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Top 10 Actor Injuries You ACTUALLY See in the Movie

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Top 10 Actor Injuries You ACTUALLY See in the Movie Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! The set can be hazardous for actors, and injuries are often common, but sometimes the take is too good to leave on the cutting room floor, so these are injuries that actors endured that actually made it into the film. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Actor Injuries that Really Made it in the Movie, but what will take the top spot on our list? Brad Pitt severing a tendon in Se7en, Leonardo DiCaprio's bloody hand in Django Unchained, or Viggo Mortenson breaking his toe in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers? Watch to find out! #10. Choked a Bridget Out in “Inglourious Basterds” (2009) #9. Chip Off the Old Elbow in “Nightcrawler” (2014) #8. Smashing Mirrors in “Nightcrawler” (2014) #7. Death to Mirrors in “Apocalypse Now” (1979) #6. Extreme Head Banging in “Foxcatcher” (2014) #5. Knocked Out in “The Princess Bride” (1987) #4. Cracked Rib in “First Blood” (1982) #3, #2, #1 ???? Our Magazine!! Learn the inner workings of WatchMojo and meet the voices behind the videos, articles by our specialists from gaming, film, tv, anime and more. VIEW INSTANTLY: http://goo.gl/SivjcX WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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WatchMojo.com (1 year ago)
Check out a few of the movies these injuries take place in: Inglourious Basterds https://goo.gl/Dh8C81 The Princess Bride https://goo.gl/i02WvF Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Extended Edition https://goo.gl/5qQpuk
Michael YT (1 month ago)
Jake Gyllenhaal is one of my favorite actors- but DAMN!- the part at 3:04 really sent chills up my spine! 😱 Talk about good acting!
Italian Cuisine (1 month ago)
WatchMojo.com &
ZildjianGuy Man (1 month ago)
Django Unchained is so good. Interesting that the blood on Leonardo DiCaprio's hand is real in that scene. Doesn't surprise me that he just rolled with it. He's one of the greatest actors ever.
Clutch Tactics Gaming (1 month ago)
WatchMojo.com wtf if I was that chick that got choked I would have straight killed that guy fuck outa here I don't give a fuck if its "acting"
Axl Reese (3 months ago)
Liam Campbell tries to sound cool but is clearly not cool almost like a meg Griffin kinda thang
Anne Alipin (3 hours ago)
9:49 I feel bad for the extra :'(
Roman (12 hours ago)
Legolas (19 hours ago)
So glad LOTR was number 1! Greatest story of all time!!!
Elizabeth Gresham (22 hours ago)
I was waiting for the crow
Sydnie Allen (1 day ago)
At 10:11 you can see the mistake of the guy not actually hitting him at the end punch
Bunnytelle 9 (1 day ago)
Should call all these stunts people stunt crew.
Jack (1 day ago)
What is actors and mirrors
Grace Baker. (2 days ago)
Leonardo DiCaprio is so UGLY
matt kukla (2 days ago)
quinton T should never have done that to the Lady, what he did was wrong
Croatian Guy (2 days ago)
Tarantino is a serial killer in all likelihood. Also, I am glad that you included first blood. Great movie and a great scene.
Miki Richards (2 days ago)
Mel Gibson in Bravehearth alleged to be real hanged for a while in his execution becoming unconscious (dvd extras).
Hunter Sanchez (4 days ago)
He broke his toe WOW
Alain Lau (4 days ago)
Why the hell wasn't Jackie Chan on this list?
shockwavecg (5 days ago)
Sean Bean - Patriot Games. Harrison Ford hits him under the eyebrow with a boat hook during the final fight and you can see the injury bleeding during the remainder. It's a pretty sexy scar.
grindebababy _ (6 days ago)
Senior Zolo (6 days ago)
Tatum "claims not to remember filming this at all". Um, concussion anyone?
Senior Zolo (6 days ago)
Sheen also had a heart attack while filming.
Senior Zolo (6 days ago)
Wait, what? Tarantino as a torture porn fetish?
Isaiah Mosley (7 days ago)
For every one like that this comment gets, a mirror will be turned to plastic to help from shatter abuse
Apocaly pstick (8 days ago)
suriya mattan (9 days ago)
do highest budget movies
ChillWii (9 days ago)
You have to kick with your toes pointed upwards and with the palm of your foot not the toes...
Jaxon Wicks (9 days ago)
nice vid
Neeno Cruz (10 days ago)
LaSasha SSR23 (10 days ago)
Leo is amazing for that scene. It was very dark and nasty at the same time. Kerry's face was priceless when he wiped the blood on her. 😂
Hermanos Rodrigo tv (11 days ago)
MyFly 713 (12 days ago)
0:48 >nazi killing bastards >the weinstein company connect the dots
Voshchronos (12 days ago)
DiCaprio's was some serious shit.
Dj Jazz (12 days ago)
Yaw white people r actually wild 😂😂
a HSN Siddique (12 days ago)
1 i
DJfireant789plus (12 days ago)
Don't mess with glass. Or you'll end up not using your limb for a few months.
Alexis (13 days ago)
jake gyllenhaal looks in the camera through the mirror in thar shot. but i guess if he slices his hand open you gotta use it 🤷🏻‍♀️
Ken Fresno (14 days ago)
"I bid you STAND.... oh shit I can't."
Jeremiah Hickey (14 days ago)
First one....bullshit no director could get away with chocking an actress. Number two no... 3 Really 40 stitches on a half inch nick? 4 through ten aren't even worth even mentioning all bull crap
Alex Ostrzenski (14 days ago)
Most of these should have been stunt performers
reverend mike Jones (14 days ago)
ive got fukkin horrible neighbours i hope they burn in hell ...
reverend mike Jones (14 days ago)
i knew martin sheen did himself some harm in apocalypse now .
JakeBassCZ (15 days ago)
I had hoped that the fall from Das Boot will be at least in honourable mentions.
Girly Power (16 days ago)
Leo 😍😍😍
Jazmyn Brown (16 days ago)
They all seem possessed then they come back to life after the scene is over. Very weird.
Kiwi Baby (16 days ago)
9:13 Leonardo is so amazing he DESERVES Grammys wtf 😩 he always gives his all
Billy Mays (16 days ago)
"more great content" (a year later) Top 10 anime that are too edgy.
A.E. Jabbour (17 days ago)
My favorites were the Channing Tatum (of course he doesn't remember, as I would think he probably had a concussion); and the Martin Sheen one, as truly was method in the filming of the entire movie -- they all practically lost their minds making it!
A.E. Jabbour (17 days ago)
1) I really doubt that Leo has AIDS or Hep or whatever. 2) That was a hell of an improv by Leo, but things like that are make him Leo in the first place. 3) Damn that must have hurt like a SOB when he smashed that glass. OUCH!
Sana'a Tariq (17 days ago)
You can se he dosen't get hit 10:12
Jered Evan (17 days ago)
So did Di Caprio actually smear his real blood all over Washington’s face?? 🤢
Jered Evan (8 days ago)
Oh, okay. Whew. Thanks.
kelly r (9 days ago)
Nah, they patched up his hand and used fake blood in the shots when he's holding her
joe f (17 days ago)
Bruce Willis "tears of the sun" explosion gave him the scare on his 4head and sued the producers just ruined the movie for me
Very interesting facts. Thank you.
TFJ (18 days ago)
3:44 *death to meerers*
TheGameReporter (18 days ago)
Nightcrawler <3
Max (18 days ago)
Nr. 9 is Blade Runner. Do you guys even like watching films?
Anthony Esquibel (18 days ago)
This one may be a bit obscure but in the movie Adventures of Ford Fairlane Wayne Newton breaks a CD with his mouth and is seen bleeding afterwards. Was that intentional or by accident?
timmy D (18 days ago)
I watching the extended cut for the Lord of the Rings as a kid am surprised that I didn't see this coming, Great list. Dicaprio was born for this.
Pain is easily ignorable while doing a movie scene
Kat (19 days ago)
Wait he didn't actually jump off a mountain right? I heard it wrong
Jaackie Chan should be here from 1-10🤣
POPculture CRAZY (22 days ago)
No no no - ya gotta hear see this for the BEST dumbest Celeb quotes :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2sYHoX-Iqg
Thisweirdo (22 days ago)
sooo, I'd like to add one. The girl in the beginning of jaws broke her hip from the harness that was pulling her around breaking and hitting her hip. Her screams of pain are real.
Roof the Hipster (22 days ago)
[no Mirrors were harmed in the making of this list]
Irrelevant Person (23 days ago)
I think I know where the "7 years bad luck" superstition came from... Punch a mirror and IMMEDIATELY slice your hand open.
Robert Maybeth (23 days ago)
tarantino is over-rated and treats his actors in a sadistic manner. Especially women. Don't go by what I say, look at the videos like this one and the one where he makes Uma Thurman crash a car.
Cory Landolt (23 days ago)
They've taken the hobbits to Isengard! Stupid! Fat! Hobbits!
ChickenLegPig 29 (23 days ago)
I thought the one guy from fast and furious who DIED would be number one pick. Give him some respect
LivLyfe (24 days ago)
ALSO, right after the clip of Dicaprio ends, he WIPES HIS BLOOD ALL OVER THE GIRL'S FACE.
kelly r (9 days ago)
that was fake blood in those shots
rockmom h (24 days ago)
Aaaah! cringe
carmen chu (24 days ago)
SRF_DJ (24 days ago)
So broken toes and cut palm lists higher than cracked rib?
SRF_DJ (7 days ago)
kimmedavid it’s called cardiopulmonary resuscitation (crp) and yeah that is right. When you break the ribs you can more easily massage the heart and have higher chance to stabilise the patient. It is risk that rib will do something inside but higher priority is to get heart to work.
kimmedavid (7 days ago)
Well im just saying.. i had my course of how do u call in english hmhmh "life reanimation?" and they said if u dont brake a rib while doing it you doing it wrong ;D
SRF_DJ (7 days ago)
kimmedavid it can pierce your lungs though. And its still far more serious than cut palm 😂😂😂
kimmedavid (9 days ago)
Ribs brake very easy
Casey Lehner (24 days ago)
The top one was just hilarious.
yagurl_. rene (24 days ago)
*so much glass oml*
allah son (24 days ago)
yagurl_. rene tettttt
Sir Isaak Lopez (24 days ago)
I was expect find here Marilyn Burns in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Most famous injured actress during a movie...but no...! 😒
FNAFgirl 5280 (25 days ago)
That's MIRROR ABUSE ! 😾😾😾😾😾 1 like helps save a mirror!
Alyssa Wolfhard44 (25 days ago)
Princess bride freaking sucks😂
Biblical Broadcasting (25 days ago)
I never intend on working for Quentin Tarantino
Forbidden Color (25 days ago)
Waiting for the updated version of this video with Tom Cruise from M:I 6.
James Rudland (25 days ago)
Bad luck to break mirrors
Code Optimization Ware (25 days ago)
https://youtu.be/vpir9eGi8Mk?t=31s He really did get hit in the face and his right eye with that metal pipe. He had to take a few days off from his shooting for his eye to heal up more, because not seen in the film: https://goo.gl/images/KnJix8 The next time he's seen in the film here https://goo.gl/images/93wps1 it's better somewhat but still messed up, for the rest of the movie.
Isabelle Lamirande (26 days ago)
spoilers alert from a movie that cane out in the late 90’s
Auburn Wanderer (26 days ago)
Someone should update this list, and add Mission: Impossible - Fallout lol
Anonymous Shrimp (27 days ago)
#9 Android? ANDROID? Sorry to be picky but they’re Replicants
Sammy Girl (28 days ago)
Not sure if it’s in the final cut, it’s hard to tell, but in the climatic fight at the end of Patriot Games Harrison Ford accidentally hit Sean Bean above the eye with a boat hook, his character is seen bleeding where scar from the injury is, probably fake blood to cover stitches.
XxxAngie xxX (28 days ago)
lily stone (29 days ago)
okay but why isn’t brandon lee being killed by an accidental blank on set of the crow and staying in character until he finally died on set not mentioned?
Parry Home (29 days ago)
I knew about the Rambo rib breaking scene.
wet hole (29 days ago)
You can add Mission: Impossible 6 to this
Robert Rainbow (29 days ago)
59K people thumbs up a video about real injuries while acting. There's way too many people that need to grow up.
Mimiyo (29 days ago)
*DAMN!* Jeff needed to chill with that mirror lamo
PKJustice (29 days ago)
Jim Caviezel in Passion of the Christ. His shoulder actually gets dislocated when he is crucified. He suffered many other injuries
Cheyenne Hayden (9 days ago)
And got a piece of his flesh ripped out during a fake whipping scene
allah son (24 days ago)
PKJustice so did Dunn sept24'2017 bound trapped beaten into restraints then beast all over with n by nurses in hospital drs,cops+ knight stick many broken Bones on film denied all trial threatens by judge corrupter Kendall fed crt,not one penny dead,he was hiddAlllNightt
KekePfan16 (29 days ago)
New subbie!
DMax M249 (30 days ago)
Wow this channel has way to many subscribers! It’s not even that good or entertaining. It’s just someone copying and re-posting other people’s work.
BCSS (30 days ago)
In the new mission impossible fallout Tom cruise broke or fractured(not sure which)his ankle and it ended up in the movie and it’s in the trailer
amethyst jones (30 days ago)
It seems like every injury has something to do w/a mirror
Topaz Potato (30 days ago)
5:26 So nobody is gonna talk about how Tatum got the absolute shit slapped out of him; after he just bashed his head in Lmao. The slap was so serious
yass ine (30 days ago)
now there is Tom Cruise who broke his leg in mission impossible should be nb1
ChronP (1 month ago)
Wonder if they have access to opioid pain medication. While tens of thousands of chronic pain patients who have really suffered for YEARS without wealth or influence are denied pain meds and even more are committing suicide every day because of chronic pain & the govt's ignorance. Frankly, I'm sick of hearing about "stars" who are in pain... Lady Gaga, George Clooney, Averil Laveine, Ashley Olsen... Unless they're going to actually use their voice to speak up for the millions who have been systematically denied opioid pain medicine, I really don't want to hear about it. Cancer pts, US war veterans, ALS pts, MS pts, and others with severe daily chronic pain no longer have access to life restoring opioid pain medicines. But I'd bet my bottom dollar, these "stars" can get whatever they need or want with regard to pain medicines. So unless you're going to use your influence and voice to help people who've lost their ability to live their lives because of chronic pain and ignorant govt policy, just shut the fuck up!
jovani barboza (1 month ago)
Tatums a foggot. Lame ass actin
They should have had the movie crow in this because there is a scene where the main character got shot by a pistol but they got the blanks mixed up and he actually died found his name Brandon lee
whutzat (1 month ago)
Django was the ONE time where I thought Di Caprio actually lived up to the hype about his acting.
Heru- deshet (1 month ago)
Well this explains why so many liberal hollyweird celebrities are crazy.
tiffsaver (1 month ago)
I'd say the "grandaddy" of all filmed accidents is Martin Sheen's from "Apocalypse Now." First of all, he nearly DIED during the filming from a massive heart attack, and this breaking mirror scene was probably watched by every, single male film star, ever since. But my vote for pure cinematic "good luck", was when Jake Gyllenhaal broke the bathroom window, then the camera kept rolling, catching his fractured image so perfectly, that I thought it was planned.

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