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How to make money on CS:GO! (drops)

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The CS:Go drop/skins/trades/sales system explained! A basic introduction into the CS:go drop system, and how to buy/sell guns! You may find more info here (found this after I made my video): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=170746735
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Text Comments (608)
Rafid Khan (11 months ago)
ssssss silver
Ichbibst Jeffererey (1 year ago)
That Bravo case is 10 bucks now
Saiyed Rehman (1 year ago)
how to get in market to sell my cs go skins . what I need first , a CS GO original game bought from steam or we can use nosteam Cs GO version .
Chris 1 (1 year ago)
So u never make actual money from it
Romeotje (1 year ago)
Watching in 2017.
Romeotje (1 year ago)
xSanjiPS3 (1 year ago)
So if i sell stuff this way and lets say i make 30$. Could i transfer that money into my paypal/Bank account or can i only use that money via Steam?
BOBdotEXE (1 year ago)
Not officially. only though (mostly sketchy) 3rd party sites
Love Gruvberg (2 years ago)
215 dislikers are poor as f*ck
Jexxy (2 years ago)
Operation bravo case is now like 8$ lol
MidasBlue (2 years ago)
0:34 actually the skins do make a difference it's not just for decoration
BOBdotEXE (2 years ago)
nope, it's just for looks
DaddyOmar (2 years ago)
thank you
? (2 years ago)
i near cried seeing the bravo case selling for 30 cents
Charlie Slattery (2 years ago)
+BOBdotEXE I'm on and there is a falchion case for $0.03
BOBdotEXE (2 years ago)
yup, those were the days!
HATTY (2 years ago)
Aiden Fishman (2 years ago)
TY man it really helped me
cry wolf (2 years ago)
question: if a case worth 0.80$ in the market if i lower it price like 0.5/0.4 in order to sell it first will steam ban me ? should i stick to the same prices in the market ? or put where ever price i want ? thx
cry wolf (2 years ago)
+BOBdotEXE nice, thx ;)
BOBdotEXE (2 years ago)
nope! you can list if for whatever price you want.
Jim Liu (2 years ago)
Can you get drops in casual?
BOBdotEXE (2 years ago)
yes, you can get them in any game mode online.
Andreas K (2 years ago)
Thanks for the info. I wanted to ask whether you can use than money to buy for example different games on steam . Ty
Jiggles Supreme (2 years ago)
wait so it costs money on your bill or on the steam money
amir hamrouni (2 years ago)
steam wallet
SexyLittleBitch (2 years ago)
Why then I getting 1 drop in week?
Arma (2 years ago)
i cant sell anything. Please Help!!!
Heat (2 years ago)
+The_Arma Losia when tho
Arma (2 years ago)
+Heat i got a gift code
Heat (2 years ago)
when did u buy steam wallet money
speedy goat (2 years ago)
"camos" pls man
DEC0DE (1 year ago)
thats the correct terminology. skins came along about 2 years later
Mr Quicks (2 years ago)
My friend got in cash
Mr Quicks (2 years ago)
+Snow_PT Ohhhh
Mr Quicks (2 years ago)
+Snow_PT what
Snow_PT (2 years ago)
+QuickScope RSA 08/02/2014 video
Rook (2 years ago)
What do i have to do hat i can sell items from cs go
Jokūbas Piatkus (2 years ago)
i dont understand anyting
NAZ (2 years ago)
what recording equipment do you use
Kekero (2 years ago)
So what if I started many accounts and got a lot of cases
BOBdotEXE (2 years ago)
+General noob keep them, wait for the prices to rise
Cobalt (2 years ago)
Sometimes cases that are 1 or 2 cents raise up in prices though. Like the chroma 2. It's best to hold onto cases because eventually they will go up right?
lucky with an i (2 years ago)
now a days you only get drops from operations or level up but cases are random
Bakuretsu (2 years ago)
Did... Did you just call them... CAMOS?!?!
nathan castle (2 years ago)
Berry C. (2 years ago)
v1k0 (2 years ago)
Nick H (2 years ago)
Thnice Lisp Bro
xUnleadedx (2 years ago)
But can you use the money to buy other steam games?
oh god (2 years ago)
Thx Bob. This really helped. I'm gonna start a fucking business.
kangax (2 years ago)
i spent around 240 euros on keys and opening boxes ... i got items worth around 40 euros or so... i got 1 red M4A1 - the stupidest desert strike worth 1 euro ... literally everything else would have been better . feelsbad.jpeg
xN1njaBoy (2 years ago)
Holy the bravo case is like 13$ now cnd
THE KILLER 9669 (2 years ago)
Thanks it helped out a lot I'm just starting out because I'm just getting a PC and wanted to know about this thanks again for the video ☺
mrxcreamy10 (2 years ago)
This didn't really explain how to make money... more how to lose it hahaha!
FFsmurfFF gg (2 years ago)
bezaba kamila :D cheneeee
MovieBoysHD (2 years ago)
So can you get the cs go money which you got from selling stuff transferd ro real money so you can make real money from a game or not?
Berry C. (2 years ago)
yeah but its really hard to make a profit dude. its like gambling and u have a really low chance to win. its only really worth doing it with real cash if ur selling knives. if ur just dealing with skins its not really that worth it.
Kelp'Cs (2 years ago)
Thanks for the tips you earned a sub
Wil-Chan (2 years ago)
back when bravo cases were just a few cents
ツFrancesco (2 years ago)
+The General Harith Yeah xD now they're worth around 6 euro x)
Death 4Ever (2 years ago)
probs moved into a mansion now with all of those bravo boxes
Dylan O'connor (2 years ago)
143 w silver elite ha
Dylan O'connor (2 years ago)
baconprison (2 years ago)
so basically to get drops I just need to play cs?
wallee (2 years ago)
so wait, is the money from csgo steam money? so like i can use that money to buy steam games?
Rayalot72 (2 years ago)
+ItzJust Flixx Yes, buy SC:GO and buy everything else after farming 4 dayz.
Shane Keizer (2 years ago)
That moment when a silver has more expensive skins than a Supreme LOL
Berry C. (2 years ago)
lol tru
Blake Fieleke (2 years ago)
I'm new at CSGO. So what are the ways I can earn weapons? And do I start with a weapon?
novideos.corp (2 years ago)
i know this will sound stupid - do i need a credit card for this.
Berry C. (2 years ago)
lets be friends
novideos.corp (2 years ago)
why do i have a bad sense of humour, i cant even understand a joke
2nightsLater (2 years ago)
+novideos.corp I was kidding lol.
novideos.corp (2 years ago)
How is this illegal, what am i doing bad to steam. Its not like i am sucking their money. I m gonna suck other players money who are willing to.
2nightsLater (2 years ago)
+novideos.corp then you'll be banned for prosecuting. Don't do it
Cloudy (3 years ago)
The good old days when you get 2-3 drops a day, now you get 2-3 drops a week
Einars Miglans (3 years ago)
Soo, i still dont get it, can i get REAL money if i get a good skin, transfer it to my card or paypal and get it in real money???
Mix - Norsk Gaming ❤ (2 years ago)
Yes, very scam much very yes yes +Rayalot72
Rayalot72 (2 years ago)
+Mix - Norsk Gaming ❤ obvious scam is obvious.
Mix - Norsk Gaming ❤ (2 years ago)
Yes you can get real money from csgo. You can sell on opskins.com and some other websites ;)
El Birri (3 years ago)
+Einars Miglans no you can't
00100000station (3 years ago)
Dude. I wish every youtuber was like you, you do not fup around: No intro, straight into HIGH VALUE commentary. You've told me so much and I am only 1:27 in. RESPEKT bro.
Dissemble (1 year ago)
What this guy said. 1 year later and I still agree. You earned yourself a subscriber!
DJ Texenogy (3 years ago)
taking advice for a silver guy :p
DowlsHD (3 years ago)
I make steam/csgo money using various methods! I posted a video on my channel that will help you out!
Soran Dizay-Loftkaer (3 years ago)
134 wins and silver elite, you are either a smurf or the worst player ever
The Randomizer (3 years ago)
You can actually buy cases on 360?
Tragile (3 years ago)
Watch my news videos I found the best way to earn csgo skins!
David Jimerson (3 years ago)
Guys can you explain to me how do you get the items? From the video I understood that they fall when you play a game and a match is ended. But i didn't understand they fall just to one person or fall on the map and everyplayer runs around searching for them? Also if you play with a weapon like that and some one shoots you - can he take it?
TonyFj96 (3 years ago)
You can transfer your money to paypal, and from paypal to your debit card!!! Sooo you can get money
xcameron7 (2 years ago)
Yes but it goes into your bank not steam so you can actually do stuff with the money other than buy games like pay off a bill or buy something.
Tommy Clark (2 years ago)
+WumbosWays no you get about the same amount, but the prices are cheaper on op skins because there is no steam tax
Bow Wow (2 years ago)
+binkiebarnes you get less money then selling it on steam...
xcameron7 (3 years ago)
+BOBdotEXE Use OPskins
BOBdotEXE (3 years ago)
Not officially. Only when using 3rd party services. And there is always a risk when doing that. If anything goes wrong valve WILL NOT get your skins back!
Hayden Rix (3 years ago)
Wyze Snypes (3 years ago)
Wait is it real money??
El Birri (3 years ago)
+Wyze Snypes (Liam Mcguire) steam money you can use that for buy other games, DLC's, cards and other stuff
Matthew Lawless (3 years ago)
wait so it doesnt waste your real life money
Matthew Lawless (3 years ago)
Ok thanks guys i just got really confused
AngryIceCube (3 years ago)
Unless you buy steam cards and put it in the currency which I'll never do for friggin digital money though I can save up for awesome games
Subaru Brah (3 years ago)
Jrod_34 (3 years ago)
I just got the game yesterday and I've had steam for a while but when I right click on a gun it doesn't say sell
Adam Hofling (3 years ago)
Did you by Any chance click on a stock weapon?
Mischa (3 years ago)
So if I get a case in game I can sell it on the market and get money in my steam acount
Adam Hofling (3 years ago)
Marky (3 years ago)
*Buys cs:go* *plays 10 hours* *makes $500 profit* *Swagggg*
TazerFace (2 years ago)
+Yahoo_Gaming Buys cs go after 2 weeks learns fluent russian :D
Lil Ubermacht (3 years ago)
Lol there is website you sell skins on for like thousands of dollars
FrostyPvper (3 years ago)
+Mrslenderman 3 people still play this cod shit?? and just a tip, if I were you I wouldn't tell people to watch a cod Youtuber try to play csgo, it's aids to watch
Lil Ubermacht (3 years ago)
Watch faze rain I won 1500$ video
Peyton F (3 years ago)
Are you some kind of stupid?
KaBooM (3 years ago)
+Mrslenderman 3 retard alert.
Latvian Bros (3 years ago)
+BOBdotEXE in Latvia and in Russia you can see that money in real cash
Werner Arts (3 years ago)
can someone plz send me some skins on csgo  steam name is mister white
134 wins and silver? I'm new and I'm gold nova 1. 28 wins it took me.
TheMasterMind (2 years ago)
No one cares
HazyMan (2 years ago)
+IcyPenguinNinja ye
IcyPenguinNinja (2 years ago)
+HazyMan offended because of a game?
HazyMan (2 years ago)
+TheAwesomeCast im gold nova 1 and i feel offended :/
Mr DJay (2 years ago)
+MaxAero i was also gn3 after 10games
s1p (3 years ago)
I don't really get the drop rate part.. So you can get max of 3 items per day, i assume it works with idle servers.. But i don't understand the 24 hour between 2 drops... Also i usually leave myself on idle for 8 - 10 hours while I'm sleeping but sometimes i don't even get 1 drop.. Thanks and hope you know answers for these questions :p
MrPoldekrosmol (3 years ago)
so you get 1 skin per crate?
I_DO_STREAMS (3 years ago)
Operation Bravo cases for 30 cents? Imagine how rich someone would have been if someone bought a ton of those cases back then, then sold them today. Each case goes for like 6 to 8 dollars now...
Adam Hofling (3 years ago)
Rixo (3 years ago)
Now there is OpSkins where you can sell skins for real money
Peter Clement Surdilla (3 years ago)
Jonathan Frost (3 years ago)
But there is no xbox version
Rawhs™ (3 years ago)
good video
Brian Crawford (3 years ago)
Do u get ur money immediately or do u hav to wait til it sells
El Birri (3 years ago)
+Brian Crawford you have to wait
Lemon Soda (3 years ago)
Wow, you suck you won over 130+ and you are still Silver Elite?
Amenda1367 (3 years ago)
I was just about to say this
loominatyy (3 years ago)
Mateba92FS - Why didn't had the text StatTrak™?
Quick~E (3 years ago)
Thank you bb
Chris L. (3 years ago)
134 Wins... Silver Elite... step up your game bro
"different rarities not important" sigh...
CSGO is on console?
ramatron80 (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for this video!
Captain Pixel (3 years ago)
Wow the Operation Bravo case went up 4 dollars from this video :O So I guess, when a case comes out sell it asap, but if you wait around 2 or 3 years, it will go back up in price
yaj126 (3 years ago)
SRWare Iron, my man ;)
Simon (3 years ago)
My last drop was 3 Days ago...
Volcom wF (3 years ago)
I've never bought anything on steam so I can't sell... says I have to have a steam purchase older than 30 days with no charge backs to sale stuff. Cs go was gifted to me and so were all my other games
MrAhmedUA (2 years ago)
+Volcom wF how ?
Volcom wF (2 years ago)
no need to reply i fixed this a long time ago
Thibo De Volder (2 years ago)
Then you would need to add atleast 5 euro
El Birri (3 years ago)
+Volcom wF you can buy a 0.20 cent game xD
Krythex // OvaryActing (3 years ago)
+Volcom wF Buy like a 0.1 cent skin
Louis Buntrock (3 years ago)
I been playing for 6 hours still no crate?? Help? :(
SpeedzJaguar (3 years ago)
Thank you for all the info about trading, now I know all these things about trading in cs go (cuz im new to it) thank you, keep up the great work!! :)
SpeedzJaguar (3 years ago)
I subscribed man, keep up the great content!!
ChAzR89 (3 years ago)
my gf owns cs:go but doesn't play it..i told her about the cases etc, she bought one case and key and she got a weapon worth of 70€ in her first case...i opened plenty more and still only got crap..gambling sucks ;D
fracturefilms (3 years ago)
Thank you! that helped a lot.
MAntas j (3 years ago)
need buy all guns no open box is fake boxes is casino no open bos this many fake
John Pelich (3 years ago)
+naespillarn Pure luck. I opened a case and got M9 Bayonet | Doppler FN worth 400$ i sold it and got 330$ from it after the % that steam takes. I spent all 330$ on cases and it equaled to shit, Mantas may not know english but he is right opening cases is worse then the casinos.
Unspecified (3 years ago)
+naespillarn Great, you got lucky. The system is rigged.
naespillarn (3 years ago)
+MAntas jonuska i just opened a case with aquamarine AK-47 minimal wear stattrak, i could sell it for 230 bux, easly making a profit from what i've spent in real cash in csgo
MegaProTractorDriver (3 years ago)
+MAntas jonuska lol
BOBdotEXE (3 years ago)
+MAntas jonuska what?
Spooce (3 years ago)
idk how i ended here, but who doesnt know this? i knew it just a day after i bought the game.
Mike Oxlong (3 years ago)
People like me, who are considering buying the game but have not bought it yet, because they want to see how the game works.
HahaLongBoy (3 years ago)
This game runs smooth on my macbook air bruh.
Leafywashere (2 months ago)
Can we revive this thread
2nightsLater (2 years ago)
+J.M Dizon I like fapping too comments 2 bruh
J.M Dizon (3 years ago)
no bruh
ANTIDOTE_1 (3 years ago)
ok bruh
HeyImNawaf (3 years ago)
+LinkBucks Bill gates bruh
TheBuachar (3 years ago)
why should i sell the cases when the bravo case is now ~4 euro ?
TouchDeathMC (3 years ago)
Imgot a nitro fn drop, and a tec9 ossified
Clamzy (3 years ago)
I got 2 drops one game after the other :)
GOD (3 years ago)
Can You Use The Money Of Counter Strike On Steam Games
Andrew Goings (3 years ago)
GOD (3 years ago)
Thanks,helped so much
Zychs (3 years ago)
So can you get skins on competitive mode?
El Birri (3 years ago)
+WasDGaming yes

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