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How to: RANKING UP in CS:GO | CS:GO Ranking system explained

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This is a guide to try to simplify how the ranking system for CS:GO competitive matches works. This is a theory I believe makes sense and believe is implemented in the game. Credit for research goes to the original forum poster. Forum post: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=312582297 Twitter: twitter.com/FracturedGlitch Donations (If you want to): https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=94458631&token=OUF7gK9W
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Text Comments (95)
Zoe is Broken (8 months ago)
M8 your explane sooo bad
mischprisch (10 months ago)
i won 55 games and still silver1 but im winning every game, is it glitched?
mischprisch (10 months ago)
yeah i think im winning more but i dont have much friends on steam so should i request the top fraggers in my solo queues so i can win more
Desync (10 months ago)
michel prissiajniouk well if you win and lose about the same, you're probably not gonna move up much. The goal should be win more than you lose so it offsets your elo wins and losses and try to win as many as you can in a row. Although it's hard to do in solo queue.
mischprisch (10 months ago)
never bottom fragger and i get every game that i win like 5-8 mvp's idk how many i've won in a row but not more then i lost
Desync (10 months ago)
michel prissiajniouk how many have you won in a row and how are you doing in the matches? Do you get mvps and not bottom frag? Cuz it's very unlikely that you'd be glitched.
Boozshwa (10 months ago)
How are yall fucking stuck? I won 132 and im Legendary Eagle Master said it wrong to lazy to edit.
Desync (10 months ago)
Mostly because people who play in silver get stuck due to either smurfs, hackers, or just having shit games. If you start high enough after your 10 wins, you can keep going.
I have won 50 games an im still s4
World News Updates (6 months ago)
The Entertaining Sprout delete all your shit friends and lobby with Smurf’s
Slothington (10 months ago)
The Entertaining Sprout 106 se
hulkrapper YT (11 months ago)
i won 135 still silver 1 -_-
Whyyy Z (1 year ago)
I srsly deranked because i got kicked by 4 troll premades
SN8 (1 year ago)
i had 6 wins in a row... i didnt rank up
Lirancraft. (1 year ago)
won 7 games in a row dident rank up from gn 1 gg
Slothington (10 months ago)
Lirancraft. It's also rounds won and loss so if you won 16 14
Lirancraft. (1 year ago)
and every game 6+ MVPS
StrawMilitia Gaming (1 year ago)
no the silver ranks points are 1-10000000000000000 points
Fear Of Dogulator (1 year ago)
I agree that it is a very complicated system, but I also thing it works well, if you don't take into consideration smurfs for whom there is no way for the system to detect. Mainly though, what you need to do is play good and by that i mean, that in this video (yes, you are playing casual, but still) you were aiming at belly or even foot level and also despite the fact that you were a CT and the objective is to def the sites you took unnecessary risks and your overall positioning and movement were bad. I'm currently at MG2 and it took me aaaages to get up to this point, but the thing is that i look back at some replays that I keep (as I do for most of my games) and my game has been improved immensely. What I want to say and summing up this massive comment is that you need to think when you are in the game, not just try and kill enemies. Also a good thing to do, a tip that I got from a video of Shroud, is to question every single death you have. Think about why you died, think about how you could prevent it and work on that and a final note : It's a TEAM BASED game, you need to WORK WITH your team not COMPETE in kills or skill, play in a way that everyone is satisfied with what he does and when you can drop a gun to help them DO IT. The way to rank up is plain and easy, become better at the game, improve your shoots, learn to use nades, NEVER forget the minimap (when your team mate sees an enemy he pops up in the minimap, when a team mate dies from an enemy you immediately know where the enemy is and what gun he has) and always work as a team covering each other's blind/vulnerable spots. P.S. Play the objectives, it's not Team Death Match, It's Plant/Defend (or Rescue/Defend ) :P
Tobias (1 year ago)
Really nice video i have researching here on YouTube on how to rank up and how it works and this video was the best!
Kennethen Tommy (1 year ago)
i ranked silver three but in one game i lost Deranked me but next game i won and ranked back to silver three so this theory is most likely correct
DM gaming (1 year ago)
whats better silver 1 or silver 4
xTrABassBooster (1 year ago)
of course silver 4. the higher the number the higher your rank
TURK (1 year ago)
Thx man I have been fluxing between silver1 and silver 2
Darragh Walsh (1 year ago)
I got kicked from a game. came back 20 mins later. I ranked up for the game I didn't play.
Jacksen Larsen (10 months ago)
if you get kicked you cant join again. get your bullshit straight before sharing it online
Justin Lee (1 year ago)
Farrukh Mehmood (1 year ago)
Darragh Walsh Getting kicked or abandoning does not affect your elo. Your team probably won the match, so everyone gained elo. You were probably already close to ranking up. You gain extra elo for the rounds you played in before you got kicked.
Fatal Midnight (1 year ago)
Why did he keep taking the silencer off
Desync (1 year ago)
I do it because I want to. It makes the gun worse in a lot of ways but hey it's the way I like to play so. :P
Spencer (1 year ago)
*Nobody* knows how the ranking system *actually* works. In order to make an accurate guide, you have to have *100%* evidence *from the creators* in order to rankup.
CyanideViper (1 year ago)
This is how the ranking system works for me during my comp matches The system tracks everything you do in comp most youtubers say the kills dont matter but only the wins for me that is false. The game tracks all your kills and mvps in the game even if you win and you bottom frag theres a small chance you might derank.
Spencer (1 year ago)
Desync Alright, I understand.
Desync (1 year ago)
This video is old anyways but it was meant to use speculations to give people a little more insight on how the system may work. Nobody will ever be able to give a 100% accurate guide because valve will never release the algorithm they use to calculate rank so most people (including me) will make videos on how they think it works or how they research it to possibly work.
Omega Squad Teemo (1 year ago)
You taking offyoure silencer gives me so muchcancer
Desync (1 year ago)
That's why I do it! Thanks!
patryk wieczorek (1 year ago)
How does it work when you end 15:15?
mike. (1 year ago)
the forum says "OUTDATED/INACCURATE" now :((
Desync (1 year ago)
Yeah, its been quite a while. I am working on doing an updated version soon!
Kappa ccino (1 year ago)
I'm the 99th sub!
EverythingCole (1 year ago)
CSGO: Kappaccuino I'll queue I'm gnm almost mg1
Kappa ccino (1 year ago)
:) I'm mg2 right now, but if you wanna comp some time I'd be down.
Desync (1 year ago)
Cyril Patton yay!!!
Robert (1 year ago)
man please learn how to use the deagle
Robert (1 year ago)
FracturedGlitch oh k, could you link me your steam, maybe we could play?
Desync (1 year ago)
Nah. I dont use the deagle anyways so.
sir muffin (1 year ago)
It's not full games, I'm pretty sure it's rounds
sir muffin (1 year ago)
Or I wouldn't loose 5 in a row
Linus Vêrkožic (1 year ago)
Im silver 2 and i got 30+ kille died 9 Times and 95 points why didint i rankup!!!
Illusion Rxdical (1 year ago)
Desync Rank*
Illusion Rxdical (1 year ago)
Desync how come I just won 6 games in a row and top fragged every game, but didn't take up
Desync (1 year ago)
Fix-YT also I have like 189 wins but about the same losses so it is about winning, but you gotta do your best to not lose. if you do lose, try to make it as close of a game as possible (i.e. 13-16) because you'll lose less elo
Desync (1 year ago)
Fix-YT usually you won't rank up from just one game. it takes quite a few to rank up, no matter how good you do. also you can have tons of kills and points, but less MVPS will lower the amount of ELO points you get in the end. keep at it and you'll get there! it's usually harder to get up silver. I went from SEM to silver 3 due to bad games and it's taking forever to get back up there.
Martin Iliev (1 year ago)
Very informative video mate, good job!
Desync (1 year ago)
1000 subs without video Challenge thanks!
Xorv (1 year ago)
can i get ur steam link? maybe play mm together later? :D ,my current rank mg2
Desync (1 year ago)
I don't like posting too many links but if you can search me, I usually add. MG2 is pretty high for an SEM to queue with but I would always be willing to try
Adrián Čúzy (1 year ago)
mvp means like best player ________ for most eliminations or for planting the bomb??
Desync (1 year ago)
sweet! thanks!
Adrián Čúzy (1 year ago)
thank you bro i subbed to u ;)
Desync (1 year ago)
Yeah. it's basically the most valuable player for the round. if a bomb is defused, it will always be whoever defused it. otherwise it will be most eliminations on the winning team for the round, which is sometimes calculated weird (the game counts assists as kills sometimes)
Adrián Čúzy (1 year ago)
it actualy works man im subbing
Desync (1 year ago)
sure mate. if ya can find me :P
Adrián Čúzy (1 year ago)
xd can i add u on steam ure cool brah
Desync (1 year ago)
Sweet! glad to hear it works!
Tomaszet (1 year ago)
wait so that means that if i carry my team like 40+ kills. i still lose points?
DewDrinker Gaming (1 year ago)
Tomaszet I dropped a 50 and deranked
Tomaszet (1 year ago)
+FracturedGlitch Ty :)
Desync (1 year ago)
it depends, I mean if you lose rounds, yes. you could break 40 and if you don't win rounds you lose points. I broke 30 once and deranked. round wins and mvp awards are what gives you points.
Suhas Ramesh (1 year ago)
Lol you use silver more in this video. Are you silver?
Desync (1 year ago)
Yeah I am. I decided to use something relateable. I'm close to getting to GN though so yeah. :P
L Hastings (1 year ago)
Thank you so much :D This was by far one of the most helpful guides for ranking up!
Desync (1 year ago)
you're welcome!
JackTheJumpinJoey (1 year ago)
dat ending tho
AshCatalyst (1 year ago)
Yo this really helped I'm a silver 1 and I'm just wondering how it work thx man
Desync (1 year ago)
You're welcome! Glad to hear! Good luck on your games.
Kristian Bakker (1 year ago)
does this mean that when you lose with a 16-14 you derank faster than if you lose 16-0?
I'm Realm (1 year ago)
Desync iv won 5 games in a row havent even ranked up
Kristian Bakker (1 year ago)
Thanks for the answer!
Desync (1 year ago)
No, you'd lose about the same amount of points. Maybe a slight difference but it'd be about the same either way. Losing by any score difference is the same loss except for if you lose from 16-0, I think you lose a little more ELO points, but not by much. For more in depth information, check out the forum post! It's updated often and I actually need to update this video soon to reflect some stuff. I hope that answer helps!
Dayton Sorensen (1 year ago)
hey man great video but put the game noise in as well, it makes the video better and easier to watch
Desync (1 year ago)
Thanks! And I will. This one was a quick edit video so I didn't go over it so well. But I can do that in the future :D
Adrian Lindahl (1 year ago)
U are a silver1
Desync (1 year ago)
nostplayz (1 year ago)
i can see that
Desync (1 year ago)
I'm a silver 4?
Darnok (1 year ago)
Nice video man :D keep it up
Desync (1 year ago)
Thanks yo! I will :D
M. B (1 year ago)
Desync (1 year ago)
yw :D
Armin1080P (1 year ago)
Awesome Keep it up!
Desync (1 year ago)
Thanks! I will!
LukaFunGaming (1 year ago)
Thank you, this video is really helpfull for me :D
LukaFunGaming (1 year ago)
Desync (1 year ago)
You're welcome! I'm glad to have helped! :D

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