Duplication Exploit!

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Text Comments (1685)
StJin (2 years ago)
it is not positive if you get scammed for real
Jonah Matousek (2 years ago)
Wtf my account got hacked twice within the past year and I didn't get my skins back. I thought it was that this patch was in affect for a while so i thought that was why I didn't get my skins back
HelloDoge (2 years ago)
stop duplicating the word duplicated
LazarS (2 years ago)
cool, they allowed millions of dollars in skins duplicated but they cant return mine scammed items thanks for helping rich out and not giving shit about those who only bought game and spent couple bucks on it...
Xander (2 years ago)
someone got robbed at gunpoint so don't get robbed at gunpoint if someone knows you have good skins. Dubai collector never goes outside again
Xander (2 years ago)
you can't refund gifted games anymore to...
byw (2 years ago)
Because of the mobile authentication limitation I'm essentially not able to use the marketplace anymore. I have a windows phone. There are also plenty of people out there with out smart phones, or without phones period. I can't wait 15 days to sell an item, prices can fluctuate far too much for that, and if say prices rise, I can't cancel the pending market listing because I'll get a cool down. Just let me disable your security methods. How hard is that? As GO has gotten older and older Valve has put more and more restrictions on it making the game worse and worse. I don't want steam guard. Emails suck. But or course I have to have it on to use the market. I don't want email market confirmations. Emails suck, and you used to be able to turn them off. I cannot have the steam mobile app, you don't support my phone.
cyborgMACHINE (2 years ago)
so now that i have a gut knife blue steel ww.When i go to csgoexchange there is the exact same knife with the same float value.Should it worry me? Cuz i traded my knife legitly.Can valve delete my knife?
singleflips (2 years ago)
what? no more P250 Sand Dune duping? GABEN Y U DO DIS
Jake Amann (2 years ago)
If anyone ever robs me for skins, the joke's on them... I don't have any skins....
cx squad (2 years ago)
and people without phones are now uber fucked in trading, no1 wants to wait 15 days
Not A Human (2 years ago)
my friend who's phone got stolen has now lost $230 worth of items and now they cannot get it back
PreX' Stylez (2 years ago)
Who robs somebody at gunpoint for thier skins?
Tenzee (2 years ago)
Just because you have an expensive inv doesnt mean you'll get robbed for sure. There are thousands of csgo players out there with inventories worth more than yours and that dont mean they WILL get robbed at gunpoint. It's all about being in a vulnerable position or condition for robbers to take advantage of you and rob you of your inventory. Grow a brain please.
PreX' Stylez (2 years ago)
+Tenzee My inventory is worth a few thousand you don't see nobody robbing me
Tenzee (2 years ago)
+PreX' Stylez Well there are people who rob for a couple hundred dollars irl. Why wouldn't they rob a guy with an inventory worth over thousands of dollars?
CHNGE (2 years ago)
how would you even dupe? can someone explain?
Riloru84 (2 years ago)
I habe a Windows Phone and I can't get this steam app.. So I can't trade anymore because no one wants to wait 3 days for the new skins. Then they added the same for the steam market but even with a longer time to wait. I have like no chance to get new skins now.
Samuel Hamer-Mathew (2 years ago)
Recently a very big TF2 duper got caught. I believe he duped Burning Killer Exclusives, worth around $12000-15000 each 3 times, plus mamy more low tiers. He got caught very recently.
Samuel Hamer-Mathew (2 years ago)
+Joona Jalopaasi He got banned, recently people were receiving the items as gifts.
Limppu Man (2 years ago)
He got banned, right? Because these scumbags deserve to drown in a pool of dogshit.
ShoXeD (2 years ago)
Of course... M4 nerf, Community is flaming, VALVE does nothing, Same with nuke and some other updates. It's about losing money, patched within days. Fuck you valve
Ondřej Kališ (2 years ago)
No longer i can dupe my basic skin :/
Mikhael Belais (2 years ago)
i dont want to exploit the system but i want my scammed knife backand now I cant do it, if someone knows how i could get it back plz tell me
Zeawu Jani (2 years ago)
But once i was hacked the hacker sold my ak hydroponic on the market for 1 euro you cant get it back now?
George P (2 years ago)
SimonOpsi (2 years ago)
Just use Applock on the steamapplication and your skins are safe even if you get robbed ^^
ダンヨル (2 years ago)
i really get scam ... but now i am unable to get back my knife
Bonuzen (2 years ago)
I got away with my duped p250 sand dune
You literally can't (2 years ago)
I'm not sure what's worse: Being robbed at gunpoint for in-game items, or being thrown in prison for robbing in-game items :l
Albert Zweistein (2 years ago)
Except dragonlore was already duped lmao
Logan Schafer (2 years ago)
the amount of times he said duplicated in a 30 second period XD
Bordon (2 years ago)
youre almost at 400k. dus dat meen givawey? :)
Rbs_ XD32 (2 years ago)
I still don't really what valve is saying in that quote but I was just getting my falchion duped :P
Charlie Jackson (2 years ago)
Ma Uu (2 years ago)
now they cant restore items if you have been hacked either
Lone Wolf (2 years ago)
Oh well since no items will be restored rip my karambit crimson web ft got hacked -.-
Moniumus (2 years ago)
How did you get hacked?
np fo (2 years ago)
You said ' Duplicated ' like 50 times
Claudiu Bucurean (2 years ago)
I'm early gimme all the likes
Crippa Tolono (2 years ago)
They should also add a BIG D to the weapon as sticker which you can't take off ( and it would mean duplicate
SharKᄃᄆᄆᄂ (2 years ago)
Vysor (2 years ago)
thats not true, my friend was able to get his steam account as well as his email hijakced without clicking links or adding strangers so this "patch" is only gonna make it worse....
Bogeyed58075 (2 years ago)
"Try not to get robbed" - Mastersaint ~ 2016 I didn't know you could chose when to get robbed etc...
Bogeyed58075 (2 years ago)
Mcskillet srry rip
Kage To Hikari (2 years ago)
What!? Fuck man! I got my items taken from a faulty cancel from the steam app. That means i cant get my items back! This is why i decided to quit playing on steam.
stunna (2 years ago)
This is the 2nd time they "patched the dupe method". Let's hope it's true this time.
SpaghettiBowl_ (2 years ago)
i sold all my skins to buy games.
Mofire (2 years ago)
"Try not to get robbed at gun point" Ok I'll try not to :] ......
Jony Player (2 years ago)
wait wtf, does that mean that VALVE gave back items?? When i got scammed like 1.5 years ago i asked for a refund and all i got a message from a bot sayin that steam would not refund lost items...
Chase Likescandy (2 years ago)
If you duped a karambit doppler blue gem or something would you get it back as a blue gem? Or if you duped a karambit doppler with a common pattern could you get it back as a ruby or some really rare pattern?
Angelo Salvo (2 years ago)
I had made a steam support ticket because my item's actually got hacked out, I made it(February 21) before March 1st and I have received some of the item's but not all of them. If I don't get them that's total bull honky because I made it before this rule was enforced
Bryan Parks (2 years ago)
Rip Howl
LE NOIR (2 years ago)
RIP my ak point disarray :40$-----25$ /:
"They can go ahead and VAC ban them." Do you realize VAC is an automated system and only bans if it detects a program that could be a cheat? You retarded fucking faggot, just fucking kill yourself.
+Yuno Gasai You're just boosting my arguments won statistics, thanks dude!
+Yuno Gasai He said: "I don't think they're gonna do that, they basically made it so people can't do it anymore." that is his words exactly.
Yuno Gasai (2 years ago)
literally, the very next sentence literally he explains that they can't do that
قاسم هاشم (2 years ago)
McSkillet what if i had 2 users what i have to do tt trade in both of them????
falkar11 (2 years ago)
how is it good they stopped duping... that's a good thing they got duped. . cheaper skins more of them duh
Bert Hendley (2 years ago)
u sound just like x codeh
Patched just right when I got scammed...
Morgan Craig (2 years ago)
That's not a patch tho that's just taking away steam support for people that need it
Simmeren (2 years ago)
Kamix Aka Dio (2 years ago)
thank god they patched it. THANK FUCKING GOD!
Matheus Torres (2 years ago)
Can anyone send me a skin? https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=99299562&token=_m6FRKzf
Mieczysław Malczewski (2 years ago)
Hey whats going on guys, mcskillet here, with another cs go video, and today im gonna show you... xDDD
some anime shit (2 years ago)
Someone knows he's crosshair?
Neon Knight (2 years ago)
We are back at $400+ for pixels! But at least that is what makes the game survive, right?
Jonny C (2 years ago)
lel people buying skins
Fadi Limo (2 years ago)
"Try not to get robbed at gun point" -McSkillet 2016
Beta (2 years ago)
i have most battle scarred mp-7 army core
randolph chen (2 years ago)
Yes it is refunding steam gift
IMisterCow (2 years ago)
i love how Valve took a month to fix this, just goes to show how much fucks they give about they're community..... no fucks, they added the new gloves faster than fixing this issue xD Volvo pls
felixS (2 years ago)
Wait so if they wont restore my shit if it gets stolen can I just disable that annoying mobile authenticator?
MusabGamePlay (2 years ago)
Its interesting how you say that the reduction in skin prices is "bad for the life of the game". As if this game is only about gambling with stupid skins. Sounds like a gambling addict
Zenith (2 years ago)
will exchange nudes for dragon lores
Akram Aesthetics (2 years ago)
what if you rly got scammed ? -_- fuck u valve and f u mcskillet bcz ur happy for this update
RebelForce8 (2 years ago)
" patch " so they dont do ANY customer support any more.
Nimits (2 years ago)
Duplicator duplicated duplicate duplication
Bloo (2 years ago)
When i saw the update myself and before i saw this vid. I thought they Said they didnt restore items that was hacked on stolen accounts XDDDD. But it was a lot better
Segorisk Johnny (2 years ago)
+Bloo1337 yeah, I was steam hacked once aswell, they prestige all my COD accounts and raided my ARK:Survival Evolved base... then I bought CS:GO, profit! :D valve were ridiculously long to sort the problem out though (waited nearly half a year) I could see my hacker on my account. playing my games (after I locked it) so they returned the account to the hacker, with less information than I gave them. really show what sort of company valve are, they have a hold on the PC gaming industry, they are a REALLY terrible company imo, advertises shit indie games and alpha's that never get released/updated, all their own games are practically clones of eachother with layers. (csgo, portal, tf2, hl2, L4D2) could all have been 1 game with different modes, we are all being ripped off :D but CS:GO is perfect so i'm gonna stfu. dota2 aint bad btw, GJ valve, but SMITE and LoL are better anyway.
Bloo (2 years ago)
+Mr. Man oh shit.....
Mr. Man (2 years ago)
+Bloo1337 They don't restore items on hacked or stolen accounts.
Joey Pool (2 years ago)
"Try not to get robbed at gunpoint." Okay ill try my hardest
Sweg Boiii (2 years ago)
+yiran “yiranmoon” sun Robberies happen everywhere you dumb piece of shit.
Potato Alchemist (2 years ago)
+Joey whataG DampLips Just don't live in a third world country or the Us and you'll be fine.
Ders JuanPablo (2 years ago)
Why would they vac ban someone for finding a loop hole? Sorry Mcskillet but that comment was borderline retarded!
dylan cooke (2 years ago)
That story about being robbed at gunpoint it true, it happened to my friend BooM.. He lost $25,000
Sauce Archive (2 years ago)
I feel like the duplicators and scammers should get their items stolen, then they won't be able to get them back. Pretty sweet revenge.
NigerS KennyS (2 years ago)
+Hampus H If you're stupid enough to get scammed, you deserve to lose your skins.
Luca Scarra (2 years ago)
It's horrible that valve had to turn to this. people who dupe have made is so we cannot get our items back after a hack.
h2o (2 years ago)
Wait whut? this video was very unclear. So if i get hacked, will steam restore my items?
h2o (2 years ago)
+camwhyy Thats kinda stupid. Valve should dip into proxy/vpn shit so they can look trough the bullshit
camwhyy (2 years ago)
+JulianChristoffer Exactly what they mean. If its traded away then its gone from your inventory for good :/
h2o (2 years ago)
+Desantti Probably
seta_samuli (2 years ago)
naah they just say you to fuck off
The1Minus5 (2 years ago)
Good now when fucktards get banned and vaced, all the items they have are gone and all the skins won't be reduped
Malte Lau (2 years ago)
So guys try not to be robbed and your skins will be fine :)
djN (2 years ago)
i wish they remove duped items, so dlore, knight and other skins be rare againg...
HAZtecH pvP (2 years ago)
skins doesn't give skills... true story :"/
PhantomLex (2 years ago)
it does.
Malibu969 (2 years ago)
The "final piece" knife doesn't seem to be wanted by that Dubai skin collector lol
Greku (2 years ago)
Thanks Valve, my account was hacked few months ago, hacker sold my skins (worth about 200$) for very low prices and then bought famas sand dunes. Valve got my acc back but skins not. Other people got their items. thx shit-lve
KingTheo (2 years ago)
+JustaRandomGuy omg
JustaRandomGuy (2 years ago)
+KingTheo https://gyazo.com/012d8d7081ec8407748af6f4d6d754a8 Lmao
Greku (2 years ago)
owww, that sucks :< im sorry m8
KingTheo (2 years ago)
Omfg the same thing happened to me but he bought a highly overpriced UMP Indigo I had all the proof and they won't return my $500+ in skins. He sold my knives for about $30 each ;(
Der Kay (2 years ago)
Omg FUCK i was scammed for 580$ and i dont get them back?? I want my bayonet tt back OMG I hate CSGO
Mushroom Army (2 years ago)
Everytime you say:"What's going on guys?" I say i am fine, thanks. and you? But you never respond )':
Rhandy (2 years ago)
Dammit man i was hoping they would crash skins for good and wash all that cancer out of cs community
PapayA (2 years ago)
+Rhandy sorta agree, people go nuts over skins instead of skill nowadays lmao its pretty dumb
Unknown God (2 years ago)
Someone got a Desert Eagle Blaze with iBP Sticker and want to trade it?
Claudio Andrei (2 years ago)
the other day my friend bought a knife on opskins, after 2 days it disappeared from his inventoru. it s not in the trade history, not in the market history, it just went away from his inventory, what should we do ? he didn t get hacked or something like that. he just woke up and when he cheched his inventory the knife wasn t there anymore (hunstman fade FN) PLEASE HELP
Veksuuu (2 years ago)
Thanks Valve. Can't buy a mobile phone cause all my money goes to my new Lamborghinis gas...
Veksuuu (2 years ago)
I don't afford pixels :(
seta_samuli (2 years ago)
Sell it for pixels
payne (2 years ago)
pallandoya (2 years ago)
We clearly see where their priorities are..
ikars melnalknis (2 years ago)
they should randomly generate duplicated item float values...
Sgt Gang (2 years ago)
But now the people who actually legit got hacked and a hacker stole all their items or sold all their items can't get their legit stuff back now :I
Disc✯nnected (2 years ago)
And the worst thing is like me who really got scammed on around 70-85€ used the fucking ticket to get help and then i heard about this really put me en a tough spot
Richyy!꼬링크 (2 years ago)
Still no AMD crash fix. Im tired of playing with fps drops and shaders on low. I luv shaders
seta_samuli (2 years ago)
+Rich3yy (〉'Richard'-) yeh
Richyy!꼬링크 (2 years ago)
+Desantti Obviously since Valve needs to get wind of it.
seta_samuli (2 years ago)
I have no answer for your problem.
DestroyerOfAll (2 years ago)
For duplication you get a trade ban for an indefinite amount of time.
framez (2 years ago)
+McSkillet My friend traded and got a duped knife, m4a1-s Golden coil and AWP asiimov. And steam confiscated those skins. -_- Rip 200€
JustaRandomGuy (2 years ago)
+FrameZ lmao, visst
framez (2 years ago)
+JustaRandomGuy Vrf ska jag fortsätta om du ändå säger något tillbaka som jag inte bryr mig om?
JustaRandomGuy (2 years ago)
+FrameZ Ger du upp nu?
framez (2 years ago)
+JustaRandomGuy Jahaja, nåt mer att säga?
JustaRandomGuy (2 years ago)
+FrameZ Du är fan inte mer mogen än mig, ditt namn är töntigt, din profilbild är väldigt cool dock! Ett brinnande F! Fyfan va mycket fitta du måste få med hjälp av den extremt coola profilbilden. Du ljuger värre än en 5-åring, det är nästan pinsamt hur jävla envis du är också. Du tycker "memes" är roliga i 2016. https://gyazo.com/058c9baa5df8d3afff35cc4986fd6839 Har du autism kanske? Gå tillbaka och spela DR3 nu, jävla pajas.
RobinR (2 years ago)
I got a M4A1-S Knight MW [0,07 Float Very Close to FN] But do you guys think that my knight Will go up in price?
JustaRandomGuy (2 years ago)
It will go down to half the price
Rezzo (2 years ago)
THIS DIDNT FUCKING WORK AFTER THE FUCKING FIRST TIME THIS WAS BROUGHT UP! If it still worked i would have gotten my knife back after it was fucking scammed from me, it hasn't worked in months.
Chef Big Boog (2 years ago)
new dupe method malware virus spyware ur own account

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