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CS:S BHOP - 30 records by Forest

12309 ratings | 1624397 views
Counter-Strike: Source Bunnyhopping - Watch in 720p! ------------------------------- Player: Forest Settings: Autobhop - 100 tickrate Notes: Space is no longer WR, neither is redolent, and learning beat my bhop_3d by 1 tick, and some are tied WRs now, but all were WRs at the time of performance (several months ago). I'm incapable of bunnyhopping anymore so I can't really do anything about them getting beaten, but I figured I'd just share my whole folder of unreleased runs anyways. Again, they were all WR at the time they were performed. Servers: gotta go faste., and various public servers Music: 1. Arpyem - Forest Temple 2. Trentemøller - The Forest 3. Tipper - Ever Decreasing Circles 0:00 bhop_redolent : 22.378 0:23 bhop_blue_aux : 21.660 0:46 bhop_awake : 19.859 1:07 bhop_jegypt : 22.382 1:30 bhop_3d : 31.562 2:04 bhop_awful2c : 34.640 2:39 bhop_chen : 15.330 2:55 bhop_cobblestone : 28.960 3:25 bhop_darkness : 17.750 3:44 bhop_desolation : 29.898 4:14 bhop_desu : 29.937 4:43 bhop_dusttemple_beta : 12.617 4:57 bhop_0 : 36.773 5:36 bhop_miku_v2 : 25.360 6:02 bhop_flatliner : 22.970 6:26 bhop_forest_v2 : 18.382 6:46 bhop_legomyego : 15.062 7:02 bhop_milita_v2 : 16.281 7:19 bhop_moonlight : 29.250 7:50 bhop_kz_ocean : 16.523 8:08 bhop_tasku : 43.671 8:53 bhop_pinky : 25.759 9:20 bhop_kz_volcano : 26.429 9:47 bhop_ytt_dust : 27.382 10:15 bhop_uncolored : 42.429 10:59 bhop_compact_city_v2 : 18.375 11:20 bhop_space : 50.703 12:12 bhop_oldbhop : 34.179 12:48 bhop_kawaii_aux : 20.5 ------------------------------- Want your CS:S bhop/kz/xc demo on YouTube in high quality? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5_eomBuKjU Any run uploaded onto this channel isn't necessarily the fastest for that map/category.
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Text Comments (2252)
DimyDek (5 days ago)
sv_enablebunnyhop sv_autobunnyhop sv_airaccelerate 99999
ali Karimzadeh (11 days ago)
the motion blur hurts my eyes
ProfesorYT (12 days ago)
0:41 Maybe that is how he rush to B from A
•Dude Rekkit106 (22 days ago)
Who else in SEA uses a stool to play cs
SWAG SWAG (22 days ago)
Is that the NIP f0rest?
Sascha Pürner (27 days ago)
Source Forever :-) Nice Job, greetz from Alu^^
Lio (29 days ago)
Permanent nerve damage eh? Probably should use a higher sens for bhopping than default gamemodes.
Matlis Zteemel (1 month ago)
smoke weed and watch bhop ez life
Malmsey (1 month ago)
Not that good with auto bhop
ROUF Production (1 month ago)
Do you play with à controler
cobble stone
Raiken anims (1 month ago)
Makes mah sleepy.
Shonji Ikori (1 month ago)
Why would you intentionally use motion blur
FeliZ (1 month ago)
0:41 ... just watch omg
-LDaniel-_ B7gadø (1 month ago)
Commands please
Elliot Squire (2 months ago)
max on the floor at 1:10
Blazing Gamer61 (2 months ago)
His fingers has to burn out at some point
флинт (2 months ago)
Marco Antônio Marquinho (2 months ago)
Que é br
Ky S (2 months ago)
Im confused, i saw forest’s comment on this video and im starting to think that people post their own videos on this channel. For example when a Makmak video is uploaded, i don’t know if Makmak made that himself of if sourcejump made it. Someone please tel me because this is really pissing me off.
Saizen_ (2 months ago)
Impossible to watch with motion blur
Crusty Clops (2 months ago)
who keeps clicking their tongues
Mägic (3 months ago)
JoshE - Frags (3 months ago)
dat strafe optimizer doe
PACHOS_ARTS TM (3 months ago)
Nice but I have one question do you use bind commands like bind f2 "+right" because your move looks so mechanik . But nice Bro
PACHOS_ARTS TM (3 months ago)
Pls be honestly I want to here that pls
softer SOFTERS (3 months ago)
This bot bop does and not the player
Sonny Brown (3 months ago)
this is real?
Larry1337 - CS:GO (3 months ago)
turbojack03 (3 months ago)
I’ve wasted 4 hours if my life is watching this. I’m fine with that. 🙃
Hop E (3 months ago)
Where's arcane
Qwerti Sudesti (3 months ago)
make a 999 records made by phoon
ElGoro (3 months ago)
un re estilo de vida!
Big Phil (3 months ago)
The suits down at the job fair are gonna be impressed with this one
Azhka Nasution (3 months ago)
no clip
Faiz HD (3 months ago)
this is .noclip
F.B.I (3 months ago)
Just when i thought "He is not gonna make it" He made it
Hairy Indianッ (3 months ago)
imagine him using a slow motion plugin and just speed up the video, pfew
Zoider GamerPRO (4 months ago)
my name is beni,and im not loved by any1'd. Im just a dog that likes to bark and get hit by my mother. im a living autist; im a fucking mango and im hated by every1'd except my boyfriend . kurwa
Jawz G (4 months ago)
longest 13:21 of my life
legend haha lol (4 months ago)
1.5 mn
Rengar Stoner (4 months ago)
Cant do that whit a 60Hz uh
stealthop (4 months ago)
how do you bhop ? been playing css for over a decade and could never figure it out
Diego Massey (4 months ago)
1xan: you wont find a better bhopper than phoon! Supermeme: Hold my beer...
StAwN 'Purple!' (4 months ago)
I kinda like xc and kz maps the most, but you really are awesome at it, nice to see. (Y)
MidNight (4 months ago)
and i thought i had no life XDD
Snow (4 months ago)
I thought I could bhop!
Drex 66 (4 months ago)
憂鬱 (5 months ago)
Awesome songs thanks <3
Almor (5 months ago)
How many hours on this u need to bhop like this... cuz i have like 200 hours on bho´p... i im fcking zero compared to this :/
DECIM (5 months ago)
soundtrack is creepy tho
Remix -RetniK- (5 months ago)
how can i do this
Red (5 months ago)
What commands got used to make bhop possible again ?
inject (5 months ago)
such a good video man
Soldat (5 months ago)
he jumps faster than me using noclip
Boonika (5 months ago)
On server where i play people can beat some of these records easily
Olivera (5 months ago)
Boonika this vídeo it's almost 3 years old
klaritykiller715 killm (5 months ago)
노진구 (5 months ago)
Jiří Kaminský (5 months ago)
That Blue_AUX is so annoying to speedrun, honestly.
Einsam Stein (5 months ago)
Forest - las
LoWoodsYtClips (6 months ago)
what song is this xD
It's didn't css.it's csgo
SuperZ [rus] (6 months ago)
dont use alias!!!!!
bobkin611 (6 months ago)
Source Bhopping The best
Jules Winnfield (6 months ago)
nah bro hax
honestyyý (6 months ago)
bhop videos are so satisfying to watch atleast for me
Just somebody (6 months ago)
can anyone explain to me whats the fun of such a game? :O i mean theres not realy anything to do except jumping around an always wiggling left right... bad physics too :/
dodrugsandhailsatan (6 months ago)
showing this to someone who doesn't play cs or videogames at all, and their lack of being impressed PISSSSSSSSES me off
WolfDZN (6 months ago)
Nice montage!
alex gatpandan (6 months ago)
3rMeRGerd 7his d0od 1s a h4xOr
Lucas (6 months ago)
1:01 how?
Dennis NoReturn (6 months ago)
cant understand xd
Aussie Kid 123 (7 months ago)
It's sp smooth! great mouse control.
FlapZ (7 months ago)
you are not a human anymore wtf dude but respect a lot of practicing i guess
nP火 (7 months ago)
how much crack does he smoke?
JACKTUMBO universal (7 months ago)
hold my beer
Diggin' Underground (7 months ago)
This is beautiful. Any song IDs?
King Fluffeh (7 months ago)
Admin! He's doing it sideways!
DPYB (7 months ago)
My mind's done.
L00kiii (7 months ago)
Witch forst... not the NIP forest right?
Darkness251 (8 months ago)
Bhop_Darkness? what. Thats a map I glued together when I was bored. Did that really get around? lol
Kolodazware (8 months ago)
Looks like optimizer to me
Kyler Pappas (8 months ago)
RealHotBox (8 months ago)
how much adderall did you consume??
Lord - SelimxKeLex (8 months ago)
Nice bunny! xD:D
fatpug124 (8 months ago)
BaconSoda - (8 months ago)
1.5 mil views!!!
Danielius Vilnius (8 months ago)
He should do a guide on bhop ;)
Henika Bohoova (8 months ago)
insane hes nutz
Staszek. (8 months ago)
OverTheBrick (8 months ago)
Wow the music is pretty well timed !! https://youtu.be/27W04yyRUhs?t=40
KOMI_playsgames (8 months ago)
my eyes
Gorty (8 months ago)
Remember: This is a 2004 Game
Ashton Armstrong (8 months ago)
as in NiP forest?
Luke Bruce (8 months ago)
Karl (8 months ago)
why is blur on
Jota Críticas Y LOL (8 months ago)
calvin illa (8 months ago)
Im dislike :)
Aramis Jendro (8 months ago)
Hack or bigest luck ever
John Connor (8 months ago)
CS 1.6 speedrun, bhop and strafes still harder and cs go hns etc sucks
Skipper (8 months ago)
This dude has an autistic arm I swear

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