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10 Things That Will Get YOU Out Of Silver!

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Check out Alphadraft: http://alphadraft.go2cloud.org/SHEN _____________________________________________________________ Almost every day a silver asks me for tips on how to improve at the game and escape the silver ranks. I decided to make a Youtube video on this topic to help some silvers improve at Counter Strike. 1. Gaming periphrals If you’re a silver player who takes the game seriously, you probably have thought about your peripherals. Keyboard isn’t too important as long as it’s accurate and doesn’t have sticky keys. But mouse is where you should invest your money in. Try to find a mouse with a good sensor because it will help you make precise movements. Remember: Percision is the key. Some good examples are Razer Deathadder, Steelseries Rival. Also remember to get a mouepad. 2.Sensitivity I used to play on 1600 DPI with a 7 sens in game. Over time I lowered it to 1200 DPI, 3.5 in game. But when I actually got my large QCK+ mousepad, I went as low as 400 DPI 3.6 sens in game. Why does the sensitivity even matter? Everyone should use what they’re comfortable with, right? Well, the thing is… With lower sensitivity, your mouse movements will be more precise. And precision is the key in Counter Strike. There are 2 types of CS:GO gamers – Wrist gamers and arm gamers. Most pros are arm gamers but Hiko, for example, is a wrist gamer, that’s why he uses a higher sensitivity than most pros – 3.7 in game, 400 DPI. You will rarely see professional players who play with a higher sensitivity than that even though there are a few. 3.Communication I’ll just start by saying that you absolutely need a microphone. You won’t be able to succeed in CS:GO if you don’t have one. Whenever you die, make a call where you died and how many enemies you saw. If you die at B, say, 1 pushing B or 1 B backing off. Don’t scream ‘’THEY’RE B OMG THEY’RE B, COME FASTER!’’ Give teammates the information and let them do what they want with it. Also, no need to talk when you’re dead while a player is trying to clutch. 4.Get some friends. If you get some friends, it will be a lot easier to win games in silver. With friends you can try to execute strategies and because your enemies are silvers too, it will be very tough for them to do something against basic strats. 5.Learn to paly default. While sometimes it makes sense to stack a particular bombsite with 4 or 5 players, generally you don’t want to be doing it. Let’s take Dust 2 CT side for example: Teams will usually play 2 long, 1 short, 1 b and 1 middle. Sometimes you will also see people playing 2b, 3a or 2b, 1mid, 2a. It’s not a good idea to play 4a, 1 b or 4b 1 a. 6.Crosshair placement I facepalm every time I see someone looking at the ground with their crosshair. You should try to keep it at the head or the chest level so you wouldn’t have to adjust your crosshair that much when you see an enemy. 7.Crosshair There’s nothing wrong with using a dynamic crosshair. But there is something wrong with using the default crosshair. It has been proven that it is a little bit inaccurate. 8.Aim A lot of silvers struggle with aiming especially if they’ve never played an FPS game before. Aiming in Counter Strike is a bit different from aiming in COD or Battlefield. There are 3 different shooting techniques in CS:GO: Tapping, Burstng and spraying. With the tapping technique you fire single bullets and try to hit your enemy’s head. Bursting technique is similar to tapping but instead of firing single shots, you fire multiple shots. Spraying is well, basically spraying. You fire a lot of bullets, trying to control the recoil. Depending on the situation you’re in, you have to choose which shooting technique you want to use. Generally, on a very long range, people will be taping but on a close range they will be spraying. 9.Training Develop a training routine. A good way to do it is by playing Deathmatch and aim maps. Even thought deathmatch is better in my opinion… There are many different types of deathmatch but the best one in my opinion is free for all because there you experience action all the time. You can also combine it with head shot only to improve your headshotting skills. I’d suggest playing deathmatch 15-30min a day to improve your aim. 10.Gamesense Gamesense is something that comes with time and can’t be learnt in a few hours. But playing with other silvers most likely isn’t going to help your gamesense. Try watching and analyze pro games to get a better gamesense.
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Text Comments (1076)
JAMIN (1 month ago)
12:25 "And that's one of the wesons"
THE SHREPER (2 months ago)
Lol I too don't have mouse pad... actually my wooden surface is so nice for me to use mouse
Levi T (3 months ago)
2018 and silvers still dont have mics
Lucky Arellano (3 months ago)
buy a expensive knife to get out of silver :)
Satanic Salad (3 months ago)
Pro players use low sensitivity. Silvers do not need to have low sensitivity for the reason that no one has it other than smurfs or unranked players. That's my only criticism, keep up the good work!
Green Armour (3 months ago)
how to get out of silver: Mouse https://www.roccat.org/en-US/Products/Gaming-Mice/Kiro/ : Mat https://www.amazon.co.uk/TeckNet-gaming-Non-Slip-Compatible-Optical/dp/B00MV1ZANI/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1527379308&sr=8-4&keywords=mousepad&dpID=41STTq4D8VL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch : Headset https://www.razer.com/eu-en/Gaming-Audio/Razer-ManOwar-71/p/RZ04-01920300-R3M1 Keyboard is what ever
ZanDaMan (5 months ago)
do the ranks come in chronological order, or do you get placed based on your skill level after your 10 comp wins? (I'm asking this bc I'm on the competitive match cooldown so I can't check yet)
Levi tani (5 months ago)
Another way to get out of silver is aim and wall hacks.
DefaultOfTheYear (6 months ago)
xD silver 1 after 700 hours xD
Abyssinian Gamer MLS (6 months ago)
Just came to this video to see any tips that may help me
Will Roberts (6 months ago)
AllChart 1776 (6 months ago)
ya know... im playing on 900 dpi and 0.75 ingame.... Is that low?
Blazenator (6 months ago)
No I communicate but than they never talk
Glacet (7 months ago)
Dothurnaax (7 months ago)
92 hours, 23 comp wins and I'm silver 2. 1-10 how well am I doing?
Retrology PW (7 months ago)
Lmao I use a Hyper X headset and it works perfectly. $30 Super cheap.
Josh Styles (8 months ago)
i was a silver when i played on a 500 dollar laptop with a 5 dollar mouse, now i have a 1800 dollar computer that i built, a logitech g410 keyboard and a steel series rival 500 mouse and im still silver... with 900+ hours in the game. wtf lol
CorvetteBro (8 months ago)
What about community comp? Is that better for when community DM doesn't full-fill the needs? Because a friend told me its way better and he's just gn 3, So may someone clarify this?
VwertIX (8 months ago)
not being in silver
Poli (9 months ago)
one of my best plays in silver was a deagle 1v4 clutch on the sugar sacks outside b. hid there and managed to kill a 4 with 40 seconds. My team legit kept screaming at me to rush and it was sooooo annoying lol, want to get outta silver quick thanks for the tips :D
Milolo (9 months ago)
Is gn2 basically silver?
Generations 4 Gaming (9 months ago)
My peripheral are: Mouse: Steel series rival 100 Mouse pad: steel series qck+ Headset: HyperX cloud core Sensitivity Mouse: 400 DPI In game: 2.0 Is it enough to get out of silver Plz suggest me
Prosiveta Famulo (9 months ago)
I'm a Clutch player but I'm only Guardian...
Eddis RL (9 months ago)
I get 40-50 kills and my team has 5-0-15 or 1-8-21 and it allways emd of 14-16 or 6-16
Yuval (9 months ago)
6:36 baiting?
Swaggut (10 months ago)
i have razer kraken 7.1 chroma 360 surround
20th Planet (10 months ago)
1st game not ranked 2nd game not ranked 3rd game silver 3 12th game Reranked back to sliver one One year later Ranked up to sliver 2 Kill me
TheMooper27 (10 months ago)
You don't get out of silver. The game will keep pairing you with smurfs and hackers until you quit.
MarioGamesBg (10 months ago)
dude i am silver for 2 years and i am now silver elite master. I bought the steelseries rival 110 just to get out of this hell and i play like mg. Now you gonna laugh at me but its true. Even with bad mg team i managed to get top score 2 times in a row and losed that matches. I am gonna quit the game if someone grief and go in front of me becuse i am good and i play seriously and i just wanna go mg. BTW i play with 400 dpi and 2.2 sensitivity.
Sisteelin (7 months ago)
I average 40 kills a game in silver but i still lose more than i win. 10/10 m8
MarioGamesBg (10 months ago)
Luke G Idk like mg or something i am not sure becuse its hard tell.
Luke G (10 months ago)
what rank do you view your self as ?
MarioGamesBg (10 months ago)
Luke G haha funny fam. I am better than gold i don't care what you think
Luke G (10 months ago)
Well, You dont say "global elite info". Because you're gold nova. You play like gold nova you give info like a gold nova. "Gold nova". Get it ? Gold nova
Ehax ml (10 months ago)
how to get out of silver hell?? simply.... hack....
Pyr0manc3y (10 months ago)
this shit doesnt even matter when your teams a bunch of griefers and the other team has a hacker/smurf
Mindlesscargo (10 months ago)
Can you give me some tips? Can you help me get out of silver hell?
TI Bayonex (10 months ago)
Prime will.
Thomas cantrelle (10 months ago)
I have the knfe u have in case clicker
LukaPlay (10 months ago)
Im a wrist player
themightyderp 123 (10 months ago)
I use the corsair sabre rgb mouse and I think it's personally a great starter gaming mouse and I would recommend it as its got a customizable DPI. Its accurate and comfortable. Its only $45 so that's easily affordable. The software to customize the lighting is on the website
WiNEEk (10 months ago)
Tip: NEVER buy Havit mice, they're fucking horrible
Gurra.N (10 months ago)
im mg2
Legner (10 months ago)
xd I play on a Mac book air 11 inch with earbuds that I got for free for my phone. I also use a track pad and I’m gold nova 2
ALOToflag (10 months ago)
500 hours s2
Alien (10 months ago)
Game sense is like wearing in a new pair of shoes
aDm (10 months ago)
not even using a mouse pad bruh i never use a mouse pad
aDm (10 months ago)
i can stop watching a video around 2 min mark i have a old mouse that doesn't even have mouse 3+ and no dpi lol
Female Dog (11 months ago)
the way he said get some friends
Some Retard (11 months ago)
2:47 wtf m8 I use 4600 dpi
Radox 2803 (11 months ago)
If you want to get out of silver,easy just get your friends to buy CS:GO or to play with you,then teach them to not be absolute shittards,and then you can chillingly go to Global...
dont_mess with_me (11 months ago)
My sensitivity is like 2 or something!
BOI GANGA (11 months ago)
9 wins - Gold nova 2 *DABS* Oh wait, am I still silver? *FUCK* 400$ Gaming laptop (it has terrible keyboard) 80 - 170 fps medium grph, 210 - 260 fps low grph. 34$ Keyboard, 8$ Gaming budget mouse and 3$ Medium mouse pad. Lmao
Cowee12 (1 year ago)
All my teammates are either russian, have no mic, braindead, laggy or afk
Julian (3 months ago)
Cowee12 silver in a nutshell
Kurt Pereira (1 year ago)
Could I get a knife?😓
lazar zotov (1 year ago)
dude your crosshair is not perfect placement to
Cow Semen (1 year ago)
I just use the apple ear buds and I can still hear better then people that use a Man O War so. But wait. I dont have a gaming chair.
Luka K1 (1 year ago)
OK let's see Gaming mause 13000 DIN / 130$ Gaming keyboard 20000 DIN / 200$ All=33000 DIN / 330$ ALL THIS FOR MID SPEC PERIFIRALS #lifeinserbia #radimkaocrnacasrpskamijeplata
BeanMarioCow (1 year ago)
Is it bad that I have 1019 hours and I'm s4
BeanMarioCow (10 months ago)
Kalmunch Kuma you may be right, but as of know I have 1600 hours and I’m still in silver... im not even that bad...
Kalmunch Kuma (10 months ago)
As long as that 1019 hours is not all in comp
MrTDS (1 year ago)
I will never use a ffa deathmatch server again, cause its hard to train your aim when you get spawn killed everytime you respawn, I usually just end up rage quiting
RB ARNIE (1 year ago)
The hardest thing keeping people from leaving silver is if your solo and theres teamates who literally just got the game 5 minutes ago and know nothing about CS:GO, Callouts and how to aim..
No-OneIsLegit (1 year ago)
they kick me for telling them to shut the fuck up
Yer Mom (1 year ago)
In silver there are alot of smurfs THIS IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM!!!
Monat0etje (1 year ago)
hehe i starter gn3 🙄👍
SRG __Miller (1 year ago)
I hate people who judge you if you have a higher pitch voice than the other people in your game
アニメ騎士 (1 year ago)
I got a group of friends the other day to play the other day. We were all unranked, and we lost 1-16
lightkiller (1 year ago)
Is default static good for my cross hair
cy kizer (1 year ago)
i use it i like it
DarkErrorCode (1 year ago)
why im in silver -russians -smurfs -silvers are unpredictable -everyone at one site -kicked because i called someone a retard because he killed me
dylon the gamer (1 year ago)
I cant get out of silver one time I won 6 matches in a row and was top on the leaderboard of 4 of them and still don't rank up
GxyTopping (1 year ago)
Hey dude! Love your tips, can you give me the console commands to your crosshair in this video? I'd really appreciate it.
Spectify (1 year ago)
I use 1000 dpi and 2-2.1 in game sensitivity
SPV_FabuleZz (1 year ago)
bro i use the samsung headphones for the mobile xD its so good ;)
Jack Kohler (1 year ago)
Straight up Won 30 NO JOKE 30 matches in a row with number 1 player in almost all of them finally get silver 3 Then i won a match at the top of the leader board and lost a match at top of leader board got deranked... KMS
Thunder_LV (1 year ago)
300 hours in csgo... still silver 3...
Ahmed Abdul Salam (1 year ago)
11 . Unwanted Reloading.. We silvers do a reload every single bullet even if we know an enemy is in front of me.. :/ [which means.. i won't reload much though.. ]
TheMaximum Maximus (1 year ago)
All of my teammates are like this... I try to play defensive when four rush B as CT on Dust 2. One is long and they start yelling that it's A then everyone rotates only to know they went B. I mean I can't teach them anything because they're like, "I have 900 hours I think I know more than you." Then they proceed to Bottom frag at 6-16.
Valtv2 (1 year ago)
not offensive these tips got me back to silver
ultra cosmic (1 year ago)
amazing video .. really helpful :) thanks
O-O Gaming (1 year ago)
Like thwee or fouw
Arman Chaudhury (1 year ago)
Hey I'm silver 1 and I'm looking for some players who are serious and willing to put the effort in to rank up. My steam is rockinred95. Also you need a mic.
Juan Jesus (1 year ago)
I hate, that most YouTubers say, communicate with others cuz they its damn hard to make them speak, yo can even grab a karambit and almost stab him, they still won't... same with money... u can give em millions, but they will stay silent
Jaden Fox (1 year ago)
Haha did anyone notice that the url of this video says "Lol"?
Build Off Love (1 year ago)
Your talking about games not silver! Change your title
HappyNebulae (1 year ago)
i have a 70 dollar headset 10 dollar keyboard and 5 dollar mouse and i got out of silver pretty fast
CasiaN (1 year ago)
pls donate i dont have anything https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=382611157&token=Q1HNsCwL
Supremacy (1 year ago)
What cross hair is that
Nicholas Cardone (1 year ago)
What crosshair do you use
dimo .schill (1 year ago)
YOU got dmg in the video
The Tech Lover (1 year ago)
the simple calls thing is so true....how many time have i lost to a slow long push because the guy on b called "they're all on b" because the 2 guys lurking b killed them
The Tech Lover (1 year ago)
rosewill as a nice physical 5.1 headset that sounds awesome(also has vibration) for 40$...rosewill is the underdog in everything but psu so the bring awesome deal to the market to try to stand out from the crowd
nice try (1 year ago)
lol i play on 800 dpi/ 1 ingame how can you play with such a high sensitivity?
Twisted Peanuts (1 year ago)
No matter how beastly I play no matter how many frags I get no matter how much pvp I get no matter how many wins I get i cant in any possible way get out of silver1
The Boogeyman (1 year ago)
JackGF (1 year ago)
How do i get out of LEM?
Taccine (1 year ago)
1000st comment
Johsty Bach (1 year ago)
I'm not even in silver lol why am I watching this
ganabana prat (1 year ago)
i got to silver 2 in 15 wins
Yura Zagranovsky (1 year ago)
Really good tips mate. Thanks for good and easy to comprend information. Wish you more good videos like this :) Go on. You're good on doing it
Lennard Bernet (1 year ago)
just play with 1-2 friends and the upranks aren't far away believe me it works in silver later on it is better to get a team with 4-5 people
EVOxdream (1 year ago)
video helped alot. i just did my first 10 comp and have been placed in silver elite master. will try ur tips in an attempt to step into gold nova 1. ive got 100 ish hrs in game.
I_Gomedi_I :D (1 year ago)
add 11 as better wifi cause with lag even the most pro csgo player will basiclly gets paralized straight away depends on how bad the lag
Kerem Akyildiz (1 year ago)
me 400 hr silver4
Rome0 (1 year ago)
1. Get a DMG - Global friend to boost you
Tom Stopher (1 year ago)
The worst thing about silver is the excessive amount of fucking smurfs, they are everywhere and it's really a buzz kill to the game. Hackers aswell.

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