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GUESS WHO'S LYING! (Worms, Slime) | Poker Face Ep. #5

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Text Comments (1149)
REACT (1 month ago)
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Sasuke & naruto (23 days ago)
I subscibe u now? I mean last-last month! That last doi...
Joe Smith (1 month ago)
It would have been hilarious if you closed your eyes, looked up , and let the slime cover your face.
Silent Green (1 month ago)
*College kids react to NCT 127 Regular English version OR College Kids react to Dua Lipa and BlackPink Kiss and Makeup* ✌⭐🔥🔥🔥
tonee26 l (1 month ago)
React to codfish beatbox
napoleon yong (1 month ago)
Teen React to Eminem-Venom
Nada Nagy (22 days ago)
Morgan helped Brittany to get those things out, this is so cute
BADDASS BOY (22 days ago)
Chelsea and tori would make a cute couple.....👀
X Third Eye X (22 days ago)
Oh god yes, I would love to see that.
jenni hämäläinen (22 days ago)
brittany is so pretty😍😍😍
Potato Chips (23 days ago)
Pls pls pls pls pls do hunger games theme
Sasuke & naruto (23 days ago)
“Potato Chips”ummm...this is not hunger games! This is poker face? Poker in the face...know i meant.
Potato Chips How would that work?
Dustin Stone (23 days ago)
Morgan the mvp here with that first challenge
Andrea Hernandez (23 days ago)
“There noodles there noodles” 😂😂
Phoebe Clarke (24 days ago)
9:22 is me when i try to make someone feel better lmao
Angel Vasquez (24 days ago)
Morgan taking one for the team! Very kind of her.
unibesties tv (24 days ago)
I have a gecko and bearded Dragon so the worn don't freak me out. I hold worms every day
xXNutellaXx (25 days ago)
Get to eat a gummy snake Or Get to eat a real snake Get to drink the most delicious drink Or Get to drink the most awful or sour
I'm ok (25 days ago)
Morgan is sooo kind tho
Alysandra (25 days ago)
I’m scared of worms, dammit
Sasuke & naruto (26 days ago)
Wow amazing! I wish get slimed today...!!!
salbyl alia (26 days ago)
oh morgan i really want to be your little sister
jelena (23 days ago)
i want to be her girlfriend lol
None of the animal ones bother me... is that wierd
Ritadee1040 (26 days ago)
Hey that mixed chic is pretty as hell😘
Is this what law school is like?
I love Tori
Rafi Greenwald (27 days ago)
Can you guys please who’s lying
Donnelle J (27 days ago)
Love this show. 😂😂😂
Camila Hernandez (27 days ago)
The girls: They’re just noodles Me thinking: -they are worms- Me nope noodles
Michelle Wolph (28 days ago)
Since y’all did all female on this episode y’all should do all male on the next poker face. Thanks’ 😊
yii (28 days ago)
Taking inspiration from crazy japanese game shows?
Dylan’s Smile (27 days ago)
snek they didn’t make up the game 💀
Maniac 12101 (28 days ago)
They are meal worms they are literally harmless
Rava. Toni (24 days ago)
+Maniac 12101 Same I have a bearded dragon Soo..
Maniac 12101 (27 days ago)
Dylan’s Smile so that doesn’t change that meal worms are just tiny little harmless things
Dylan’s Smile (27 days ago)
Maniac 12101 everyone’s different stop
Maniac 12101 (27 days ago)
Rafer Raphael Toni I feed them to my lizard and they could bite but it doesn’t hurt
Rava. Toni (28 days ago)
They could bite
Sara Ortega (28 days ago)
I wish I was on this show
Otakuforlife - (28 days ago)
i like tori
Penn T (29 days ago)
I used to raise meal worms, i would play with them, I'm 21 and this was only 2 years ago.
Yeah but it’s the texture 🙄
Don Cheeto (29 days ago)
Brittany is too cute 💞
nana Nunu (29 days ago)
Morgan is the best i cant even;.; shes too nice;.;
Beachie (30 days ago)
me in the first round: *Sees worms* me:OH HELLLL NAWWWW *Runs out and vomits*
Pankaj Jaiswal (30 days ago)
Brittany is Cute and hilarious 😍😂
Jack dull (26 days ago)
queen reina (30 days ago)
I LOVE Chelsea and Tori💞💞💞
Madelyn Zemba (30 days ago)
Pigs foot or bacon!!! Omg yasss!
Cannon Lewis (30 days ago)
Have a nice day
Constanza Pizarro Toro (30 days ago)
I reeeeeaaallyyyyy love tori, i feel like she is such a good friend 💚
Rabia Alidina (1 month ago)
do another one!!!!
Giancarlo Carpio (1 month ago)
More of this pleasee
Amélie Bar (1 month ago)
morgan 😂😂😂
Nashuuki (1 month ago)
Chelsea and Tori are back again!!!
Mark Balleza (1 month ago)
“WAs I noT sUppOSeD TO?!”
David Thomas (1 month ago)
Tori you so fine gurlllllllll.
Melissa Daisy Corral (1 month ago)
I touched a worm
Wonder (1 month ago)
I love these!!!
Rhianna Jiang (1 month ago)
Is it just me or isn’t tori the absolute best
Akash King (1 month ago)
Silent Green (1 month ago)
*College kids react to NCT 127 Regular English version OR College Kids react to Dua Lipa and BlackPink Kiss and Makeup* ✌⭐🔥🔥🔥
Love this series
Dwi Novita (1 month ago)
poor morgan :(
Kim Cruz (1 month ago)
Morgan and Chelsea are both beautiful 😍 they all are 😭😭💘
Vivian Nguyen (1 month ago)
Please have teens react to NCT-regular (English version) :)
Silent Green (1 month ago)
YESSSS!!! 😍😍😍
Ros Kahuna (1 month ago)
Your building must have an on site shower...maybe a staff nurse too? lol
wannaknow1592 (1 month ago)
I would love to watch more episodes of this. Love them
Allie Kat (1 month ago)
i would love to see the staff play this game
Ronturn (1 month ago)
Why is Chelsea always so cute? 😊😊
Jairus Galicia (1 month ago)
Congrats on 10m subs guys Keep it up!
roxanne ramsamy (1 month ago)
Taura Fall (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who wouldn't be that bothered by touching the mealworms? Am I weird? I'm weird.
Dogs Rule (1 month ago)
I wouldn’t be grossed out either
Silent Green (1 month ago)
I mean I kinda would but I feel ya
Girly_m :p (1 month ago)
Tori always loses 😂
Princess Jasmin421 (1 month ago)
Basically, this is the Battle of Wits... (only some will understand) Inconceivable!
Terra Flames (1 month ago)
*Friend: I have a boyfriend now!!* *Me: **1:16** bich wHeRe*
Hafeez D. Husnin (1 month ago)
Chelsea so Cute in this REACT but why in she channel she look so difrence!?
Donovan Wick (1 month ago)
she usually has bangs. but ye she cute
Estela Bea (1 month ago)
omg, Morgan is so lovely!
9, 999, 137 subscribers! Your so close to 10M!!
Puppies are da best !! (30 days ago)
*The totally Awesome Unicorn* now they have 10 million!
Kylee's Kingdom (1 month ago)
Do a bowl full of chocolate m&m’s versus the sourest drink in the world filled with sour gummy worms, extreme sour patch kids, sour juice, and whatever else you guys want
AtotehZ (1 month ago)
9,998,656 subs currently and you typically gain 3k-4k subs a day. So in about 12 hours you'll hit 10 million subs.
Benjamin Allen (1 month ago)
Emersen Gaming (1 month ago)
Chelsea is so pretty!
S I L M O N (1 month ago)
Please react to Ouse! Like so they will see this plese☺️
Reneil Granados (1 month ago)
Morgan is the best
Anti-Arrowhead (1 month ago)
Teens react to Daily Dose of Internet!
The Other Side (1 month ago)
Why are you playing it with same reactors !
Void Playz (1 month ago)
Rebecca Swan (1 month ago)
“ *they’er just noodles...........THEY’RE JUST NOODLES!!!!!* “
Schupak (1 month ago)
they're btw
Morgan is so awesome and sweet!♡ :D I want her to be my best friend!♡
nicky potter (1 month ago)
React to little mix women like me
pat v (1 month ago)
I need a friend like morgan. She looks like a tough girl but actually a mom to her friends.
VitCat (1 month ago)
I love how Morgan helped her get the chips when she didn't have to. I would love to have someone like her as my bestfriend.
Soraya Ponce-Lemus (1 month ago)
YouTube really had us looking like booboo the fool for the past hour wow
Tiffany Martin (1 month ago)
What do you mean?
dalia palominos (1 month ago)
i have slime
Mlpfan 58 (1 month ago)
BTS ARMY (1 month ago)
Ty921 (1 month ago)
Ha Chelsea's reaction to Tori' s shot.
crybaby 12 (1 month ago)
Am I the only one that watches these for morgan
Sammie Rezwan (1 month ago)
I love this challenge and the try not to eat
closeto rainbow (1 month ago)
Morgan 💖💖💖💖💖 💪💪💪💪 that good lesb heart
Extreme Pokemon (1 month ago)
What does fbe stand for?
greeneyes❤ (1 month ago)
fine brothers entertainment (after the founders, ben and rafi fine)
spirits in real life (1 month ago)
Why not you guys try poker face with kids
Day'Acevedo (1 month ago)
You need to react to Love it if we made it video y The 1975, PLEASE!!!!
Lukas Pohl (1 month ago)
Wow can't even touch worms lmao
Wolfheart (1 month ago)
I can't, I have entomophobia/insectophobia :/
Candice Belme (1 month ago)
Lmao I can touch grubs meal worms earthworms caterpillar every bug lol
Suldee (1 month ago)
Well can you ???????
A Friendly Foe (1 month ago)
Chris Pasley (1 month ago)
React to drake opens up about Kanye and Pusha T beef
rafal the idiot (1 month ago)
Chelsea is the sweetest thing ever😍
Rebeca Ortega (1 month ago)
Brittany is so extra LMAO I LOVE IT
Jack dull (30 days ago)
Brittany is so pretty in this.
Christina Doxstader (1 month ago)
I'm just gonna say it, Chelsea and Tori should just be matched up all the time,
PopTarted (1 month ago)
Hold a spider Spider gummy
Archie King (1 month ago)
Chelsea, :* <3
Kiyah B (1 month ago)
More poker face please!! It’s so entertaining
hemanth kumar (1 month ago)
React to Eminem freestyle
ImSoporific (1 month ago)
Nina Vega (1 month ago)
You mind sending me a link to your pfp

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