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Text Comments (280)
Enveeh (1 year ago)
💰 $20 For FREE in Skins: http://bit.ly/FreeCsgoSkins --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🗡️ Tiger Tooth Giveaway: http://bit.ly/GutKnifeTT
Frez (1 month ago)
Shroud: oh nice, a knife Me: *spending my whole steam balance for 1 key* OFMG A PURPLE!!!1!!
Red Hlirious (2 months ago)
Shroud when unboxing a knife ... when peaple get knifes *mic rape*
Baiju Bhojak (3 months ago)
Nice video mate
HYOMI KEN (7 months ago)
fake pussy
HYOMI KEN (7 months ago)
little cocker
Yes, you heard me (7 months ago)
LettuceWin (8 months ago)
who was that girl though her voice made me wet
Jakob Sime (9 months ago)
The last one I would have screamed and snapped my keyboard in half then throw the broken pieces at my window shattering it into hundreds of tiny glass shards.
Jeramy Perillo (1 year ago)
I 💘 bro =) hahaha
Yes, you heard me (7 months ago)
Jeramy Perillo gay
Lanski (1 year ago)
I'm in! :D
Lxcky (1 year ago)
Shroud: "Oh cool a knife" Me: "I wish I could afford a key"
nuggetz (1 year ago)
Zheng Hoe Chow (1 year ago)
hay nc
TheCobra (1 year ago)
Oh waittt.. that was the same persooon, I realized only at the last video... oooh, I'm pretty smart
TheCobra (1 year ago)
I hope I'm not too awkward xD
No One (1 year ago)
Morepantsu (1 year ago)
new fan i like m4 very good skin
Jesse Quiroz (1 year ago)
nice video man!
Kiel Amundsen (1 year ago)
Dat hyperbeast doh
Zaki D (1 year ago)
well iam the unluckly guy in the world
Lol_Every_Time !!! (1 year ago)
hi eveeh
Iman Shahmi (1 year ago)
i am the chosen for hyper beast
Billy Jo Syling (1 year ago)
Hi, hope i win the giveaway
Henry Manthorpe (1 year ago)
notification squad!!
loominatyy (1 year ago)
shrouds reactions are so lovely lmao
Sophus Meyhoff (1 year ago)
Gets case hardened: ahhh Thats a terrible knife lol
The NyctoPhobic (1 year ago)
HyperBeast PlssXD
Dhruv Amin (1 year ago)
I just fucking want an hyperbeast
Johannes Iuul (1 year ago)
so lucky
Harambe boy (1 year ago)
Nice video
DJ M (1 year ago)
Gergely Szemán (1 year ago)
új i need it
Acrwarguy (1 year ago)
Let me win!!!!
Huøn (1 year ago)
Here's a comment for the giveaway
DeaN (1 year ago)
Nice idea with shroud :)
Danish (1 year ago)
hey! nice
KweRSi (1 year ago)
TheLapGamer :3 (1 year ago)
I SUBSCRIBED and liked the video and i Well have the Hyper beast becuse i Got scammed
Rafif Murtadho (1 year ago)
ʂყɳσx (1 year ago)
ThatAsianTuber (1 year ago)
this is a comment
King Chode (1 year ago)
I want that hyper beast 😂
alipfar (1 year ago)
Hey! nice
Arde Godonse (1 year ago)
Nice video!
RothBart (1 year ago)
I like his vids
Marcus Ortega (1 year ago)
Jarryd Govic (1 year ago)
Heelllo I commented
B.O.W (1 year ago)
şaban süleyman (1 year ago)
you get knife and say shit then you are have no brain
vWaly -Team/AKPM/ (1 year ago)
I love ur vis bro they was very nice
Azx (1 year ago)
Ez giveaway win
DighuluZ (1 year ago)
Hey! Love your videos bro
jvoseph (1 year ago)
hey whats up
PixelBitNinja (1 year ago)
Another great top 5! :D
Perithan (1 year ago)
Loved the vid man!
Daniel Trickovski (1 year ago)
hey nice!
DAGGERD (1 year ago)
please i could really use that skin
FADE_magnet (1 year ago)
hope i win giveaway
FADE_magnet (1 year ago)
hope i win giveaway
SupercowYT (1 year ago)
SupercowYT (1 year ago)
SupercowYT (1 year ago)
SupercowYT (1 year ago)
I'm spamming comments to get higher chances of winning giveaway
N_szZ 11 (1 year ago)
Hey. !
SupercowYT (1 year ago)
SupercowYT (1 year ago)
If I win giveaway ima die
Fl4wzzFX (1 year ago)
I wanna win
Bidoof YT (1 year ago)
Notification squad!
Fl4wzzFX (1 year ago)
Bidoof YT 5h to l8
Fl4wzzFX (1 year ago)
Bidoof YT 25 min to l8
MarkGamer10 (1 year ago)
Do Top 5 Anomaly Knife Unboxings
Zenn (1 year ago)
ayyy gimme that hyper beast
XeRioS (1 year ago)
Hello guys, be my friends
TheBrast (1 year ago)
I was never born
Frank Wilson (1 year ago)
shroud is bad
Xexu (1 year ago)
The Weasel One (1 year ago)
Patrick L. (1 year ago)
Shroud is awesome!!!! Those reactions though: "Thats allright." xDDDD
NiP_TrE x (1 year ago)
Hey nice vid😃
Oliwier Robaczyński (1 year ago)
Sedat özbek (1 year ago)
Best Mann :D <3
TheScarie Gamer (1 year ago)
hey nice
Synatic (1 year ago)
Pls give me the m4
Maki Moreno (1 year ago)
Gelfa (1 year ago)
Hey ! Nice
Kurczak z Rożna (1 year ago)
Loo Wei Jie (1 year ago)
I like your top 5 video~ by the way notification#click XD
Mads Stampe (1 year ago)
Nemanja Milic (1 year ago)
shroud is lucky but he dont have feelings his face is same whenever he unboxed a blue skin or a knife
Mike van Houten (1 year ago)
giveway! love youuuuuuu
Ali Assadi (1 year ago)
Ya Marcus Yeet Kail (1 year ago)
Hezze (1 year ago)
Hey id like to win an m4 hyper beast:)
Hey ! Nice video Enveeh you got a subscribe :3
Piotras Krzeszewski (1 year ago)
uh-huh shadow dagers xD
TRN_Peakz (1 year ago)
please can i win ..?😢😣
Delat Äpple (1 year ago)
Nice! Video
spying_hunter (1 year ago)
plz pin this comment
PenguTTV (1 year ago)
Michel (1 year ago)
hey nice

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