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The Virus - Animator vs. Animation Shorts - Episode 1

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Text Comments (90488)
oof boi (5 minutes ago)
make a episode 2 plz
emivela s. (48 minutes ago)
\ ¤ / | / \
roblox gaming (57 minutes ago)
Rei dos games 13 (1 hour ago)
Obrigado alan becker, porque obrigado? Simples o titulo de seus videos estao em ingles e portugues ou seja sua lingua e a minha isso faz videos grigos de animaçoes perfeitos pois alem de todos que comtrebuem com a legenda em portugues sao poucos animadores q deixam o tutulo do video em portugues
Jose Aponte (1 hour ago)
Andre A (1 hour ago)
U deserve the money Nice work
dark_leet 16 (1 hour ago)
Soneone has changed the captions
Januszek cebulacki (1 hour ago)
Jak ty to robisz xd?
Slimmers Alt Alt (1 hour ago)
Zinger (1 hour ago)
Это было круто! Лайк + подписка!
Enrique Emmanuel (2 hours ago)
Max Luo (2 hours ago)
toxic orino (2 hours ago)
are u dumb? how long would you take for a fight the one vs Virus
Max Luo (2 hours ago)
Дима Исеев (2 hours ago)
when new video
Twich (3 hours ago)
\0/ [ /\
Ybieb Al (3 hours ago)
3:48 Entendí esa referencia xdxdxdxd
VerZer (3 hours ago)
I've been waiting for a month and no episode 2... In one of your videos, you said yourself that you make videos once a month. It's been 2 months so you owe us episode 2 and 3.
NicoGamer 2009 (3 hours ago)
\o/ I /\
Mete Han (4 hours ago)
I'm looking forward to the new video.
Илья Асеев (4 hours ago)
Очень круто мне понравилось.
01 GamingPro (4 hours ago)
Please Alan make the ep 2
Virlo Ghassan (5 hours ago)
Kayanya susah bikinnya
Guyllian van Rixtel (5 hours ago)
Do part 2!!!
eeli tuominen (5 hours ago)
When part 2?
kubek jakubek (5 hours ago)
/. _. /
Andreas Berndt (5 hours ago)
Rede doch auf deutsch
Sinancık tekin (6 hours ago)
Just subed
Animowane Polska (6 hours ago)
Polska przejmuje ten odcinek
Işıl Aksoy (6 hours ago)
I an waiting part 2 virus
Isaah E. (6 hours ago)
Základ Cannáles (6 hours ago)
One two three classical menu Dobrý den já jsem zase smutná ve Svitavách zablokované
I miss your old Windows XP Version of Animation vs Animator
Vinicius Souza (6 hours ago)
quem e br ?
Eu que muito mais!!!
Realy stikman
_Ge0 GuY_ (7 hours ago)
Is that episode continuing?
Animator Show (7 hours ago)
На 3:25 компукпер закончил перегреватся😶😶😶
Koray Yildirim (7 hours ago)
Like always VIRUS DEFFENCES NEVER WORK AND NOW THIS GUY IS BACK (points at the chosen one)
Milosek 14 (7 hours ago)
쿠효 (7 hours ago)
재밌어요! fun!
OneCoffee (7 hours ago)
•-• OMG
Amit Gill (7 hours ago)
Still waiting for episode 2
Smeylex (7 hours ago)
Hallo we schaut das am 22.10?
Cole Klatt (7 hours ago)
Alan when is episode 2 coming out?
Andrea Blanco (7 hours ago)
episode 2 please
Tristan Morales (8 hours ago)
the chosen one returns form the dead ||| like if u like the thing???
Cartoon channel (8 hours ago)
Awesome Fabulous Video You always Make Hats Off 🤩But why R U Making Videos Too Much Late I Am Always Waiting for your videos But it Comes Too Late Plz Make Videos In Small Gapes Like After One weekend 👍🏻
Anne Amador (8 hours ago)
5:07 Alan: Oh this happened before let me just.....😏 Virabot: I will never let this happened **slices**😈 Alan: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH STICK FIGURES!!! ATTACK!!!!!!!! Stick figures: hahahhaa you will end now!!! 😆😆 Red: AHHH HELP😫😫😫 Yellow blue green red: help Orange okay!😰 Virabot: Wheres my blades i will make you a chicken😈 Me: OH SHOOT WHO IS THAT MY GOSH!!!!!!!!😮😮 Black: Im back!😎
etor pepshi tv Mili (8 hours ago)
to me is strange an animation inside an animation
Rusty Engine (8 hours ago)
Its been 2 Months!! WHERE IS EP 2
Samsul Hasan (8 hours ago)
pakai aplikasi apa bang
joko purnomo (8 hours ago)
Saya orang Indonesia bahasa Indonesia
Don Matthew (9 hours ago)
Dang nice "The Chosen One" is back
Minecraft CHANEL (9 hours ago)
New episode !!!
? ? (9 hours ago)
2편 언제나와용? ㅠㅠ
Erick Artilado (9 hours ago)
Erick Artilado (9 hours ago)
I can't wait for the next episode!! 😍😍😘😘
Annika Kaikkonen (9 hours ago)
The chosen One is BACK😓
Im soyoung Im (9 hours ago)
자막 없을뗀 몰랐는데 이거보니 이해 ㄱㅅㄱㅅ
Gamer Blazer (10 hours ago)
The Next episode will be on October 27 2018
Luke Asher (11 hours ago)
The chosen one issssss back
Daphne Tan (11 hours ago)
3:50 Pest control
fredy wigas Gaming indo (11 hours ago)
\😁/ | /\
victor zwaga (11 hours ago)
fredy wigas Gaming indo (11 hours ago)
\😁/ | /\
fredy wigas Gaming indo (11 hours ago)
\😁/ | /\
Nora Hyseni (11 hours ago)
**immediately subs**
18상민 (13 hours ago)
4:34 soooo cute :)
Komang Kanan (13 hours ago)
Black will destroy the PC again
just shapes and beats (13 hours ago)
I GOT TO SEE DA EPIC FIGHT BETWEEN (THE ONE VS VIRUS) PLZ DO EPISODE 2 PLZ, PLZ, PLZ ,.......,........................................................... the one is DA Fimiler back on your 2nd video GLAD HE IS A LIVE TO SAVE THEM CUZ HE IS TO POWERFULLY TO DEFEAT NOT EVAN U CAN DEFEAT : D
just shapes and beats (13 hours ago)
I forgot to put ("him") at da end of da word XD
player kiel i m HaPpY (13 hours ago)
Shoot. Is black, Alan Backer's animation (Me) hoooooo no! (Friend) Alan Backer pls make episode 2 (Friend2) yeeeeeeeee (Me) shut off guys (Freind3) kiel is savege Edit : pls make episode 2 pls pls plsssssssssssss (Best friend ) hey guys what's episode (Me) 1 (Best friend) aaz okay
Whaaaaatttttttt I want more so I can kill the virus in my computer too
GIGACHANNEL (13 hours ago)
it real?
Victor Gamer (14 hours ago)
We are waiting for the next episode
Om Marseille (14 hours ago)
I am french and i love
roslan osman (14 hours ago)
roslan osman (14 hours ago)
roslan osman (14 hours ago)
make more
Wardah Aska (14 hours ago)
Tiba tiba Kok bahasa indonesia
Alyson Reid (14 hours ago)
I wish my stickman can do that
Autisitc Biscuit (14 hours ago)
5:18 how I get attack online on mk
indah hidayah (15 hours ago)
Filinta Yusuf (15 hours ago)
Mitch Malbarosa (15 hours ago)
Zxyth Seal (15 hours ago)
5:09 dead meme? (Turn on sub)
Justin Peroli (15 hours ago)
Alan Said We must find da wae
Farhan Kuntul (16 hours ago)
Cant you continue this video please...
Universe Comics (16 hours ago)
He had to animate them animating his animation. Props to you man.
Fastbreak383 (16 hours ago)
SoulFlame (16 hours ago)
adan :v (16 hours ago)
Episode two pls 👍👍👍
Lenoda Official (17 hours ago)
The editing of the video is better than the recording of the video
Geo Evans (17 hours ago)
Orange should be your AI friend!
Tuần Cường Lại (18 hours ago)
\●/ | /\
Niko Gamer (18 hours ago)
Hebat bener animasinya
nightmare foxy gamer 77 (18 hours ago)
Make sure the monster truck is using as a Ford Raptor
nightmare foxy gamer 77 (18 hours ago)
I got an idea run the bug over with a monster truck I know don't run it over just hit it with the windshield then hit the windshield wipers
I DONT EVEN KNOW (18 hours ago)
yo you gotta do episode 2 you said you were 99% done bruh
Articfox90876 AJ (18 hours ago)
Trex Nelson (18 hours ago)

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