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CS GO - 5 Skins That Deserve A Higher Rarity Color!

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After much request on my video that was the opposite of this I thought I would cover 5 skins that deserve a higher rarity color. CS GO - 5 Skins That Don't Deserve Their Rarity Color: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC5BvxWcUdU My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/og_mcskillet My Sponsor: http://csgowild.com/ Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO_M9qZNccU
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Text Comments (1780)
Milk (3 months ago)
I don’t know why the awp sun in Leo isn’t liked, I personally think it looks really cool
Gear of Gaming (3 months ago)
I think the p-90 Grim deserves a higher rarity color and it needs to cost more
Salad (4 months ago)
You can't really compare skin rarities from collections to cases, since technically, a purple in a collection is like a Covert in a case.
FragileCarrot 51 (5 months ago)
P250 Valence deserves at least a pink.
YourAverageNoob (6 months ago)
Why isn’t griffin higher i think it’s a really good skin
I need healing (6 months ago)
What about P250 Sand Dune?
Olivia Shark (6 months ago)
Bruh....dragon king
Abhishek saxena (6 months ago)
Icarus fell <3
Greasy Bayguls (6 months ago)
Why aren’t knives gold instead of red in the inventory?
Kai Rusling (6 months ago)
The deag is grim
Greencolonel Gaming (6 months ago)
The MP7 Asterion Worth at lezat milspec:(
Ian Loh (6 months ago)
P250 sand dune deserves contraband
JonskaX (6 months ago)
Deagle Blaze????
Voltiq (6 months ago)
I own the deagle midnight storm :/ Rip
RobinRako Extra (7 months ago)
AWP - Worm God should be atleast a purple or maybe pink.
Kikko (7 months ago)
oo, i have sun in leo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
JaxInTheBlox (7 months ago)
Sand Dune?
Zoyx (7 months ago)
Lol I have 3 of these skins.
electric_hiccup 707 (8 months ago)
Showcase the lowest float skin ever and the highest float skin ever.
XaZa (8 months ago)
I really like his sun-in-leo pattern, i wanna buy it
huy nguyen (8 months ago)
R8 Revolver | Reboot ?
xd xd (9 months ago)
ЛУК3НД0 (9 months ago)
m4 radiation.. you are kidding ,right?
Coffee Bean (9 months ago)
Icarus fell should be at least pink
pewpew (9 months ago)
the sun in leo is rising in price right now
Adrian St5 (9 months ago)
Mp7 cirrus
Tuuletin (9 months ago)
Radiation Hazard is terrible
Kill me (9 months ago)
Am I the only one that doesnt Like the icarus Fell?
Icy Veins (9 months ago)
What about the ups-s blueprint?
J3tGames (10 months ago)
Sun in Leo is an amazing skin
Oscar Pokela (10 months ago)
P250 valence?
Trinh Hieu (10 months ago)
nice icarus fell pattern
Bettina Gleghorn (10 months ago)
Worm God
Nitr0s Gaming (10 months ago)
m4a1-s blood tiger?????
AltijdTias (11 months ago)
Why isnt the Dragon Lore in there? it should be a orange/yellow skin
_Zerolimits_ (11 months ago)
Notice how all the skins were shown are like ak m4 awp and deagle. a few of the most used weapons. I think you should look for some skins that actually really deserve a better rarity, the only reason you say there is cause they are high selling weapon types in general.
PaperRoll (11 months ago)
i understand tehe ak elite....but there arent a lot of blue skins for the ak...id like it to stay as it is XD
supfarson (11 months ago)
elite build is such shit if you proudly rock an elite build over other aks in the price range youre a fool
Gmon3y (11 months ago)
glock fade
AiringBaby (11 months ago)
The sun in leo is literally blue lines
chicxulub (11 months ago)
Where is the P250 Sand Dune? It deserves a fucking contraband rarity.
Koateh Kush (11 months ago)
thinks the Cartel should be blue but thinks the Elite Build should be pink...
bomb survivor (1 year ago)
how much does an awp fever dream with a 2017 kenny s sticker sell for? plz answer
Mifi90865 (1 year ago)
USP-S Torque is beautiful it could be 200 euro and a red (covert) skin
Ashton de Vos (1 year ago)
What about glock fade
Zeron (1 year ago)
I don't understand the Redline and Issac skins. Basically black weapon with redlines and bland as fuck while being abit expensive.
Sc0rch (1 year ago)
I think CZ emerald deserves to be at least pink It's really clean and is better than that p90 wood price of crap
SparkyTheFox (1 year ago)
by the way retards, the rarity color determines the chance of it dropping in a case. thats the only reason. why do you think the howl is contraband despite most blue gem, other collectors skins going for way more?
Salty Lemon (1 year ago)
Scout necropos?
Oscar (1 year ago)
Worm god should be pink
Jesse L (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who uses a Fac new elite build stat track AK?.. I also have a mw case hardened gem
Ruthless Marksman (1 year ago)
Gut knife rust coat deserves contraband upgrade because it shouldent be in the fucking game anymore as an unlockable knife its just so horrible and un satisfying to get even more than a fucking safari mesh
Ryan Cyanide (1 year ago)
DragonLore should've been Contraband
Random User (1 year ago)
apozki FIN (1 year ago)
Elite build is shit.
ThePolishTeaDrinker (1 year ago)
Sawed-off origami skin...
naisu (1 year ago)
I like the XM1014 Slipstream. It's really nice looking
Watersight (1 year ago)
THE elite build is so fucking ugly wtf are you talking about
Embrace the Darkness (1 year ago)
wasnt the elite build higher color?
ElectrOde GD (1 year ago)
hey m4 radiation hazard is already high grade -_- its same position at nuke collection as pink skin
BassBoosted (1 year ago)
AK47 black Laminate ?
An Illustration (1 year ago)
p90 grim? it has a lot going on
Cyglox (1 year ago)
I wish some knifes would be in the pink and red border, instead of Gold. Maybe all the safari mesh, boreal, ddpat, urban and scorched. 🤔
DarkErrorCode (1 year ago)
alot of the deagle skins should be a higher rareity
UnknownCringe (1 year ago)
iKn0wThingz (1 year ago)
P90 vanilla needs the color white blue red [russian flag]
Techspeed Gaming (1 year ago)
AWP|Sun in Leo should be higher I mean its Industrial (light blue)WTF??????
your no 1 on knowledge of skins but you suck with awp mate
Larry (1 year ago)
The grotto
EchoNomic (1 year ago)
FROZEN (1 year ago)
p250 sand dune should be contraband :D
Nosse (1 year ago)
So half of the skins in the video are from gods & monsters collection
Hedgehog (1 year ago)
i got a sun in leo om drop :)
Tacos W (1 year ago)
safari mesh should be purple
Kyyhky ez (1 year ago)
Sand dune should be available only as ST FN
Joseph De Mello (1 year ago)
Should do an updated video of this
Lisiasty Pl (1 year ago)
fucking McScarces mane.
Racc (1 year ago)
why was the glock-18 fade not here it deserves to be red because of the price and the skin just looks good
Travey (1 year ago)
desolate space?
Awesome5098 (1 year ago)
Sand dune should be knife rarity xD
Fallen (1 year ago)
P250 sand dune should be a contraband because it stole the artwork from the Saharan desert lmfao
Jason (1 year ago)
If you think midnight storm is the best deagle skin why don't you use it??
not the ak 47 elite build . Most dsigusting ak skin i rather wont safari mesh
Fioxoh CSGO & More (1 year ago)
#1 AWP Dragon Lore, it needs to be contrabanned ^)
industrial_aviiation (1 year ago)
the elite build is a shit skin
Some Dude (1 year ago)
p250 sand dune should be a rare special item!!
Koalamain (1 year ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) how about dat sand dune?!?!
Daliqe (1 year ago)
B4 watching i se the Clock fade
sh3pard173 _ (1 year ago)
Dualing dragons?!?
A Human (1 year ago)
My opinions: 1. WRONG. IT SUCKS 2. bro if not this skin ur 3$ Loadout would be shit 3. Tru 4. ye it's alright when it's not too bright 5. Eh it looks alright but like the ak it's 4 ppl who are cheap
Jumping Buddy (1 year ago)
p90 grim
Lamss (1 year ago)
How isn't the p250 sand dune not an extremely rare special item??
challengergaming (1 year ago)
Desolate space?
Rasmus (1 year ago)
The AWP Worm God is also a candidate for pink imo. It's design is similar to the Medusa (best AWP overall) which is red and kinda like the Corticera which is pink. Elite Build and Electric Hive are also pink and I think the Worm God looks far better and is a lot more detailed. I appreciate it being cheap because of this though. I'd only replace it with Boom, Medusa or DLore(last 2 are way too expensive though)
T88 (1 year ago)
tec-9 toxic should be a pink in my opinion😅
Bradley Firby (1 year ago)
papa (1 year ago)
eshay (1 year ago)
The Five Seven Capillary looks pretty good.
XxAKWaRDxX 1 (1 year ago)
P90 grim?
What ya Do (1 year ago)
With the light blue and and blue from drop collections, they're pretty much equivalent to pinks and reds from cases tho

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