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CS GO - Alternate & Rare Weapon Animations

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Some people were requesting a video on this. If I missed any animations, let me know in the comments. My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/og_mcskillet Music: Big L & Jay Z Freestyle Instrumental
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Text Comments (2859)
GodVilla (3 days ago)
and i'm Ou-
NxiHyper (5 days ago)
He Is a Traitor. He Killed 2 innocents! You killed a mother and a Kid Why ?
xxxdoritoslayerxxx (6 days ago)
R.I.P. McSkillet
Yankee TM (8 days ago)
Dude you cant just end your life by killing others !
dootdoot (8 days ago)
Starseeker (9 days ago)
There is one for the DEagle
Trey Barrett (7 days ago)
Hes dead kid, he can't read it
Procvetaev (9 days ago)
Deagle have same trick! f+r
h2o mobile and more (9 days ago)
Rip mcskillet
conro ballhide (11 days ago)
Henrique07 (12 days ago)
Tim (13 days ago)
I did somthing so I have to type space to spectate my wepons how do I change that PLEAS help
George Scara (16 days ago)
y’all niggas mind if i end a family lmao
Anthony Johnson (16 days ago)
iTruTTiED (18 days ago)
Mcskillet more like Mcdead in a Mclaren
Andrew Hsu (18 days ago)
Bro hear me out, just got a McLaren skin and I think I got a rare animation. It's pretty unique as the driving animation is reversed
SwiftGaming (19 days ago)
Although I wasnt watching you actively, and sometimes rather laughed about what videos you made than actually complimenting them.. Wont forget you. (Didnt have to kill those two aswell, though..but I mean, I guess you didnt really care anymore. Who would, I mean nobody will be able to punish you anymore after youre dead..)
ConjojenSquid (23 days ago)
There are 2 types of people in this world Those who support McSkillet and those who damn him Rest in shit, murderer
BossDude320 Louw (23 days ago)
R.I.P rest in pieces
Shermy 1121 (23 days ago)
Juan deag
[666] DeGoA - (24 days ago)
Rip Mcskillet :(
majo Matula (24 days ago)
Mandingozzz (24 days ago)
Rip bro [*]
Mandingozzz (23 days ago)
+L96A2Pirate yeah but mostly you do this for while, to have fun for moment. Not for killing ppl. It was accident but ik that was his fault
L96A2Pirate (23 days ago)
Mandingozzz You don't go the wrong way on the freeway at 100mph unintentionally
Mandingozzz (24 days ago)
Jaffrey Ahmed but he did it unintentionally...
Darbi (24 days ago)
Nah he harmed others
Destroyer (24 days ago)
Shroud: Could some go B *dead* McSkillet: Can I go on the wrong lane to A?
Luke (25 days ago)
Adik (25 days ago)
RIP McSkillet. It's all Valve's fault. #trevordidnothingwrong
Qui (18 days ago)
Adik on average over 430 000 players every day.
Adik (18 days ago)
Qui (25 days ago)
+Adik it still has a large amount of players.
Qui (25 days ago)
+Adik i dont care about your friends. Most of my friends still play.
Qui (25 days ago)
+Adik yes it was more popular before. That doesnt mean its a dead game.
sam theo (26 days ago)
I loved you man... everyone deserves chances
motinbotin (9 days ago)
yes but you must understand that he had a rough time
sam theo (13 days ago)
Cool Dog I was talking about the family the deserve to live the didn’t deserve to die BENDER
BroNzzz Oney (13 days ago)
yea dont judge
Valdzi (16 days ago)
+Cool Dog You mean Czech...
Octavian (18 days ago)
+Adik yo just a troll with no life *waste of oxigen*
SAS SAS (26 days ago)
Qui (25 days ago)
Adik fuck the murderer
Adik (25 days ago)
yeah ;(
StormFork xd (26 days ago)
Seapack (26 days ago)
what bout the animation for crashing your mclaren are there any alternates for that?
Bogdan Yakovlev (26 days ago)
You didn’t have to do it
Adik (25 days ago)
Bogdan Yakovlev i would not kill innocent people but i would do mass shooting in valve headquarters
Bogdan Yakovlev (25 days ago)
Adik I mean him killing innocent people
Adik (25 days ago)
id do it too lmao
Nexuser (26 days ago)
rip him 😭😭😭
Qui (25 days ago)
Nexuser rip to the people he killed
Lyrics Channel (27 days ago)
Robert (27 days ago)
Qui (25 days ago)
CS:GO SILVER -_- he killed people
The Japanese Guy (27 days ago)
Qui (25 days ago)
The Japanese Guy he killed 2 people
dab king (27 days ago)
rip mcskillet
Qui (25 days ago)
dab king rip to the 2 people that he killed
Austin Dennis (27 days ago)
I miss you
DR Blazic (26 days ago)
Austin Dennis same
Toren Herrick (27 days ago)
Any rare Mcclaren animations?
Adik (25 days ago)
Crni Spid (27 days ago)
thats rude asf
Juicespicer (27 days ago)
Filip Olofsson (27 days ago)
Bal1nt_1337 (27 days ago)
Rip mom & kid and McSkillet...
silas heuer andersen (28 days ago)
man i really really want the old gloves and sound ):
Mihnea Tudor (28 days ago)
there is also a secret animation for the deagle , it happened to me in a round
BalloonsDraws (23 days ago)
This guy is dead..
real korzeal (27 days ago)
Mihnea Tudor this guy died
Willen (28 days ago)
hmmm u do know this dude is dead.....
Rip mcskillet
eth0x (28 days ago)
RIP McSkillet 💔
Pussy Knight (28 days ago)
rip ma nibba
screzy (28 days ago)
the fact u killed a mother and daughter instead of getting help is so fucking arrogant
+Qui yes there is
Qui (25 days ago)
DoYouWantToBeSuccessful there is no excuse for killing 2 innocent people
it's called self help idiot
BlankBoii (28 days ago)
damn bruhs dead Good thing piece of shit.
x Maikelele (28 days ago)
R.I.P gonna miss you man <3
Qui (25 days ago)
Bal1nt_1337 a good man doesnt kill innocents
Filip Olofsson (27 days ago)
Bal1nt_1337 (27 days ago)
True, but McSkill was a good man
TheUselessNut (28 days ago)
x Maikelele he killed two people 😂
HeadBand Harrison (28 days ago)
Jay sos (28 days ago)
The lurking Ghost (28 days ago)
You missed the inspect animation for the desert eagle
soy sauce (27 days ago)
+vuzave fufu r/whoosh
vuzave fufu (27 days ago)
soy sauce Hes dead
Rich Crim (28 days ago)
soy sauce Jesus christ I would say disrespectful but this guy killed 2 people aswell
soy sauce (28 days ago)
Oh dont worry he'll fix that soon
Ege Sevindi (28 days ago)
Rest in peace, Trevor..
Filip Olofsson (27 days ago)
Carson R (28 days ago)
Ege Sevindi wtf he killed innocents. He should lay 8n hell
Nicholas Skater (28 days ago)
A murderer shouldn't rest in peace
Bad Medicine (28 days ago)
Prov 8: 35-36 For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the LORD. But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.
Joseph hamze (28 days ago)
Rip mcskillet
Meme Library (28 days ago)
When new video?
Camper Cop (26 days ago)
+Insert Name r/wooosh
Meme Library (28 days ago)
Look at my name u dumb cuckholds
Insert Name (28 days ago)
Dude he died in a car crash
Keaton Pine (28 days ago)
Meme Library who gonna tell this dude
PHAX (28 days ago)
Crazy Vip3r (29 days ago)
Rest in peace
NorsiXa (29 days ago)
This again shows, that gamers, children basicly that never got educated well in school because they dream of games in class, should NOT be allowed to make ANY money on the internet. Certainly not when you were obviously autistic and mentally 15 years younger than your actual age like MrSkillet who yelled and screamed like a 4 year old uncontrollable autist most of the times. It's sad to see how the internet, how the modern gaming world, is destroying the humans, the new generation, into a wasted generation filled with fuckups.
Qui (25 days ago)
NorsiXa wasted generation full of fuckups you say? Look at the statistics We are doing better in almost every way
soy sauce (28 days ago)
+Amcc true, but some kind of mental instability caused him to kill himself. Most people would not kill themselves in his situation.
Amcc (28 days ago)
He is sort of right. The video games made him kill himself and two other people
soy sauce (28 days ago)
When your grandma gets on your YouTube account FailFish
Vroduction (29 days ago)
Lol Despair lulxD
Filip Dryja (29 days ago)
chuj ci w pysk śmieciu jebany
zamrylicious (29 days ago)
Filip Dryja im not polish but I understand that 😆😆
Wadafuk duk (29 days ago)
PeterSon (29 days ago)
rest in piece bro
I Am Shrood (29 days ago)
Rest in pieces*
I’m just trash (29 days ago)
Rest In Peace
Filip Olofsson (27 days ago)
Anonymous Squeaker (29 days ago)
I’m just trash you’re trash you’re gonna support someone that killed 2 other people.
Vice Drift (29 days ago)
Forgot about the deagle
Vice Drift (29 days ago)
The crash killed his mother and his daughter
Vice Drift (29 days ago)
MikePlays he just died recently like 2 days ago he was going 100+ in his Mclaren, they said it was a suicide crash
MikePlays (29 days ago)
Vice Drift seriously? Nooo.... seriously? Noooooo...ser-o-us-ly? Noooo....
Vice Drift (29 days ago)
MikePlays McSkillet died my guy
MikePlays (29 days ago)
Vice Drift yeh, he should make a part 2
Bronson Bordi (29 days ago)
Mcskillet mckilled himself
Rhezoloution (29 days ago)
Dead asshole that killed 2 innocent people
Filip Olofsson (27 days ago)
turska reup (29 days ago)
Rhezoloution what a hero rest in peace
Ten Letters (29 days ago)
For all the people saying rip, he killed innocent people for no reason
Qui (25 days ago)
Camper Cop no he shouldnt rest in peace
Camper Cop (26 days ago)
he should still rest in peace
Filip Olofsson (27 days ago)
Ten Letters rip
Xotix FPS (29 days ago)
Rip Skillet
turska reup (29 days ago)
Anonymous Squeaker what hero rest in peace og
Anonymous Squeaker (29 days ago)
Xotix FPS rest in hell skillet
J Sanders (29 days ago)
can i have your stuff?
Planet Gaming (29 days ago)
turska reup that’s the joke
turska reup (29 days ago)
J Sanders he died
OreoZSUK (29 days ago)
Why do you care if 2 people also died in the crash!?!?!? I'm sure he didn't mean to kill other people
OreoZSUK (22 days ago)
Qui (25 days ago)
Camper Cop fuck off there is no excuse for killing innocents mentally ill not not
Camper Cop (26 days ago)
+Tyler._2017 ever get angry and mind goes on autopilot? yea this is the result
Planet Gaming (29 days ago)
Tyler._2017 he was killing himself. He wasn’t thinking straight
Tyler._2017 (29 days ago)
OreoZSUK what the fuck do you mean he went 100 mph on purpose going the wrong way
Levitating Gaming (29 days ago)
Rest in piss.
Qui (25 days ago)
OreoZSUK murderers should rot
OreoZSUK (29 days ago)
Levitating Gaming shut up
torrar (29 days ago)
estas muerto por hijo de puta, por matar una familia, rata sucia, jodete ahora
philipp mlg papi (29 days ago)
He dead now
Strayykidd (29 days ago)
y u use autism so much
philipp mlg papi (29 days ago)
Oh shit I jut heard about the people who died. Let me change it to he dead now
turska reup (29 days ago)
NorsiXa u have autismn no healthy people use word autist like u
NorsiXa (29 days ago)
He in hell bruv, in hell, not in heaven where peace lays. Just like all autistic gamers that make money out of being an autist behind a cam, they shouldn't be allowed to make money, let alone buy such car and give such instable autistic person a license to start with. Receiving a license shouldn't only be because of doing a car drive test and a theory test, it also should be a mental/psychio test.
James Aparicio (29 days ago)
antonwestergaard (29 days ago)
you will be missed :(
Filip Olofsson (27 days ago)
antonwestergaard rip
zamrylicious (29 days ago)
antonwestergaard *as a biggest asshole*
Anonymous Squeaker (29 days ago)
antonwestergaard I hope mc skillet burns in hell and suffers in hell for the rest of his life. Killed 2 innocent people. What a monster a family is ruined because of him
R.I.P ((((
Bigfellaexe Oof (30 days ago)
MATT1G (30 days ago)
rip mcskillet
Fortinite is Trash (30 days ago)
turska reup (29 days ago)
Anonymous Squeaker (29 days ago)
Saulius Sumskas fuck mc skillet killed 2 innocent people
Venemocity (30 days ago)
vK Swift (30 days ago)
CarterDeajay03 (30 days ago)
b1g apolo (30 days ago)
Why rip guy is a fucking murder
Jules Hancock (30 days ago)
Took a child's life. Hope he burns in hell.
Tyler._2017 (29 days ago)
OreoZSUK yes he was a role model to me and i saw him as a great guy, i was even in his steam community and talked to him and his mods aswell, i was really sad when he died but when he killed 2 innocent people my feelings instantly changed
Jules Hancock (29 days ago)
+OreoZSUK lol, yes mate, people do care. You are a cruel exception. An innocent's life taken is always more tragic.
Tyler._2017 (29 days ago)
OreoZSUK stop defending him u dumbass
OreoZSUK (29 days ago)
Jules Hancock nobody cares if its a child or an adult and i hope you burn in hell
Zendor Graphics (30 days ago)
b1g apolo (29 days ago)
OreoZSUK (29 days ago)
b1g apolo WILL YOU SHUT UP
b1g apolo (30 days ago)
Why rip guy is a fucking murder
ProximityPanda 1 (30 days ago)
Rip man
KillerEagle0110 (30 days ago)
Rest in piece
cat thighs (30 days ago)
Lol now this nigga dead and he deserved it L
AfroFreak X (30 days ago)
Rest In Piss You Fucking Cunt
Levitating Gaming (29 days ago)
So when he drove through the elementary school gates and the people telling him to slow down were seconds from being hit as he doesn't slow down, is he not trying to kill?
Alexander Maxson (29 days ago)
OreoZSUK “not trying” are you 100% positive that driving at 100MPH on the freeway going the wrong way isn’t trying to kill someone? If I’m wrong please correct me
OreoZSUK (29 days ago)
I doubt he tried to kill people
Levitating Gaming (29 days ago)
+antonwestergaard No it wasn't, he was speeding on the wrong side of the fucking highway. He deserves to die and burn in hel!.
antonwestergaard (29 days ago)
yeti polska he didnt kill them it was a fucking accident you piece of shit
alimousios (30 days ago)
Twin Peaks PL (30 days ago)
Rest in peace bro ✋
Ksaw K (30 days ago)
Qui (29 days ago)
+OreoZSUK rip = rest in piss
OreoZSUK (29 days ago)
Qui (30 days ago)
Dont say that
Umutcan Arslan (30 days ago)
Qui (30 days ago)
Rest in piss killer
Kacper Laskowski (1 month ago)
rip dude this was the first video i watched by you
Grumpy Man (27 days ago)
+NorsiXa Are you retarded? He lost 100,00 dollars two months before he died. He had depression and anxiety as well. He didn't get this at birth. Honestly, the fact you dont know about this makes you dont deserve a liscense based on your idealogy. Also, stfu about people making money. Dont be butthurt that you can't achieve that goal. I think mcskillet doesn't deserve sympathy, but that doesn't give you the right to hate on his mental health and his money asshole. Edit: Actually see a depressed person and/or millionaire. You cant though cuz your ideology tells you to be an asshole to people that seem to do better in your life. One more thing, you're idea would waste a lot of money. Other thing, most of the time, the license is removed before they do that. Mcskillet literally went from a cool dude to a dude in deep state depression. Most times, it's gonna be simple reckless driving. As you can see though, he lost his mind fast rather than slowly.
Kacper Laskowski (28 days ago)
NorsiXa 'u shouldn't be able to make money off the hobby you love to do all day'
Apex 784 (28 days ago)
I never thought he'd do such a thing. He seemed a pretty social and nice guy. I'm disappointed of him.
dude fuck him. Glad he's gone
Aquadint _ (28 days ago)
Ghosty Ghost (1 month ago)
New animation for the deagle just came out. gotta redo the video now :P
Andrew Hsu (18 days ago)
Y'all dumb as hell, he was making a joke
IBM Computer (30 days ago)
dumb nig
retarded wizard potato (30 days ago)
He killed himself
jh in (30 days ago)
He is dead
jake (1 month ago)
Rip man.....
D3Levichev (9 days ago)
Rip all in this accident man everyone deserves chances
Rich Crim (28 days ago)
jake Rest in piss
Qui (30 days ago)
Rip killer of 2 people
Strayykidd (1 month ago)
RIP MCSkillet..
Qui (28 days ago)
Aquadint _ how is killing 2 people a win?
Aquadint _ (28 days ago)
+Qui i dont see a problem? seems like a win win situation.
Qui (30 days ago)
He killed a kid and her mom
Efe Kâmiloğlu (1 month ago)
R.I.P you beautiful man.
Aziring (29 days ago)
He deserved more than death
Qui (30 days ago)
He killed people
Yasin Günay (1 month ago)
rip bro
Qui (30 days ago)
+retarded wizard potato being depressed is no excuse to kill others
Qui (30 days ago)
+retarded wizard potato i have been there. School shooters are depressed. Most killers are depressed or have some kind of mental illness but you dont ho around saying rip to school shooters do you? Why? What is the difference? They also kill because of depression and mental disease.
retarded wizard potato (30 days ago)
+Qui he was deeply depressed. Ive been there. If you ever get to that point youll understandm
Qui (30 days ago)
Fuck off he killed people
adam el mahdaoui (1 month ago)
Rest In Peace 🙏
Qui (30 days ago)
He will rot in shit
Freddy Fazbear (1 month ago)
Hmm... Seems CS:GO doesn't accept wrists...

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