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CS:GO - Text Color Mod 4.0 for Panorama

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Text Color Mod 4.0 is out now for Panorama! Enjoy 👍 🍌 https://bananagaming.tv/textcolormod.php Follow me on: 📸 https://www.instagram.com/MaximGBG 🐤 https://twitter.com/MaximGBG 🎧 https://discord.gg/bananagaming 🎮 http://steamcommunity.com/groups/bananagamingsteam Overall Music - http://www.epidemicsound.com Intro Music - http://incompetech.com Intro Font - http://www.dafont.com/foo.font Intro Icon - https://openclipart.org
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Text Comments (483)
AszDraY (9 hours ago)
Is not vac bannable?
MICHALX XD (7 days ago)
can you get vac for this
YoserSerR TV (8 days ago)
is it safe for me? cause i don't want to get vac ban, if i use this mod
Scyther (8 days ago)
I do not understand the instructions I’m very frustrated can someone help me install this properly before I delete Windows System 64 or something please?
Refuze Senpai (10 days ago)
is not working for me why?
IchBinEinZwerg (10 days ago)
Can you get vac banned?
Snowfall (11 days ago)
How about fonts ? those don't seem to work anymore
brandon de los santos (11 days ago)
gracias !gg
VIP_CreaTive (11 days ago)
Hey, I only got kill in chat when I kill someone with an Ak, Deagle, P250, etc. On some weapons, I see the name. Weapons like AWP or CZ. On the Site, it shows that this weapon names will show too.
A_ Lemon (12 days ago)
what do I do to make the color fonts work?
TheOneTapFactory CSGO (13 days ago)
you only have to type in -language bananagaming - panorama right? cause it aint working for me
Refuze Senpai (10 days ago)
me either
Martusevic GT (15 days ago)
put Lithuanian language please
hehe) (18 days ago)
new link?
NedasHQ (21 days ago)
VCN Ban??
Easilyygames (24 days ago)
its not working for me
GoodLuckyGaming (27 days ago)
how do you install it? is it diffrent now when panorama is out
Zero lyl (28 days ago)
how do we do it though? were are the instructions
Ph Danny (1 month ago)
the /18 rank doesnt work anymore bananaman
Logu (1 month ago)
Are you still able to use other fonts with this?
nΛro (1 month ago)
net graph_1 isn't working
Zinsu (1 month ago)
But what folder do you put it in...
EDDY (1 month ago)
Is there a way we can change the colours of the grenade things when they pop out in chat? (1:48)
Shijith v shibu (1 month ago)
Do we get banned for this ?
NiP CONTRA; (1 month ago)
can ı sue this on -legacyscaleformui so old cs ??
ChEvU (1 month ago)
How to install it?
HDSN (1 month ago)
work on Mac?
Darius Darius (2 months ago)
doesnt work and for some reason i have youre stream folder its a virus or sonthing
MiteeeySkills (2 months ago)
My resource folder has an other folder called Flash inside her... Not working pls help :/
Help me!!! Before I do this text color mode 4.0 I was had more than 100 fps After this text color mod 4.0 I have only 30-40 fps, WHY AND HOW CAN I DELETE IT??
Yungg Kieeef (2 months ago)
i havnt played cs go for a long time... i cant use the old fonts anymore ? i used "Coalition" for so long...
Mr. Shark (2 months ago)
Will you update text color mod?
Adrian C (2 months ago)
This mod gave me a fps boost :))
miguel chacon (2 months ago)
font? like csp_font... i can´t change it Pls help like!!!
Emre Kartal (2 months ago)
It doesn't work for me after the Horizon update
Alex_Blue (2 months ago)
Deutsche Version bitte
AnimeKingZs (2 months ago)
Anyone know how to get the Text Color Mod to work for Panorama? It's not working for me and I followed all the instructions on the instructions web text... :(
Deejudanne e (2 months ago)
du vet att du alltid har kunnat öppna consolen i huvudmenyn va?
Jajajagoggen (2 months ago)
Love this tnx
onit (2 months ago)
does it work for "not panorama" xD the old csgo
despacito_despacito (2 months ago)
it wont let me join servers with this on
1nekt CS:GO (2 months ago)
404 fail :(
ZiX (2 months ago)
link isnt work, can i get other?
SynergY CompleX (2 months ago)
the link shows Error 404: Not found :CCC what do i do?
ToorU (2 months ago)
the link is broken
Rached Yousfi (2 months ago)
404 Not Found
Raoul Bivèr (2 months ago)
When i click on te link it says: NOT FOUND
Sly_ (2 months ago)
404 D:
Azn (2 months ago)
Maxim, do you have a clue or anybody else have a clue as to why its almost half integrated, as in some features are there and some are not? I get: The simple kill texts, nade colors and nothing else. Im missing the damage given when I die, and Im also missing my rank (0/18), etc.
Alcimar Aragão (2 months ago)
404 Not Found ??? :(
Justinas Valavičius (2 months ago)
link dead
Justinas Valavičius (2 months ago)
Maxim I want your mouse pad t-shirts too and love your tutorials and his text color :)
TowerTV (2 months ago)
BananaGamng the colormod website is not going to update the site?
Lawrence Lucky (2 months ago)
Lawrence Lucky (2 months ago)
Maxim can you give me 1 skin pls because im poor
Spartan CS GO (2 months ago)
the link is broken ?
xstuie (2 months ago)
link doesn’t work
TurboSync (2 months ago)
its OFF ! sort by new comments !
TurboSync (2 months ago)
cant download 404 ??
Patrick (2 months ago)
Your link doesn't work: 404 not found
Bernardo Almeida (2 months ago)
404 Not Found :C
Jiří Kaminský (2 months ago)
That intro and outro animations fit so much with the Panorama UI.
DH (2 months ago)
its off bro :/
Spartan CS GO (2 months ago)
it didnt work ???
MaxiiSandwich (2 months ago)
can you make a tutorial on how to modify the text color mod?
Mandar Joshi (2 months ago)
those with 404 add .php at the end of url
Geimeris no Nigērijas - (2 months ago)
this comment needs much more likes! Just so everyone sees it And thank you!!
Kpuo (2 months ago)
thank u bro.
Yung Spirit (2 months ago)
this works with custom fonts right
Fiigurative (2 months ago)
file not found when i click the link help
Falcão (2 months ago)
only me have 404 error?
dizzy [2nd Account] (2 months ago)
no, me too
Schxldiger Adam (2 months ago)
Falcão me too
Focksen77 (2 months ago)
You're missing ".php" at the end of the link to the mod btw
nide (2 months ago)
how to install custom fonts in panorama
R4BBID L. (2 months ago)
is link working? it isn't over here
ٴٴ hypebeast (2 months ago)
Fix the url, need a .php to the end.
Abodi OnPC (2 months ago)
404 Not found the link is dead Q_Q
Abodi OnPC (2 months ago)
Thx bro
Yung Spirit (2 months ago)
go to his website and go to official tweaks
Yung Flexer (3 months ago)
link isn't working... just to let u know.
EasyMax [GD] (3 months ago)
I am Maxim)
Army Bot (3 months ago)
404 Not Found nginx fix, site down!
dizzy [2nd Account] (2 months ago)
ApolLo_ trueee
Jzvrs (3 months ago)
i go to download but says bad gateway?
ISteal RandomVideos (3 months ago)
Bruv, your link is dead, could you please reupload?
Snaiparul (3 months ago)
404 Not Found nginx
Qill Zwitch (3 months ago)
Textcolormod page not working :(
TheKriskoBg WaR (3 months ago)
Can someone explain why it never worked for me. I do everything right. I thought that in that version will work but nope...
Sangam.U.M Naik (3 months ago)
I messed up in autoexec file. Now I can't able to see text message even if i send the message/commands while playing. So please help me guys with this issue.
AksZi 322 (3 months ago)
made Russian textcolor mod please
Macioota (3 months ago)
like brazilian
Macioota (3 months ago)
it could have a portuguese version
dinz0 (3 months ago)
does anyone know the command, so the rarity of skin i have the text below the weapon is the same color as the rarity
Macioota (3 months ago)
site offline
It's fixed now!
Freddy (3 months ago)
Does it change your font. Or can i still use custom fonts with it?
Niklas Skovbo (3 months ago)
Where can I find the csgo_bananagaming.txt? Plz help it looks sooo coool
mrSKITTLESmods (3 months ago)
can we get banned for this
Rui Marcelo Rodrigues (3 months ago)
But Maxiiim. There is anyway to change the font of csgo now?
Jumanji (3 months ago)
I got so relaxed watching it man
Matthew Seeley (3 months ago)
How to you add custom fonts to the panorama UI?
Luminous Lite (3 months ago)
where do i put the text mod?
BlaSCSGO (3 months ago)
I think this ui good, but where is source2?
Leandro (3 months ago)
the only problem that i see now with panorama is the font, 2 years using Londrina Solid and i refuse to use the default one :/
Sahand Ansari (3 months ago)
How do i make it work?
Ryakii (3 months ago)
Do I have to delete my older text color mod to get this one?
Szok (3 months ago)
Color mode for panorama! Love u maxiiiiiiimo!
EkKhw0 (3 months ago)
87 more subs !!!!

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