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💎 TRADE YOUR SKINS INSTANTLY!! https://tradef1.com/ - 💰 $20 For FREE in Skins: http://bit.ly/FreeCsgoSkins - Credit to the original Creators***: » #5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omF-q7BEg1c&feature=youtu.be » #4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9mBUABhRFw&feature=youtu.be » #3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSLP01iSi9A&feature=youtu.be » #2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUiQLV-3AsQ&feature=youtu.be » #1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsLZ755A1JA&feature=youtu.be - ***If I used your clip and you want it removed please send an email to envy.prodz@gmail.com. Im not trying to infringe your copyright. This kind of Videos are for entertainment purposes only and I will remove the Video as soon as possible if you wish so. - Send me your Video Idea and earn a Skin! » http://bit.ly/EnveehIdeas - Subscribe for more awesome Videos! » http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=enveeh - Connect With Me! » Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/envyprodz » Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnvyProdz » Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Enveeh » Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnveehOG - Business Inquiries ONLY: » envy.prodz@gmail.com - Music used in this Video: » http://ncs.io/Delicious (NCS) © Enveeh (CSGO, Knife, CSGO, Opening, Unboxing, Free, Knife, Money, CS, Game, Video Game, Reaction, Crazy, Skin, Empress, New, Skins)
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Text Comments (638)
Zaimen (1 year ago)
nice vid
PandaLv (1 year ago)
I hope i win the knife beacuse i will be the happy!
BOT ASPECTS (1 year ago)
Ferry P (1 year ago)
i got scammed all my stuff it would be nice if i get a item if not no problem good luck to everyone https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=400607951&token=NLRMOQTJ btw if someone just wants to send me stuff sure go ahead
JM 10 (1 year ago)
Nice bro the skins are damn rare
Venom Destroyer (1 year ago)
Nien, nien, nien, nien, nien, no way bro, the luck
Gaming Masters (1 year ago)
hey nice
Abliskarian (1 year ago)
Worth $420, $500 profit?????
King Of Noobs (1 year ago)
Tiagovski aleeeee
PA1N_ 47 (1 year ago)
Nive video...
Sikander Naeem (1 year ago)
light house (1 year ago)
hey nic e Video
Abo osama (1 year ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=392632297&token=UJeyIfGb ☺❤
Tomas Pavol Petrik (1 year ago)
Anomaly and Enveeh in 1 video ? Dream came true <3 also you can do a gambling video with anomaly because you're the opposite of him.. He's overreacting and you're calm so I'm very curious how It's going to go ;D
The extraterrestre78 (1 year ago)
Want soleil skin
Schilli M (1 year ago)
hi enveeh like you so much :)
edison Woon (1 year ago)
SubmassiveEagle p (1 year ago)
Yaaaay. ....
Najmuddiin (1 year ago)
gl to all in the gw
Arminas K (1 year ago)
LeitePlays 14 (1 year ago)
Nice video!!
NineOut (1 year ago)
I want a knife
Tsengel Batbold (1 year ago)
broo hahah <3
GunCraft Gamer (1 year ago)
cool video
Vlum (1 year ago)
Hello i love your channel!!!
Peter Peter (1 year ago)
Hello so rare wtf
dOpler videos (1 year ago)
nice vid
Magkri (1 year ago)
Mrs_Panda (1 year ago)
Nice menn
Virtex Gaming (1 year ago)
Hey nice!
Tsubasa Ijichi (1 year ago)
Roko Loncar (1 year ago)
Amazing videos :D
Metallbarren (1 year ago)
Nice video
I-ARE-ANT (1 year ago)
SubmassiveEagle p (1 year ago)
.....um ....i just kidding :) very nice video man
SP3CTRE (1 year ago)
lucky shita
Ole Goetz (1 year ago)
i did all
N0un (1 year ago)
Hey your a great youtuber Keep it up Btw you got 1 subs from me
chen chen (1 year ago)
i want those skins
NaktiesBotukas (1 year ago)
Syndicate TV (1 year ago)
Hey nice vidz
Hello Guys (1 year ago)
Very nice video
Nalox (1 year ago)
most of the "unboxes" are tradeups, like 99% of them
shelah fennel (1 year ago)
Mucho Bucho (1 year ago)
haha stun XD
Mucho Bucho (1 year ago)
yo 2 in a row wtf XD
Denniz Gunnard (1 year ago)
really nice video
aab Wo (1 year ago)
Yeah boi come. On
Bonaventura Praditya (1 year ago)
Hey dudeee
John Abal (1 year ago)
Hey! Nicee
Na3utoGoD (1 year ago)
Hey Love from INDIA <3
Ezgaming (1 year ago)
When it says NA is that good or bad
oliv9494 (1 year ago)
Darvey Musa (1 year ago)
awp pls :(
Darvey Musa (1 year ago)
awp pls :(
Darvey Musa (1 year ago)
awp pls :(
Some Rando (1 year ago)
EliteFataja (1 year ago)
hey nice!
The Thinker (1 year ago)
Lovin dat intro song!!
Ice Tea 2 (1 year ago)
i want to win, i never won a giveaway😕
last venhoten (1 year ago)
soo luckyyy
MrMelson (1 year ago)
lelelelelelel xD I need a life :( pls send help
MrMelson (1 year ago)
lelelelelelel xD I need a life :( pls send help
MrMelson (1 year ago)
lelelelelelel xD I need a life :( pls send help
MrMelson (1 year ago)
lelelelelelel xD I need a life :( pls send help
MrMelson (1 year ago)
lelelelelelel xD I need a life :( pls send help
Yash Geerwar (1 year ago)
love your vids
Spiegelman (1 year ago)
that golden case hardened:"))
Spiegelman (1 year ago)
this time plsssssssssss
Atomixx37 (1 year ago)
This M4 desolate space make me .. *.*
QuatschieAura HD (1 year ago)
Pray for skins
Tamir Tulga (1 year ago)
This is my comment!
siras gio (1 year ago)
Nice video mate
AlfinCS (1 year ago)
Chris Loco (1 year ago)
Hey I'd loved a skin cause I'm new to csgo
Sahil Mhatre (1 year ago)
Pray i win :)
Henrik Ehlers (1 year ago)
Love your top five
DnknDonuts- (1 year ago)
M E M E O L O G Y (1 year ago)
Been following you for a long time. Can say you inproved a lot.
Freezy (1 year ago)
RottenDK (1 year ago)
Hi nice i love you videos
Alvin Cheah (1 year ago)
Those youtuber so lucky
Cbring (1 year ago)
With the second one (the Fuel Injector) it said $500 Profit whilst saying the worth was ~$420.. Explanation please?
Papagoofy (1 year ago)
KATANA (1 year ago)
GOOD video
Bernhard Schwarz (1 year ago)
Hey Nice! Lass mich gwinnen
ro blox (1 year ago)
Good video
Alessandro A. (1 year ago)
Nice Video
Arizex (1 year ago)
Hey man, nice vid
Saggaroo Gaming (1 year ago)
nice vid
Nieuwoudt Oberholster (1 year ago)
Like the videos bud, keep them coming!
Eagles Boy (1 year ago)
I want to win the knife I liked and subbed
Jaki Moravec (1 year ago)
Skrizoon (1 year ago)
ndz0 (1 year ago)
Very nice content ! Love from France ❤️
Amit mizrahi (1 year ago)
Love your channel!!
katalin hill (1 year ago)
Papa Like (1 year ago)
Hey! Nice
Justin j (1 year ago)
Please falchion knife 😭😭😭😇
TJ 17 (1 year ago)
awesome :D

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