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Breaking Point | Getting geared in dayz in under 10 seconds

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When the guys from the squad couldn't join the breaking point server I was playing, I decided to log of at the hill near balota airstrip....what happened next was GOLD ------------------------------ Social Media -------------------------------------- Follow ----- http:www.twitter.com/captainskepy Follow ------http:www.twitch.tv/captainskepy Like ---------http:www.facebook.com/captainsk­­epy Buy games -http://www.gamefanshop.com/partner-Ca... use promocode Skepy5 for 5% off already discounted games Visit our site - http://www.midnightgaming.tv
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It's not at all fair to the guy that you logged in on top of, if you had logged in somewhere else and approached that same spot, then he could've easily noticed you.
Skepy (5 years ago)
the reason i logged out where i did was for the exact reason you just gave. It would be stupid to log out on the airfield. This was supposed to be a funny clip but you make it sound like i just broke the game. the guy was shooting fresh spawns too so he probably deserved it
Only a retard would log out right next to the barracks, if he does that then he deserves to die. That's like logging off out in the middle of the airfield itself. It wouldn't be fair if the guy had cleared the tree line, checks it constantly, but then the second or two he doesn't check it, some guy appears in the tree right outside and pops him through the window. It's extremely immersion-breaking to have someone pop up in the prime location to kill you, having that feature would be better.
Skepy (5 years ago)
What if someone logs off for the night at the NWAF near the barracks. They log in the following day and a guy looting the barracks has a ding in his headset. That shouldn't happen.
How exactly would that be abused? It's already being abused by NOT being in the game.
Skepy (5 years ago)
That would be abused.
Chaz - FUN & GAMES (5 years ago)
i witnessed this ;) il catch you later skepy - Chazurp
pAllas (5 years ago)
They need some kind of signal to let you know that someone logged in right next to you, maybe within 100 meters. Same with logging out too.
Spot Dacro (5 years ago)
now that was both amazing that it happened and very sad for the guy who got shot

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