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CS:S - bhop_alvo2 in 9:44 by Dream

10000 ratings | 726277 views
Counter-Strike: Source Bunnyhopping - Watch in 720p! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Player: Dream Settings: Autobhop - 1000 airaccelerate, 100 tickrate Map: bhop_alvo2 Time: 09:44.328 Runner's notes: \o/ Server: LAN Music: 1. harris cole - matt 2. harris cole - one day we'll have to face ourselves (ft. alex szotak) 3. KINO - Rhode Trip ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Submit a run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5_eomBuKjU ► Steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SourceJumpOfficial Any run uploaded onto this channel isn't necessarily the fastest for that map/category.
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Text Comments (1591)
JannisDE (2 hours ago)
I am the 10.000th liker. Nice
Plus Double (10 hours ago)
That ending made me so nervous
Aquel (16 hours ago)
how to get motion sickness 101
Houdinner (2 days ago)
I always wondered how can somebody have this smooth movement
Oh, its so pretty with this music.
Nep Nep (3 days ago)
This Map Doesn't Even Look That Hard.
míra (4 days ago)
is that frankie
Tadas (4 days ago)
this video has 722k views and a clickbait video has 1.5m views.
doctordude29 (5 days ago)
this for some reason reminds me of a modern-day version of the windows 98 maze screensaver... and i want it <3
AquA (5 days ago)
Sensitivity and dpi ? :)
Crazy Larry (6 days ago)
So, you spend all day waving your mouse back and forth, for what
Просто кек (6 days ago)
Я поразмыслил Minecraft
Lucas Nany (6 days ago)
Lungu Oana (7 days ago)
fake cuz your already fast when you walk and you have a bhop bot so the thing i said before is nothing by now
Jakub Vohrna (8 days ago)
I cant watch more like 15 sec of bhops
ЖЫ ЖА (8 days ago)
+left +right :D
Hyper (9 days ago)
Boi how much coffes did u drink?
McButterMilkBiscuit (9 days ago)
its like a fever dream in motion
Mmundoo mmundoo (9 days ago)
danggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg nice job dude
Ambar ! (10 days ago)
Thanks a lot)
Mr Eroj (10 days ago)
bright colors hurt my eyes so much jesus
Daiana Ortiz (10 days ago)
Is the BOT?
DA Akuira (11 days ago)
Not impressed, you obviously cheat.
PSYCHO 7227 (11 days ago)
охуенно банихопишь,лайк
Madfire (11 days ago)
how the fuck you do that is your mouse pad your table or what?
WkusnoPuknul 1337 (11 days ago)
Samuel Mcgary (12 days ago)
Why the fuck do you have motion blur on it's so ass it just rapes my eye cuz the screen tearing
coolman7055 (12 days ago)
U sure this is not roblox? Lol
Cloudz (12 days ago)
Cloudz (12 days ago)
Kama Rama (12 days ago)
Wow, its amazing
i luv dat beat
andrius bal (12 days ago)
nice script reported
Noah (12 days ago)
Nice video dude.
Lowengeist (12 days ago)
What does the tickrate actually change ?
Koala. (12 days ago)
this run is so smooth and clean iloveitsomuch
marvin kaae larsen (12 days ago)
Next vid is with autobunnyhopping set to 0
Tom (12 days ago)
конечно это агрессивно
Evolution SAMP (12 days ago)
Я здесь 1 российский?
4D1 (12 days ago)
idiots its not a real bhop -_- its just a plugin that bhops automatically -_- jumps cant be far like in video
S A V A G E (12 days ago)
yeah this shits hard, i made it in 12:27
Skrilax Rev (13 days ago)
very relaxing
ThevideOoLoadeR (13 days ago)
Um, okay - HOW?
relax for my eyes
relax music
Hiderin (13 days ago)
Noice TAS or scrip
Jameboi (13 days ago)
looks like bot noob
chr1spy 1 (14 days ago)
Not impressed. Try doing that in MM, then come back to me.
Jeremias Zabala (14 days ago)
Fake commands
Kajetan Mlynarczyk (15 days ago)
Now do it with motion blur on
Goat Boi (16 days ago)
Building up speed for 9 minutes and 44 seconds
Hüseyin Akyüz (17 days ago)
I fall watching
怪人ap (17 days ago)
你去cso 或csgo 跑這啊樣給我看,騙子
Puplice23 (17 days ago)
The bhop runs trip me the fuck out every time.
Jeffrey Ock (18 days ago)
Great vid, nice and chill
Влад Козырь (20 days ago)
This is BOT
Jamo MH (16 days ago)
Влад Козырь nope it isn't bot. Bot don't make mistake
Ladlan (20 days ago)
Умеешь, могешь внатуре верно
FatDoggo (20 days ago)
I can only find the map on csgo not cs:s
FatDoggo (20 days ago)
That’s csgo
CS:GO Special (22 days ago)
looks fake
WizarD (22 days ago)
эту карту можно миновать за 9:14
HipEr BEAST (22 days ago)
Shadøw Wølff (23 days ago)
sv_autobunnyhopping 1
Nathan Burton (23 days ago)
sv_autobunnyhopping 1
Apepenkov (24 days ago)
Autobhop lul
Mockit Team (24 days ago)
isn't it tas?
Haden Snow (24 days ago)
What the fuck? How?
ZOOMTV (24 days ago)
My eyes
Fittsy (24 days ago)
I find this very satisfying.
Sanic The Hegehog (24 days ago)
playing with bhop script
hime hime suki suki (25 days ago)
This guys hand has to be made out of steel
Ethan Thomson-Prohaska (25 days ago)
so soothing 😏💤
Art Loft (25 days ago)
Сука залип
LeloskiMC (26 days ago)
El dolor de cabeza que me da este video no me lo quita nadie
Logan Channel (26 days ago)
Nice bot
TheOfficialCzex (26 days ago)
I really enjoy how the music almost syncs up with the run.
dN.-31 (27 days ago)
залипающая херня
El dase (27 days ago)
+rip hands and mouse :0
kentiy :3 (27 days ago)
боже будто он ебошит :D
RiZe (28 days ago)
My record on this map was 23:34... And in other note i broke my wrists
auto bunnyhop off
Frej Ehn (29 days ago)
i feel like im sinking after watching this.
【Kuma】 【Shiro】 (29 days ago)
Whom’st the fucc (1 month ago)
its a bot
Anthony Spendlove (1 month ago)
Jank physics engine is jank Proof that humans are shit at programming computers It's actually amazing how fake this looks even though it's real
TuBi & Vlogg (1 month ago)
Brain.exe stopped working
Harambe Is dead (1 month ago)
You play too much computer.
Sometimes I feel like im the only one that does auto. Only reason why I do is because too much extra movement throws me off.
Doruk (1 month ago)
3:14 he is starting to fuck my earts
marvinmav (1 month ago)
im drunk, its 1am and i havnt watched a csgo video in like 1 year, why is this in my recommended
Nexi (1 month ago)
I'm impressed.
opulentcargo25 (1 month ago)
i hate b-hopping, mostly because i dont understand it and it makes 0 sense
Jen Pacito (1 month ago)
and some say he never bhopped again
Windows 9 (1 month ago)
Now do it without scrips
Internet Explorer (1 month ago)
isaraw8912 (1 month ago)
I used to have this record beaten in under 12 minutes but now i quit Bhopping. Ahh those old days :(
SidKillz (1 month ago)
amazing how people have such powerful minds :o i feel weird when i watch such fast moving runs :O
Roh (1 month ago)
why is this so satisfying
plspeng (1 month ago)
4:28 NOOO

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