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CS:GO - Childsplay

496 ratings | 23458 views
Watch at your own risk. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mundizor Music used in order of apperence: Tom and Jerry intro theme Martin Sexton - Diner Russian speech taken from Anomaly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Id3y7txZ4U&feature=youtu.be&t=2m52s
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Text Comments (41)
dReaMLike ` (5 days ago)
Аняша :3 (8 months ago)
охуенно хули. :3
K1rby (9 months ago)
that sound effects xD
Claude Park (1 year ago)
신성 돼지
Tech Brothers (1 year ago)
that ways so funny man
Yiğit Atlas (1 year ago)
nope (not you)
SimPlE Clean! (1 year ago)
Gökhan şahin (1 year ago)
intro perfect ;)
I_Nex (1 year ago)
"Пошел нахуй даун ебаный, ебал ФТХЩ твою, блять, семью пидорас, СУКА БЛЯТЬ"
arcplayz wow (1 year ago)
are u dead?
Gernerger (1 year ago)
shit i want to know the laugh effect at 00:37
SmityHead (1 year ago)
the intro got me so hard XD
arcplayz wow (1 year ago)
Horse Cow Gaming (1 year ago)
Horse Cow Gaming (1 year ago)
Sgt. Worm (1 year ago)
Horse Cow Gaming hello hello !
Absolute Madness cat (1 year ago)
Man, you deserve more likes and subs.
James Harrmerton (1 year ago)
Cosmin540 (1 year ago)
twomad (1 year ago)
LOL, you're so fucking under rated.
Calvin Quest (1 year ago)
andrei laurentiu (1 year ago)
This is "Terrorist and Counter-Terrrorist"
Cosmin540 (1 year ago)
Literally takes ages to watch.
Casper 10Hi (1 year ago)
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구닌 (1 year ago)
Greg Men (1 year ago)
you sir, are the true definition of youtube... such great content <3
TekBird (1 year ago)
666 Records (1 year ago)
iDuck (1 year ago)
plsss make them longer and moatr
Bundyclan (1 year ago)
Bit late but agreed, def. could use more footage with the intro, etc. it just doesn't match but otherwise 10/10 <3
Mundizor (1 year ago)
Next time I will definitly make it longer. This one was way too short. This was mostly an experiment.
Roknar (1 year ago)
job was good very
Ainsley's Cousin (1 year ago)
Roknar doge? you is that?
Mcraisins (1 year ago)
Scrubs was such a good show
Hlebychet (1 year ago)
Гг изи сука блять
S (1 year ago)
..is that it? really? come on
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HardStopSimba (1 year ago)
i seriously love these vids so much
Robbert Trommelen (1 year ago)
Hey that's me in the vid at 2:35
andrei laurentiu (1 year ago)

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