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CS:GO - Text Color Mod 4.0 for Panorama

3785 ratings | 61990 views
Text Color Mod 4.0 is out now for Panorama! Enjoy 👍 🍌 https://bananagaming.tv/textcolormod Follow me on: 📸 https://www.instagram.com/MaximGBG 🐤 https://twitter.com/MaximGBG 🎧 https://discord.gg/bananagaming 🎮 http://steamcommunity.com/groups/bananagamingsteam Overall Music - http://www.epidemicsound.com Intro Music - http://incompetech.com Intro Font - http://www.dafont.com/foo.font Intro Icon - https://openclipart.org
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Text Comments (480)
El Cancer (36 minutes ago)
link isn't working... just to let u know.
EasyMax :D (2 hours ago)
I am Maxim)
ApolLo_ (9 hours ago)
404 Not Found nginx fix, site down!
Jzvrs (11 hours ago)
i go to download but says bad gateway?
ISteal RandomVideos (12 hours ago)
Bruv, your link is dead, could you please reupload?
Snaiparul (15 hours ago)
404 Not Found nginx
Qill Zwitch (15 hours ago)
Textcolormod page not working :(
TheKriskoBg WaR (1 day ago)
Can someone explain why it never worked for me. I do everything right. I thought that in that version will work but nope...
Sangam.U.M Naik (1 day ago)
I messed up in autoexec file. Now I can't able to see text message even if i send the message/commands while playing. So please help me guys with this issue.
AksZi 322 (2 days ago)
made Russian textcolor mod please
Macioota (2 days ago)
like brazilian
Macioota (2 days ago)
it could have a portuguese version
Padilhex (2 days ago)
does anyone know the command, so the rarity of skin i have the text below the weapon is the same color as the rarity
Macioota (3 days ago)
site offline
It's fixed now!
Freddy (4 days ago)
Does it change your font. Or can i still use custom fonts with it?
Niklas Skovbo (4 days ago)
Where can I find the csgo_bananagaming.txt? Plz help it looks sooo coool
mrSKITTLESmods (5 days ago)
can we get banned for this
Rui Marcelo Rodrigues (5 days ago)
But Maxiiim. There is anyway to change the font of csgo now?
Jumanji (6 days ago)
I got so relaxed watching it man
Matthew Seeley (6 days ago)
How to you add custom fonts to the panorama UI?
Luminous Lite (6 days ago)
where do i put the text mod?
BlaSCSGO (7 days ago)
I think this ui good, but where is source2?
Leandro (7 days ago)
the only problem that i see now with panorama is the font, 2 years using Londrina Solid and i refuse to use the default one :/
potatoprince gaming (7 days ago)
How do i make it work?
Fade_Zen0x (7 days ago)
Do I have to delete my older text color mod to get this one?
Szok v1 (7 days ago)
Color mode for panorama! Love u maxiiiiiiimo!
Ekchw0 (8 days ago)
87 more subs !!!!
Karmel (8 days ago)
How installation your text mod?
MythYT PULSE (8 days ago)
I Still cant play panorama on Mac... Can someone help me?
Ballistic YT (8 days ago)
The discord link has expired
Morning (8 days ago)
would ur fps go lowerr if u use color settings?
D4ng3r (8 days ago)
can i stilk use your radio mod?
moh kihal (9 days ago)
Text Color Mod 4.0 download good job 👍 thank you
Zero Two (9 days ago)
How do I install color mod
moebz // moe.b (9 days ago)
Hows it released though wouldnt it just be pre release its not a public thing u have to install it..
you install panorama automaticly because its a normal update. but for now you can only have panorama when you have "-panorama" in the launch options.
moebz // moe.b (9 days ago)
Wait its not released i just launched cs and it wouldnt open
Utopian Dubstep (9 days ago)
aww man, i couldnt find you at ESL glad you also enjoyed it :D
MeRThi (9 days ago)
Will you get vac banned for this mod?
nasse setä (9 days ago)
Road to 500k
Pistolas (9 days ago)
*Can we change the different team id to a bigger font size?*
kdut s (9 days ago)
nice update maxim.. but i cant seem to press f1 or f2 when voting.. doest any one has the same issue?
עומר אלון (9 days ago)
Can you please stream CSGO on twitch?
t0bi Da noob (9 days ago)
Toni Zupančič (9 days ago)
Hey maxim i have a question about the chat window. When i die (panorama ON) i have chat in the left bottom and its covered by my teams stats. Is there a way to move chat window or at least disable team stats so i can see chat without pressing the chat key?
Cemocan (9 days ago)
can i get a link to v1? because all the other ones are bugged for me
Simon Michelson (9 days ago)
Watch & Enjoy (9 days ago)
But whats the real release date of panorama? (No Cross Play)
Pasha OTH (9 days ago)
Whats different of Normal With Go Bananas.??
BananaGaming (9 days ago)
"Go Bananas" button instead of "Accept" button when searching for a game!
MiX_ (9 days ago)
how to make fun of csgo again buy a music kit and download ponorama :D
Isak Holm Aka Holman (9 days ago)
kan man byta font på panorama? tycker texten är så fruktansvärt ful :(
SΞSTΛIN (9 days ago)
Finally found an active csgo youtuber with great tips and tools
Kshitij Dhawale (9 days ago)
Panroma has another issue where in you cant download and watch your competitive match. anyone else facing the problem or any solution to this issue ?
Sumit Shrivastava (10 days ago)
I downloaded this before the video was even up. Was checking fot it everyday!
crashniels (10 days ago)
You could open the console in the menu before...
Spoopmentor3000 (10 days ago)
Get this man to 500k!
Artem Malian (10 days ago)
Panorama feels so choppy and laggy too me, even tho the fps hasn't changed.
Rurirm (10 days ago)
Sooo chill :D Thanks Maxim ^^
Clarenzio10 (10 days ago)
I could translate it in italian! ^^
Nemanja Stanojev (10 days ago)
Why now mm have too much bugs??? please tell me
MeanXBeam CS:GO (10 days ago)
can i use the new one with old ui? i like old ui
Pikipogo (10 days ago)
But Maxiim. Does it give me Vac ? ;D
Muhammad Iswahyudi (10 days ago)
this mod work on faceit right ?
Axel Rajiv (10 days ago)
U know when we r on low hp, our HP number didnt change to red. Only the hp bar does. Can u add this feature please? So when we are on low hp, our HP number turns to red.
vodqc (10 days ago)
Thanks mate ...Makes the game so mutch better :)
Legitti (10 days ago)
Any way to use custom fonts on panorama yet?
Nagato2k (10 days ago)
Where is my melon me sad :(
Siggers (10 days ago)
hey maxim i have a problem :( the mod works fine but as soon as i want to customize it (for example delete the sector "skill groups" because i dont need that) and start csgo after that, an error occurs saying "assert: failed to load localization file panorama\localization/../../../csgo/resc is it not possible to customize the new version? :( thanks for the help in advance
CLASH WITH INDIAN (10 days ago)
Xhair3 workshop is broken in panorama
Dragos Ngr (10 days ago)
that panorama is actually good, but there is a thing that i dont like, is when you get low hp only health icon becomes red so is not so obvious, especially when you are focused to the game, the old theme had a full red bar when you get low hp
yBlade05 (10 days ago)
When I finish 1 competetive game I can't see the ranks of anyone besides me. Anyone knows how to fix that ?
Rutger Van e (10 days ago)
you gonna make a vid about ECL?
KingWIgz 1 (10 days ago)
Is it only me that dislike that CT or T disk thing that appear after the match is finished?
turbosync (10 days ago)
Zip File* :)
G0OFY (10 days ago)
Can i get VAC banned for this?
G0OFY (10 days ago)
Medcorps nice
Medcorps (10 days ago)
kool person (10 days ago)
I installed this and all of my settings reset... wtf
olof notmeister (10 days ago)
Is that release for new update or just you update for beta? Cause i dont play csgo last day
ᴢᴏᴡɪᴇ (10 days ago)
500K! Congrats <3
muammer sardar (10 days ago)
Btw how to see ranks when game ends ;)
welps ;D (10 days ago)
Buttt.. Maximooo well I now get my Gaben UI installed?
Gabe MM (10 days ago)
What about font change? I lost my custom font from the old UI. Can I still change it in Panorama?
Noah Paterno (10 days ago)
How i can turf off this weird music ?
wooowww GAMING (10 days ago)
Är du svensk
lové Héj (10 days ago)
499k subs. Near half mil!!
freakzr (10 days ago)
Lift off!
WatermelonGaming (10 days ago)
Hey Banana
SEBI_KING YT (10 days ago)
Almost 500k.
SerbianKillJoy (10 days ago)
Back to translating lol
Salut mes amis och halla gubbar et Anime here! Go Bananas!
Cássio Nakagawa (10 days ago)
Maxim are you still using the nvidia freestyle?
Dusan Brankovic (10 days ago)
ther is no brightnes settings
DanMan (10 days ago)
not a fan how console opens while typing
Garrus Vakarian (10 days ago)
and go.. *B A N A N A S*
Sully_says (10 days ago)
Is the text color mod appropriate for ESEA and FaceIt?
VaSPiy (10 days ago)
Alan Nolasco (10 days ago)
how can i install that interface?
Ward0ge! CS and More! (10 days ago)
Did anyone notice that in Panorama you can't apply this command. cl_loadoutcolornames
TjarkAlive (10 days ago)
can you add the text color mod to another language (e.g. swedish?) if yes, how?
Sandesh J (10 days ago)
is anyone able to use custom radars? cause they dont load for me
Carlos Alberto (10 days ago)
maxim what happened to Play The Frag?
InsaX (10 days ago)
Really nice to meet you Maxim at the ESL <3 What chill guy, stay awesome :D
Future (10 days ago)
Looking forward for Simple Radar on Panorama as well.

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