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My entire time on End Days server - Requested

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Here is the full session on the server by request of the admin and his boyfriends. - The short clip is here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxdpTM4KvQo Reddit post --------- http://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/1pq98m/stay_away_from_this_server_video_proof/ Twitter ---- http://www.twitter.com/captainskepy Stream ---- http://www.twitch.tv/captainskepy
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Luke DB (5 years ago)
Jk, he said before you guys were like IM A STREAMER I RECORDED IT ALL that it was a TEMP ban, meaning they would be UNBANNED. And what is going to 'happen' because a 10 fanboys are mad about 'admin abuse' ?
DigitalPrime (5 years ago)
The only reason the admin unbanned them was because two of us entered the server and told the admin who skepy was and what is going to happen. God knows how many other players without the back up of recordings and streamings he has treated like crap for his own self gain in game. A bad admin is a bad admin. Skepy. also post the server details in this video. Just to make sure anyone who sees this vid wont enter it. you owe it to the dayz community.
Luke DB (5 years ago)
Your a smart one, as I said, he unbanned them and apologised, dunno how that is acting like a douche..
Fiskeraften (5 years ago)
I'll guess you're a friend of the admin, Luke? As I saw the whole stream of that day, I could only see the admin behave like a douche. And then you come here and say that Skepy is the one who is the bad guy? Make me laugh more, mate. :)
Luke DB (5 years ago)
Still doesnt show where he unbanned you both, apologised and explained what he did, but yno, typical streamers. So far up your arse you wont even listen to what he had to say without aload of bullshit accusations and assumptions.The retard in your stream saying hes lying, probably realised he was right but had already been too much of a loudmouth to back down \o/
Luke DB (5 years ago)
Lol, you accuse the admins of killing you with hacks, that was the stupidest thing I have ever seen and the guy at 1:48:10 even says his friend is hacking, and the same guy that killed you with 'artillery strikes' nuked the server. The guy in the stream speaks out of his arse, oh If I log in they will use any excuse to ban me, realises they wouldnt after the admin even said he wasnt going to ban anyone, then says he will just tp next to you guys, realises he didnt then accuses them of hacking.

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