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Preston's Game of Thrones Season Six Watch Episode 1

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Game of Thrones Season 6 has arrived and here is Episode 1, The Red Woman, reviewed and skewered by Brandon Nightsking, Sweetrobin and Chad Summerchild
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Trap Logic (25 days ago)
I love all of these epic videos, and I'll go ahead and say it. You don't hide your like to dislike ratio and keep your comment sections open. It's much better than the bullshit that Bridge4 pulls. Can't stand when some one is basically milking a small portion of the fan base for money and belonging. It's almost a representation of American safe space culture flipped on its head. I loathe it
Jim Johnson (27 days ago)
Holy macaroni, where's this channel been all my life? I know what I'm binge-watching this weekend.
Xiaofeng Fu (2 months ago)
Loving the DS9 references
Michael Nyamute Jr. (2 months ago)
The camera that rides LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Derek Furst (3 months ago)
I never liked dorne, but I didn't understand why it was THAT hated until I read the books. The dorne master plan was one of my favorite arcs
Tyler Schwindt (6 months ago)
The schtick and voices worked as a gag right away but the entire review? A rare miss.
FE Rebekah (6 months ago)
Love the way your mind works Preston. 💞😂
Sidhaarth Ln (8 months ago)
Harry Potter also goes for self fulfilling prophecy.
Alknix (8 months ago)
1:05 This is now officially the reaction macro to season 7.
Lightning Farron (10 months ago)
Harry Potter also goes against prophecy as well. J.K. Rowling is not a fan of prophecy and destiny like George R.R. Martin. This is addressed in The Half-Blood Prince where Dumbledore says that Harry Potter is not a hero because he is the chosen one, he is the chosen one because he is a already a hero... I like you Preston, but that was a HORRIBLE misunderstanding of Harry Potter's character and story arch. I know you did not read the Harry Potter books or watch the movie because if you did you would have seen this message...
Rhaenyra Reigns (11 months ago)
@1:58 - 2:18 !!! <3 :O I need this part cut and posted separately with a *MP3* *DOWNLOAD* option!! O.O'
Arden Vida (1 year ago)
These recap episodes seem normal until u realize our Lord and savior, Preston, probably just sat in an empty room and had a conversation with himself in different accents lmao
Ben Wood (1 year ago)
Srinanda Das (1 year ago)
thanks bro. it was awesome
ViktorHark (1 year ago)
This is where it begins...
Graig Dankmeyer (1 year ago)
Anyone rewatching PJ's season 6 watch after being immensely disappointed with season 7 and GRRM's laziness?
kefkapalazzo1 (1 year ago)
I like Brandon's voice more scraggly
Playtoe (1 year ago)
I liked your commentary a lot more before you started the roleplay
relazar (1 year ago)
You do see her fight with a whip in close quarters in season 7 episode 2. It worked about as well as you'd think..
Oat lord (1 year ago)
01001100 01101111 01101100
sandcross69 (1 year ago)
a watch seaon 6 marathon intell watch season 7
Nadav Drewe (1 year ago)
Can't believe I missed the Red Dwarf callback in this!! You're a sci fi lexicon!
EvilDictatorWillum (1 year ago)
Dorne is actually a sitcom
felipe martinez (1 year ago)
Already has his own review chad is the men
Mprator (1 year ago)
011000100111100101100101 = bye
Damaged Heroes (1 year ago)
"I fucking hate you chad" is exactly how I feel after explaining things you explain to the bro watchers when they have similar reactions to chad
TheSniperMAJOR (1 year ago)
Hotha, the camera that rides. Pure gold!
Adam Ibrahim (1 year ago)
Hotah was great pov I don't know what people are talking about when they say he's boring and we have so few non westerosi pov so it's a nice change of pace I would rather have more hotah than Sansa that's for sure
Sir Eel (1 year ago)
9:42 Preston actually wrote out the word "bye" in binary.
Kathal (1 year ago)
so many dislikes, holy shit.
Arbiters Kiss (1 year ago)
The book is the book, and the show is thow show, especially when it comes to Dorne. Sweetrobin, you are a moron. Dorne is nothing, has nothing compared to stupidity of the Iron Islands. I'm certain he'll be disappointed by even the low Dornish standard when that comes.
Lul Lipop (1 year ago)
No Brandon, not Jadzia, Esrie. May Dr Bashir find Esrie Dax in the afterlife.
Mike McIntyre (1 year ago)
Ok yeah, it's called schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder. It's a tragic and devastating illness.....not a form of entertainment. .....at all, gag
Askare Bast (1 year ago)
Preston is hilarious, I've listened to this season 6 series more than once and each time I hear something I didn't before.  So entertaining
ComradeSlice (1 year ago)
House Summerchild is now on my shitlist. I will tear down their keeps and sow their fields with skulls and salt. I will bring their gods to Vaes Dothrak. Chad will become my body slave. The rest I mean to hang.
SAAKI (1 year ago)
You are so funny bro
BuckoDicko (1 year ago)
In retrospect, this was the perfect way to discuss this appalling season
Andreea Mihai (1 year ago)
Please keep this concept for next season
Bluemilk92 (1 year ago)
This was fuckin' hilarious! The camera that rides :D!
A L (1 year ago)
anyone translate the binary?
A L (1 year ago)
Thanks man
owlnemo (1 year ago)
It says "bye" xD
Peter Parker (1 year ago)
whose cercei's fourth child?
fatima Ibrahim (1 year ago)
The dark haired child that she had early on with robert. The child is mentioned only in the show in season 1 in cersei's conversation with catelyn
Peter Soprunov (1 year ago)
That opening had me laughing so hard...
Patrick Haines (1 year ago)
lmao, I fucking hate you Chad
checkthapain (1 year ago)
"I, I actually fell asleep during this scene...I dont know what happened" lmao
Eric Hurdle (1 year ago)
What's with all the hate? GoT is garbage next to ASoIaF
Mark Mark (1 year ago)
Is that a Red Dwarf reference?
Jafaykan Pussio (2 years ago)
The Camera That Rides
Jennifer Vick (2 years ago)
Had this been demonitized because of the use of the word "pussy"? Is there anything else I should rewatch?
Mitch McDonald (2 years ago)
I haven't been watching but does watching the show really spoil the books? I stopped watching at the end of season 5. I didn't watch this video, but figured it was the best place to ask.
Val Cronin (2 years ago)
Actually a pretty cool intimidation/recruitment tactic, publicly training recruits in the streets. Think about it: you see a blind beggar accept the staff like she's been expecting the trial, and pridefully get up to defend herself and fight. You would start to respect and even fear these insanely skilled, wild, persistent men of the black and white house.
KellieSand04 (2 years ago)
My soon-to-be- ex boyfriend is the living embodiment of Chad
StageLined (2 years ago)
That hound argument/rant had me in stitches.
callmehats (2 years ago)
Holy shit! That was totally Dr. Bashir. Not sure how I missed that. Probably because the Dorne plot is when I check my phone and get snacks. I'm glad he's still getting work.
Ibn Sina (2 years ago)
Oh nice catch: never paid enough attention to realize she had taken of the necklace before. Oh well: there goes glamoring logic out the window...
Flashy Nightmare (2 years ago)
011000100111100101100101 = Bye :v
Drytoxiccube (2 years ago)
b a d p u s s y
christinearmington (2 years ago)
haha Dr. Bashir got killed by green ectoplasm in Vertical Limit. Gotta keep that nitro adequately foreshadowed.
Corey (2 years ago)
Re-watching. I Love everything. And "I fucking hate you, Chad."
Harun Talic (2 years ago)
The camera who rides :' ))
WhyNettieFly (2 years ago)
I wonder how many more How I Met Your Mother references I'm gonna spy in these videos... :)
Oprah2020 (2 years ago)
011000100111100101100101 = bye
Chief Gironca (2 years ago)
I fucking hate you , Chad!
Just a reminder, folks, in the books Obara, the outwardly hardest and most brutal sand snake, expressed horror at the idea that Cersei might have Trystane killed, especially because he was 'just a child'. Remember that as you see Obara fucking murder Trystane in the show.
Timo Cruz (1 year ago)
FUCK SHOW DORNE. The worst shit ever filmed
ChairBox (2 years ago)
Deh bad boosi
Nonmi Hiseddeo (2 years ago)
Ah, Preston Jacobs loves Bronn's farewell to Tyene Sand. Those words could be the title of his (Preston's) biography.
Joseph Weaver (2 years ago)
U say they should run. Where to? the north? They'd be hanged as oathbreakers by any northern lord who comes across them.
Lilith Blackfyre (2 years ago)
I fucking hate you Chad.
Lucien Cox (2 years ago)
Preston wants a good girl, but needs a bad pussy
Johnlocked the impala (2 years ago)
I usually like your videos, don't always agree with your theories and such but this was just bad. you're not even trying anymore. This wasn't funny, it was just sad. I'm a huge fan of the books and a fan in general of the show so i know where you're coming from but come on, this is sad.
jimnewman3425 (2 years ago)
L King (2 years ago)
loooool chad
Anthony Salpino (2 years ago)
"All aboard the murder train!" Please tell me that was a Foreskins reference haha
J San (2 years ago)
I want a good girl, but i need a bad poosy
Sunshine'74 (2 years ago)
Good content, but the way you presented this got on my nerves (really).
Cyan Cat (2 years ago)
about the hounds. the show has to take a lot of precautions to prevent the animals on the set from getting hurt. with the horses it would aready be difficult to set up the scene and as such the dogs would only have made it harder
Michael Goldstein (2 years ago)
Night's king got lots of points.
Danny Sivan (2 years ago)
I liked chad. Why did you stop making him talk with Brandon and sweet robin
Mectojic (2 years ago)
We know you're angry and sarcastic, but please use more of your normal voice!!
kapaluamak (2 years ago)
I fucking loved it, Chad
Manmohan Singh (2 years ago)
Are you kidding me, the guy with hounds he was standing away from battlefield, who probably run away. Everything else is right.
Loexpectations (2 years ago)
guys, he is adding the over the top characters to what was a deep and we'll thought analysis of the show because the show its self is no longer a deep and well thought show. it's a fucking mess and he gets to point to a flaw at every other scene of the show...
696190 (2 years ago)
I actually laughed a lot more than i thought I would, especially at the Arya bit. Hot damn, beating on the defenseless never seemed this funny. Also, probably everyone already said this: those hounds arent attack dogs, they are meant for seek and retrieve, not seek and destroy; and about that last guy: he just saw his 5 colleagues mowed down by a really ugly and big woman, he has no reason to stick around. Same goes for the hounds, who are of a more cowardly breed.
Voyager G-zero (2 years ago)
011000100111100101100101 = bye hahahaha XD
Jakub Zrůcký (2 years ago)
This is tooo awesome :-D
Keirkan (2 years ago)
HA! x'D this made my night good again
Maciej Piasecki (2 years ago)
I don't even watch the show anymore, but this is awesome :D
Maxyshadow (2 years ago)
This is pretty funny thanks!
Frogborne (2 years ago)
I hate this season so far
Frogborne (2 years ago)
Scorbaxs 666 (2 years ago)
i really wanna see Carice van Houten in milf porn
bakcompat (2 years ago)
chinga tu madre? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Matt Dave (2 years ago)
You want bood pirl, but you need a gad gussy.The Sand Snakes are prettier than Jon Snow's daughters.Hounds disappear all the time.
Cody Taylor (2 years ago)
Schroedinger's benjin omg like I literally cried thank you for these I love them so much don't stop
Faye Martin (2 years ago)
love your old videos ... but i dont know what this was
TunezCottage (2 years ago)
Everytime I see the 'bad pussy' clip I'm expecting Bronn to make a "ah" noise.
J0FX (2 years ago)
in case anyone cared... binary 011000100111100101100101 = "bye"
Nathan Window (2 years ago)
Am I the only person who watched this episode who knows what a Blood Hound is, everyone says "where did those dogs go, shouldn't they be ripping sansa apart?" and the like. Do you really think Ramsay is stupid enough to send a bunch of blood thirsty, killer hounds to FIND sansa. Blood Hounds are for tracking down prey, but if they feel threatened or scared they will run away, for example if a bunch of people are fighting right next to them and a bunch of huge horses are trampling the ground around them they will probably bolt. I don't know where that other dude went though, maybe he ran after the dog's, or just ran, or had a heart attack.
Samael16661 (2 years ago)
The series was pretty terrible when it came to Dorne last season, but this completely shit the bed. The entirety of Doran's plotting, the sheer years of work he, Oberyn, Quentyn and the loyal Dornish houses put into the Master Plan, vanquished in seconds. Not only did they kill off the character with the best actor in favour of shitty female overactors, no, we must also Alexander Siddig. And for what? For a hamfisted feminist message that Dornish men are weak, cannot read what the people want, and that the strong wymyn Sandsnakes have to take over. I really hope they all die when the Yronwoods come knocking on their door. Where's the sense of depth, the political intrigue? It's just gone. Major houses don't even have internal threats anymore, they are so autonomous that a few stupid bastards can take over their rule without any challenge to their power anymore.

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