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CS:GO's Cancelled Dust 2 Remake (in Source 2)

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at quite a few different pieces of evidence that I recently found sitting in plain sight on the internet, showing an entirely different remake of Dust 2 for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and major evidence of this remake being made from the ground up in Source 2. Thanks to DankParrot & Jackathan for help with this video! Source : http://alternateground.com/ https://imgur.com/a/HaYYr2v https://imgur.com/a/SLwhznw http://www.mattikaarts.com/danikawright/portfolio.html My Social Media : Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (812)
Frying1Pans (8 hours ago)
Those greyscale images of Swamp Fever remake were also dated from 2013
Mateusz Kwiatkowski (10 hours ago)
Uninstall CS:GO for protest. First they worked on CS on S2, then they gave us S1 shit and porting old S2 stuff into S1 game as "remastered maps".
Dust 2 squared
Олег Брейн (2 days ago)
same as half-life beta
Frostdromeda (2 days ago)
E3 2018 volvo pls
Ed Kalb (2 days ago)
Speaking of new stuff, do you have any news on ITVOG? I wanna see a video on it.
Ed Kalb (1 day ago)
Alternatively, there is a Half Life fan project called Project Borealis.
spqninjapl (2 days ago)
Valve will never release game like Half Life. They to sloopy in making video games. Gabe dont give a shit. He only counts dollars from Steam. I dont wait for HL3 or any game from Valve....
Tom Pasquill (3 days ago)
probably realised really detailed and 'busy' textures are terrible for any competitive FPS.
Jacob Gillis (3 days ago)
Tyler, please make a video about Project Borealis. It’s a mod coming out with one of the original half life writers on the team and is trying to turn “epistle 3” into an actual game. Please check it out and make a video on it if you can.
Its just Richard (3 days ago)
Truman Vanbaalen (3 days ago)
Curious why he put parenthesis around the "in Source 2"
Macross89 (3 days ago)
Put on your tinfoil hats cause we bout to go in depth on speculation!
Omar Nabulsi (3 days ago)
when it will happen ? cuz i think i will back to game, cs go is so outdated, is so dead atm
beastly (3 days ago)
Who cares about source 2? will never be used for anything in the future anyway.
Chris Coma (3 days ago)
In other words: Valve is still doing Valve things for the last decade. They just iterating on stuff until it works and drop it if it doesn't. And just like any other developer, they reuse stuff that didn't worked out at the moment somewhere else later. There is no HL3, there is no CSGO on Source 2, there is just endless cycle of 'let's try stuff' at Valve, and you could only hope that it will be better than current one (otherwise they'll drop new stuff and you'll never see it again until something would leak 5 years later).
QuietNumber 23 (3 days ago)
v a l v e t i m e
Anirban Gupta (3 days ago)
The way he said 'What the hell was going on'.. Damn
Sagnik Dasgupta (3 days ago)
Wait, what???
HammerBroGaming (3 days ago)
Xyos212 (3 days ago)
I thought I read somewhere that Valve did this with its designers and engineers as an exercise to get more familiar with Source 2 for the future. Guessing this was just that...
Your Mom's Boyfriend (3 days ago)
Lame who still plays this game?? Can’t even fix their matchmaking properly. There are way better games out there than this ‘Open cases for nicer weapon in game simulator’. Lol even VAC isn’t working
element74 (4 days ago)
hl3 confirmed?
Monica Bucci (3 days ago)
Lightning Rider (4 days ago)
Oh my F***ing God, what the F*** did I just watch?
JKTwice (4 days ago)
*Valve makes Source 2. It's hella hard to run and really impressive* *Valve ports games over to try and show off the engine, biding their time before the necessary hardware on the mid-range is released* *Valve apparently throws away all of their development* Valve could've been the next Crytek here, although I kind of doubt it. Valve would still gain money and people would pay up the wazoo for GTX 1050Ti's and 1060 6GBs
Flamechucks76 (4 days ago)
Not much level headed discussion here but I'll put my two cents. I think part of the issue is that the hardware and rendering techniques may have been in a stage of infancy that they didn't feel comfortable putting that out there at the time. Modern hardware and new iterations of these consoles are capable of being able to push something like this without much issue now that we have multiple methods of going about rendering complex levels. I think this goes back to the a Crysis situation where you have an engine that was so advanced at the time that no one could even play the game at a proper frame rate. Valve and more importantly, Source, are known for being the engine that can pretty much handle anything at not expense to your hardware setup. It's possible that this particular map may end up coming out in a proper sequel to Counter-Strike. Same with the L4D2 maps that were ported over. There has to be something cooking in the background for so much work to simply sit and not be released for all of this time. If S2 is what they are ultimately hedging their bets on for them to make a proper next gen game on, I feel like time is really short if they are still in the games race as it stands. I'd like to think that they will probably release something soon, but looking at the way the Counter-Strike VR game plays may have put another wrench in that scenario. Honestly, I don't know. I just want Valve to release something that isn't a card game.
Young Q (4 days ago)
Uhhhh...what about the mp5?
alexander pardy (4 days ago)
cs is dead sry to tell u guys
PatriCK// (4 days ago)
im confused
vasilije94 (4 days ago)
What's the point of this video? You guys ever heard of testing and shit? Ever thought that left for dead models were there to test scaling? They had those resources there and added it for testing. Same goes for all other things shown here. Maybe they were just testing out s2? Maybe they weren't making dust 2 in s2. Honestly all of those "dust2" maps looked like shit. Be it source 2 or not, it looked like shit, in competitive sense. Maybe that's why they didn't use them? Also all of the pictures had very modified paths which don't represent and would ruin dust 2 design that we had for almost 2 decades now. Honestly every single game has insane amount of "trash" files that get left over during development period. Not all of those files were meant to go in the game. Most of them are just for testing.
Zoic (4 days ago)
Conspiracy theory
Val Gashi (4 days ago)
so... what is Valve waiting for? so Cs Go community drops to freaking 500? Work on it, make it happen and release it already you goddamn Slowpokes.
xpeezy (4 days ago)
I hate valve why would they hold the game back this much if they can make it look so nice
GoldyS (4 days ago)
Dust 2 is attracted by Silvers so S2 is Silver 2 xP
AronHallFPV (4 days ago)
Valve should do something about these endless hackers. but nono i gues it is all about the money's... got me to quit playing this crappy game!
GyroThesia (4 days ago)
This basically confirms it all.
strups (4 days ago)
Hl3 confirmed
Andrés Mauricio (4 days ago)
Una lastima que hallan cancelado la caja del remake de dust 2, abrir cajas con el source 2 hubiese sido mas bonito v:
Paco (4 days ago)
They made dust II in sketchup ? Dfq valve
Ed Kalb (4 days ago)
So what these videos are saying is that things are changing, and something REALLY BIG is coming. (hl3 confirmed)
Ed Kalb (4 days ago)
Don't let this video distract- Yeah, just kidding.
googs cookies (4 days ago)
fix trading you fucking niggers.
Monica Bucci (3 days ago)
Woah watch that mouth.
FallenAngel 333 (4 days ago)
Google sketchup lolll I used to use that to make buildings in for my games. Never would have thought that’s what they used for such high quality designs.
Bradyn Rhue (4 days ago)
wait, you can still play vertigo? i thought they deleted it
shef bo (4 days ago)
what happens in aperture stays in aperture im mean valve
F U N N Y (4 days ago)
okay, dear vvn today, i played two matches in valve server in tf2, in all that matches, i get LAGBOTS everywhere you need to do a video about it!
Veti (4 days ago)
operation coming up!
Fanical (4 days ago)
no dont make csgo in source 2 ffs. i dont have a good pc and i can barely run cs..
Palleh (4 days ago)
You can find B site references in csgo hammer. Models: s2_reference_kasbah1-2-3. maybe Valve forgot to remove them?
-FATPP - (4 days ago)
Guys, they are killing CS:GO on purpose with shitty updates, wait till 2020 and you will see new release of Counter-Strike series with Source 2 engine ported into it, trust me :D
OATm33L (4 days ago)
despacito 3 confirmed
MagD321 (4 days ago)
Dani Pramukti (5 days ago)
make dust2 great again..
Shinichi Otakawa (5 days ago)
Oh didn't you know that Valve sucks now? It's all in the details: skins, sprays, etc etc
sfantu void (5 days ago)
we don-t need fucking remake on maps ... we want VALVE to get rid of fucking cheater ..thats why me and my friends retired from cs go comunity .. on rank global elite is full of cheaters .. if you are nova is good
Tristen Fox (5 days ago)
What is backporting? lol
Alfred Clement (5 days ago)
It's just valve being volvo, they don't have proper regulations on promises, so once you're employed you just make yourself look like you're doing work by trying to make a map, if you're finished mapping wd, you get a pat on the back by colleagues and Gabe will decide to deploy the new map or not. They probably got the opinion of professional CS players at the closed beta time and all of them wanted the default D2.
TheSasGaming (5 days ago)
that dust 2 looks more modern than we have now
Dark Monkey98 (5 days ago)
henryEZ (5 days ago)
time to hang up the ol` valve news hat, Tyler WitWhicky. time for forever sleep, away from the computer.
B Matter (5 days ago)
Better graphics doesn't always means Better game, I agree with valve's decision to not used that D2 version. i meahn sure it looks gorgeous but if i want a beautiful looking i can just play COD or BF1.
Abbas Bhaijibhai (5 days ago)
is just a classic IP issue since this guy left they cannot use these designs atleast some of them without paying this man a royalty so they had to redesign the map all over again stealing part of his new stuctures enough for the lawyers to not have any sort of case
EpicLeadZ (5 days ago)
i mean im 98% percent sure valve is trying to kill theyre own game.Isnt it obvious, doing shity updates and operations once in 1.5 years, not even trying to fix theyre anti-cheat and in the end when csgo items were the only valuable source of this game they even killed it 1 month ago. If someone can change my mind, im free to listen
Shadow Hunter (5 days ago)
I have a hunch that Valve is gonna drop a big one on us in a couple of years...
villen (5 days ago)
And they still don't know how to make a proper map. How many times are they going to fuck up nuke before they 'think' they get it right.
Spartan375x (5 days ago)
Love ya too!
Rotua Frans Manalu (5 days ago)
csgo s2 looks like Gta 5, agree ?
Peter Petrov (5 days ago)
Smells like Source 3.
Justin Gomez (5 days ago)
My mind is fully blown
Yazan Saoud (5 days ago)
Thanks god
Nicolai (5 days ago)
If valve use a more demanding engine, they will have smaller audience.
SidTheSquid (1 day ago)
Can't keep using old technology forever
Dan (5 days ago)
Literally what the hell does valve is thinkin' that 2013 dust2 version is so LIT baBY!
iMeMyself (5 days ago)
source 2 only way to revive csgo from a dead game?
Martin Mojžiš (5 days ago)
I dare you to press read more Qq Qqq q a Congratulations! You have gone through the definition of boredom.
hisuke (5 days ago)
E-sports ready they said
Zafrel (5 days ago)
Valve, please fix hitboxes and balance issues first.
hey valve news network i have leak file when im download cs 1.6 i saw a file about prospero
suchakree laokom (5 days ago)
Game Time (5 days ago)
New cs?
Foot Long (6 days ago)
Good. I already have 40 fps on the dust 2
myself ytee (6 days ago)
Val pls bring back de_dust 1
reboot (6 days ago)
maybe they make new cs
littlebro5 (6 days ago)
great video. im really starting to question valve a lot more. holy fuck what are they doing.
Casp3r_de_gh0st (6 days ago)
what the fuck
Fishappy0 -JackFish (6 days ago)
S2 = sketch 2 xdddddd
Mr Eyeball (6 days ago)
Leave dust II alone. It's a classic and should be kept on the old map
Daniel Souza (6 days ago)
Someday we will open steam and source 2 will be there without even an announcement. Valve is so weird
JustMexi (6 days ago)
tyler really likes that galil
lex-gg (6 days ago)
these prototypes were probably never made for actual gameplay, and more so used as a source 2 benchmark. They probably used the prototype source 2 dust 2 as a base for making a new dust 2 for csgo which is on source 2011
Jǫrmungandr (6 days ago)
Damn, that Dust2 version looks a lot better than the current shitty one.
Chi-Wai Chien (6 days ago)
Those pre-product pictures just didn't be marked as "rendered" or "gameplay". It's quite easy to get such high quality rendered pictures. if those pictures on his site is done in that way.
Jeyer Lulz (6 days ago)
I would love to play this version of de_dust2... It looks incredible! Even better than the revamp one!
icsx (6 days ago)
No wonder a lot of devs have left valve. They propably did all similar work like this and someone said no, we arent going to use this at all. Makes you think why all thos other people really left Valve.
tonton9598 (6 days ago)
mmmm lately tyler has been really confused rather than informed of valve news
Fadead (6 days ago)
All I need is reworked "DE_Dust" and bring it back...
Stephen (6 days ago)
Like who cares? Should TF2 fans care if a long awaited Dustbowl Remake would ever come? What a small piece of content to even bring attention to.
Kuba (6 days ago)
I fucking love and hate Valve at the same time
TITAN Theshadow (6 days ago)
Im just gana yeet this idea. Vaulve is a dead gaming company that only runs steam. It will only republish old games as remasters and thats it. No half life 3. Portal1 and 2 remastered. But no portal 3. If something comes out, great. But tbh, im just so burned out on vaulve I kindof find them as a gold digger now. They tease and hint for sexy time but wont gave you any-fuck you give me your money. If they send off remastered games it would be great. But i personaly wont really be up for it now. Its been almost 10 years now, iv waited long enough :/ cant really blame me for not really being hyped or taking vaulve as a gameing company seriously anymore.
GamExpertVideos (6 days ago)
damn this shit is hot i hope they bring it ack
KevinZone (6 days ago)

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