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Batman And Superman! Conversation!

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(Animated superhero film: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Part 2. The legal owner: MC for Warner Bros.).
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John Paul Pagobo (6 days ago)
Everybody in d movie need some sunlight. They're so pale
Ares Warr (8 days ago)
i used to think joker is crazy but after playing BATMAN ARKHAM CITY i change my mind
Johnny Mcclain (9 days ago)
What movie is this?
Jj The 13th (10 days ago)
Goodness, all that's missing from that 10 second intro is a burger bag and a pistol holster
Arden's hammer (12 days ago)
Ronald Reagan looks like a zombie
Rico Gutierrez (15 days ago)
Is Reagan president for life in this universe? I can dig it.
levi watson (15 days ago)
Wait is that the toyman helping the joker?
João Ribeiro (15 days ago)
Barry Lee (16 days ago)
Why is the presidents face green??
zaya (17 days ago)
The president in this movie is such a clown LOL swear he's like a family guy character
Michael Mello (18 days ago)
Just a Biscuit (21 days ago)
What an American intro
nvr bot (25 days ago)
was that conan?
Jay Sanchez (25 days ago)
what movie is this?
Assassin Creed (26 days ago)
What’s this movie called
justin13594 (26 days ago)
So... we just gonna ignore the eagle?
Jacob Cooley (26 days ago)
superman can see the entropy of reality, but he is still living a human life. super indeed.
Fila (27 days ago)
3:52 "Is that the Door" Sample!
dark cluster (27 days ago)
BigNoseDoggie (27 days ago)
This is why The Dark Knight Returns is overrated. It sets up the central conflict between Batman and Superman by turning the latter into a government pawn. In other words, Frank Miller couldn’t come up with a good reason for these two characters to fight without completely undermining one of them. This problem carried over to BvS. They may flipped it and had Batman target Superman. But the central problem remains. You can’t pit these two against each other without it coming off contrived.
Pee Diddler (27 days ago)
Night job for some spud that sends a limousine. Out of context she’s basically an escort turning tricks at night
Awkward Gecko (27 days ago)
Is this clarke Kent? Or gaston from the Beauty and the beast ?
lance hatcher (28 days ago)
What movie is this
straycat1674 (28 days ago)
I just wouldn't see Sups like this. He is smarter than letting the government control him.
Illumimount (1 month ago)
Why is the president green?
Jahigro e (1 month ago)
This looks bad
Happy Munoz (1 month ago)
Old Batman
Nick Sieber (1 month ago)
They looking real gay here
Jason Todd (1 month ago)
Comics fighters?
Hans Zarkov (1 month ago)
clark would never wear that shirt
Crystalic fire (1 month ago)
Alfred is there from the beginning to the end for Bruce
Mohamed Qani (1 month ago)
What’s this movie called???
Jette Moraga (1 month ago)
Clark: (((shut it down)))
Anonymous Gaming (1 month ago)
What movie is this?
GrimReefer (1 month ago)
Good movie
underwear Man (1 month ago)
Why is this joker so gay ?
Wall Street (1 month ago)
Tyler Jaynes (1 month ago)
I truly hate the art design, it's ugly. TDKR has some of the worst characterizations and an unsteady plot. Though, the Batman V Superman concept is cool
LordServer (1 month ago)
Pretty sure we all know superman is just being a jackass showing off with an eagle.
Jose Gomez (1 month ago)
What movie is this
Mugen Anonymous (1 month ago)
The president is green and looks like a zombie
Tiger H. Lore (1 month ago)
Fun fact: Clark Kent can actually poop out his chin. He doesn’t though to seem more human.
southerncajuncharm (1 month ago)
I love the whole Batman can beat anyone with prep time argument. When’s the last time you had prep time before a fight?
GPlewright (1 month ago)
iTunes released a combined version with both parts in one. I think it’s called the deluxe edition. It was really cheap too. I really enjoyed it.
selfie kroos (1 month ago)
Gay Joker and Ronald Reagan?!
Comment Hero (1 month ago)
Meanwhile the president is really...............LEX LUTHOR!!!!!!!!!!!
J Qarrillo (1 month ago)
is that zombie Reagan?
TJ Frye (1 month ago)
The only bvs movie tht counts
Ligmer Ballz (1 month ago)
I swear in this universe SuperMan is the CrimsonChin
amwin7 (1 month ago)
Superman's a bully
Jose Bonilla (1 month ago)
0:10 Okay cool guy, relax.
Kendall Navstar (1 month ago)
GG 101 (1 month ago)
Clark casually catches an eagle while posing on a rock The most American thing I've ever seen all he needed was an American flag behind him XD
Melida Garcia (1 month ago)
What movie is this?
Edward Vazquez (1 month ago)
What year did this movie come out? I like how they poke fun at Reagan
Big Boss (1 month ago)
Superman doesn't get old?
Rajieve Fuller (1 month ago)
Which batman is this?
Charles Horn (1 month ago)
When did Stalin start working for DC?
Reggie Carmichael (1 month ago)
Wats the name of this cartoon
OhMyGulay (1 month ago)
Dezzarray (1 month ago)
I was always sure that white doggo was Krypto
Taylor Conley (1 month ago)
Is it sad what I wish this was America right now?
Mr. NoChill (1 month ago)
Why is the Devil ...i mean Reagan the president in like 2030?
kirby march Barcena (1 month ago)
Jokes' on them for making the Joker hold his breath for many years.
Ajent Fretryck (1 month ago)
Is that guy on Tv Conan?
Doran Martell (1 month ago)
Regan is no coincidence.
Anondetta Fury (1 month ago)
What is the name of this movie
Hanan Tahirovic (1 month ago)
Am I the only who thinks ,,murica!" While watching this?
Shining Star (1 month ago)
Is it confirmed that Bruce and Clark are together now in this future time???❤❤❤
LaidBack Gaming (1 month ago)
Big chin bald eagle how more white can u get
Kinvesu (1 month ago)
Would have been 10 times better without the gender confused robin.
SpecialCalebs V3 (1 month ago)
3:53 Straight from postal
ANAK NG BAYAN (1 month ago)
Is that president guy supposed to be bush?
Trevor Hill (1 month ago)
Why does superman need a eagle to land on him
Vvv (1 month ago)
Supes involved in human war is dumb af...like he could destroy earth by himself so what is the point of warring with or vs him.
Motion (1 month ago)
Omg Batman and Superman talked?!? Let’s make a video about it
Juan Alvarez (1 month ago)
Has anyone else noticed that When ever a president is on TV in a cartoon They look like that on crack or something
Samuel Bulletproof (1 month ago)
When that happens may the best man wins
Bruce Awesomeperson (1 month ago)
Weird. Batman vs superman needed this but we got it in civil war
Arbellason (1 month ago)
Did a good job with how shady Ronald Reagan was.
Osvaldo Ortiz (1 month ago)
super man is a stupid dog in this movie I hate it
Matthias Schwalbach (1 month ago)
Why is Reagan a zombie?
aljohn tabion (1 month ago)
I just realized that was Conan as the talk show host
Sahand Az (1 month ago)
0:10 Smart as gaston!
Zack The Snack (1 month ago)
HOW TF IS ALFRED STILL ALIVE?!?!? That dude gotta be like 100 years or older😂
DigitalメSUSHI (1 month ago)
Why is Conan O’Brien on tv
Brian Orr (1 month ago)
I'm so confused. Who's Oliver? Why did Batman retire?
PGML (1 month ago)
Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. Batman retired because something happened to Jason Todd. This book was written before Death in the Family.
Henry Ng (1 month ago)
He looks so weird with his chest thrust out like that.
Eothr (1 month ago)
Clark looks like Gaston, wth
Rapture Audio (1 month ago)
Is this worlds version of Ronald Reagan a zombie ?
R Bernard (1 month ago)
A lot of things wrong with this video. Beginning with the unnecessary open shirt Superman captain Morganing on a rock and having an eagle land on him randomly.
Başar Özkan (1 month ago)
Conan ?
Science 2020 (1 month ago)
Was this made when the USSR was still around?
JLAAMERICA (29 days ago)
Well the comic that was based on yeah. Frank Miller was a big critic of Reagan back then
Frugos Höek (1 month ago)
Robin’s night work is at fake taxi
ChriVas (1 month ago)
Eem why bruce retired?
JLAAMERICA (29 days ago)
Jason Todd's death
what name 31 (1 month ago)
The joker sounds like a gay mr. Rogers
Eddie Bacon (1 month ago)
Joker is badass
Hmm why is he not aged hi grew from kid to man why not grow old wyd kind of logic
AzRaeL (1 month ago)
O:10 give this man a gun holstererd to his back and we got a genuine American(stereotype)
Edward Abel Bonilla (1 month ago)
Reagan let the truth slip out. Lol

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