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MC Fluency - Irregular verbs rap with lyrics (by Michael English)

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CHECK: https://www.youtube.com/user/collolearn
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Text Comments (26)
Yuan Tuinman (2 days ago)
iemand nederlands????
xX DoXx Xx (4 days ago)
Je dois le faire en anglais 😂
Rage mode (9 days ago)
cringe confirmed
Rage mode (9 days ago)
+Lochcrystal NO U!!!!
Lochcrystal (9 days ago)
+Rage mode Your dad lesbiano
Rage mode (9 days ago)
+Lochcrystal no u
Lochcrystal (9 days ago)
Your mom gay
Broyer (1 month ago)
I would like to have some blinc right now!!!!
Ilay Bar (1 month ago)
Shut up, bitch
imrona Narimanova (1 month ago)
You are best teacher
Rapsody (3 months ago)
When will you come to Serbia? Mc Fluency 🇷🇸
Gislene Souza (3 months ago)
Amazing song!!! I LovED
Moshe Goldenberg (5 months ago)
Very good, but some of the words are rarely used in everyday life and not too good for beginners and kids (such as creep, sneak, flee, etc.)
la merde du 82 (5 months ago)
abonner vous a ma chaine
Boi Boi (6 months ago)
Hoooo Boi, I wish I could Forget Forgot Forgotten this song!
houd houd admaiai (9 months ago)
Very good
Anwar Alkarmi (1 year ago)
김우리 (1 year ago)
wow!!!! AWESOME!!! could you let me know the beat you used?
Chélody d'msp (1 year ago)
oh god
Abdo El (1 year ago)
thank you
Gabriel z.d (2 years ago)
Neil van den Hoonaard (2 years ago)
Really nice, I miss a few words but for learning this words it is really good!!!
Tony Tohn (2 years ago)
Click like if you think he is the best teacher ever! (y)
Marcella Rasera (2 years ago)
My students and I just had a great time watching you!!! keep posting and creating stuff like that!!! The English Language teachers community is honored to have people like you around in the world. Thank you!!!
Camy (2 years ago)
+daniele doesn't matter
GameR TN (3 years ago)
hhh reglo

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