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CS:S BHOP - 10 records by Dango

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Counter-Strike: Source Bunnyhopping - Watch in 1080p! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Player: Dango Settings: Autobhop - 1000 airaccelerate, 100 tickrate Server: gotta go faste. - Runner's notes: I will stream more often at twitch.tv/dangobhop 0:00 bhop_spooktacular - 28.656 0:31 bhop_0002 - 28.796 1:01 bhop_gloomy - 38.953 1:41 bhop_0001 - 36.437 2:18 bhop_kz_femto - 44.218 3:04 bhop_2006isback_fix - 39.601 3:45 bhop_ramil - 37.828 4:24 bhop_consolecake - 47.101 5:12 bhop_0000 - 29.687 5:43 bhop_oldee_fixxx - 1:17.601 Music: 1. S i M - _s w e e t .s o u | 2. Oddwin - [I hate morrnigs.] (4K Special.) 3. goosetaf - salt&pepper. 4. uglyyyy - will we ever get to talk again ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Submit a run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5_eomBuKjU ► Steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SourceJumpOfficial ► Discord https://discord.gg/pGxf7x8 Any run uploaded onto this channel isn't necessarily the fastest for that map/category. Made with SDR - https://github.com/crashfort/SourceDemoRender
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Text Comments (93)
Jaime Rapisura (2 months ago)
Sourcejumo is the bhop God 🤴🏻
Gd Rapacious (6 months ago)
Eric (9 months ago)
Chalks down a nailboard
Colton Kelley (9 months ago)
Last song, Was Fire🤙🏻
woah (9 months ago)
this was a real good one. enjoyed
YogDavid (9 months ago)
Gix (9 months ago)
Dango? Is this some sort of black guys name? P
Lunaral_Moon (9 months ago)
Don't Worry Gimme a desk that's the size of a mousepad and a 144hz moniter xD
Anime fighter (9 months ago)
Nice run euria
SSBM_Wrath (9 months ago)
Also to everyone saying they want to see more long maps...like? fucking just route one? if you really want to see long maps just learn to run a long map lmao
SSBM_Wrath (9 months ago)
Nice Hops fam :^) <3
w (9 months ago)
cool comp
I Cant Flash (9 months ago)
Asko (9 months ago)
Really enjoyable. Good job c:
edin (9 months ago)
nice try but somebodyepic got like 48 on oldee
trippin (9 months ago)
Rip (9 months ago)
Türk varmı la
Dango (9 months ago)
wow nice strafe map runs dango lol
OffaBest (9 months ago)
https://gyazo.com/3c3c9664d4793ef6c1575e9bf829cf71 Dango wtf im tired of seeing this
Dango (9 months ago)
no I didnt i only did oldee on stream
Jarno (9 months ago)
broo did u do this all on stream ? :( i seem to always miss them..
Bhop SaKuRq (9 months ago)
de ting goes skraaa
Keon Mullins (9 months ago)
good to see you still doing your thing keep it up
Kuqae (9 months ago)
Ya Boi (9 months ago)
holy fuck that oldee run was insane
Tomas btb (9 months ago)
Dango > Terry+knox+tomas+glock+noodles+lapen+sleepcow+ezkatka+miles
purdy (9 months ago)
cant be better then purdy
noodles (9 months ago)
Tomas btb dont mention my name with these noobs again please
jacob (9 months ago)
Dango when are you moving into my place? Lmao
logcat (9 months ago)
Teh (9 months ago)
Anyone else feel comps have lost their special feeling?
Nazakomu (9 months ago)
its literally bc ppl still continue to play like pure concentrated garbage, yet insist on submitting their nonoptimal eye cancer that is "records"
Camelogical (9 months ago)
Another thing is that people are too scared to get runs that aren't perfect - which is why harder maps aren't on this channel as much. A step in the right direction would be getting decent times on hard maps, getting them uploaded here, and letting competition slowly lead to a really good run. Just my thoughts
Tay (9 months ago)
When is 100 runs by big bones Chris comming?
Aphex (9 months ago)
Teh it’s been like this forever. When you have a dying game as it is, saturation is inevitable. Nobody sees the appeal to running challenging maps since it takes so much effort and time.
Teh (9 months ago)
100% with ya cam. Tony's pulling a bit of a global jumps and saturating the channel with compilations on short boring maps
zentic (9 months ago)
Calvas (9 months ago)
10 records by budget Terry
terrycs (9 months ago)
Dango we are all a budget lemin pls, he'd one shot all of those runs blindfolded.. oh wait that's jeho, or are those maps too short that jeho could oneshot them
Dango (9 months ago)
terry is budget dango
おやすみ (9 months ago)
usp best girl
lotus (9 months ago)
Nice, you hit oldee finally
Herbal Tea (9 months ago)
my legoflix run was better than all of these. fucking rip kidddo
new dun (9 months ago)
Herbal Tea kz femto run is 100% better
NKNM (9 months ago)
Big noob dango xdxd
Jay Herl (9 months ago)
tumikiss (9 months ago)
Madness (9 months ago)
Ketza (9 months ago)
That oldee time so nice
OffaBest (9 months ago)
Dango streamando
Nishi Notrel (9 months ago)
dango undisputed best bhopper
Nazakomu (7 months ago)
>nera Frizz (((((me))))) dango good at strafing.. the player of this compilation barely even plays DECENTLY, one doesnt play at all anymore unfortunately (i miss having actual rivals), and another cheats on his lan that is prob higher than 100tick lul.... and you? count yourself out of existence as a """Strafer"""
JUNGLEb? (7 months ago)
Nishi Notrel Dango is an Strafer Bhopping is a mix between Strafing SpeedControll Routing And Patience.. There are many people good at many facts = Unity good at Routing and SpeedControll *nera Frizz me dango* good at strafing.. and some people are good at patience like forest running really hard and long maps
Nazakomu (8 months ago)
your assumption is 100% correct
w (8 months ago)
Nazakomu im just gonna assume you're baiting cause i find it really hard to believe people like this exist
Nishi Notrel (9 months ago)
no u really DO NOT GET IT, i am not SUITING MYSELF. I am STATING A FACT. DANGO is the UNDISPUTED BEST BHOPPER as of this video.
krisbhop (9 months ago)
Ynkzzz asd (9 months ago)
Damn I love compilation of strafe maps! said no one ever. (sick runs nonetheless)
matter (9 months ago)
u were smoother once
kulmikas muna (9 months ago)
The Boondocks (9 months ago)
SomeoneRacist (9 months ago)
Nice runs Dango
hystereo (9 months ago)
bhop_kz:_femto might still not be global, I know amai have 44.2 too 1-2 years ago
Nazakomu (9 months ago)
and there is already a route for mid-43sec that nobody will pull off since there is no such thing as genuinely good players anymore
methepeoplebmx (9 months ago)
makmak got 44.2 at least 2 years ago aswell, still on spacebar.
hystereo (9 months ago)
44.8 on Sourcejump ye but i saw him get 44.2
Lemon (9 months ago)
amai has 44.8 nigga
lmao (9 months ago)
fuck (9 months ago)
gay music
Pym (9 months ago)
Good shit Dylan c: <3
Sir Mista (9 months ago)
how do you bhop on source??
David Felipe (9 months ago)
Bunna muito
sp0ky (9 months ago)
David Felipe oi br
wormy (9 months ago)
terrycs (9 months ago)
i dare you disliking this, its not 10 sec maps
shavit (9 months ago)
interesting routes
sAm (9 months ago)
Trash what's the point of playing
sAm (9 months ago)
Other (9 months ago)
1:57 awfully cheeky
Lance Grantier (9 months ago)

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