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🔴 Malaysia 🇲🇾 vs 🇸🇬 Singapore | Asian Netball Championship 2018

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Semi-finals match between Malaysia and Singapore at the Asian Netball Championship 2018 ★ Date: 8 Sep 2018 ★ Time: 5:00 pm (Singapore time) This match will be available in Singapore at around 6:30 pm (subject to change) ★ Venue: OCBC Arena ★ Tickets on sale at http://bit.ly/SGYTANC18 ★ Competition schedule https://ev1.apactix.com/evenue/linkID=apactix01/se/M1ANC2018Fixtures.pdf ★ Starting Lineups: Malaysia 🇲🇾 Azizan An Najwa - GS S. Loganathan Karishma - GA Pow Mei Foong- C Abu Bakkar Nurul Adha - WD Mohd Ali Nur Syafazliyana - GD Aziz Noor Azilah - GK Abdul Razak Nurfariha - WA Singapore 🇸🇬 Soh Charmaine - GA Lee Pei Shan - GS Lee Vanessa - WD Nurul Baizura - C Lim Kimberly - WA Teo Melody - GD Chen Lili - GK Follow the action ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- ▼ facebook.com/NetballSingapore twitter.com/Netball_SG instagram.com/NetballSingapore Live stream of selected games ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- ▼ youtube.com/SingaporeSports Thank you for watching ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- ❤ Do """"LIKE"""" and """"SHARE"""" if you love this video. ❤ Tell us which is your favourite moment of the tournament in the """"COMMENTS"""" section below . SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- Subscribe to Sport Singapore's YouTube Channel at http://bit.ly/sportsgYT for more sports videos.
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Text Comments (25)
Min Deen (13 days ago)
Main tipu ni 😂😂😂kaki gerak time pegang mana boleh sesukati je player Singapore ni
lol hahaha
jhon 76 (2 months ago)
Viva Singapore..from Indonesia🇮🇩
Fifi Akafera (2 months ago)
Umpire x konsisten...byk bad decision.. sebagai umpire asian kenalah alert dgn benda2 mcm tu..sedihhh..
Jay Chow (2 months ago)
congrats to Singapore!
Emma Stargram (2 months ago)
When MAS meet SGP its not a match its a WAR
adyanzz (2 months ago)
We all know that Singapore team has been using umpire from Aus and Nz for every Singapore games...so bias...seems like everything has been planned from the beginning...
adyanzz (2 months ago)
Football's Greatest diam laa ko..ko bukannya ade kt sini pon...setakat tgk youtube...from day 1 lg aku kt sini...so aku tau laa.
Football's Greatest (2 months ago)
Indonesia kalah - wasit curang! Malaysia kalah - umpire biased! Dua2 sama je. Both never lose gracefully, always blame it on others for their downfall.
adyanzz (2 months ago)
Siti Mardiana Omar yeah...level of umpiring is so not professional...please take note International Netball Federation...
Siti Mardiana Omar (2 months ago)
There were few occasions where the umpires made wrong calls and Singapore got the advantage of the situations. This kind of umpiring should not happen at this level of competition. Netball Singapore pls take note.
Muhammad Hanif (2 months ago)
I think Sri Langka The Winner
Alvin Khoo (2 months ago)
Singapore revenged the SEA GAMES 2017 defeat
huraireamre (2 months ago)
boleh lah malaysia daripada takde penglibatan .
Diamond Blink (2 months ago)
Why annajwa leave too early? At 40-41 Else still have chances.. her replacement.. like omg...
Mi Key (2 months ago)
why so many men watching netball.. lolz.. strange..
Amirrul Haffiz (2 months ago)
Daripada tgok prestasi bolasepak sekarang baik tengok bola jaring...
Siti Mardiana Omar (2 months ago)
there is nothing wrong with men watching netball. It is a team sport for all races, gender and nationality.
arrian aimi (2 months ago)
Mi Key Asal tak boleh ke ?
Janindu Umayanga (2 months ago)
netball asian championship 2018 semifinals 🇱🇰55-🇭🇰46 congratulations girls
Zaidi Amin (2 months ago)
Football's Greatest (2 months ago)
Wasit Curang! 😂
Oppo Qwe (2 months ago)
Malaysia netball team still number one 💪💕
Aimer Ang (2 months ago)
guess the rivalry is real.

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