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Die Rise "Teleport" Glitch - Shortcut Through Floor w/ Trample Steam! - Black Ops 2 Zombies

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Tired of waiting for Quick Revive elevator to arrive? No worries. You can now build your own shortcut that'll take you to PDW-57 instantly! Note: Glitch found by an accident in a challenge game where we were passing Trample Steams through the wall to the other side to save time. In order to do this you need to place the Trample Steam in right angle on the wall and use it on the other side. Once you get stuck in the wall you need to pick a teammates Trample Steam and place it above you to create the shortcut! Thanks to ChristianR87, ThatGuyWhoCamps & MrTriihard who were in the game with me. Second channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/VeryRelaxing Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/relaxingstream Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRelaxingEnd Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/therelaxingend Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies Trample Steam Teleport Glitch Through the Wall / Floor. Shortcut to PDW by TheRelaxingEnd.
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Text Comments (211)
Muhammed Malik (1 month ago)
Ain't nobody got time for all that
Niko Boguski (7 months ago)
I have die rise rly cool map
farrel sangat ganteng (11 months ago)
Aiden Guerrero (3 years ago)
Jozombies115 (3 years ago)
I would have laughed if that trample steam pushed him off the map at 2:17
epic gamer (1 year ago)
CODZombies115 ok
MX Sharkbait (3 years ago)
Zombies in another level get it?
Phoen1x (3 years ago)
ANAS DWEIK (4 years ago)
ADD me on ps3 ANAS_ALDWEIK plzzz i have all the map packs
jake rivera (5 years ago)
hcbdnmvbcn nmc
Rylan Gilliam (5 years ago)
This makes me want to play die rise
MrWeegeemansion79 (5 years ago)
exactly these people seem to think just cause you get a nuke too early or get a insta kill too late the whole game is ruined even though it barely affects the game at all only time i dont grab a nuke is when i want to leave a zombie or two not point whore
epic gamer (1 year ago)
MrWeegeemansion79 ok
Kieran Allan (5 years ago)
I herd one of the zombies shouted Sam
Theory Guy (1 year ago)
Tasp what do you mean wrong? The z9mbies clearly say Sam sometimes. Are you deaf?
epic gamer (1 year ago)
he/she heard correct. confirmed by blundell.
Tasp (2 years ago)
Well you heard wrong
William martinez (5 years ago)
point hoarders killstealers? its just a game who gives a fuck
epic gamer (1 year ago)
William martinez me
ryan quatrano (5 years ago)
Funny as hell good find
Haliey Christy (5 years ago)
I know 5 other glitches on that map
jake hd (5 years ago)
i hate guys like him fuck you man point horder[iminent=0YyoZAgUWfOB]
jose crespo (5 years ago)
That's Cool Ass Fuck !
Sam Reide (5 years ago)
Just use the elevator idiot
GameStudio7 (5 years ago)
You can just use the elevator !
hama7ny (5 years ago)
go home u r drunk
Cubly (5 years ago)
Avoid playing with people who are ranked like these, not saying these are, but they are generally kill stealers, point hoarders, box bashes and generally not team mates.
sayam20026 (5 years ago)
Who saw the apache gunship at 5:10
xNFxViruz (5 years ago)
Because they think Sam controls them keep in mind that richtofen switched bodies with her
luke Luca (5 years ago)
sam is short for samantha and she controls the zombies in black ops 1 look it up
12345610 views (5 years ago)
i tried to do it but it launed me in a barrier were the zombies come from.
joe maya (5 years ago)
hey relaxing I saw this it was in a livestream
Zombie935115 (5 years ago)
But Sam wasn't even born in the 1920s, where MOTD took place.
Kobe Bonhomme (5 years ago)
Idk y the zombies still say Sam when she doesn't even control the zombies anymore
Emily Le (5 years ago)
i no you
munch mill (5 years ago)
Sam is for Samantha for short. Who is the little girl that plays a role in the zombie trilogy. Look up Samantha in treyarch zombies.
Derpy__ Dog__Go (10 months ago)
munch mill samual j stuelenger I know I spelled it wrong
That Hybrid Gamer (5 years ago)
Does any one notice that in mob of the dead and die rise and all the maps that the zombies randomly say "Sam "
Risky (5 years ago)
did you see the unicorn at 5:12
Risky (5 years ago)
replied to wrong person
MGMxGaM3r (5 years ago)
Not Patched! Figure it out people!
Alexis Montoya (5 years ago)
Add me on psn NG-BO2_Z-CIA-RCR
ashley lopez (5 years ago)
Add me on ps3 I'm wowyourmomisfat
Herkumer521 (5 years ago)
umm i think the zombies yell sam because sam was the daughter of Dr. Maxis who created the zombies
SwiftsSubs (5 years ago)
Ryan Henry (5 years ago)
did u guys see the troll face at 5:09?
ShadowPlays (5 years ago)
exactly its weird. "Sam!" Is your character a man or a woman named Sam?
AdaPalis (5 years ago)
they have since nacht der untoten
Herkumer521 (5 years ago)
OMG I dont know if any one else heard this but the zombies yell sam
Dariellexoxo (5 years ago)
I know a better glitch by the dragon
Laura Rogers (5 years ago)
great glitch!!!! subbed and liked
Juan Alvarez (5 years ago)
If it does can someone plz add me and help me with it psn. beasst12
Juan Alvarez (5 years ago)
Does this still work?
MrDORSEYDEVRICK (5 years ago)
Ha ha the zombie said fail hahahha
Pudding Pop (5 years ago)
I did
886Beatz (5 years ago)
Anyone hear the zombie say Sam? lol 1:14
Zachary Tyler (5 years ago)
I wish I could get players who stick together.
tresean wilder (5 years ago)
Thru he wall
Brandon Hwang (5 years ago)
David Gonzalez (5 years ago)
23 sorry phone typing
David Gonzalez (5 years ago)
Its fake he starys at round 21 nut when he's in the pdw room its ty
LunarStorme (5 years ago)
is it patched???
nephilim (5 years ago)
oh nice gota try that now
Stee Cash (5 years ago)
Josh Frazier (5 years ago)
Send a friend request to: shotrockstar
sert1991 (5 years ago)
hahahaha u lot are jokers the guy gt stuck
Jonkin Poop (5 years ago)
lbecerra913 (5 years ago)
add me in ps3 leo_b_913bst
Zach Dresser (5 years ago)
My shortcut is faster and easier!
xProKillax123 (5 years ago)
Works :D
Layne Peck (5 years ago)
is this patched yet???
RodneyGames (5 years ago)
Ty Bro.
gameboy551000 (5 years ago)
Lol derp
TheKittenlover56 (5 years ago)
i have been in a lobby with "theguywhocamps" on multiplayer one day before.. !!!! truth!!!
Chris Alex (5 years ago)
Die rise Easter egg ps3 kevinlokks55
ProCounterStriker (5 years ago)
add me on xbox360: DangerouseVIP
ProCounterStriker (5 years ago)
definetly patched
Dude5464673 (5 years ago)
yo what do you use for recording bro?
Bryant Roman (5 years ago)
Knight Rhyda (5 years ago)
wtf lol
jdbug1324 (5 years ago)
Omg fu buffering
jdbug1324 (5 years ago)
ViSioNxJoK3z (5 years ago)
so how am i a liar for saying he was in there game.
xxxSL4UGHT3Rxxx (5 years ago)
Wow dude relax it's a video not the end of the world, give feedback about the video not throw a hissy fit because it wasn't what you thought it would be....
hood rat (5 years ago)
this shit sucks why the fuck would you put some dumb shit like this on youtube bitch
HM Helmy (5 years ago)
..... Such a lier, ThatGuyWhoCamps is TheRelaxingEnd's friend.. And his Youtube account is also called ThatGuyWhoCamps ....
Malachi Steven (5 years ago)
That was awesome
SwifT x DrAgZz (5 years ago)
ViSioNxJoK3z (5 years ago)
hey its thatguywhocamps in your game
squidington squid (5 years ago)
there turning into risers :-O
Jamal (5 years ago)
Yeah, just like the other 2 million glitches on Youtube that still work
Alexa (5 years ago)
PurpleTrident (5 years ago)
Hey, block for block.
andrew rode (5 years ago)
that was cool im goin to add u
Damian Doyle (5 years ago)
yo im a subscriber 2 u add me ps3 Swift_WiKiD iv new gliches every day my highst round was 102
I8A911T (5 years ago)
Pretty funny stuff man. Always something new to try on this map...
TheJoshandJallohShow (5 years ago)
if only you done commentaries i'd wanna hear ur reaction
Steven Schmitz (5 years ago)
But now it is going to be patched by trey arc because you posted this enjoy it while it lasts
Steven Schmitz (5 years ago)
Sharniqua Niglet (5 years ago)
One dislike, wonder who that is.
Shy Dude (5 years ago)
I tried this on solo, didn't work too well since I got stuck in the circle.
Alexa (5 years ago)
someone sub to me ill sub back
Scazable (5 years ago)
secret00725 (5 years ago)
it's FREE!!! crap i just spend my last free money on it ah well
Eric Voong (5 years ago)
Die rise easter egg
imtoolazytothink (5 years ago)
Did these stuff 2-3weeks ago
imtoolazytothink (5 years ago)
Hey relax I actually was was the one to 1 do it but I did not know that u can do a phasing glitch with it- found it wen a glitch came out where use a tramp in a wall then go to the other side of the wall u crouch or jump or stand then if the tramp is Ina working spot u an go through the wall-found the spot while finding walls to use

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