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Gaggia Classic Steam Valve Dripping: Workbench Video of the Tex Modification

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Shows the bench modification detail of grinding the collar off of the steam valve. I experienced dripping from the steam wand when my Gaggia Classic espresso machine was only a few months old. If I didn't remember to swing the steam wand over the drip tray while the machine warmed up, I would return to find a puddle of water on the kitchen counter. Now that I've disassembled and cleaned up the valve, I'm convinced that the steam wand drip is due mostly to scale build-up. It seems that regular descaling just doesn't clean this part effectively. (I've followed the steps in the Gaggia Classic manual and in the Durgol Swiss Espresso Special Decalcifier instructions.) "Tex," a member of the Gaggia Users Group, did a good job of explaining the modification that allows the stem to be removed from the valve for more thorough cleaning. See: http://gaggiausersgroup.com/index.php?action=ezportal;sa=page;p=37 So I did it and filmed the process. Now I can remove the stem and clean the valve with descaling solution -- and it appears this fixes the dripping.
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manxman (23 days ago)
nice video - didnt realise had to do that to remove it - but what was the mod other than removing and putting back the needle?
Charlie Walker (6 months ago)
I did this mod and found the green rubber o ring gasket to be damaged. Is there a specific rubber ring I should get to replace it, or is it just anything with the proper diameter that fits?
Funk Skunk (1 year ago)
Well I did the mod and it helped a little but now its dripping even more than before. Guess I need to clean this thing every month? Oh well, loved my Gaggia Classic but this is annoying. Probably gonna move up to a nicer machine soon. Any advice on cleaning the tip where it seats better in the mean time??
Will Williams (1 year ago)
Thanks for the look. I need to replace the dime sized O-ring on the steam valve. When I removed the steam valve from the boiler, the bottom of the O-ring was bevel shaped like the seating in the boiler. Does it come beveled like that or does a regular O-ring acquire that shape from being pressed in it?
Chuck Freeburg (1 year ago)
How do you get the nob off? I don't see any videos on that. I'm afraid I'll break it since I have no idea how it's attached.
Sandy Pudoff (1 year ago)
The steam wand knob? Just pull it straight off.
Vic Kusin (1 year ago)
Great advice Denis. Had a dripping valve and got is sorted very quickly after watching your video. Used a bench grinder to remove the washer from the end - did a very neat and quick job. Cleaned the pointy end of the valve by clamping it in a drill and spinning it against a wad of Brasso brass polish. This made it come out very shiny and smooth. The valve seat inside the tube seemed quite clean, so I put it all back together - and no sign of a leak. Brass is a soft metal and that's why it's used for valves and pipe fittings, especially for things like steam. Once it's clean and not pitted, it will deform slightly to form a very good seal.
Dave B (2 years ago)
These shitty valves use METAL on METAL. once the needle and or seat is worn -- it is OVER.
Dave B (2 years ago)
For people with lots of time on their hands.
Chuck Freeburg (2 years ago)
My steam nob is stuck. :/
Cheez (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video. I just did that and completely descaled the needle of my machine but it still leaks the same as before. Is there anything else I could do?
DenisSeattle (2 years ago)
Sanding might have deformed the valve's mating surface. Magnify and take a close look at the tip. Polish it by spinning it in a wad of 0000 steel wool, then use brass polish. Apply some food grade waterproof silicone lubricant to the 1/4" O-ring on the valve stem before reinserting it. That other leak could be the dime-sized O-ring at the steam valve. I've gotten the O-ring from WLL. Or consider ordering a replacement valve unit and getting a fresh start!
Cheez (2 years ago)
I let the valve and the needle sit in descaler separately (without the gaskets of course) until they were completely clean and today I sanded the needle to make it smooth so it could shut the valve but nothing helped. In addition to all my other problems with the machine, now after cleaning and reinstalling those parts my machine has a leak somewhere. It's getting worse each day...
DenisSeattle (2 years ago)
Did you apply straight descaler to the valve seat, or only to the needle? Dip a cotton swab and leave it in for a while with the machine off. Does it drip just from the steam valve, or also from the brew head? In that case descale again before giving up. (Assuming you used Durgol Swiss Descaler and followed Gaggia's descaling instructions.)
BumahCat (3 years ago)
I just did this mod and it worked great! No more leaky steam wand.
DenisSeattle (2 years ago)
Glad to hear it!
falconxh4000 (3 years ago)
Great video! I have just purchased a 2nd hand gaggia classic too with the same problem. I understand what you have done but how has this made a difference to the seal made by the needle when closed against the valve seat. Or is it just that you were able to thoroughly clean the needle so that it sits neater against the seat?
Forest Stewardship (3 years ago)
+falconxh4000 : A year later the dripping is minimal, like what is shown at the end of the video, as long as I soak the needle in Durgol each time I descale.
Bruce Esinem (4 years ago)
I have had two new ones that started dripping within a couple of weeks, even using filtered water from a big inline Brita :-(
Forest Stewardship (3 years ago)
+Bruce Esinem : Does Brita remove minerals? There are some filters that do, and they state it plainly. I use an inline water filter, a good one (but not a mineral filter), and scale still forms in my machine.

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