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From Pasha to S1mple: The Evolution of Aggressive AWPers in CS:GO

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Check out the Upcomer app for CS:GO news, schedules, and rankings: http://blitz.gg/upcomer Without a doubt S1mple is one of the greatest AWPers in CS history, especially in the category of "aggressive AWPers." We take a look back at the some of the best aggressive AWPers (Pasha, JW, KennyS, FalleN) who have pushed the meta forward, shaping the game that S1mple now dominates. Footage from: Valve, IEM Katowice 2016, ESL One Cologne 2014, Gfinity Spring Masters 2, ESL ESEA Dubai 2015, Na'vi, DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018, Snipe2DieTV - CS:GO Channel, Team Virtus.pro, MantarayCSGO, Fnatic Photograph from HLTV.org Written by Max Melit -- Like us on Facebook: http://bltz.gg/facebook Follow us on Twitter: http://bltz.gg/twitter Follow us on Instagram: http://bltz.gg/instagram
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Text Comments (383)
Garfield Esketit (1 day ago)
Rip kqly
Wojtixis (1 day ago)
this title sounds like from bot to pro :D
Crispy K (1 day ago)
too bad this game is so fucking broken now.
Yogkhast X Vlogg'z (1 day ago)
Remember me as in 2023 i'm next to becoming one
Kiteg0d (1 day ago)
Who else noticed how in the upcomer ad they were playing ROBLOX cs:go?!?!
Rainbow six Nerd (2 days ago)
So in conclusion they nerf stuff because other players suck it’s just affecting the good players
yuc0n (2 days ago)
You have no fucking clue.
Sandy ́s (2 days ago)
he runn throw the soke jumps around like Rabbit and this "pros" dont here him ….seriously …. this is just a fail from this guys and not an amazing Play from JW
Pat Arnedo (2 days ago)
How about draken’s aggresive awping? I think he’s more aggresive than s1mple is
Jakub Vohrna (3 days ago)
lmao but the best is still Guardian
Fuse Tattoo PH (3 days ago)
as time went on, Pasha's hair is vanishing.
binnum cojpag (3 days ago)
Where tf is draken?
JKJG Gaming (4 days ago)
It's not pronounced as K Q L Y it's pronounced as Kali
Nikhilify (4 days ago)
Hit like for 1.6 and markeloff
Jogananda Deuri (5 days ago)
Why does everyone keep talking about Guardian? It's aggressive awping not lame awping
Timo Tay (5 days ago)
And after S1mple, here comes Zerkje
justiceMIND (5 days ago)
i appreciate the work in this video but im sorry i have to say that this video is fundamentally wrong... kennys and jw were the most players effected by the awp nerf and most of their insane frags and performances were before the nerf. kenny once said that he felt that he was a bit depressed after the nerf and that he could never be the player he wanted to be but then took him years to adjust to it. JW on the other side started to not even play awp and that effected the old fnatic line up too much. where they had to try dennis for awping and sometimes flusha and even krimz at times and jw as well but he didnt play consistently ever since the nerf. it pissed me off when you said that kennys and JW are the ones who rose after the nerf as that was just wrong. it was the opposite.
Internet Gangster (5 days ago)
"I believe." s1mple winning ESL COLOGNE
xDFism (6 days ago)
Kunto kT (6 days ago)
zerkjE the best awper
Bobby Guilmette (6 days ago)
simple is the Ovi of csgo lmao
Swaggy Tv (7 days ago)
i see kenny fangays lel. Grow up please
Inacito :3 (8 days ago)
Fallen <3
Sniz Nogenora (8 days ago)
Ah, the good old days when Pasha was the best awper im the world. Actually, why volvo has to nerf the awp? Like it is OP or something, but that just how the awp works(like in css)
B Verne (8 days ago)
Peek Olof or Simple right now?
Pœnitet (9 days ago)
What a stupid video man, how long you followed CS 1 year?
барсук 132 (10 days ago)
Xd Кто нибудь здесь кушать от инка?
danny stein (10 days ago)
Anyone remember when Maikelele stepped up into the light in 2015 when he joined nip? I genuinley believe he had the most aggressive (or atleast at the time) awp style id ever seen, even inspired me to be an awper.
祝exotic (11 days ago)
No markeloff?
King Avex (7 days ago)
He was never dominant in csgo
arkhixz (11 days ago)
R u kidding me? Sup bitch
Raiken anims (11 days ago)
Jorge Vargas (12 days ago)
I was playing casual and guardian joined half way through the match and sniped me twice in two seconds
ICEMAN™ Ryan (12 days ago)
You want to talk about clutch and showing when it mattered most! Take a look at skadoodle during the major.
GR4VI1Y_ (13 days ago)
Ink mate отпрыск шлюхи
Keby v2 (13 days ago)
0:27 no way they are playing roblox cs
Pasha brings up agressive awp style ? Rofl what about the million’s awp clutch of kenny before 2015 against the very team remember the most famous awp clutch 1v4 against nip on a site inferno ? Wasn’t agressive peak ?
Najgorszy Dank Memer (14 days ago)
SinCotter Productions (14 days ago)
Lmao has the commentator ever played CSGO ever... “K-Q-L-Y”
Dale Amodia (14 days ago)
Nah dude pasha is an old man right now
Josiah Johnson (14 days ago)
Written by Max Melit. Ok I will make sure not to read his work. Holy crap that was bad. He tried to make it seem like a timeline but some of the clips were not in order at all.
W3bka Cooper (14 days ago)
Hello, man. I'm from Russia and I like this video. But yesterday(06.06.18) i saw a video copied from your (https://youtu.be/L2F6LHRwX90). Sorry, i cant strike it because because I dont have copyright. Can you to solve the problem of plagiarism or copying?
WanShootie Mapping (15 days ago)
You should have told about markeloff in CS 1.6. He has started this style of playing. But still nice video :)
Enteal Haven (15 days ago)
JW is so ugly
Justin Y. II (15 days ago)
lul KennyS isnt in the title
Sangeeth Mk (15 days ago)
where is Guardian 🙂
Frost Mourn (15 days ago)
Tvoy rolik spizdili, mne zhal'
Ionix Lee (15 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2F6LHRwX90 report him
Ange Gaming (15 days ago)
инк спиздел у тебя контент
-ZengeR- (15 days ago)
У тебя спиздили видос
Guy from channel "ink mate" just coppied your video . https://youtu.be/L2F6LHRwX90
Tver Time (15 days ago)
dude, the video was stolen https://youtu.be/L2F6LHRwX90
Default (16 days ago)
2018 = Guardian
djRlol (16 days ago)
this video makes no sense, pls hire someone who acctually has a clue about counter strike, this is wrong on so many levels, you guys have a lot of great content and i am subbed to the channel but this is just shameful stuff i not gonna lie
Bemont (17 days ago)
The Agressive AWPer Manifesto
GoldenDrag123 (17 days ago)
Inaccurate video, JW And kennyS Were dominating pre awp nerf not after, kennyS pre awp nerf reminds me of The period s1mple is in now. Dropping 40 bombs in official matches And constantly performing at an Insane level
Where is nifty 2018
Yankee The hawk eye (18 days ago)
Watch kennys story and you'll know about the bullshit in this video
Ainsley (18 days ago)
the fcking sponsor at the beginning was roblox csgo wtf
Asim Ramay (18 days ago)
i feel like people dont understand English , now granted some of the video uses poor language and concepts, however the calls for huge inaccuracy in this video seem more emotional than rational, not only is kennyS mentioned at the start of the video with pasha(that he became best/most popular player that year), all the video said was pasha broguht a more agrrssive style of awping and was very briefly 《 key word here, the best awper, the mention of the awp nerf is less to do with pasha and more about that style of play , was kennys better, yes but the style he used wasn't all that different to pashas- and pasha was the earlier person to use such a style, also 2015 is a big year kennyS came in and dominated but in that year he didn't make a new style but was just the better player tho not necessarily all of 2015 but more so mid/late 2015 the commentary about jw and kennys was that they revolutionised 'agressive' awping after the nerf by coming up with a no scope / quick scope style not that they were somehow bad or non exsistant before the awp nerf nor thay they didnt take the best awper crown before the nerf but that they found a way around the nerf changing the way the game was played - that being said i feel like the time line is a bit off and it should start mid/late 2014 but ill have 2 double check that this video isn't about the player and how good they were but about play styles and meta shifts also u cant compare kennys at his peak to simple today, the game 3 years ago is very different to the game today and the patch notes prove this, not to mention the higher level of play - is simple an amazing rifler; yes - that doesn't detract from him being one of the best awpers in the current scene
lil scope (18 days ago)
this video is so fucking dumb
Vizion (18 days ago)
I don’t even know where to start with all the problems in this video from timelines to just talking out their ass I’ve seen better videos from random dudes who only have a casual interest in the game really need to get all the facts and stuff before you make the vid don’t wait for the comments to point out where you went wrong if the data is there for the public
vehnu (18 days ago)
Its sad that kenny's awping is reliable to his feelings, when he is feeling it, you can't stop him and when he isn't, it feels like he is missing every easy shot
_Jake all ok_ (19 days ago)
he-he boy...
stefanI (19 days ago)
ikram mahasin (19 days ago)
Lol kennys the one who effected after awp nerf
Dry TyPiCaLz (19 days ago)
The saber guy (19 days ago)
Did his bitch just say that pasha was the best awper in 2015?
Biro (19 days ago)
Everyone is talking about how kennyS was better then s1mple at his peak but no one realises that nowadays kennyS is no longer better th3n s1mple he has been playing insane for a few years now and you cant denie this
VDK- (17 days ago)
of course lmao s1mple is the best OVERALL player in the world. but, AWP wise, kenny at his PEAK is still the best next to guardian jw and fallen.
gash46 (19 days ago)
It's pronounced KALY. It was a stupid and arrogant trend for French players on AZERTY keyboards; Q and A are swapped so some of them thought it would be hilarious to swap the letters out in their names as well. It's not Kookly, K-Q-L-Y, but Kaly.
gash46 (7 days ago)
It's just perpetuating the mistake; just more people getting it wrong. There's a French analyst/caster called XTQZZ. Pronounced IXTAZ. This isn't difficult to understand!
King Avex (7 days ago)
no, it is kukly, hence the term, kukily style
Old Man Kosuke (19 days ago)
I like playing individually,but i rarely like to do so if i have something like a smg
WalknTalknStevnHawkn (19 days ago)
kay kew el why? how about you zee zee zee eye eye eye while we're being retarded.
Skryyper (19 days ago)
This video is full of shit .... really
Skryyper (19 days ago)
Felix Mendelssohn (19 days ago)
Am I the only one thinking that Skadoodle is an era himself. I know he may not be on the same level as the old Kenny,Jw or today's Guardian and Simple but he has a unique style for both sites. His ct style is holding different positions and changing them all the time while constantly re-peaking without pushing and using nades and movement mechanics for information. When retaking instead of staying back like Simple did on train and covering but pushing while combining a lot of strafing and no-scope movement with quickscopes and no-scopes so that he pushes faster. His T style is really close to his ct retaking while having no fear to re-peak and push every angle and corner.
Yazh Vendan (20 days ago)
Where is brax???
Yazh Vendan (20 days ago)
Where is guardian?
Peppa Pig (14 days ago)
Yazh Vendan soccer sucks. Football rules!
Swapnesh Daryani (20 days ago)
where is guardian.....??
Coolkid (20 days ago)
there are many things wrong in this video
Coolkid (20 days ago)
"K-q-l-y" LMAO it's kaly
Fanim Ainolatac (20 days ago)
The next is skadaddy
Search #Ksharp and #XeQtR (then stfu)
This video is a freaking Joke... Pasha? Lmao how old are You ? 12?
INeedOGName (20 days ago)
This whole video is wrong.
SappyIsHere (20 days ago)
I demand to know why Kenny's is barely in here
nestle milk (20 days ago)
Can you do a rifle one?
BotKnockOut (20 days ago)
Top 3 main awpers imo 1. Fallen 2.Guardian 3. Skadoodle
Hersh Shah (20 days ago)
Great work man
Marcel Halat (20 days ago)
pasha's latest performance is very good he is one of the best again
Jrfaster (20 days ago)
This video is extremely inaccurate
Chris This (20 days ago)
No idea if any of you watch cs or just googled it
bloomad (20 days ago)
s1mple didn't start anything tho
Hei (21 days ago)
aggressive swper without maikelele in nip lol
Dflyguy420 (21 days ago)
Did you even play or watch csgo in 2014-2015??
E L (21 days ago)
lmao pasha is the worst player in cs history
Fahim Wan (21 days ago)
it all began from silvers..
Molotove Vikavare (21 days ago)
If you don't know shit about what you are talking about don't talk about it m8, very dissapointed in Blitz :/.
Remm (21 days ago)
0:25 nice roblox cs gameplay
prod1gy (21 days ago)
It would probably be NatoSaphix or whatever his name is at the top in the coming months
VDK- (17 days ago)
I hope so. With Cerq, Nifty and JUGI.
sam zura (21 days ago)
S1mple is a wrist aimer?
Jules Despots (21 days ago)
The is no clips fromage thé terrorise side?

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